Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

PVC windows have long ceased to be a luxury and have become a mandatory attribute of a modern house. In addition, they have a lot of useful performance, because they serve a very long and attractive look. Before installing metal-plastic constructions it is very important to know the parameters of the window opening and the standard dimensions of the plastic windows.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Window opening elements

Before purchasing and installing windows, you should understand what is included in the window construction. With any house architecture, it consists of the following elements:

  • The window is the main element of the opening, it can have a different size and shape, can be opening or deaf and have different characteristics. The standard size of the window opening for plastic windows depends on the type of construction;
  • Low water – a detail of the opening, which is mounted on the outside of the window frame and serves to drain rainwater. The right way to install a low tide is when its edge comes under the bottom of the window frame. Thus, you completely exclude the ingress of water into the layer of insulating material, which is under the outflow;

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

  • the window sill is an analogue of low tide from the inside of the window frame. Unlike its external counterpart, it performs a purely decorative function. The width of the window sill directly depends on the thickness of the wall of your house. The window sill and window can be made of different materials;
  • slopes – side and top of the window opening. When installing new PVC windows, the slopes are trimmed with sandwich panels, which well isolate the room from noise and cold, and also perform a decorative function.

According to GOST, window sizes depend on the design features. That is, each of the main types of windows has its own standard parameters. There are the following types:

  • blank window;
  • swing-out single door;
  • bivalve;
  • tricuspid;
  • balcony window;
  • window with transom.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

The most popular option in modern homes is a double or triple window. The standard parameters of the double-leaf construction are 130×140 cm. If the window size in the Khrushchev or another type of house does not match the parameters of the selected PVC window, then it can be increased or decreased. Of course, it is best to choose such window dimensions that will fit into your window opening as much as possible.

The size of the window in the brick Khrushchev implies an opening with a quarter or a quarter. In order to accurately calculate the appropriate parameters of the window design, you must first measure the gap between the side walls. Then the width of the window is calculated by subtracting from the total width of the gap located in the assembly seam. For polyurethane foam on each side it is necessary to leave gaps of 20-30 mm.

After that, the height of the opening is measured. Clearances and estimated sill thickness, which is usually 40 mm, are subtracted from the value obtained. Remember that the size of the window sill for a plastic window may differ from this figure in a smaller or larger direction, so the calculations should be done after the acquisition of glass.

A plastic window with a quarter must be installed after the calculations are made for the outer and inner sides of the wall.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Helpful advice! The length of the reflux should be equal to the width of the opening, which is located on the outside of the window.

Despite the existing standards, the size of plastic windows can be absolutely any. Depending on customer requirements, modern manufacturers can produce metal-plastic structures with various parameters. There are a number of popular sizes:

  • single leaf window – 1150×1900 or 850×1150 mm;
  • bicuspid – 1150×1900, 1300×2200 or 1500×1900 mm;
  • three-leaved – 2400х2100 mm.

The maximum size of the window in panel Khrushchev is 1450 mm in height and 1500 mm in width, and the minimum – 1300×1350. For brick houses or modern buildings, these parameters may differ.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

The standard of window sizes is governed by GOST 30674-99, as well as SNiP, which indicates the ratio of the parameters of the window and the total area of ​​the room in which it is installed. The dimensions of the window opening are regulated in accordance with GOST 24699-81. If we are talking about the size of the window in the panel house of the new sample, then there may be two options:

  • double casement window – 1300х1400 mm;
  • three-leaved – 2060х1400 mm.

For brick stalanok, the parameters of window openings can be 100-150 mm larger, so it is very important to know the exact dimensions of the PVC window (width and height) before purchasing. Standard window opening, in case of inaccurate calculations, can be increased with the help of building materials. The more precisely the window dimensions correspond to the opening, the less time and effort will be spent on its installation, and the room will be better isolated from external noise and protected from heat loss during the cold season.

Standard window sizes for various types of apartment buildings:

Type of house Standard size of window construction, mm
Double window Triple window Balcony unit (window / door)
Khrushchev 1280×1340,
2040×1500 1350×1340 / 680×2070
Stalinka 1080×1080
Panel houses 1150×1420,
400×1410 / 680×2140,
500×1410 / 680×2140,
1200×1410 / 680×2140,
1700×1410 / 680×2140


When calculating the size of the attic window, it is necessary to proceed from the standard parameters, but it is also important to consider the angle of inclination of the roof. The height of the window directly depends on this parameter, and the distance between the rafters should be 4-6 cm wider than the window box.

Slopes on the installed plastic windows do it yourself: video and installation instructions. Comparative characteristics of various options for finishing window blocks, installation of drywall.

