Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

The main subject in the bathroom is a comfortable bath, which should not only fit into the existing dimensions of the room, but also ensure a comfortable adoption of bath procedures. In bathrooms of typical dimensions, standard baths are usually installed: the size and shape of the products are presented here in a wide range, which makes the sanitary fixture most demanded in the construction market. Details about the products of standard sizes are described in detail in this article.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

What are the sizes of bathtubs for bathrooms?

Standard dimensions of sanitary products depend on its type. In this case, the bath may be compact, medium or large. The optimal depth of the product is considered to be 50-65 cm. This will allow an adult to comfortably hold his head above the surface of the water during bath procedures, while the body will completely sink into it.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

There are three types of font depending on the dimensions of the product.

Compact products have the following dimensions:

  • 1.2 x 0.7 m – a comfortable rectangular bath, where water procedures will be convenient to take in a sitting position;
  • 1.3 x 0.7 m is a standard product of small size, which is often made to order.

Such small size bathtubs for small bathrooms are easy to install, do not clutter up the interior space of a small room, allow rational use of the area and make it possible to arrange other furniture and accessories. Water consumption of such devices is much less than that of larger models. The only drawback is the inability to sit in the bathroom lying down. Such models are often completed with a shower.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

Medium-sized baths include items of size:

  • 140 to 70 cm – designed for rooms with non-standard layout;
  • 150 to 70 cm – a practical and convenient model, which is most often installed in typical bathrooms;
  • 150 to 60 cm – bath, designed for people of average build.

Medium-sized products allow you to take bath reclining procedures. Such designs take up much less space than large baths. The bowl, small on capacity, allows to reduce the consumption of the consumed water. The cost of products practically does not differ from the price of large models.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

To large-sized devices are sanitary equipment size:

  • 1,7х0,7 – will ideally fit into the spacious room;
  • 1.85х0.8 m – is a mini-pool, the installation of which involves a large area of ​​the room.

In large baths you can comfortably sit horizontally. Water procedures can simultaneously take two people. However, due to its large size, the product can only be installed in spacious bathrooms. Filling a container requires a large amount of water. And this process takes quite a long time.

The standard bathroom height, regardless of the size of the device, is 0.55-0.65 m.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

The most budgetary option are steel baths. These are fairly lightweight structures whose weight does not exceed 30 kg, which ensures easy transportation and installation of the device. The lightness of the product is due to a small wall thickness of 3 mm. Due to this value, the design is easily deformed during operation.

The length of the standard bath of steel is in the range of 1.45-1.75 m. The width of the product is 0.7-0.8 m. The height of the structure can be 0.5-0.8 m. Manufacturers produce steel baths with the size: 1, 0x0.7; 1.2 x0.7; 1.4×0.71; 1.5×0.71; 1.6×0.71; 1.7 x 0.71 m

Steel bath is one of the most affordable and practical options. The inner surface is covered with a special enamel, which prolongs its life. The standard bath volume is in the range of 90-195 liters, depending on the size of the device. However, steel structures have significant drawbacks. The product is poorly retains heat, which contributes to the rapid cooling of water. Bath is characterized by poor sound insulation. On the side of the device is not desirable to sit down all the weight. This may result in deformation of the product. Steel baths have a small width that will cause inconvenience to a person with a large bundle.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

Helpful advice! To eliminate unnecessary sounds, you can use special anti-noise mixers.

One of the most popular steel baths is the high-quality German model Kaldewei From Plus with dimensions of 1.5 x 0.7 m. Thanks to a specially developed technology for coating a steel base with enamel, the product has high mechanical strength, wear resistance and durability. Bath depth is 0.41 m, which allows you to comfortably take bath procedures. The device is able to withstand weight up to 90 kg. Bathtub is installed on the legs, which are included. The product has a relatively cheap cost for the German manufacturer, equal to 7 thousand rubles.

Another budget model is the Portuguese manufacturer. This bath is a BLB Universal HG B70H, with dimensions of 1.7 m by 0.7 m and a depth of 0.39 m. The bath should be built on three walls. The product has a clearly marked rectangular bottom that allows you to completely flush the water and is as comfortable as possible for lying.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

Important! The design of the bath should be supported on three walls, which will ensure its stability.

Quality enamel, which covers the inner surface of the bath, provides a silent set of water, but at the same time, the bottom is very slippery. The cost of the product is 7.8 thousand rubles.

