Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Proper organization of the internal space of the dressing room – the key to its comfortable use. It performs one of the important functions in the house – storage of things. At the same time, it is important that the room and, accordingly, access to clothing have quick and convenient access. In apartments, as a rule, such premises arise due to redevelopment and when organizing every centimeter on the account, therefore, sliding doors for a dressing room are in this case an ideal option.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Sliding coupe doors for a dressing room: advantages and disadvantages of the design

Today, thanks to its advantages, sliding structures have become more popular than ordinary hinged doors. Consider all the pros and cons of using coupe doors in the interior.

Advantages of sliding doors:

  • sliding doors take up less space. If you compare them with swinging ones, then sliding structures not only save space, but also eliminate the need to think over which direction the sash should open so as not to block the passage and not create discomfort in movement;

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

  • This type of construction is safer, including for small children. It is quite difficult to injure your fingers with sliding doors. In addition, the draft can not suddenly slam them;
  • easy installation and maintenance. Installing sliding doors is quite simple and does not require special skills. As for custom manufacturing, all you need to do is measure the parameters of the opening. Over time, if necessary, you can order any broken part and replace it yourself;
  • sliding doors can be a real decoration of your apartment. A wide selection of materials used for their manufacture, unlimited color palette, as well as all sorts of decorative elements will turn your dressing room into a work of art. To make sure of this, just look at the photos of mirrored compartment doors for a dressing room.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Sliding doors also have some drawbacks. Of course, they are not serious enough to refuse to purchase the structure. But knowing what you may have to face, you can try to eliminate or at least minimize these disadvantages.

The difficulties associated with the use of sliding doors:

  • easily let in odors. This problem may become relevant if you plan to equip a dressing room near the kitchen. Unfortunately, sliding doors cannot protect your clothes from being soaked with different flavors;
  • cheap structures tend to loosen. Due to the frequent opening and closing of poor-quality system can fail. The only way to combat this is not to save on the components that ensure the mobility of the door (guide bar and rollers);

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

  • sliding doors are quite noisy compared to ordinary ones. Most of the designs emit a characteristic rustling in the process of opening. Nevertheless, almost all users claim that they got used to this quickly and no longer notice this sound;
  • Mirrored sliding doors to the dressing room are very soiled. They are easily left fingerprints, which are clearly visible in daylight. Therefore, such a surface will require you to take some care.

If for you the advantages of the design seem more significant than the disadvantages, then the wardrobe with sliding doors is what you need.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Sliding doors have several types of designs. Which of them is most suitable for your room can be determined by reviewing all. Look at the photos of sliding doors for a dressing room, get acquainted with the features of the device and operation, and then you will certainly make the right choice.

Depending on the type of construction, sliding doors are divided into several subspecies, each of which has its own advantages over the others.

Sliding doors as a case, they are arranged in such a way that in the process of opening each of the flaps goes into a special niche inside the wall. This is a good option if you have more than a modest area at your disposal. However, installation in the wardrobe room of sliding doors of the penny type is relatively complex and requires more costs than other simpler structures.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Coupe doors – one of the most popular options today. The system is arranged in the same way as in the wardrobes. Both shutters are fixed inside the guides on special rollers that help them freely ride in parallel, without touching. This option is good in cases where the entrance to the dressing room has a small width.

The best option, which is shown to us by the photo of the compartment doors for a dressing room, is 2-3 sash 60-70 cm. A larger number of sashes per opening width up to 2 m will make it impossible to use them fully. The exception is a dressing room according to the type of built-in wardrobe, when one of the walls of the room is completely allocated for storage.

Techno-designs. Photos of the doors to this type of dressing room are much less common, despite the fact that the system has a number of advantages. It resembles coupe-type doors, with the exception of lower rails. In techno-design, they are simply absent, i.e. all mounts are located in the upper (ceiling) part. Among the advantages of this option is the ability to move freely without fear of tripping or stepping on the bottom mount.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Folding doors for cloakroom occupy a little more space due to their design. Here, the doors do not disperse, but fold in half and move aside. Visually, such a system looks very stylish, so the door-book for a dressing room is often used in interiors in the style of minimalism.

Sliding doors for dressing somewhat resemble the design of the book, but the number of leaves in this case is much larger. This happens because of a smaller surface division into narrow slats. It can also be used one wide door-accordion for the dressing room, when the design is not folded in two directions, but only in one, left or right.

Roto-doors. The basis of this design is a rotary mechanism, which allows the door to rotate around its own axis and open at any of the sides. The price of the door for a dressing room of this type is quite high, and starts from 35 thousand rubles. per set (canvas, roto-mechanism, accessories, box and trim). In addition to the cost, the disadvantages include the fact that you can hardly save space when installing such a structure. But, nevertheless, the roto-door in the interior looks simply unique.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Helpful advice! Choosing the type of doors for a dressing room, you must first focus on the size of the doorway. The best solution is to entrust measurements and selection of a suitable design to a specialist.

You can order sliding doors for a dressing room from a variety of materials. It can be plastic, natural wood, chipboard, glass or mirror. It is necessary to make a start when choosing not only the price and quality of the product, but also how this material will affect the interior of the room. After all, thanks to the doors, you can both hide the flaws, and emphasize all the advantages of planning.

