Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

Glass sliding doors are used by decorators as a stylish element of home interior, which allows to visually expand the boundaries of space and create an unusual room design. From this article, you can find out how these structures are arranged, what their capabilities and advantages are, get acquainted with the proposed range and average prices for products, as well as see impressive photo examples of their use.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

Glass sliding doors: general characteristics of structures

Glass doors with a sliding design – an elegant and stylish way to arrange the entrance group in the apartment. Most often, the purchase of such products is preferred by people who are not afraid to experiment with the space in their own home and tend to keep up with the times. A modern range offers a variety of options for glass sliding doors and partitions. The price of such products varies depending on several factors, including:

  • production material;

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

  • type of construction;
  • furniture filling and its level of quality;
  • decorative characteristics;
  • dimensional and other parameters.

Sliding designs are able to fit into almost any interior, giving it a unique appearance.

Panoramic glazing of windows from floor to ceiling has long been an integral part of architecture. Such solutions are usually used if there is no access to the terrace or balcony from the room. Otherwise, sliding glass doors are installed. Thanks to these structures, a convenient exit and entrance are provided, while maintaining a beautiful view.

In combination with light walls and ceiling, sliding doors visually increase the volume of the room and the amount of light in it. To emphasize the form of the entrance group, you can use the appropriate environment. It is desirable for these purposes to select furniture with the simplest geometric contours.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

If the shower room is located near the bedroom, the space of these rooms can be combined. In this case, instead of the main wall, a glass sliding door for the bathroom with opaque doors is installed. This design retains the necessary privacy, while ensuring a high level of sound insulation and protection from moisture.

With the help of sliding systems made of glass, you can separate the working area from the bedroom or living room, without taking away the useful area from the room. Similarly, the living room and dining room or kitchen.

Helpful advice! Sharing space with sliding glass doors can be used to create a modern “open space” layout. In the interior of the premises such designs are almost invisible. Most of the time, their flaps can be kept open.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

The sliding design mechanism consists of guides. The door leaf moves along these runners. Closing and opening are carried out at the expense of rollers for glass sliding doors, which are located at the bottom of the structure. They fit snugly enough to the guides, ensuring silent movement, which is achieved thanks to a special coating. The degree of noiselessness and durability of the structure itself is influenced by other factors, such as the quality of bearings installed in rollers.

Guides can be located in different areas of the door:

  • left or right;
  • below or above;
  • inside the wall.

To prevent the door leaf from popping out of the rails, they have a special limiter. From below, the door leaf is fixed by a leash, which prevents the structure from being unbalanced from side to side.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

The mechanism is a whole system consisting of different types of fittings for sliding glass doors:

  • upper track components;
  • lower roller parts;
  • lower additional lead;
  • the limiter installed in the guide, etc.

Fittings can have various designs and colors, for example, polished or polished stainless steel, gold, anodized aluminum, bronze.

The existing types of mechanisms can be divided into two categories:

  1. Open systems – all the details that are present in the structure are well visible from the outside.
  2. Closed systems – the doors are equipped with false panels that mask the mechanisms and hide them from prying eyes

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

In addition, according to the principle of operation of the mechanism, mechanical and automatic sliding glass doors are distinguished. In the first case, in order to set the door leaf in motion, a person needs to push him aside. In other words, the mechanical structures are arranged in the same way as the doors in the compartment trains.

Automatic devices are more popular and quite widespread. Such products are equipped with special sensors that register movement. They react to the weight of a person and automatically open or close the doors.

Note! For the production of interior design is used exclusively tempered glass. The thickness of this material varies in the range of 0.8-1.2 cm.

On sale you can find several varieties of door models of sliding type, made of glass. In addition to the design features and dimensional parameters, these products can be classified according to other characteristics.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

Considering the range of modern stores, it is possible to identify the following grouping criteria:

  1. Production material – door leaves are all-glass, and also wooden or plastic inserts can be included in their design.
  2. Coloring – for the manufacture of door panels used frosted, clear glass, allowed versions of products, decorated with small decorative patterns.
  3. Type of glass – depending on the type of material used, there are telescopic sliding glass doors, products made of Plexiglas, designs that have fireproofing properties, as well as armored canvases.
  4. The number of valves – single and double wing models.
  5. The material from which the partitions are made is most often used for the production of doors aluminum, although you can find products made of MDF or chipboard.
  6. The presence or absence of the frame – frame and frameless doors, that is, products that do not have partitions.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

By type of construction there are the following types of doors:

  • movable;
  • glass compartment doors;
  • recoiling.

All listed types of structures, despite some differences, have the same principle of operation.

Sliding doors are structures in which sashes are arranged parallel to the wall and are displaced in one or the other direction. Such products can have one or several canvases. There are models that move not only in parallel with respect to the wall, but can also retract into a slot specially designed for this purpose.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

For installation of sliding glass interior doors, compartment-type guides are used.

The basic complete set of a design with one shutter includes:

  • door leaf;
  • a set of mechanisms for the sliding system for one leaf;
  • a decorative strip made of aluminum that hides the sliding mechanism;
  • a handle for glass sliding doors, the design of which the buyer can choose in the assortment of the store;
  • glass floor stopper.

Note! If the design assumes the presence of two canvases or more, the basic equipment expands. Additional handles, carriages, stoppers and even locks for sliding glass doors can be included if necessary.

The average cost of economy-class products with a minimum configuration is 6500 rubles / m ?. Many companies offer custom-made door designs. The price of such products will depend on the selected material and the availability of additional details.

Glass sliding doors: an ultra-modern way of interior zoning

At the request of the buyer, custom-made doors can be equipped with:

  • automatic closers;
  • system synchronization paintings;
  • decorative strip with laminated or veneered coating, made to match the interior (instead of aluminum strip).

The choice of the number of wings depends on the size of the shower stall, as well as on the height of the ceilings in the bathroom. If the height is about 3 m, it is desirable that the frame part of the sliding door has enhanced strength characteristics. In this case, you can install a door with 6 sliding doors in the booth. If the space in the bathroom is limited, it will be enough to design with 2 canvases.

Sliding glass doors are ideal for interiors of city apartments and country houses. These systems can be used as interior partitions or used to divide living space into functional areas. Thanks to a huge choice of decor and a variety of structural solutions, customers can choose the optimal size of sliding door, which will harmoniously fit into a modern interior design.

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