Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

In modern construction appeared a lot of polymeric materials for the manufacture of doors, characterized by durability and reliability, but natural wood, as a classic version, remains among the leaders. After all, the benefits of wood are time tested. The only downside is the high cost. But you have to pay for quality. This article will tell about what kind of doors from an array, about the features of their structure, material and manufacturing.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Wooden doors from the array: the peculiarity and uniqueness of the material

To create a variety of models of doors using different wood, which is determined depending on their purpose and installation location. Each wood species has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in choosing a product you need a correct and competent approach, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure, operation and maintenance of the doors.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Doors made of wood have a large list of advantages, including environmental friendliness, durability, a high degree of heat and sound insulation. In addition to practical characteristics, an important role in the interior is played by the aesthetic component, as well as the unique favorable energy emitted by the natural material.

It should be noted that wood became the first material used by people in life and construction. At the same time, despite the discovery and invention of new materials, the tree remains out of competition. In many areas of production and life, the tree is simply irreplaceable, in particular when it comes to strength, solidity and good quality. This material is suitable for people who prefer naturalness and beauty.

A feature of the use of natural wood in the manufacture of doors is that the material is used exclusively in its natural form, without chemical, including toxic formaldehyde impurities. This allows you to save the colorful uniqueness and inexhaustible energy, donated by nature.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

In the production of door panels, only the highest types of wood should be used, free from defects. Doors are made of solid wood or of laminated material. Accordingly, the whole raw material is of higher quality, but it also costs more, and the national team is a budget option, which is inferior to the first option in a number of advantages.

The tree has a number of undeniable merits. Accordingly, products made from this material have several advantages. Additional advantages have wooden doors, furniture. The array at the heart of the design adds a number of advantages to the product.

Helpful advice! One of the main advantages of the doors of the array – their versatility. Wood serves as a material for the manufacture of both entrance and interior doors. Such products can be used both in residential buildings and for access to the office premises of institutions and organizations.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

The main advantages of door designs from the massif:

  1. Ecological and natural value. Wood products are safe for human health and the environment.
  2. Reliability and long service life. Subject to the observance of production technology, with proper material processing and reliable installation of the structure, as well as with regular maintenance, the doors will last for more than a decade.
  3. Sound and heat insulation. This quality puts wooden doors one step higher in comparison with designs made from other materials. Compliance with standards and rigging with seals will help achieve a high degree of these characteristics.
  4. Beauty and comfort. Doors of solid wood have a noble texture, pleasing to the eye, pleasant to the touch. They create a unique atmosphere of comfort, and the overall design of the room gives a luxurious look.

In addition to these common advantages, you should consider the advantages of each individual wood species. For example, oak is durable and resistant to moisture. The material is universal, suitable for the manufacture of any doors, and therefore has a high price. But the pine in this respect loses, since it is too soft and has a high degree of moisture absorption. These characteristics contribute to the development of mold and fungi.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Along with a host of advantages, wood doors have several disadvantages. In particular, they are exposed to moisture and temperature changes. These properties can cause the canvases to swell or, conversely, shrink. In this regard, the main role is played by the choice of wood species, as well as the material processing method. Other shortcomings in terms of acquisition and operation should be noted:

  1. The high cost of the product. By itself, wood has a high value, especially its valuable species. Therefore, the installation of doors from the array will cost a tidy sum to the owners of the house.
  2. Wooden doors require regular maintenance, which is not only in washing, but also in processing, in the restoration of paintings. After a couple of decades, the layers of old paint or varnish will have to be removed, the surface must be sanded and only then a new layer of coating is applied.
  3. Handle such doors as carefully as possible, as they are easily exposed to mechanical damage.
  4. Complex manufacturing and installation process. Woodworking should be done by masters with experience in carpentry. It is necessary that the workshop for their manufacture be equipped with special equipment. During installation, the inclination of the door to swell and sagging should be considered.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Helpful advice! Preferring interior doors from the array, it should be noted that the same design will have to be installed in all rooms. Otherwise, the house will lose its overall style and color.

For the manufacture of solid objects, whether doors or furniture, take exclusively high-grade wood, which is free from defects, including in the form of cracks and knots. The main condition is the use of the maximum number of integral parts with the minimum of their gluing. From its performance directly depends on the quality and durability of the doors. The array eliminates the use in the manufacture of screws and other fittings.