If you use the services of third-party specialists to install new windows, then the design parameters will also affect the cost of work. To determine the price of installation, you need to know the following data:

  • height and width of the window;
  • leaf type – deaf or swing;
  • number of valves;
  • type of glass unit – the number of cameras;
  • type of the opening mechanism – rotary or rotary and folding;
  • the presence or absence of additional coatings or mosquito nets;
  • type of accessories and its manufacturer;
  • the length and width of the outflow;
  • the size of the window sill and the material from which it is made.

All these data affect not only the price of installation of glass, but also on the complexity and duration of the work.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Regardless of the size of the standard window in the house of brick or panel type, there are a number of important points that you should pay attention to before making a purchase. Consider them below.

Profile type – The main parameter of modern PVC windows. Now there are several dozen manufacturers on the market, each of which offers its own profile version. A quality product is one that is guaranteed for up to 40 years. During this time, the profile will not crack and will not lose the attractiveness of appearance.

The type of product also affects its thickness, it should be 68-84 mm, it is the best option for effectively preserving heat in the room. There are profiles of class A (thickness of the outer and inner walls 2.8 and 2.5 mm, respectively), class B (2.5 and 2.0 mm) and class C (all other options). The latter class is not suitable for installation in residential areas. A useful addition to the profile, which is not installed by all companies, is a drainage bar that prevents water from entering the window in the ventilation mode.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Helpful advice! Some window manufacturers make their products from the so-called object profile. Its peculiarity is that it is intended for installation in non-residential premises, and it is strongly recommended not to install it in living rooms because of its low stiffness and thermal conductivity characteristics and possible unpleasant odor.

Reinforcement – PVC windows are also called metal-plastic due to the fact that inside the profile there is a metal part, which provides rigidity and strength of the structure. Not all manufacturers care about the presence of reinforcement, but check this point is quite simple – you need to take a magnet and attach it to the frame.

Build quality – a parameter that directly affects the durability of products, heat and sound insulation, and many other parameters. It’s quite difficult to determine these properties by eye, it is necessary to check the compliance of the characteristics and dimensions of the profile to a plastic window, to control its quality according to the established standards.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

The quality of fittings – The price of a plastic window of a standard size depends on this parameter in many respects, because the better the hardware, the longer your purchase will last and the more comfortable its use will be. For example, it is very important to have an erroneous blocker, which does not allow the construction to be transferred to the ventilation mode with the flap open and vice versa.

Also important is the presence of reciprocal strips, which are responsible for the density of the porch frame and the absence of drafts, the quality of the handles and hinges. A good option is a metal hardware in a plastic case, it will last longer than ordinary plastic models.

Slopes – an important point for the performance of the window. Of course, you can make slopes for a plastic window with your own hands, but for this you also need to know a number of nuances. For example, slopes made of insulated sandwich panels do not have joints, are protected from the formation of fungus, provide an adequate level of insulation from noise and heat loss. Various video installations of plastic window slopes do-it-yourself demonstrate that it is best to close joints on slopes with liquid plastic.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Number of airbags – A parameter affecting protection against loud noises and cold. The minimum number of cameras in a plastic window is 3, and the maximum is 8, but the latter is used very rarely, models with 3-4 airbags are more popular.

The quantity and quality of glass packs. Double-glazed windows are blocks of glass, hermetically interconnected. The number of glasses in a block affects its strength and insulating properties. Also in modern windows there are often double-glazed windows with various additional properties. This may be a special coating that reflects infrared rays, fire-resistant or triplex-laminated glass. The latter option is particularly durable, and if such a glass is broken, then this does not form sharp fragments.

Quality seal – affects the density of the closing window. The cheapest and fast-wearing version of the seal is rubber, the more reliable material is silicone or rubber. They bravely tolerate temperature drops and do not deform from long-term operation.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

If you have the necessary skills for self-installation and want to save money, then the plastic window can be installed by hand. To do this, you need to make all the measurements described above, after which you can go shopping. A very important point here is to take into account the window fastening system. This may be fixing with the help of support reinforcement, which is mounted on the frame at the stage of manufacturing the structure, or fixing through the frame in the plane of mounting the window.

The first option is easier for self-installation, as it virtually eliminates the risk of damage to the glass and leakage of the window during installation. The disadvantage of this option is the heavy weight of the window and the inability to install it yourself. In the second case, double-glazed windows are removed from the sash, and the frame is mounted separately, which allows you to do all the work alone.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Before proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to clear the place in front of the window opening. It is recommended to cover the floor and furniture with a thick cloth or construction film. Then you need to prepare the window. If we are talking about a three-leaved window of a standard size or other heavy construction, then you must first dismantle the double-glazed windows or swing doors from the frame.

