Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Today, metal doors are installed much more often wooden. This is easy to explain, as they provide high security for the home. The only weak point of such doors can be called native locks that come with them in the kit. They are quite often changed after installation. This operation can be performed independently. Inset locks in the metal door requires an understanding of the device locking mechanisms, as well as knowledge of their types.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

What lock to put in a metal door?

The modern market offers many options for locking devices from different manufacturers. The range of these mechanisms is incredibly wide. All modern devices used to protect the home can be divided into three large groups depending on the design features:

  • cylinder;
  • suvaldnye;
  • electric.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

In order to answer the question of which lock to install on the door, it is necessary to study the basic parameters by which the selection of these devices is made. First of all, you need to pay attention to the material from which the locking mechanism is made.

Note! The lock must be of high quality and strong enough.

Another important parameter is the class of resistance to cracking. Products that belong to different classes differ in their protective characteristics. Not all of them are suitable for installation on a metal entrance fabric. To protect an apartment or private house, it is recommended to purchase models belonging to the 3rd and 4th class.

The most popular option is the cylinder lock. Install in a metal door such a device is not difficult. In addition, cylinder models are very easy to use. Quality products of this type can last for quite a long time without breakdowns.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Cylinder locks are opened by means of convenient keys, which have matching holes to the pins located inside the mechanism. Hacking such a device is quite difficult using a set of master keys. However, cylinder locking devices have one weak spot: they are not resistant to strong shocks. Thus, the secret of such a lock can be simply knocked out. In order to protect your home from the entry of unauthorized persons, it is necessary to close the lock with a special armored cover.

If desired, you can install a lock on the entrance door, which has other characteristics and is of a lever type. The design of these devices implies the presence of steel plates. When you open the lock, these elements are lined up in a certain order given by the manufacturer. When choosing a suvald mechanism, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material from which such plates are made and to their quantity.

Devices that operate at the expense of electricity, are the most technologically advanced. Of course, this is reflected in their value. The price of these devices is the highest. The design of such locking mechanisms determines the option of unlocking them. Such devices are much more difficult to independently put on the door. Electric locks during installation require a professional approach.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

In order to open the electronic lock, a special panel with numbers can be used, which involves entering a code. Sometimes these locking mechanisms are unlocked using a key fob or card. Installing a magnetic lock on the door with his own hands is a difficult event. A person without experience is quite difficult to cope with such work. The most expensive members of this group are able to recognize the biometric data of the host.

Note! To ensure maximum protection of the home, experts advise installing 2 locks on the entrance sheet. The use of cylinder and lever mechanisms allows you to protect the front door from breaking.

The market of building materials abounds with various locking mechanisms. Another parameter by which these devices are differentiated is the installation method. Depending on the installation method, the following types of locking devices are distinguished:

  • invoices;
  • mortise;
  • embedded.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Overhead. A fairly common method of installing locks in iron doors. In this case, the mechanism is not integrated into the door leaf, but is hung on top of it. This method of installation is simple, as it does not require the organization of a niche in the door.

Mortise. The most popular option of locking mechanisms. This method allows you to save the appearance of the door, but it has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage of the integration of the locking device in the door leaf is the complexity of this process. Installing a mortise lock with your own hands requires some experience and training.

Independently perform such work is quite difficult. Mortise locks are best used in metal canvases. Such a device requires the installation of armor plates. This plate is mounted on the door lock in order to protect the structure from drilling.

Inline. Such mechanisms are integrated into the body of the door leaf directly at the stage of assembly of the structure. As a rule, door manufacturers use fairly cheap devices, the degree of protection of which causes questions. When buying a door with a built-in locking device is recommended to think about replacing it.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Replacing the locking mechanism is most often performed in case of failure of the old device. However, there are other reasons that may lead to the installation of the lock. Some situations may occur suddenly, so it is recommended that you read their list. So when is it necessary to replace the locking device?

Purchase a new door. Most often, new canvases are implemented without locking mechanisms. However, you can find and design, complete with which are door locks. Installing a metal door with your own hands is a rather complicated process. To implement this measure, you should study the installation instructions.