The design of the doors from the array includes the following elements:

  • canvas – the main part of the door. The product can have a variety of inserts that serve as decor, but most often it is a regular door;
  • the box is the base into which the door enters upon closing. It is with its installation begins the process of installing the door, which is fixed to one of its walls. This can be a product with no threshold, consisting of two and a half bars, or a construction with a threshold, respectively, having three bars;

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

  • trim – a mandatory design element that covers the door frame;
  • fittings. This should include door hinges, handles and locks. That is, these items, without which it is impossible convenient use of the doors;
  • threshold, which can be part of the box or a separate part, if its configuration differs from the general design.

Even before purchasing doors to an apartment or house, a number of features should be considered, on which the success of a choice will depend First of all, this quality and the material used in the manufacture of doors. Different breeds differ in varying degrees of strength and other qualities. It is necessary that the surface of the material is flat, smooth, without cracks, scratches and other defects. If glass parts are present, their fixation should be reliable so that they do not shake, uttering sounds of chatter.

The canvas must freely enter the door frame and, without touching, leave it. Otherwise, the door, which rubs against the walls of the box, will quickly lose its original attractive appearance. At the same time, there should not be large gaps between the box and the canvas. In this case, the product loses its insulating characteristics. Especially it concerns entrance doors from the massif.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Particular attention should be paid to the state of the paint layer, which protects the wood from external factors. Uniform coloring, smoothness and gloss – a sign of high quality and a good degree of protection of wood.

It is also required to provide a side for opening the door, as this affects its convenient operation. The product must be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the internal space, and the color and decoration should be in harmony with the general interior and furniture not only of one room, but also of the whole dwelling.

Helpful advice! Giving preference to wooden doors, it is desirable to select furniture from the array. Other interior items will look poor on the background of massive doors. This also applies to the opposite option – against the background of wooden furniture, doors made of chipboard or other cheap materials look simply ridiculous.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Doors from the massif are classified by two parameters: depending on the material from which they are made, and according to the features of their design. In the production of applicable wood of various species, it depends on its choice a number of characteristics of the future product.

Wooden doors from solid pine in the first place are of low cost. The material itself can be described in two words: accessibility and practicality. Despite the relative cheapness, such products can be successfully operated for a long time. These are fairly light doors. Solid pine quite simple in the process. Such structures are easily repaired and can be restored, which prolongs their service life. The disadvantages are excessive softness, as well as the fact that non-compliance with the technology of production can lead to the release of resin from the wood.

Pine wood must be carefully processed and dried in accordance with the technology before being sent to production. Solid pine unpainted doors is distinguished by a light natural tone. The use of varnishes and paints allows you to get any desired shade.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

To do this, use two methods:

  1. The doors are coated with a two-component polyurethane varnish, which leaves the basic texture of wood visible, protecting it from moisture better than ordinary paint. Thus, you can get more than 30 colors and shades.
  2. The usual painting of doors from an array using paint mixed with acrylic lacquer. It is recommended to choose the color to match the floor or furniture. The texture is lost under the cover. Here the choice of colors is wider and can reach a huge number of shades. This technology is most often used in the design of interior doors made of solid pine.

Alder as a building material is valued for durability. The main feature of wood, in addition to a special burgundy hue, is that after processing the workpiece on it is formed a pattern similar to the pattern of marble. In addition, such doors are characterized by moisture resistance. From products made of pine differ more respectability. You can paint them in any color. The price of interior doors from solid alder wood is average in comparison with other types of raw materials.

Doors from the array: the nobility of nature in a modern interior

Helpful advice! In the manufacture of solid wood doors use different wood species. Unscrupulous suppliers often use this feature, giving low-quality material with the help of special tools a kind of valuable breed. Therefore, it is better to trust certified manufacturers.

Properly chosen interior doors from the array create in the house excellent comfort, corresponding to the true classics and taste. Their durability and practicality will allow for a long time to forget about the repair. Choosing the color of the model and the desired design, it should be remembered that it is the doors that unite all the rooms in a harmonious, integral and unified housing. Therefore, it is important that they fit into the interior of each room and be combined with the surrounding furniture and decor.

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