How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

Each modern apartment has plastic doors to the balcony. They are distinguished by many advantages: ease of use, unpretentious care and installation speed. A possible problem that occurs after long-term operation of the mechanism is the bias and loose fit of the sash. Therefore, it is useful to know how to adjust the plastic balcony door in order to eliminate loosening due to regular opening, closing and ventilation.How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

Plastic balcony door device

Before proceeding with the diagnosis of the problems encountered and the subsequent repair, it is worthwhile to understand the structure of the device. There is a base unit, as well as spare parts for a plastic balcony door. And among the accessories are both irreplaceable and optional parts. As a rule, the following elements are included in the door unit:

  • frame made of PVC profiles that connect special fasteners;
  • sash assembled according to the same doorframe principle;
  • hinges through which the structure closes and opens;
  • handle and latch for PVC balcony doors;
  • seal that ensures the tightness of closing the sash;
  • double-glazed balcony door.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

In addition, the device may include additional elements that extend the functionality of the balcony door: stoppers, mechanical or hydraulic sensors and other parts.

The handle device can also be different: it can be stationary and mobile, one-sided and two-sided, shell-handles for balcony doors are popular. The last option is in demand in families with children, as well as in smokers, because the shell handle allows you to conveniently close the door while on the balcony. For an apartment on the first floor it is a good idea to have a handle with a lock – a balcony latch for plastic doors, allowing you to protect the balcony from intruders.

The price of a balcony plastic door is quite high, but the purchase of an expensive, high-quality model does not prevent the frequent breakdowns of the mechanism. The thing is in its frequent operation, leading to a decrease in the density of the fit of the leaf.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

In addition, the double-glazed window provides excellent sound insulation, and PVC ensures durability. However, it is these materials that noticeably weight the structure, as a result of which it begins to sag under its own weight and ceases to close tightly. As a result, a tangible draft appears in the room, and the insulation of the balcony does not help.

The normal position of the plastic door is as follows:

  • if the door is open, it does not move independently;
  • no sash displacement;
  • shutter tightly pressed to the profile of the door frame.

If this is the case, intervention in the door mechanism is not required. However, if you notice the slightest deviation, you will immediately need to repair plastic balcony doors. To pull with the call of the master is not worth it, because with each opening and closing the situation will be aggravated. As a result, this may lead to the fact that balcony doors do not close at all.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

Helpful advice! If the warranty for the installation of the door has expired, and you do not want to contact a specialist, you can watch a video of self-adjusting plastic balcony doors and fix the problem yourself.

If you adjust the plastic balcony door yourself, for the success of the repair it is important to determine the causes of the malfunction. The most common problems are as follows:

Type of fault Cause
Door sagging (when closing the door clings to the plastic threshold) Most likely, the design is too heavy, which leads to its downward shift
Hanging a handle for a balcony door Usually the handle starts to hang out when the balcony door is opened very often.
Plastic balcony doors do not close tightly (the sash is not tightly pressed against the frame and you feel the draft) As a rule, this is a symptom of a malfunction of the door handle or door skew
The flap is offset to the side (the door hits the middle of the frame) The most common problem in the hinges, their adjustment will help eliminate the problem. This problem often arises due to constant sharp temperature fluctuations affecting accessories for plastic balcony doors in case of insufficient insulation of the balcony.


To test the door for tightness, slam a regular album sheet of paper. Try to drag the sheet around the door. If it moves easily, the design has lost its density and needs to be adjusted.

Evaluate the density of the seal as well: unequal pressure of the gum, as a rule, indicates slackness. Determining the direction of displacement is simple: pay attention to the place where the seal is compressed and check whether there is a trace from the flap on it.

If you suspect a distortion of the structure, cover the sash, and then draw a simple pencil around the perimeter of the closed door. Open the door and compare its outlines with the drawn line. The presence of irregularities indicates that the door is skewed. For accuracy, use the building level.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

Suppose, as a result of measurements, you learned that the width of the drawn strip is 8 mm (an error of 1 mm is permissible). So, everything is in order, and there is no skew of the door. If the width of one strip is 12 mm, and the other is 4 mm, this clearly indicates a skewed door by 4 mm.

