Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

The most refined and expensive repairs will look incomplete if there are old doors between the rooms or new ones are tasteless and do not match the interior. A high-quality, modern interroom wooden door will give the missing stroke in the design of the dwelling and create the right impression about the house. This article will tell you about the right choice, species diversity and features of the internal doors of wood.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

Interior doors of wood: features and functions

In the construction and furniture stores today presents the widest choice of interior doors from different materials. Quite rightly for centuries the leading positions are occupied by wooden structures. It was the tree that served as the basis for the construction of doors in houses, castles and palaces many centuries ago. And now this material does not lose its relevance.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

Wood is of high quality and ease of processing. If desired, the wood product can be given an aged look, it is easy to paint, paint or cover with any material. In the manufacture of wooden doors can be seen a centuries-old tradition.

The leader in quality indicators and in the number of sales of doors is Italy, but such models are not available to everyone. An alternative to the Italian doors are the products made in Spain, Finland, as well as the construction of the Belarusian and domestic production.

Interior doors as a functional part of the room are designed to perform several functions, in particular:

  • protective;
  • soundproof;
  • decorative.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

With all these tasks, wooden interior doors that are quite strong, reliable, environmentally friendly, have an attractive appearance and create a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort cope with them. In addition, wooden doors have a high degree of insulation properties. They retain heat, do not let the noise through and are resistant to temperature extremes. Therefore, over the centuries, wooden doors are very popular in home improvement. In addition, they are perfectly combined with other materials in the furniture and decoration, in particular with clapboard, parquet and laminate.

Helpful advice! Giving preference to wooden interior doors, it is recommended to select furniture from the appropriate material. Then the room will look harmonious and cozy.

Among the many different materials, perhaps the most popular are interior wooden doors. Natural wood is not as durable as metal, but at the same time much more attractive; not as elegant as glass, but more durable. This material is averaged over the list of positive characteristics, and therefore occupies one of the leading places among other types of raw materials.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

The advantages of wood as a material are:

  1. Durability and long service life. Doors made of wood will last much longer than similar chipboard or glass, while the durability of the product depends on the hardness and type of wood. Oak, beech, hornbeam, acacia, yew are considered the hardest, and pine, poplar, aspen, cherry and linden are the softest.
  2. Wear resistance and impact resistance. These qualities are endowed with all the listed hardwoods, as well as juniper, birch and apple trees. At the same time, soft pine is able to withstand shock and mechanical stress.
  3. Wood products do not require special care during operation, they are fairly regularly cleaned. In case of damage the wooden door can be easily restored.
  4. Solid and respectable appearance. The aesthetic characteristics of wooden doors are not inferior to any material.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

Along with the advantages of wood is characterized by some drawbacks, in particular strength determines the severity of the material. Certain breeds are vulnerable to moisture, which eliminates the possibility of their installation in the bathroom. But the main disadvantage is the high price of interior wooden doors.

The quality of the doors and the maximum compliance with all the benefits depend on the material from which they are made. The range of wood (as well as colors) is very wide, which largely determines the price of natural wood. Interior wooden doors are made from both solid and glued solid wood or derived materials, which significantly affects the cost. For different conditions and specific rooms you need to choose certain types of wood. To create doors using both hardwood and coniferous, and even exotic woods.

Helpful advice! The quality of the product is significantly influenced by the preparation and method of processing the material.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

Most often for the manufacture of door structures used the following tree species:

  1. Oak is the most expensive material. Oak doors are very durable, wear-resistant and serve for several decades. The material has a different color – from bleached to dark brown.
  2. Beech is almost as good as oak, but less expensive. An additional advantage is a beautiful color with a pinkish sheen and a uniform texture that will fit into any design. The main flaw is poor moisture resistance.
  3. Ash – non-capricious material, characterized by durability and affordable price. The strength is not inferior to oak, resistant to elevated temperatures and humidity.
  4. Pine is the most practical and affordable breed, so it is widely used in the production of doors, but it also has lower strength characteristics.
  5. Exotic breeds include dark green eben wood, chocolate rosewood, pink and light brown African anegri birch. It is for the beauty and originality of the colors, pleasing the eye, these species prefer some owners and do not stint on their purchase.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

The above are the most popular tree species. There are also exclusive varieties. For example, luxury lovers can afford mahogany interior doors. The breed is distinguished not only by the fascinating color of wood, but also by a high degree of hardness, which makes it especially valuable. Not to mention other varieties such as cedar, walnut, maple, alder and cherry. These rocks are perfectly polished, tinted and have a gentle pattern.

A reasonable combination of price and quality – the main condition for the correct choice of wood. In this regard, interior wooden doors from solid pine deserve special attention. The main difference is the low cost. Despite the softness of the material, pine products have high performance characteristics. In addition, they have other advantages:

  • relatively light;
  • pine is easily processed;
  • doors made of pine easy to restore.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

It is unpainted interior wooden doors made of pine differ in a light natural tone that enchants buyers. Varnishes and paints allow you to get another shade

The main disadvantage of wooden unpainted doors from solid pine is excessive softness. In addition, resin may be released from wood due to impaired processing technology. Therefore, before sending a pine for production, it is important to dry it thoroughly.

Helpful advice! In the installation of interior doors must adhere to one important rule. In all rooms must be installed identical in material, texture and colors of the door. This applies not only residential, but also outbuildings. The choice in favor of natural wood can cause significant costs.

Doors made of precious wood, such as oak, beech or mahogany, are installed in respectable houses and apartments, which emphasizes the special status of the owners. These products are characterized by the following features: a high degree of strength, wear resistance and visual appeal.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

Doors from oak for a long time do not lose their shape, almost never crack. The minimum lifetime is 30 years. Its duration is significantly affected by maintenance and proper operation. Unpainted oak doors have one important characteristic: they change their color from light beige to dark brown during use. Therefore, before you paint the wooden interior doors of solid oak, you should consider this feature. If the decision is made in favor of staining, then preference should be given to special expensive varnishes and paints.

There is such a type of treatment as staining by soaking wood over a long period. Products from bog oak are highly valued, have increased strength, flexibility and impact resistance, are distinguished by a dark color.

The main and undeniable drawback of oak products is the high cost. The price of a wooden interior door with a box of oak is twice as high as that of pine or alder.

Interroom wooden door: a variety of models for every taste

In addition to solid wood, in the manufacture of door leafs use other materials. In particular, the design can be shield and paneled. The first type is presented in the form of a frame that is lined with timber. The middle is filled with monolith or cellular material, which guarantees increased sound insulation. Such doors are deaf or glazed.

In order to remove very deep damage, you will have to purchase a special putty for wood. It is applied in several layers, while giving the opportunity to completely dry each previous coating. Irregularities are eliminated with sandpaper – an already smooth surface is coated with a varnish of the corresponding color.

Interior doors are not only functional as a means of zoning a home, but also are an important element of the overall interior and styling. Therefore, lovers of beauty, quality, reliability and style should opt for wooden structures. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products from different types of wood, with a variety of shapes and designs. The main disadvantage of wooden doors is the high price due to the strength and durability of natural material.

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