Helpful advice! If you are installing a blank window, then you do not need to do this, since the weight of the whole structure is not too large for self-installation.

In order to dismantle the glass unit, you need to use the chisel to snap the bead that holds the bag out of the groove. In order not to confuse the beadings when installing back, they must be marked. Then, the plugs are removed from the canopies of each of the swing doors, and the clamping bolts are removed.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

As a result, you should have one frame left in which holes should be made for anchoring from the inside. Use for this you need a drill for metal, as inside the plastic frame is a metal insert. Usually for fixing the window anchor bolts with a diameter of 8-10 mm are used.

There are models in which the mount is carried out with the help of special ears. In this case, it is not necessary to disassemble the window, just fasten the fasteners to the frame.

To enhance the insulating qualities of the structure, it is recommended to fill the inner space of the support profile with foam. It is best to do this a day before installation so that the foam will freeze and harden.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

If the new window is not installed from scratch, then you must first remove the old one. For ease of dismantling, the frame and the window box can be sawed in several places, after which each part is hooked by a crowbar or a nail puller and removed from the opening.

After dismantling the frame, a layer of insulation and sealant is removed. Together with them removed part of the slopes. If you want to later install new slopes, then you need to completely remove the old ones. The window sill is dismantled together with the cement substrate located under it.

After that, you need to collect and remove all construction debris, align the ends of the window opening and clean it from dirt and dust, and the surface must be primed.

According to GOST, the size of the window opening in a wooden house may differ from common standards, so you will have to use mounting foam and lay a waterproofing layer so that the PVC construction fits tightly to the walls. In special cases, it may be necessary to reinforce the window opening by inserting a wooden window box.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Installation of PVC window profiles in several stages.

At the lower end of the window opening you need to lay a substrate of wood or plastic. The tops of the substrates should be in the same horizontal plane. They must be installed under the edges of the frame and in the center.

On top of the substrate is installed the whole window construction or just a frame, depending on the installation option you choose. The supports placed on the frame should not be removed, since the anchoring itself cannot bear the full weight of the structure.

The opening is sealed on the sides with the help of pegs, which are driven in between the wall and the window. This should be done closer to the edges, otherwise the frame in the middle may bend. After the pegs are driven in, the horizontal plane of the window must be checked using the building level.

Helpful advice! To measure the accuracy of the installation of the structure horizontally or vertically, it is best to use the water level, since the bubble level can produce a significant error.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

After performing the above works, proceed directly to the fastening of the window. If the fastening takes place through the frame, then using a perforator through the holes prepared in advance, it is necessary to drill holes in the wall, then the anchors are inserted into them, but they do not twist completely. Installation should start at the bottom of the frame, after which you need to check the vertical level, then you can tighten the mounting completely. But do not clamp the anchor too tightly, otherwise the frame may be deformed.

If special mounting plates are provided in the model of your window, then they have eyelets for fastening anchors. The attachment shoulder must be bent in such a way that the ear fits tightly against the wall. Just as in the case of fastening through the frame, you must first fasten the lower part, and then the upper one.

A separate stage of installation of the structure is the installation of water drainage. It is inserted into a special groove, which goes along the outer edge of the window, and then additionally foams. Some models provide the option of attaching to the window frame with screws.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

After the frame is bolted to the opening, you can proceed to the assembly of the structure. This should be done in the reverse order of how the window was disassembled. That is, first, double-glazed windows are inserted into the frame, which are fixed with beadings, first upper and lower, and then side. Up to the stop, you can snap the fasteners with a rubber mallet, so you don’t exactly damage the glass and the frame. After that, swinging flaps are inserted, their normal course and closure density is checked.

Special attention is paid to checking plastic windows of non-standard sizes and shapes.

Even with the installation of a perfectly-sized construction in a window opening of a standard size, it is imperative that additional sealing of the installation seams be performed. For this purpose, ordinary polyurethane foam is used, which can provide a sufficient level of thermal insulation. A special hydro-barrier should be created above the construction foam, since the foam may lose its insulating properties from contact with the environment over time.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

It is quite simple to arrange such a barrier — for this purpose, a special vapor barrier tape for this purpose is glued on the inside of the window. And from the outside you need to glue a vapor-proof moisture-proof membrane, which not only protects the foam layer from moisture, but also ensures its removal from the insulation.

A special foil waterproofing strip is glued along the lower inner edge of the window.

