Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

All those who wish to create a surveillance system on the local territory prefer not a separate choice of each element, but tend to acquire ready-made video surveillance kits for a private house, apartment, cottage or office. This article will discuss what you should pay attention to when choosing this system, of which main components it consists of, and how to install video surveillance correctly.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

What are ready-made video surveillance kits for a private house?

Ready-made video surveillance kit is a set of elements that are coordinated with each other and are ready for work after an elementary connection and minimum settings. Depending on the installation site, the kits can be home, street, office, specialized and combined.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

For home and office are used internal cameras of various types. For the street, it is necessary to install outdoor devices with a protective housing. The combined set consists of internal and external chambers. Specialized kits are assembled to order with all the requirements of the consumer.

The main advantages of home surveillance systems:

  • full compatibility of all elements of the kit;
  • the ability to choose a specific video surveillance system to solve a specific task;
  • the cost of recruitment is significantly lower than the total amount of all its elements, which will be purchased separately;
  • the ability to get all the equipment quickly and efficiently, since the development of a project with individual elements may take some time;
  • the opportunity to save on the installation of the system, since it includes a detailed instruction with a scheme on the basis of which installation can be performed by anyone who owns the tools.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

The video surveillance system is selected depending on the working conditions, namely the installation location of the cameras.

When choosing a complete set, the following criteria should be considered:

  • the camera must have the highest resolution in order to provide a clear image on which an intruder can be viewed;
  • cameras for internal surveillance should have a viewing angle of at least 70 degrees in order to record events as much as possible;
  • for outdoor surveillance of the local area, select cameras equipped with IR illumination and night mode;
  • for outdoor monitoring, devices should operate normally at a temperature of -30 to 35 ° C;
  • for outdoor surveillance, you can install cameras with built-in alarm sensors that send a signal to the security post if the lens is closed and the camera is damaged;
  • to prevent accidental loss of information in connection with the failure of the system, it is recommended to choose video surveillance kits with the function of archiving to external storage;
  • ready-made kits for the home should be chosen with the possibility of further expansion of the video surveillance system;

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

  • Some cameras are equipped with the WDR option, which provides the ability to create high-quality video, despite being hit by a light and shade;
  • for remote viewing of pictures in real time, it is better to give preference to the DVR, which transfers the image to a cloud server, where the information is encrypted and protected from hacking;
  • To ensure complete security at home, you can choose “smart video surveillance”, which has a number of additional functions, which expands the capabilities and efficiency of the system.

Helpful advice! For the cold regions of the country, you should choose special surveillance cameras with anti-vandal housing with heating.

Depending on the features of the protected object, by the method of connection, the system can be wired or wireless. This is determined by the size of the territory and the technical possibility of laying cables. The quality of the transmitted signal in wired systems is much higher than that of wireless sets, in which the signal may disappear after a couple of hundred meters. To prevent this, it will be necessary to install intermediate signal extenders, which entails additional costs. Surveillance kit for giving most often includes a wired tracking system.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

Wireless equipment is subject to various kinds of interference, which affects the quality of the signal, which can completely disappear. This is especially characteristic of analog systems.

Helpful advice! It is recommended to install wired systems for outdoor video surveillance, and wireless devices are ideal for indoor video recording.

Based on the principle of the transmitted signal, video surveillance systems can be analog or digital.

Digital video surveillance provides high quality images, where you can see the smallest details, thanks to the high resolution of video in 1-10 Mp, which does not depend on the size of the protected object. To connect to the Internet, a network cable that connects to a router or DVR is not used, which allows you to view an online picture from a surveillance camera via a mobile phone or laptop, being at a considerable distance from the object.

The IP camera is equipped with a built-in codec for compressing the signal, which eliminates additional processing. The transmitted signal does not respond to electromagnetic interference. Digital cameras can be equipped with built-in detectors of motion, sound, speakers, microphone, notification mechanisms when breaking or closing the lens.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

Analog surveillance is a simplified version, and consists of several video cameras and recording devices. Analog video cameras have a resolution of not more than 0.4 megapixels. Connecting devices to the Internet is carried out using a DVR with a built-in browser. Processing and compression of information occurs not in the camera itself, but due to the device where the signal is processed and recorded.

