Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Today, many people who want to buy a reliable sun protection system for home or office prefer vertical fabric blinds. Manufacturers offer a wide assortment of products that differ in the type of fabric base, design, size and appearance of the lamellae. What are the vertical fabric blinds on the windows described in detail in this article.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Design features of fabric vertical blinds on the windows

The structure of the mechanism of vertical fabric blinds includes such details:

  • fabric lamellas;
  • upper cornice;

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

  • a control chain that allows you to rotate the lamella around its axis;
  • runners that hold the slats on the eaves;
  • weighting dies in the form of weights, which are threaded into the lower parts of the slats, and allow the curtains not to swing and hang evenly;
  • link chain, which is a fishing line with strung metal or plastic balls, which connects the slats to each other.

Lamellae are fabric strips 89 or 120 mm wide, with which you can adjust the light. They are attached to the vertical eaves. He, in turn, may be plastic and aluminum. The first option turns yellow with time, losing its presentation. The product can bend under the weight of the curtains, which significantly reduces the life of the blinds.

Aluminum curtain rods are more durable and durable. The width of the vertical eaves must match the length and weight of the slats. Light curtains with a height of 3 m can withstand a cornice 2.5 m wide, and for heavier products of the same height, you need a durable aluminum cornice, the width of which should be at least 3 m.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Fabric lamellas can be fully open 180 degrees, fixed at any other angle, which allows natural light to be gently diffused around the room, or be tightly closed. Set the desired position using the control circuit, gently lowering one of its sides. Blinds can be moved and pushed only when the end faces of the slats are perpendicular to the window.

Helpful advice! It is not recommended to use the chain and control cord at the same time in order not to disturb the blind mechanism.

Fabric sun-protection products on windows are characterized by a number of distinctive features:

  • thanks to the original appearance, as evidenced by the photo of vertical blinds on the windows, it is possible to create a cozy, warm and comfortable atmosphere not only in the residential, but also in the office space;
  • Regulation of the position of the lamella occurs smoothly due to a wide range of changes in the angle of rotation, which allows you to change the intensity of light entering the room, gently dispersing it around the perimeter;

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

  • the fabric is impregnated with a dust and moisture-proof composition, which prolongs the life of the product without losing its appearance;
  • a large variety of shades and textures allows you to pick up the blinds in the interior of the room, decorated in any style;
  • the vertical position of the lamellae makes it possible to visually increase the height of the room;
  • blinds are controlled by a cord and a chain system;
  • the product can be attached to the ceiling, wall or window opening, which allows you to choose the appropriate mounting option depending on the design of the room;
  • controls can be located on the right and left side, which allows you to choose a convenient way for further operation.

Depending on the density of the fabric, color and texture of the slat, there are several types of blinds, the photo clearly displays this. The colors of products can be monophonic, combined and with photo printing. The design of the vertical elements of the sun protection system can be traditional, in the form of a ladder or wave.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Choosing the blinds in the bedroom, the photo clearly displays the various options, it is better to choose models in a single-color design that will act soothingly. You can add a bright accent with the help of fresh flowers. Combined models can combine different shades and textures. This is a good option for the design of living rooms. Models look bright and expressive, where shades of yellow, blue and red are combined at the same time. This combination of colors is ideal for a child’s room. Photos of window design clearly displays a variety of design options.

Curtains with photo printing can give an uniqueness to the interior. Vertical blinds to the kitchen, a photo clearly shows this, you can choose with the image of fruits, vegetables or flowers. For the children’s room fit photos of fairy tale characters. And in the living room you can hang the blinds with the image of the panorama of the city. Lamellae with photo printing are made of dense material, on which drawing is applied with special paint. It is environmentally friendly, rich in color, resistant to fading and fading. Special processing of the fabric after the application of the pattern makes printing resistant to washing and damp cleaning.

