Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Only by going into details, you can create a spectacular and expressive interior. The stylish and modern situation in the house or city apartment is formed from carefully thought-out nuances. One of them is the passage between the rooms, and the interroom glass door plays an important role in this. This article examines the features and principles of the use of such structures in the interior, and also reflects the diversity of their design.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Interroom glass door in room design

Interior doors act not only as decorative interior decoration. They perform the function of a kind of partition, which divides the internal space into zones. Regardless of what value the owner of an apartment or house attaches to door structures, quality remains a fundamental selection criterion. Once you make the right choice, you can get a good and beautiful thing that will last for many years.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

When choosing glass doors, it is necessary to take into account not only the technical and operational characteristics of these products, but also their design. From the appearance of the structure will depend on the overall impression of the situation and the interior of the room as a whole.

First of all, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The size of the doorway in the room and its shape. The passage between the rooms can be standard or go beyond the stereotype. In the second case, you will have to buy a door to order, made by individual measurements.
  2. Design and purpose of the room, its style.
  3. The total area of ​​the room and the amount of free space in it. Not every door design can meet the conditions that the room has.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Important! When purchasing glass doors to order, you should carefully consider their design. Too original models can cause difficulties in the process of creating an interior. Such objects, as a rule, look separate and absolutely do not fit into the general situation. In this case, you will have to adjust the style of the room under the door structure, and not vice versa, which can be a source of serious problems.

On sale are the most common door designs, the design of which is dominated by rectangular shapes and strict lines. They optimally fit into the space of classic interiors. Patterned and corrugated glass on the interior doors will add to the room extra elegance and nobility. But this does not mean at all that a strict framework is imposed on the use of such products.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Classic doors can be combined with other styles:

  • rustic;
  • country music;
  • French Provence;
  • Scandinavian, in whose design there is a minimum amount of detail.

Glazed doors with decorative patterns are suitable for rooms in modern style. Such products are characterized by the presence of smooth and rounded lines, while their design is as simple and concise as possible.

As decorative elements can be used:

  • fusing;
  • mosaic;
  • stained glass windows;
  • applications.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Due to the decorative components of the design of these doors looks fresh and unusual. To the premises, made in the style of techno or hi-tech, suitable design with verified geometry and a minimum number of parts. To dilute the excessive severity of such models, use extensive glazing. Most often in the interiors in the high-tech genre you can see frosted glass interior doors that are enclosed in a metal frame.

Note! If the door is combined with the style of the interior, corresponds to the personal preferences of the owner of the apartment, and also differs in functionality, it means that the choice of design is made correctly.

The range of modern designs is quite rich and extensive, so the buyer sometimes gets a difficult choice. In the photo of glass doors in the interiors, you can see hundreds of interesting and unique design solutions, but experts recommend first of all to decide on the type of construction that will be installed in the opening.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Existing types of products in accordance with their design features are divided into several groups:

  • Swing or mock doors – open only in one direction and are fixed on the door frame with canopies.
  • Pendulum doors – open in any direction and have two fixation points: the floor and the ceiling.
  • Sliding doors – move along the rail with special rollers. At the same time, the leaves move apart in different directions.

When choosing a design, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of the room in which it will be installed, as well as the interior design.

Doors of swing type are considered traditional. Most often such constructions consist of one leaf. Although there are also options with two canvases, which are used if the opening between the rooms is wide enough. Sometimes this choice may be due solely to the design idea. In some cases, the construction of glass hinged interior doors are equipped with a porch. Thanks to him, the product fits better to the aperture, thereby increasing the level of thermal and sound insulation of the room.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

This type of door construction is installed in the box. It can be made of metal or wood. On sale there are products, where the frame part of the door leaf and the box are made of the same material. Such designs are practical and offer great opportunities in terms of design. However, their installation is possible only in rooms that have a sufficient amount of free space, because additional space is required to open the sash.

Sliding glass doors are suitable for rooms with different area and height of ceilings. Such designs move along the guide. Its function is performed by a special rail installed along the wall. If the product has only one leaf, then it can no longer be classified as sliding structures. The similar door is considered movable. There are several variations of sliding products. The most popular of these are coupes and suspended structures.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Helpful advice! Sliding doors made of glass are ideal for zoning rooms. With their help, you can divide the space of the kitchen and dining room, protecting the latter from unpleasant odors that appear in the process of cooking.

Due to the design features of sliding doors, you can refuse the use of thresholds, which are mandatory attributes of traditional products. The leaves move along the wall, so there are no restrictions regarding the placement of furniture. In addition, it is not necessary to free space in front of the door to open the canvas.

The design of the doors equipped with the pendulum mechanism is in many respects similar to the device of swinging products. However, their flaps can open in both directions.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Such products are ideal for high-traffic areas:

  • dining rooms;
  • kitchens;
  • living rooms.

The installation of glass doors with a pendulum mechanism requires a free space on both sides, which is one of the most significant drawbacks. In order to increase the comfort of operation, manufacturers equip such constructions with devices intended for fixation, as well as with closers ensuring smooth and silent opening. Doors with a pendulum mechanism can have one or two doors.

For installation of the swing door is not required box. With respect to dimensional parameters, in particular the height and width of the structure, there are no strict restrictions. If necessary, such products can be supplemented with dobor.

Interroom glass door as a stylish accent in a modern interior

Pendulum doors loosely adjoin the doorposts, which negatively affects the sound insulation performance. For this reason, experts do not recommend installing such structures in rooms with special requests. For their installation are not suitable bedrooms and children’s rooms in need of silence, because pendulum doors open quite noisy.

For the manufacture of door structures can be used conventional glass. However, the advantage of such products is only in their low cost. Otherwise, the operational parameters of this material are completely unsuitable for creating products of this kind, it can only be used as decorative additions in interior doors with glass inserts.

By completing the installation work yourself, you can significantly save on the call of the master, as well as acquire a useful skill that will definitely come in handy in the future.


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