Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

The need or desire to maximally control everything that happens on the territory of your plot is the need of many owners of country houses. And in order to provide them with this opportunity, special devices were once developed – video intercoms for a private house. Consider how they work, on the basis of what you need to make a choice, as well as some features of the installation of such a device.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

Video door phones for private homes: equipment and working principle

A standard video intercom designed for use on the territory of a private house consists of the following elements:

  • the base unit, which is located indoors and is equipped with a display;
  • a panel that is installed outside and with a video camera included in the package;
  • electronic lock, which is triggered by a key card.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

The base unit is usually installed on the wall in the hallway or in any other room from which you want to have a review. Many people prefer to install the device in the kitchen, arguing that it is more convenient. Control can be carried out in two different ways: standard buttons or using the touch panel.

Interesting! The most expensive models of such devices are usually equipped with many additional features that make its use even more convenient. For example, in some devices there is a function that allows you to communicate with visitors over the speakerphone. In others, in addition to images from video cameras, other useful information can be displayed – date, time, etc.

As for such components as a video camera and a panel, you need to understand that these are two separate elements that are simply located in the same package. But quite often in order to increase the available overview, additional cameras are connected, located in other places, for example, behind the gate or simply in the territory of the site.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

Helpful advice!In order to increase the level of security, it is recommended to mask camcorders. This will not allow the attacker to detect and destroy them.

As for the call panel, then on its surface there is a special system that is responsible for reading the digital code, with which each key card is equipped. Nearby is the call button and speaker for guests at home. It is extremely important that there is an anti-vandal coating on the camera lens, as well as on the entire outdoor unit.

Before you buy a video intercom kit, you need to pay attention to what type of electronic lock is provided in this case. There are only two options:

  • electromagnetic lock, which consists of a metal plate and core. In this case, the door is locked with the help of the magnetic field of the coil. Opening is made only as a result of pressing the corresponding button or a signal from the key. The operation of such a system does not stop at the expense of the backup power system, even if the power supply to the device was interrupted;

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

  • electromechanical lock – a slightly different design, which is equipped with bolts. This design allows the door to be opened using a conventional key. At the same time, the lock functions perfectly not only in the absence of power, but even in the event that the operation of the uninterruptible power supply unit was disturbed.

It is worth noting that when it comes to installing a video doorphone in a private house, users often prefer models with an electromechanical lock. Due to the absence of the need to install an additional power source, as well as a higher level of reliability, this option occupies a leading position. Electromagnetic systems are often purchased for installation in apartment buildings, where the question of an increased level of security is not so acute, and the door is opened many times more often.

In order to buy a video intercom for a private house, you first need to figure out what characteristics of this device are decisive, and what level of functionality you need. So, if there is a need to provide an overview of the territory with several entrances, it is necessary that the possibility of connecting additional cameras be provided. For large plots this is ideal.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

Helpful advice! If it was decided to install two cameras to control the main entrance, one of them is located directly above the gate or doors, and the second is mounted slightly higher and shifted to the side relative to the main one.

Another important aspect that determines the functionality of the device is the monitor. When choosing, first of all pay attention to its size. Naturally, the larger the screen diagonal, the better and clearer you can consider the interlocutor. For those who have vision problems, monitors with a diagonal of 7 inches are recommended.

You can also buy a color video intercom or black and white. On the one hand, black-and-white models cost significantly less and in most cases are quite capable of determining the identity of a guest. But when it comes to the level of security, the advantage is indisputable for color, as only they allow to determine with precision the color of the car or the attacker’s clothes.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

The presence of the wireless function significantly affects the comfort of using the device. And although many completely dispense with this, in some cases this supplement can be very useful:

  • if we are talking about installing in a two or three-story house. In this case, the wireless unit can be represented as a tablet. It can easily be carried with you, which saves you from having to run around the floors;
  • in cases where there is a need to install several call panels at once and at the same time reduce the total number of mounted systems. For example, in this way you can make a video intercom on 4 call panels, spending the minimum amount of effort;
  • in the case where installation is required at the gate area. Thanks to modern technology, video intercoms are able to provide communication at a distance of up to 100 m.


