Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Use the bath only as a place for hygienic procedures is irrelevant. A rough wooden room with a stove, pots, water and brooms no longer attracts anyone. He was replaced by interesting projects with modern design. The door performs the function of delimitation, heat insulation and is part of the interior, so high demands are placed on it. What are the designs and what to consider when choosing a door for a bath, this article will tell.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Features of the conditions of functioning of the doors in the rooms of the bath

Modern country plot is used in different ways. Some summer residents cultivate the land, grow fruits and vegetables. But most of them turned their land tenure into a place of rest and recuperation. The latter will certainly try to build a Russian bath or sauna on the plot. There are no significant differences in terms of construction of these two types of structures, only steam rooms differ in the degree of humidity.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

In itself, the structure is quite specific. With relatively small room sizes, the temperature difference in them is significant. High levels of humidity have a steam room and shower. However, the rest of the rooms: changing room, rest room, waiting room – should be isolated from moisture as much as possible. Doors play an important role in this regard. It is their quality and proper installation that will allow not to lose the temperature, feel comfortable during the rest, wear dry clothes after visiting the sauna.

Important and the dimensions of the doorways. Doors for saunas and baths should provide a free passage, but not be large, so that in the inevitable opening-closing did not occur significant moisture and heat transfer. The door to the steam room traditionally has smaller parameters than the entrance door to the bath, the dimensions of which are determined in proportion to the structure as a whole. The main technical requirements for these structures are:

  • perfect airtightness of the door leaf;
  • the absence of gaps between the door and the locks in the closed state;
  • matching the size of the door to the purpose of the room.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Experts do not advise additionally to warm, sheathe or glue the doors of the interior of the bath. The characteristics of the environment in which they function have a destructive effect on all types of glued joints. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the material for the future door construction.

More recently, the entrance door to the bath and the door to the steam room was made entirely of wood. With the advent of new technologies, the list of materials used for the manufacture of structures for such purposes has expanded significantly. The choice should be made on the basis of taste preferences, quality characteristics of the material and taking into account the intended purpose. Today use:

  • tree;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Wood is largely a priority raw material used for the manufacture of doors. In addition to environmental friendliness, it has a number of characteristics that allow it to occupy a leading position:

  1. Pliability processed. Wood can make a product of any configuration, as well as add design elements using carving or burning out. It is easy to apply any coating, giving the design the desired color or shade.
  2. Ability to retain heat. Between the fibers of the wood there are voids that are penetrated by warm air. There he lingers – a kind of barrier arises.
  3. Nice smell. The aroma emanating from the door of the boards, in a warm room is enhanced, creating the conditions for aromatherapy.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

However, it is recommended to use for the manufacture of doors to the bath is not all wood. The tree should be as moisture and heat resistant, dense. The most common species used are oak, alder, ash and linden. Most of all requirements are met by oak. It is a rather expensive raw material, and its processing costs considerable money. The remaining types of wood have about the same quality indicators. They are sufficiently heat resistant, withstand high humidity, with proper processing they retain these qualities for a long time.

The type of wood is selected depending on where the door will be installed. For the entrance door to the bath, you can use pine. Oak, alder, ash and linden are suitable for any premises, including the steam room. It is not recommended to install doors of such material only in the shower room – provided that it will constantly get water.

Helpful advice! When choosing wood, it is necessary not only to take into account its quality indicators, but also to make sure that it is dry. Otherwise, there is a risk to purchase raw wood, the product from which can be deformed and cracked.

Firmly entered the interior of baths and doors of glass. For rooms of critically small dimensions, this is the only way to get rid of the feeling of tightness that causes discomfort. Glass door leaves bring lightness, and the absence of a restrictive frame in their designs visually expands the space of the room.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Apply transparent glass, frosted, tinted and colored. The ability to artistically decorate the product through sandblasting drawing makes the glass door a real designer masterpiece, able to decorate even the most modest interior. The main advantages of the glass door are undeniable:

  • the term of operation is unlimited;
  • easy care;
  • no need for protective treatment;
  • does not deform on temperature and humidity;
  • is an interesting addition to the interior.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

A colored or tinted glass door to the steam room gives a soft and pleasant color to the room. The glass used is durable, thick, tempered. It is almost impossible to break it, it can withstand a strong mechanical effect. Even if the glass is broken, you should know that it breaks into small pieces, so the probability of injury is negligible.

This type of door can be installed in any room of the bath, except for the entrance. The most suitable is the glass door to the steam room, where there is maximum exposure to moisture. It is recommended to put the glass door leaf in the shower, especially with small room sizes, when contact with water is inevitable. Sometimes combined door designs are used. The frame is made of wood, glass is inserted into it.

Helpful advice! When installing a combination door in the steam room, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the joints of glass and wood. Without the use of special gaskets to avoid heat loss will not succeed.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Install in the bath door of plastic steel relatively recently. This is an inexpensive option, which is quite simple to order. In addition, installation of the product by specialists requires a little extra money. A number of characteristics meet the conditions for the use of these structures:

  • moisture resistance;
  • fungus and rotting are excluded;
  • good air tightness;
  • do not require processing.

The lack of resistance to high temperatures limits the use of such a material. Do not install a plastic door in the steam room. Even if the temperature does not reach 100 ° C and PVC will withstand, the sealing rubber will crack and stop performing its function. Such doors are convenient in the shower room, where the humidity is high, but the temperature is moderate. They can be installed in the rest room and in other available rooms.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

The use of a PVC door is also acceptable as an entrance structure. It will keep warm well, it is not affected by temperature fluctuations. And if the waiting room (or just the corridor) has no windows, then the door with glass will provide natural lighting. You can install and deaf door, it more organically fits into the overall exterior design of the bath.

Ways to decorate this material is much less than wood and glass. The choice of colors and shapes within the available samples narrows the possibilities for implementing individual design ideas. When installing PVC doors, oversaturation errors should be avoided. A lot of plastic, especially white, gives the rooms a stately appearance. It is better to use the material stained under the tree.

Metal door in the bath set as an entrance. For other rooms, it is not suitable because of its large weight, visual massiveness and high thermal conductivity, which contributes to heating to high temperatures. It perfectly performs its functions, retaining heat and being a reliable protection against the penetration of thieves. The metal door with anti-vandal canopies becomes almost inaccessible for hacking.

Door for baths and saunas: choose beautiful and moisture-proof models

Inside the door can be sheathed in an array or clapboard. This will strengthen the insulation, create a protective layer for the metal and make the product more environmentally friendly, “natural” visually. The finished metal products have different color shades, interesting types of finishes, they look stylish and modern.

Usually in the bath do not make a lot of windows. In separate rooms (in the steam room, shower, locker room), they are most often not installed at all. Comfort creates soft flowing artificial light. Doors and windows for the bath do not have to be made of the same material. Traditional white plastic window suitable for any room. And if it turns out to be a “loner”, the situation can be corrected with the help of various curtains, including blinds.

If you do not want to make the door with your own hands, then you can purchase a finished structure. Currently, there are many different models developed by professional designers. It remains only to take advantage of the offers. And for this you need to view photos of the doors to the bath and choose your favorite option, which will make the interior unique.

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