Note! Sometimes it turns out that on the hinge side the width of the strip is 3-4 mm, and on the side of the handle it is 6-7 mm. Such indicators suggest a narrowing of the leaf by 4-6 mm – this is a manufacturing defect, and moving such a door does not make sense.

Check also the width of the opening on all sides of the frame. The difference in measurements should not be greater than 1 mm. Otherwise, the opening will be in the form of a barrel – this happens when improperly installed, when the middle of the frame is drawn to the wall more than the top and bottom. Such errors also lead to loose clamping. Measuring the width of the sash from all sides, you will determine the correctness of the length of the impost. The difference between the three measurements should not be more than 0.5-1 mm. When different from the norm, the length of the impost is different from the required and causes a skewed door.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

To avoid mistakes or accidental damage to the glazing of a balcony door (the cost of which is quite high), it is necessary to figure out how to adjust plastic balcony doors correctly. When working, it is not necessary to overpay for the masters: you can make adjustment of the balcony door with your own hands – video instructions can be easily found on the Internet.

To work you need very few tools:

  • hexagon;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • flat screwdriver.

If you notice that when opening and closing the door, it scratches the lower edge of the frame, this indicates slack in the sash. The adjustment in this case may be vertical or horizontal.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

Horizontal adjustment steps:

  1. Flip the door wide open in the turning position.
  2. A screw is located near the upper hinge at the end of the sash. Take the allen key and turn it clockwise 2-3 times.
  3. Remove the plugs covering the holes leading to the upper screws.
  4. Turn all the screws under the plugs clockwise.
  5. After adjusting the mechanism, check whether the door closes freely now. If necessary, tighten the screws again.

To understand how to adjust balcony doors vertically, do the following:

  1. Smoothly lift the door and find the screw in the lower end of the loop, located along its axis.
  2. If the screw is covered with a plug, carefully remove it.
  3. If you twist the screw clockwise, carefully lift the door, if it is against, lower it.

To tighten the handle for the balcony plastic door, you must do the following:

  1. Slowly and gently turn the plastic cover at a right angle.
  2. Under the plastic cover, find the screws for fastening. Pull them up.

If the handle does not rotate well, sometimes it is enough to lubricate the lock with a special material that does not contain tar and acid. In case of complete breakdown, it is worth buying a handle for plastic balcony doors, loosen the screws, remove the old part and put a new one in its place.

Helpful advice! A good option is to install a magnetic latch on the balcony door. It will allow you to avoid too frequent impact on the door handle with each closing and opening of the door, which will have a beneficial effect on its durability.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

If blowing out of plastic balcony doors, this is a sure sign of a loosely pressed sash. It is necessary to adjust the clamping of the plastic balcony door. To figure out how to adjust the plastic balcony doors to the clamp, find the locking elements on the door casement. They are responsible for the density of the clamp.

Using a key or pliers, rotate the locking elements until the door is in the desired position. Professionals recommend periodically making independent adjustment of plastic balcony doors depending on the season. Enough to understand how to adjust the plastic balcony doors for the winter, and you can easily loosen the clamp in hot weather and seal in the cold season.

Sometimes adjusting the loops does not help to solve the problem, and then the leakage of the clamp can be removed with a pin. To do this you will need pliers. To hold the door to the maximum, set the axle perpendicular to the profile. To, on the contrary, achieve a minimum clamping, position the axle in parallel.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

It may be that the adjustment of the door clamp did not bring the desired result. This is because the rubber seal has worn out, and any door adjustments are meaningless without replacing it. For this you need:

  1. Pull out the old rubber. This is done without much effort and you will not need additional tools.
  2. Remove dirt from the inside of the groove.
  3. Place a new seal. Make sure that the side bend falls on the end of the sash.

Helpful advice! To facilitate the work, remove the sash from the frame: so access to the rubber pads will be free from the hinge side. It is better to choose a seal from the same manufacturer as the installed doors.

How to adjust the plastic balcony door: basic recommendations

If the balcony doors do not close well and touch the frame, scratching its center, follow these instructions for self-adjusting plastic balcony doors:

  1. Lower the flap to the bottom hinge.
  2. Insert the adjusting key into the side screw and tighten the sash.
  3. If the position of the door did not return to normal, repeat the procedure with the upper loop.

If you decide to self-adjust the door, be sure to follow the instructions, and in case of replacement of accessories, choose products of the same company as your balcony doors.

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