Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

The installation is a design that performs primarily an aesthetic function, as it allows you to hide water and sewer pipes, as well as the drain tank. In addition, there are a number of other benefits of installing such a system. Unlike a conventional appliance, in order to choose a toilet for installation, you need to explore a number of important issues.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Installation: what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

The installation is used in cases when it is necessary to install a sanitary device on the floor or suspended type so as to mask its functional part in a niche. Several years ago, such systems began to gain popularity, due to the indisputable advantages of their use.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Consider the advantages of installing a suspended toilet with installation, including:

  • visual appeal. After installing the installation, it is lined with materials suitable for the overall style of the bathroom. In addition, individual structural elements that are visible can make non-standard design decisions;
  • area expansion effect. Which is achieved by masking the pipes, the drain tank and the location of the compact sanitary fixture on the weight;
  • use of top quality hardware. Characteristics of auxiliary elements, which are used in such constructions, are due to the fact that the individual components of the working system are mounted in a hidden method. Due to the difficulty of carrying out repair work, companies that manufacture such products try to minimize the risk of an emergency;
  • efficiency and cost effectiveness. Toilets built into the wall are equipped with tanks, the water supply in which occurs under a certain pressure. The pressure at the time of flushing is strong enough, and the water flow is strictly controlled by the system, which reduces financial costs;
  • lack of noise in the cistern that is masked by the installation;

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

  • possibility of adjusting the height of the toilet bowl;
  • possibility of self-installation of the system.

Note! To date, there are several types of designs and many modifications that allows you to purchase the optimally suitable option for a particular room.

Any design has both its advantages and some disadvantages. Consider the main disadvantages of such a system:

  • arrangement of installations for the suspended toilet – a rather complicated event. To conduct it, it is recommended to possess certain knowledge and practical skills in this area;
  • to hide the tank you need to fill a niche in the wall;
  • another disadvantage is the inaccessibility of communications, which complicates the repair of the structure in the event of a leakage or other emergency;

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

  • quite high cost of the system as a whole.

If necessary, you can always use the services of a professional who will perform an effective installation installation of the toilet. The price of this kind of work is quite high, however, the possibility of low-quality installation is excluded.

Today you can buy an installation complete with a toilet. A complete set of this system includes 3 main components, which will be discussed below.

Installation. This design is made of steel material, which is equipped with a corrosion-resistant coating. On the frame itself is fixed hydraulic piping plumbing device. And also on the skeleton of the structure are mounted special connecting elements – couplings.

A toilet bowl is connected to the system, which is a very important component. Not only the efficiency of the system, but also its operational life depends on how it will function. Therefore, tanks for these purposes are made of high quality plastic, which eliminates the possibility of corrosion and the formation of a leak. The lining of the flush valve is made of reinforced rubber material or silicone.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Note! Modern quality standards take into account the noise level of flush tanks, which should not exceed 17 dB.

Toilet. Installations are universal designs and are compatible with various plumbing devices. Therefore, there are no problems with the installation of both wall and floor toilets. However, in the second case, the instrument tank must be able to be installed in a closed way.

To date, the range of suspended toilets is represented by a variety of models, which differ in material, shape, color and other design features. The most popular products are made of porcelain or earthenware. If necessary, you can buy a device made of acrylic, metal, or even glass model.

Before purchasing this device, it is strongly recommended to read on specialized forums about various toilet bowls. Customer reviews will help you decide which model to choose.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Flush button. As a rule, this element is paid much less attention when choosing an installation kit. However, it is the flush button that controls the operation of the system. There are several modifications of this detail:

  • with the mode “wash-stop”;
  • with two options of washout;
  • contactless.

In the first case, it is possible to stop the flush by pressing the panel again. The second modification allows you to adjust the amount of water consumed and has two modes (normal and economical). Contactless models operate at the expense of infrared rays and are the most expensive.

Flush buttons, as well as toilet bowls, may differ in their design and color. Due to this, there is the possibility of selecting the required model for any bathroom interior.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

To date, there are two main types of installations.

Block. The installation of such a system allows to place the pipes and the toilet bowl behind the false wall and cladding. Due to this, saving room space. In this case, it is not recommended to install a wall-mounted toilet, as the installation of such a device requires a solid wall. Installation of floor plumbing fixtures is the best option for a block system, since the entire load falls on the floor.

The design itself is a flat tank made of plastic, reinforced with reinforcement, which is completed with special locking elements. The use of such an installation is recommended in the case when the bathroom already has the necessary niche for mounting the tank.

Frame. This design is located in the wall and consists of steel elements that perform the function of support for other components of the installation. Frame variety is great for installing suspended toilet. In some cases, other devices are attached to it (for example, a sink).

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Useful information!  The installation of a toilet of the frame type is completed not only with standard fittings, which include fasteners for the toilet, but also with a system for draining water. Separately, it should be said that the structure of the frame structure may include sewers.

The choice of the location of such a system is a serious event, on which depends not only the appearance of the bathroom, but also the convenience of its use. Consider the types of installations, depending on the installation site.

Corner. In this case, the frame is mounted, as the name implies, in the corner of the room. This arrangement allows you to save the useful area of ​​the bathroom. Experts recommend using an angle installation for a toilet in a limited space.

The installation of an angle installation for a suspended toilet is also recommended to increase the structural strength. This is due to the fact that the load structure is divided between the two walls.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Bilateral or partition. The peculiarity of the arrangement is that the installation is mounted on any surface that performs the function of a partition. This allows you to have on the one hand a toilet, and on the other – another sanitary equipment (for example, a bidet).

Installed in line. The installation of this type is a long frame, which is located on several plumbing fixtures. The linear method is convenient, however, it is only suitable for rooms with large dimensions.

With height restriction. It is used in cases when it is necessary to organize a bathroom under the window.

The main factor that is worth paying attention to when choosing an installation is its dimensions. Consider the standard sizes of block type construction:

  • width – 50 cm;
  • depth – 10–15 cm;
  • height – 1 m.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

In turn, the frame variety has the following standard sizes:

  • width – 50–60 cm;
  • depth – 15–30 cm;
  • height – 0.8–1.4 m.
  1. First of all, you need to adjust the length of the nozzle of the drain tank. It should protrude 5 cm beyond the wall.
  2. Further, the sewer drain pipe is shortened (in the same way).
  3. At this stage it is necessary to arrange the connections at the appropriate points.
  4. Then a gasket is mounted on the studs and nozzles.
  5. After installing the gasket, it is necessary to arrange the bowl of sanitary equipment on the heels.
  6. Further, the bowl is joined with the corresponding connections.
  7. At this stage, the installation of gaskets made of rubber and polymer inserts.
  8. Throw in and then tighten the lock nuts.

Toilet for installation: a modern and comfortable solution for a bathroom

Installation of a suspended toilet and installation system allows not only to decorate the bathroom, but also to provide comfort and cost savings. Such a kit is considered to be a profitable, innovative acquisition.

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