DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

Blinds made of paper in recent years are very popular among housewives who want to create a unique comfort. This window decoration option is versatile and versatile. But not everyone knows about the method of making blinds from ordinary wallpaper. This solution looks economical and original. To create such a product, you must have a minimum of knowledge and skills. In this publication, you will learn how to create blinds from wallpaper with your own hands.

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

Blinds from the wallpaper with their own hands: inexpensive and beautiful

The heat of summer days, even the most heat-resistant people make them hide from the merciless rays of the sun. This is especially true for residents of high-rise apartments, whose windows are facing the south. But not always financial opportunities allow you to buy quality blinds. Sometimes there is no time and desire to wait until they are made in accordance with the desired parameters.

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

That is why the question of how to make blinds with your own hands, becomes more relevant than ever. For the manufacture will need materials that are at home for everyone. In addition, at this time the use of blinds from the wallpaper with their own hands (photos of the use of such products can be found in the interior) – a frequent phenomenon. It is not only original, but also an accessible element of the room decor. It is also a reliable protection of the room from overheating, and curtains from burnout.

Paper blinds harmoniously fit into the design of any room. But given the characteristics of the material, it is better not to use curtains in the kitchen and in other utility rooms. Blinds from wall-paper on windows of a summer residence, a verandah, a loggia and on a balcony organically look.

This product has many advantages:

  • it can easily be created at home with your own hands;
  • reliably protects the room from hit of sunshine;
  • unusually decorates the window;

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

  • it is possible to use any pattern or pattern;
  • does not interfere with the colors on the windowsill;
  • suitable for the interior of any style;
  • can be changed every week.

Paper blinds will prevent unnecessary waste, as well as save the owners from the repeated need to go to the workshop. On an improvised curtain you need to spend only an hour or two, no more.

Designers recommend using for the base as a monophonic material, and with a pattern or a pattern that will give a unique look to the interior. But the blinds of the wallpaper have some drawbacks:

  • short life;

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

  • quick wear;
  • in comparison with the salon models have a cheap look.

Invented blinds Indians of the West Indies. Their models were distinguished by the presence of shutters with sloped wooden planks, which reliably protected from the sun. Such blinds were called colonial.

In the 18th century Venetian blinds appeared. The design of this model was characterized by the fact that the inner sides were fastened with the help of hinges, and the outer sides – with a cord. This made it possible to change the slope of the lamellae in accordance with the season and weather.

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

Modern types of products are classified depending on the material from which the curtains are made, and on the method of their adjustment. Consider the most popular designs:

  1. Vertical models – blinds, in which parts are placed vertically and can be rotated at the required angle. You can adjust the rotation of the slats with a cord.
  2. Horizontal products – curtains, decorated in the “ladder”. Lamellae are placed horizontally, and their adjustment is performed by a special drum.
  3. Roller blinds – blinds in the form of a cloth made of fabric or paper, which are rolled up using a special mechanism. Such products – the perfect choice for the living room.
  4. Pleated blinds – curtain material is folded in the form of an accordion. Adjustment is carried out with special cords and tapes, at the ends of which there are special clamps.

Choosing blinds, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape of the window for which the curtain is intended, as well as to the material and ease of adjustment.

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

Helpful advice! For people who want to independently control the level of illumination in the room, it is better to choose horizontal models or pleated blinds.

The question of how to make blinds yourself, interests many women. Even people who have never engaged in needlework can make curtains from wallpaper. But before starting work it is necessary to choose the material for the product, tools and decorations for the decoration of the finished curtains. And the process of creating blinds will take no more than 2 hours. Production time depends on the selected model.

To make blinds out of your own wallpaper, you need the following tools:

  • sharp scissors;
  • hole punch, awl or similar tool;
  • ruler;

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

  • tape measure;
  • pencil for tags.

Such devices are in any home, so you don’t have to buy them specifically. As the material you need to find:

  1. The basis of the curtains – wallpaper. You can use residues saved after repair.
  2. For fixing the position of the canvas blinds apply tape or decorative cord.
  3. Adhesive for joining parts.
  4. Plain and double sided tape.
  5. Clamp (a regular bead will do, a clothespin for the color of wallpaper or a hairpin for hair).

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

Helpful advice! The quality of the curtain depends on the properties of the base. The finer the material, the better the blinds are. It is recommended to choose a thick wallpaper, thanks to this product for a long time will not be torn.

If you choose a low-key color of the canvas, the curtain will burn out slowly, which means it will retain an aesthetic look for a long period of time. It is also best not to use material with too large a pattern, as this may affect visibility in the room.

Blinds made from wallpaper are often used on windows in country houses, loggias, balconies, verandas, as well as in rooms with windows facing the sunny side. They look original, and manufacturing costs are minimal.

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

Such products are ideal for windows of non-standard sizes, because it is often problematic to buy curtains for these windows. In addition, these models, due to the density of the material, are able to fully protect the room from the ingress of sunlight.

Before you begin, be sure to remove all unnecessary and prepare the workplace. After all, for the manufacture of high-quality and beautiful curtains will need a lot of free space. It is important to prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

It will help you easily make blinds out of your own wallpaper with step by step instructions:

  • with the help of a tape measure, measurements are made of the glass of the window for which home-made blinds are made;
  • since the fabric is bent in the horizontal direction, then one fourth of its size or 30-40 cm should be added to its length. In this case, the size of the blinds will be correct. In this case, the width is not necessary to change. For example, if the height of the window frame is 135 cm, it is necessary to add another 25%, which in this case is 35 cm. As a result, a canvas 170 cm long is required;

DIY wallpaper blinds: a popular and economical product for windows

  • the length of the decorative cord or ribbon must be greater than the size of the product, it is necessary to take into account the tying of bows or knots. Also this value is affected by the method of fixing the lower part of the blinds;

Self-made wallpaper blinds are an excellent choice if you need to quickly hang the window. The paper curtain made of the remains of unnecessary wallpaper is an excellent home-made protection of the room from the bright sun. Such blinds perfectly complement the design of the apartment or house and are a worthy alternative to conventional curtains.

Make such blinds on the windows of the wallpaper with their own hands is very simple and you do not need to spend a lot of money and time. There are a huge number of workshops and instructions for creating blinds from wallpaper with their own hands step by step. This is what explains the huge popularity of products.

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