The main disadvantage of such a solution is that installing a video intercom of this type will not be cheap for sure. To buy a wireless video intercom for a high-quality private house, you will need to pay a decent amount. In addition, the quality of their work is largely dependent on weather conditions, as well as distances and the presence of obstacles that can prevent the direct passage of the signal.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

Taking into account all these reasons, experts do not recommend the purchase of such models for small houses, where you can freely get by with a wired device. Of course, if the building is located at a distance of 20 m or more from the fence, then there is a reason to purchase a wireless video intercom, but otherwise it is perfectly possible to do without it.

All other selection criteria, although not considered basic, nevertheless, should also be taken into account. For example, a significant role is played not only by the type of lock, but also by the body of the outer panel. In addition, the device can be completed with a tube, and maybe without it.

It is extremely important that all parts of the intercom, which are located on the outside of the house, are sufficiently resistant to external factors, since they will have to face not only rains, but also severe frosts.

If we talk about the configuration of the interior of the device, the presence of the tube will allow you to talk with the visitor so as not to inform the whole house about the subject. Although many still prefer button or touch controls, because in this way it takes less effort to communicate with the guest.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

To install a video intercom in a private house, most often invite specialists who quickly and efficiently carry out all the necessary work, and then, after testing the result, provide the owners with a completely ready system.

But there are those who, having familiarized themselves with the price of installing a video intercom, are taken to solve the problem on their own. Of course, this requires the presence of a special tool, as well as experience, but anyone can try. Especially since now you can easily find a lot of instructions and recommendations on how to connect the video intercom yourself. Consider the main stages of this procedure:

  1. Choosing the right place for the call panel. As a rule, the most convenient location is on the right side of the visitor at a height of about 150-165 cm from the ground. Thus, the device will be able to people of any height, and even a child.
  2. Installation of the panel and additional cameras, if they were provided.
  3. Installation of internal components of the system. If the block and the tubes are installed separately, think over and implement it at this stage.
  4. After that, it remains only to connect all installed devices using power supplies.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

If the panel must be installed on the fence, then in this case a special wiring diagram is used. In this case, the cable is laid underground. At the same time it is protected with a special shell. In addition, the installation of an uninterruptible power supply.

Of course, these recommendations apply only to wired models. If we are talking about wireless video intercoms for a private house, which are much more expensive to buy, then this question automatically loses its relevance.

Helpful advice! In order to protect the panel and the electric lock, it is recommended to purchase a special protective cabinet, the protection class of which corresponds to IP65.

When deciding to independently connect a video intercom for a private house with an electromechanical lock, you need to be ready to spend from 1 to 3 hours on it. How much time will be spent on all the necessary work depends on what experience is available in this type of work, as well as on the type of lock being installed. Installation of overhead mechanisms is quite simple, but with the built-in will have to try.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

The most common solution is to use a T-shaped corner for this purpose, which serves as a connecting element between the profile and the frame. To do this, you need to prepare all the tools and apply the appropriate markup, noting the place where the mount will be located. Then in the marked places make holes for screws of the appropriate diameter.

Video door phones for private homes: an overview of the characteristics of the best models

Helpful advice! If you decide to purchase a video intercom with a motion sensor recording, then you need to know that this element should be installed at a height of at least 2 m and there should be no elements next to it that can prevent it from seeing movement in its visibility range, which is usually 120 degrees

Summing up, we can say that choosing the right device and installing the video intercom with your own hands is a feasible task for everyone who has the desire to refuse the help of specialists in this matter. Moreover, it helps to determine the best option and make the installation correctly can help reviews. Video intercoms appeared in our country relatively recently, so that users are happy to discuss this topic, share their experiences and recommendations.

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