From domestic models, you can select the Antika bath 170. The size of the product is 1.7 m by 0.7 m, depth – 0.4 m. Bath has an anti-slip surface. Due to the wall thickness of 1.8 mm, the plumber does not differ in strength. The cost of the product is 8.3 thousand rubles.

More practical and wear-resistant is the Donna Vanna bath with dimensions of 1.6 x 0.7 m, which has an attractive design and a snow-white inner surface. Thanks to the vitreous coating, the surface is resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. The price of the product is equal to 12.3 thousand rubles.

The sizes and prices of cast iron baths, photos clearly reproduce different models, depend on the product belonging to one of the groups. Depending on this, all baths are conditionally divided into four categories. The first group includes small-sized products that are mounted in small rooms. The width of the bath is 0.7 m, and the length can be 1.0 and 1.2 m.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

The following type of products include cast iron baths 130 cm by 75 cm. Such devices are often made to order. The products made according to European standards include cast iron baths of 1.4×0.7; 1,5 x 0,7 m. The height of such products can vary from 0,53 to 0,62 m. Such baths are usually installed in bathrooms of non-standard dimensions. Standard sizes of cast-iron baths of large dimensions are 1.7 x 0.75 and 1.8 x 0.85 m. The height of products without taking into account the length of the legs is 0.44 m. Such baths are located in large rooms.

Helpful advice! Large cast iron baths should not be installed in multi-storey buildings because of the significant load on the floor as a result of the large weight of the product.

Cast iron products are very popular due to high performance and affordable cost. The volume of the cast-iron bath, depending on the size of the product is equal to 95-182 liters.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

The cast-iron Roca Malibu tub with a size of 1.7×0.75 m and a depth of 0.42 cm with a screen is very popular. The model is designed for a standard bathroom. The bath is comfortable and safe for children and the elderly, as the bottom has a non-slip coating and is equipped with comfortable handles. The cost of the product is 18 thousand rubles.

Silver “Prada” model is characterized by good operational and technical characteristics. The product has dimensions of 1.7×0.75 m. The depth is 0.42 cm. The inner coating is composed of silver ions, which gives the coating an antibacterial effect. It is also durable, durable and reliable. The package includes legs, handles and headrest. The cost of the product is 17 thousand rubles.

The RF 1500 model “Sibiryachka” from the Russian “Universal” plant has proven itself well. And the price of a cast-iron bath with a size of 1.5 x 0.75 m, which is 12.8 thousand rubles, puts it in the category of budget products. The model of the class “reclining” fits perfectly into a small space. However, despite its small size, the product has a depth of 0.42 m, which creates convenience and comfort during the adoption of bath procedures. Titanium enamel is applied on the inner surface of the product, which gives the bath strength and durability, extending the service life to 20 years.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

Another interesting model is the Novial Susan compact bowl. The product from the Italian manufacturer has a high strength and wear resistance due to the fact that the inner surface is covered with titanium vitreous enamel. The price of a sitting bath of 1.0 x 0.7 m is about 13.7 thousand rubles.

Plumbing products made of acrylic appeared on the construction market relatively recently. However, due to the variety of configurations and sizes, acrylic baths occupy a leading position in the ranking of popular plumbing devices, despite the high cost of the product relative to iron and steel counterparts. Products are characterized by high performance and technical characteristics, such as strength, durability, heat resistance and hygiene.

The standard width of the acrylic bath is 0.9-1.35 m, length – 1.4-1.9 m, height, taking into account the length of the legs, is 0.4-0.65 m. Despite the standard depth, the product is characterized by a large vertical the angle of inclination of the bath wall, which significantly increases the volume of the product, and therefore affects the comfort of taking bath procedures. However, manufacturers produce products with other dimensions. One of the most popular is the acrylic bath 160 cm by 70 cm rectangular shape, 0.65 m high, which fits perfectly into the bathroom of standard apartments.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

The dimensions of the smallest bath are 1.2 x 0.7 m, which is installed in small rooms. The largest product, which can comfortably accommodate two people, has a size of 1.9 x1.2 m.

Acrylic products are represented by a wide range of baths of various configurations and sizes, ranging from compact products to mini pools with an unusual shape. The cost of products of standard sizes ranges from 7 to 150 thousand rubles.

Standard baths: sizes and configurations of sanitary products

Manufacturers produce a wide range of sanitary products of standard sizes, which can ideally fit into the premises of bathrooms of typical dimensions. The correct choice of the size and shape of the product will not only help to give the room individuality, but also provide a comfortable pastime while taking bath procedures.

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