Helpful advice! By the personal order on blinds it is possible to put own portrait or the unique image.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Blinds-waves have lower edges, which are made in the form of waves. Such a decision can add variety to a boring interior. The lightness and airiness of the products brings a play of light and shadow into the room, adding originality to it. Blinds with a ladder will help to fill the room with comfort. This is a good solution for kitchen premises and arched openings.

The basis for the manufacture of lamellas can be a natural material such as linen, silk or cotton, or artificial fiberglass or polyester, as shown in the louver pictures. The latter material is used in most cases because it has a number of distinctive advantages, among which we can distinguish resistance to solar radiation and easy cleaning. Manufacturers produce narrow slats with a width of 89 cm and wide products – 127 cm.

Helpful advice! For large window openings and for rooms divided by partitions into zones, it is advisable to use products with wide lamellae.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Despite the width of the slats, the blinds conveniently rotate within 180 degrees, while allowing you to control the degree of illumination of the room. The design of the product is created in such a way that allows you to choose the option of opening: right, left, from the center and towards the center.

The most popular type of products are vertical arched curtains. Blinds on the windows are sheets of lamellae that cover the entire space from the eaves to the floor. The length of the plates in this case can be different, or the product can be made in the form of a lambrequin, covering only the upper part of the window. There are models that display color combinations of both options, which can be clearly seen in the photo of fabric blinds.

Inclined vertical products are designed for curling window openings of irregular shape. Such designs are made by the individual order. This type of product is preferred for rooms in which there is no need for a complete blockage of natural light.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Both options are able to bring uniqueness to any interior. Here you can combine differently textured materials in one product, as you can see in the photo blinds in the kitchen or in another room. The main advantages of the design is durability, reliability, practicality and ease of management. These types of products are suitable for triangular, bay windows, trapezoidal windows and openings in the form of a beveled quadrilateral.

Multi-textured fabric blinds on plastic windows or cascading canvases can combine various textures and shades. The lamellae can be applied intricate designs, patterns and optical illusions. Fabric stripes can have a traditional rectangular or wavy shape. The bottom edge of the products can be flat, beveled, pointed or rounded.

Today, light-tight fabric blinds on Blackout windows are in demand. It uses a special type of fabric from which washing roller blinds or lamellas for blinds are made. The material consists of two or three layers, which allows the product to block the penetration of sunlight into the room as much as possible.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

The product has good heat and sound insulation properties, practicality and high aesthetic qualities. The fabric is impregnated with a special compound that does not allow dust to accumulate on the surface of the lamellae. Curtains can be made with any kind of control mechanism and different designs. The market has a wide range of fabric roller blinds for windows, the price of which depends on the density of the product and the level of reflectivity and averages 750 rubles.

Another interesting type of fabric vertical curtains is the window leaf String, where the slats are presented in the form of rope elements. The product is not only the embodiment of decor, but also performs the function of full curtains. Fabric blinds have a rather dense structure, but unlike thick curtains, there is no weighting material in the lower parts of the thread, which allows the rope brush to freely fall to the floor, filling the room with lightness and airiness.

Unusual in appearance rope slats are able to give the interior comfort and airiness, filling it with softness and lightness. Manufacturers produce such blinds for plastic windows of three color variations: classic monochromatic, in bicolor with alternating shades, and multi, where several colors are harmoniously combined at the same time. Curtains can be used not only for windows, but also for door and arched openings as curtains. They can also function as partitions for zoning a room.

Vertical fabric blinds on the windows: reliable and durable sun protection

Before you buy blinds, you should correctly measure. The option of fixing the product will depend on the width and height. There are three installation methods:

  • to the ceiling;
  • to the window opening;
  • to the wall.

Fabric vertical blinds on plastic windows today are the most popular option for reliable protection of the room from the penetration of UV rays. However, this is not the only advantage of this sun protection system. Vertical blinds are capable of correcting or completely changing the interior of a room, introducing into it an enchanting mystery, unique uniqueness and unusual appeal.


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