The window sill must be cut along the edges so that it enters the window opening and fits under the window frame. Its edges should go on the wall at 50-100 mm, and the angle of inclination should be slightly directed into the room. The space under the window sill is filled with mounting foam or filled with cement mortar. The design is fastened with screws, which are screwed from the inside of the frame.

Helpful advice! After complete installation of the window, you must wait another day until the mounting foam completely hardens. And only after that you can begin to open the valves and check the work of accessories.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Plastic slopes are very popular due to their high performance and ease of installation. The advantage here is also that the PVC panels from which the slopes are made correspond to the material of the metal-plastic windows, so when temperature drops, the window and profile expand equally, which does not create additional stress.

With the standard size of the window opening, you can install a slope in just a few hours, if you observe the following sequence of actions:

  1. PVC panels need to cut strips of the required length and width.
  2. The slope is pre-cleaned, then the panel is attached to it with the help of liquid nails.
  3. The panel is fixed in the desired position with the help of a special rail, which is equipped with a snap-in corner. Or you can use a cheaper option – wooden slats, fastened with a construction stapler.
  4. The end of the wall between the wall and the slope is covered with special plastic corners. They extend the life of the wallpaper near the window.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Remember that for the installation of the slope does not fit any PVC panel. The material must be resistant to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, temperature changes, high humidity and mechanical damage. Usually these properties can boast of sandwich panels, which include foam polystyrene and PVC. They do not let the heat, they do not form a fungus and mold, they do not turn yellow from exposure to the sun and do not crack in the heat.

No matter how high quality the window structure may be, sooner or later minor problems arise. You can get rid of them with the help of qualified specialists or on your own. If you are interested in self-repair, then you should be aware of common problems that may arise during operation.

Repair and replacement of the handle – The easiest option, which does not need any special skills or tools. Just buy a new hardware and dismantle the old one. To do this, unscrew the screws that are under the plate at the base of the handle. After that, in place of the dismantled part, a new one is installed.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

The plate of the regulator of the position of ventilation and the regulator are also easily replaced. It is best to purchase accessories from the same manufacturer as the window itself.

Handle stuck open. To eliminate this type of malfunction, you must first find out the brand of fittings. In the handles from AUBI you need to find a thin steel plate with a spring under the handle and press it to the seal when the window sash is closed. If you have a handle from another manufacturer, then instead of the plate you will find a metal tongue with which you need to do the same steps.

Pen jams. This problem can easily be fixed with the help of the popular WD-40 grease. She handles all moving parts and connections of the mechanism. Of course, it is best to pre-disassemble the handle for this to have access to all the details.

Draft from under seal eliminated by adjusting the eccentrics. For each individual brand of accessories, this process may have its own characteristics.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Draft from the hinge side. This problem occurs either as a result of improper installation of the window, or as a result of a factory defect. To eliminate it is quite difficult, but possible. To do this, use a chisel to remove the bead, then move the window sash away from the glass pane by 4-5 mm and install homemade plastic plates that can be made from a regular ruler into the resulting gap. The thickness of such a plate should be the same as the thickness of the glass, and its edges should in no case rest against the glass from the inside.

Full glass replacement. This type of repair is quite complicated, and for its implementation requires certain skills and a set of specialized tools, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to seek the help of professionals. For self-replacement, you must first detach all beadings, then remove the glass unit from the frame.

The new package is installed on the adjustment plates, with the help of reducing or increasing the number of which you can achieve the correct geometry of the sash. After that the double-glazed window gathers in sequence, return to analysis.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

Helpful advice! When troubleshooting PVC windows, you can and should use video instructions from the Internet. As a rule, in them all processes are shown in detail and clearly, from replacing the handle and the glass unit to eliminating drafts and adjusting the density of the glass to fit.

The size and price of a plastic window are interrelated things, so designs of a typical size will cost you less than non-standard ones. On this basis, it is necessary to carry out measurements carefully before contacting the seller. Also, knowing the size of the window opening, you can determine which window model is suitable for your home.

Choosing PVC window profile for your home or apartment, you get a number of significant advantages. For example, you reliably isolate your home from street noise, save on heating due to the high energy-saving characteristics of plastic windows, and you get an attractive interior element. In addition, metal-plastic windows are different from wooden ones with a long service life, therefore, having installed such a structure once, you may not think about replacing windows for several decades.

Standard sizes of plastic windows: the right choice and installation

For high-quality installation is very important to know the standard window size in the house panel, brick or other type. For different options of buildings, the size of window openings can vary significantly and, if you are not sure about the exact figures, it is better to make measurements yourself or use the services of experienced specialists. So you can choose or order exactly the model of the window that you need.

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