To equip the sound system, you must use additional wiring for the signal and power supply. You can use the motion detector if there is a special program in the device that processes the incoming information. Remote control is possible only for the device that is connected to the Internet at the moment. Also, the coordinated operation of the system is impossible without the use of power supplies and cables.

The most popular systems today are: Falcon Eye, REZON RZ Quattro D, Zmodo Ipcor, REZON RZ Quattro D.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

The Falcon Eye kit from the Russian manufacturer consists of 4 PTZ cameras with a resolution of 480 TVL, which have night video mode and built-in IR illumination. Saving data is carried out on the hard disk. Buy a complete set of video surveillance systems can be for 17 thousand rubles.

The American system Zmodo Ipcor has 8 CCTV cameras with remote access with a resolution of 480 TVL. The visibility of devices reaches 10-12 m. The system is equipped with motion sensors, the possibility of continuous operation in the temperature range -32-50 ° C. Saving of data occurs on a hard disk and is duplicated on external storage. The system connects to the Internet, which provides the ability to make observations from any corner of the planet. Price of the system, depending on the configuration is 31 000-69 000 rubles.

The kit of the Russian system REZON RZ Quattro D includes a video recorder with a power supply, 4 dome-type video cameras equipped with IR-illumination. The system has a motion sensor, and the visibility of the cameras reaches 20 m. The devices can operate continuously in the temperature range of 0-40 ° C. Also, there is a function to duplicate entries to external storage. Video can be viewed from a mobile device remotely anywhere in the world. The price of a video surveillance kit for the street for 4 cameras can vary from 28,000 to 40,000 rubles.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

The popular brand Space Technology offers a set of 4 cameras for outdoor and indoor video surveillance, 2 cameras of which? dome type and 2? cylindrical. The cost of the kit is about 33 thousand rubles.

The well-known brand CTV produces a wide range of cameras, DVRs, monitors. The price of a video surveillance kit for a house consisting of 4 cylindrical or dome cameras may cost about 18 thousand rubles.

Ready-made video surveillance system consists of:

  • DVR with hard disk;
  • a set of video cameras;
  • set of mounting cables;
  • power supplies for equipment.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

Additionally, depending on the system chosen, software, fasteners, adapters, and other details may be included. Ready kits can contain in addition to GSM video surveillance cameras and alarms.

The main element of the entire surveillance system is a video recorder, equipped with a hard disk, where information from the camera is recorded. All cameras, microphones and sensors are connected to it. Recording can be carried out in three modes: around the clock, in a certain time period and during the arrival of a command from a camera or a motion sensor. To control the DVR remotely, you need to connect it to the Internet.

Helpful advice! For good image quality, you need to choose high performance recorders. Otherwise, despite the high resolution of the cameras, the video quality will be unsatisfactory.

Video recorders can be digital, analog and hybrid. For small spaces, analog devices are suitable that have low image quality and low cost. The use of digital video recorders allows you to use IP cameras and get high image quality. Hybrid have the ability to handle analog and digital signals.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

A set of installation cables is used to power the system. When using systems with WiFi video surveillance cameras use a network cable and Internet access. The power supply usually includes a rechargeable battery. The power of the integrated device has already been calculated by the manufacturer for the number of cameras and the DVR used.

The kit can use video cameras with a recording on a USB flash drive, which work autonomously due to the presence of a battery, and do not involve the use of additional devices and power cables.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for private homes: reliable housing protection

To ensure security, to monitor the house and the local area, to prevent unauthorized entry into the private territory, the installation of high-quality ready-made video surveillance kits is considered an ideal option. Before choosing and installing the system, you should first consult with a specialist and select the most suitable option based on the future operating conditions of the equipment and your own financial capabilities.

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