Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

Currently, virtually no multi-family or private home is complete without an intercom. This device has become an integral part of everyday life. Video intercoms for apartments, which are part of the surveillance and security system, are very popular. And given the fact that the constantly improving technologies of their production offer the most modern models – the demand only increases.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

How to choose a video intercom for an apartment

If it is firmly decided that, opening the door, the owner wants not only to hear, but also to see the incoming person, then the video intercom will be the most correct option.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

Next, you need to think about such things: what should be the image – color or black and white, whether you need to save certain frames, whether you need to record, whether you need additional cameras to see more area. The answer to these questions will help navigate the choice of the desired model.

The choice of color or black and white screen depends only on personal preferences. The first option is more expensive. The second is budget, but in its direct functions it is in no way inferior.

The image from the camera is displayed on the monitor. Therefore, it is well worth exploring its brand and features. Often used monitors with a diagonal of 3.5 to 10 inches. The most popular have an average size – 7 inches.

If the consumer has a desire to receive the video signal not from one camera, but several, then it is advisable to choose a bigger screen. This will make it possible to more clearly see the picture. Install additional shooting devices near the elevator, on the landing, parking. This allows you to set the desired overview, but you need to remember that there are boundary possibilities for the monitor. It receives a signal from 2-4 cameras.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

The video device itself may not be noticeable at all. It is installed on the access door access panel. If you use a video eye, you can get the best result. In appearance, it is no different from the usual, but it broadcasts to a monitor, with a wider range than the micro camera.

By way of audio communication, you can select several ways: with a tube or with a speaker. Now models without a tube are common, as they are more compact. Some types are equipped with an additional cordless handset. It has a convenient remote control and a small screen. Such a device is suitable for apartments of a large area.

Additional functions: use of micro SD and motion sensors

For convenience, video intercom systems include memory cards. They can shoot and store from 128 frames. The photograph is taken in such a way that the one who came will not guess about it.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

For people who are often absent from home, video recording with the ability to record individual moments will be a useful function. The frequency of recording is determined directly by the owner. When using luxury models, these clips are transmitted to the mailbox or telephone.

To use the maximum capabilities of video cameras, video surveillance systems are equipped with motion sensors. Such instruments are capable of starting recording under the condition that motion occurs within a video camera.

You can install the intercom with video surveillance in two ways: call specially trained masters or do it yourself. If you resort to the first method of installation, the company will make the connection “turnkey”. Employees have all the necessary tools, they will study the best location methods according to the technical capabilities of the system and the customer’s wishes, they will carry out installation work, they will test the correctness of the connection for the work of audio and video connections.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

A huge advantage of connecting video intercom specialists will be the warranty for further service. This gives confidence that with the slightest glitch it will be possible to resort to the help of trained craftsmen.

It is also worth considering that the price of installing a video intercom in an apartment is almost equal to the cost of the device itself. It ranges from 3-5 thousand rubles. When negotiating a service, it is necessary to specify what is included in the price list. Additional costs can be such work as laying the cable, drilling holes, shaton, fixing systems and much more.

If, nevertheless, the owners decided to save money and get down to business on their own, then, firstly, it is necessary to thoroughly study the instruction manual for the device, and, secondly, to determine the installation site.

Having picked up the necessary tool it is possible to get to work. First you need to find the cable coming from the access intercom. It is usually located in a special shield on the landing. It is lengthened by means of additional metering. Here it must be taken into account that at a distance of more than 30 m the signal may be lost.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

Cables are laid by laying them in special plastic channels or in channels that are specially pierced in the walls. The second option is more time consuming, but if you correctly and gently seal the damaged surface of the walls with plaster, no external signs of work will be noticed. The use of cable channels significantly reduces the time spent, but can slightly spoil the interior.

Important! Do not hold the intercom cable near the power, otherwise the signal will be lost.

Then you can go directly to the installation of the monitor. It is attached to the dowels into which the screws are screwed. It is recommended to attach brackets at a height of 150-160 cm. At such a height, their use is most convenient for a person of average height. The next step is to connect the wires, start the system, program the initial settings.

All work must be carried out strictly according to the instructions.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

The actual question that arises when buying a video intercom for an apartment is how to reconcile it with the previously installed access video intercom.
First you need to know exactly the model of the existing device on the access door. Then there are two ways to solve the problem:

  • select a model that matches the specified parameters;
  • separately purchase a special adapter.

The adapter will help to make the connection of the video intercom to the access intercom without any special effort. It is necessary to attach to it the wires that enter the apartment, and the wires of the new device. On it the conclusion of the camera and the calling panel becomes. Thus, the intercom with the access intercom interfacing unit provides all the necessary functions of the device.

The interface module has a microphone hearing control. This will set up a good sound. It is small in size and easily mounted behind the enclosure of a video intercom. It can also be installed in the distribution panel on the floor. If this device breaks down, it is easily replaced with a new one, without causing the slightest harm to the video intercom.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

Sometimes Russian developers embed the adapter directly into the device itself. It turns out already finished model, which is compatible with any access intercom.

Important! Through the “refinement” of the device, the warranty conditions of the manufacturers are violated, as the integrity was violated. And the consumer runs the risk of any repairs at his own expense.

Tantos video doorphone

Tantos video door phones are considered among the most popular due to the following qualities:

  • created by cutting-edge technology;
  • as simple as possible to install, configure and have no difficulty in operation;
  • full compliance with price-quality parameters;
  • original design that allows you to blend in harmoniously with the interior.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

On the modern market there are several dozen models of this brand. All of them have a color monitor with a bright LED backlight. Diagonal display is within 4-9 inches. Models with a larger diagonal reproduce the image transmitted by the camera, in great detail. Calling panels of color video intercoms have a different design. They are equipped with a video camera, microphone and call button.

The stamps of this company can be classified according to one more principle:

  • with a speaking tube;
  • without a speaking tube.

If we consider the models of the first type, we can say that the audio signal is much clearer and better than that of the representatives of the second type. But a video intercom without a tube is more progressive in its device. All instructions clearly indicate how to connect the access intercom to the video intercom of this brand, so this procedure is not difficult. This will require the already described interface block.

It is imperative to maintain a 1.5-meter distance between the panel called and the monitor. Otherwise, the risk of noise in the form of background and whistle increases significantly.

Video door phones for the apartment: how to choose, install and use

Popular and popular models of the company Tantos

Particularly popular model has now become a video intercom Tantos Amelie. With a 7-inch color screen, touch control buttons, a hands-free system, he won the trust of customers. It can connect 2 call panels, 2 analog video cameras, transmitting a signal in PAL format, as well as 3 more additional video intercoms.

Many service companies will easily accept the application, go to the house to clarify the issue and diagnose the device. It includes checking microphones, speakers, camcorders and locks. It also measures the voltage and ringing of the circuits. If the consumer has decided the question of how to connect the access door intercom to the video intercom using a special adapter, then it is also necessarily checked for any faults.

Repair videocomcommax, Tantos, Vizit produced by the same scheme. After diagnosis, the cause of failure is established. Depending on which element is faulty, repairs will be carried out on site or directly at the company. Also the cost of services depends on the defective item.

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