Useful information! Experts recommend to purchase canvases without door locks. In this case, it becomes possible to install a mechanism that is selected individually for a specific situation.

Loss of keys. Another common problem that often causes replacement of the locking mechanism. Of course, in such a situation, you can order duplicates, but as a precaution, it is recommended to replace the instrument. Installing a door lock on the entrance iron doors in this case is desirable.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Replacing a broken item. Most often fail low-quality cheap models that are manufactured in China. But an expensive device may wear out over time. The most common problems of locking devices that lead to their replacement are the breakage of the lock and the deformation of the bolts.

Replacing an unreliable device. A person who does not understand the locking mechanisms may acquire a model that has poor protection against unauthorized entry. Often this becomes the reason for replacing the lock. It is also worth noting that every year new models are released, the quality and reliability of which are becoming better.

Breaking into. This situation is the most unpleasant. In the case of unauthorized persons entering the apartment, it is necessary to immediately change the lock. You can also replace the core. It is much easier to install a front door lock cylinder than to change the mechanism completely. In some situations, the best way is to dismantle the old door leaf with the lock installed in it.

Transfer apartments to new owners. Replacing the device in this case is considered a simple precaution. You should not be confident in the integrity of the old owners, because if you want they can get into the apartment.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Self-replacement of the lock is a rather complicated undertaking that requires precision and certain knowledge. If necessary, you can contact a specialist who will conduct a quick and high-quality tie-in of the locking device into the door leaf.

Before installation of the locking mechanism in the door leaf, you must perform a certain preparation. It is very important to choose the right tools with which to insert the lock into the door.

The most important device is an angle grinder (angle grinder), which is popularly called grinder. Competent selection of nozzles allows you to simplify this process. For work with a metal cloth, cutting wheels adapted for this material are used.

During the cutting of iron there is a chance of metal shavings in the eyes. To avoid this, you need to wear glasses or a special shield. Compliance with safety regulations is a mandatory work item. In order to install a lock on the door, you also need to prepare an electronic drill and a set of nozzles for it. Fixing the device is made using screws.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Note! It is possible to tighten the screws both manually and with the help of a screwdriver.

In addition to the above tools, other devices are used. A marker is used for marking, and a ruler or tape measure is used for measurement, and a file should also be prepared. Before installation it is necessary to measure the thickness of the metal sheet of the door leaf. This parameter will allow to determine the expediency of installing one or another locking device. For example, if a sheet has a thickness of less than 4 mm, a device that is too large may deform it.

Insert lock in the entrance metal door requires care. Before you begin, you must make a preliminary drawing. It is also worth studying the step-by-step installation instructions and follow it.

Before proceeding with the installation of the castle, it is necessary to carry out the preparation, which includes several successive stages. First of all, it is necessary to determine the optimal location of the locking device. The recommended distance from the floor to the castle is 100 cm.

Insert locks into the metal door: the choice of the most reliable mechanism

Next, you need to perform markup on the canvas. For this, it is necessary to lean the case of the locking mechanism against the intended place of installation of the lock. On the iron door, you can mark by means of a marker or using any cutting tool.

In the next step, you need to designate two borders of the cutout – the lower and the upper. For this you need to drill two holes. It is important to remember that the indicator of the cross section of the drill in this case should be equal to the thickness of the body of the locking mechanism. Before starting work, it is recommended to mark the zones in which drilling will be performed.

Note! High-quality lock is a guarantee of protection of the home from the penetration of unauthorized persons. To enhance the protection of the house, there are other additional measures. For example, if you wish, you can install an alarm system and surveillance camerasI.

To answer the question of how to insert a lock into a metal door, it is necessary to study photo and video materials on this topic. Preventing damage to locking devices involves periodic preventive checks. Experts recommend from time to time to lubricate the mechanism.

Installing the locking device on a metal sheet requires knowledge of many nuances. To select the mounting option, you must consider the type of door and the type of lock. You should not buy cheap models of locking devices, as in this case, the probability of buying a defective product is high. During installation, you should constantly check the correct location of the lock.

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