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For example, doors made of natural wood will give the interior a chic and luxurious look, since they look very expensive. Especially when it comes to rare varieties of wood. As a cheap alternative, chipboard or MDF boards are commonly used. They look not so smart, but they have lower cost and weight. Any combination with plastic, glass or a mirror is well suited to decorate the surface.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

If we talk about the need to expand the space, especially in small apartments, then finding a better option than glass and mirror doors will fail. It is these materials that affect our visual perception, allowing us to feel spacious even in small rooms. All mirrors and glasses that are used for the manufacture of sliding doors, have high strength, and in the case of quality performance are not subject to mechanical damage. For decorative purposes, a sandblast pattern, engraving or pattern can be applied to the surface.

Bamboo and rattan doors can bring a special atmosphere to the interior. For fans of eco-style, this option can not be compared with anything. Light, but extremely durable, elegant wicker doors can be the best decoration of your dressing room.

Helpful advice! Blind instead of the door to the dressing room is a simple and at the same time stylish solution to the problem of lack of free space.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

During operation, sliding doors require some maintenance. After all, the time and quality of their service directly depends on how intensively and often they are used. For the maintenance and maintenance of the structure, you will need the following tools all the time: a hammer, a wooden peg, machine lubrication in an aerosol, a wrench of a suitable diameter, a screwdriver, a cloth or a brush.

If we are talking about mirrored compartment doors for a dressing room, then use only specialized products and soft materials for washing the surface. Otherwise, you risk leaving scratches on the glasses.

Every time cleaning, be sure to clean the rollers from the accumulated dirt and dust. You can use any tool that is convenient for you: vacuum cleaner, sponge, brush, etc. But in any case, the rollers should remain as clean as possible after each cleaning.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Lubricate the details of the moving system with oil each time a characteristic creak begins to appear.

As a result of prolonged use, the guide can be deformed, not allowing the door to move in the right direction. Defects can be eliminated very simply with a wooden peg and a hammer. If the rollers started to break down, then without replacement of parts, it is not enough.

Helpful advice! It is best to purchase parts for replacement from the same manufacturer as the door. In addition, it is useful to buy spare parts at the same time with the door, because sooner or later you will have to face the fact that spare parts fail.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

With their own hands, sliding doors to the dressing room do not so often. This is connected with quite serious troubles and worries. But it is quite possible to carry out the installation yourself, if you own the basic skills of repair. This will help you to significantly save on the services of professionals.

Here is a list of tools and materials that you will need to install sliding doors for your own dressing room:

  • screwdriver, screwdriver, measuring tape, hammer, hacksaw for metal or wood (depending on the material of construction);
  • all constituent elements, including the door leaf, upper and lower guides, rollers, vertical and horizontal profiles.

Installation is relatively simple and consists of several stages.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Fastening guides. First, the upper and lower guides are attached, which will determine the direction of movement of the doors. The difficulty here is only to correctly determine exactly where to fasten them. The guide will be the top guide, as its installation is carried out clearly on the border of the future structure. But below you need to make a small indent: from 9 to 18 mm, depending on the type of construction.

Door leaf assembly. Regardless of what material you prefer, the first thing is to make the most accurate measurements of the opening. Next, the canvas is cut to the desired size, all the necessary components are attached to it: rollers for movement and metal frames at the top and bottom, horizontal profiles on both sides.

Sliding door installation. After the assembly of all the parts, the door must be inserted into the opening, where the guides have already been fixed. This is done as follows: the upper rollers are driven into the upper guide. After that, the lower wheels are clamped, which have a spring base, and are turned inside the bottom rail. When you let go, you let them straighten up and securely lock the door.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

Final stage – system check and adjustment. You can adjust the compartment door using a standard screwdriver or allen key. At the bottom of the side profiles are special screws that are responsible for the position of the canvas. You just need to tighten or loosen them to the required level.

You can buy sliding doors for a dressing room at any specialized construction market. But it will be useful to first get acquainted with the prices on the websites of manufacturers or online stores.

The cheapest option is considered to be the door leaf of chipboard. Its cost starts from 4500 rubles and rarely goes beyond reasonable limits. Unfortunately, this can not be said about the products of real wood. Cloth from solid oak will cost from 17 to 40 thousand rubles. and higher.

Sliding doors for a dressing room: an overview of comfortable and stylish designs

The cost of the mirror door to the dressing room will cost an average of 10,000 rubles. When creating additional effects (drawing a picture, coloring, toning, spraying, matting, etc.), the price may increase by 2-3 times. The most expensive are the glass doors with floodlit stained glass. The price of a sliding door for a dressing room with a stained glass pattern can reach 40 thousand rubles.

Helpful advice! If you are ready to buy a coupe for a dressing room for a lot of money, it is better to make them to order. Sliding doors for a dressing room in this case will more accurately convey your design ideas and harmoniously fit into an existing interior.

As you can see, to pick up the doors that are ideally suited for a dressing room, today it is absolutely no difficulty. Manufacturers not only offer a huge selection of finished products, but also embody the boldest ideas of customers. If you want to create an original design, but you can not think of it yourself – look at the photos of the doors for the dressing room. Among them, you will definitely find a suitable solution, and you will only need to order a similar model and after installation enjoy the result.

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