Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

A comfortable and comfortable bathroom is not a luxury, but a vital necessity. An important element of this room is the furniture, which must comply with the chosen style and satisfy the needs of all households. A sink with a cabinet in the bathroom is the most successful solution, thanks to which you can get a convenient, comfortable and multifunctional place to perform hygienic procedures.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

How to choose the washbasin with a cabinet in the bathroom

When choosing furniture for the bathroom should be guided by certain requirements. Products should be functional, comfortable and take up little space, which is especially important for small spaces. First of all, you should determine the place of installation of the product. From this will depend on the type, size and method of installation of the product. Manufacturers produce three types of washbasin with a pedestal: floor, wall and corner.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

For very small spaces, it is advisable to install corner models. If the room has a heated floor, it is better to choose a floor product with legs, so that proper ventilation under the furniture is provided.

Bathroom furniture should harmoniously fit into the chosen interior style of the room. If all the details of the room are decorated in a soft design with a streamlined outline, then a stand with sharp corners will look out of place. If the bath is decorated in a classic style, the furniture, made in a restrained minimalism, will be unacceptable. The furniture element should be in harmony with the interior of the room not only in style, but also in color.

Helpful advice! The colorful coating should lie flat on the surface with no visible smudges.

Competently should go to the selection of accessories for the bath. It is better to choose handles, legs and hinges from chrome-plated material, since furniture with gold-plated or plastic chrome fittings will lose their original appearance in a few months.

Next, you should consider the functionality of the furniture, which is more dependent on the personal preferences of the owner. It will be unusual and interesting to look like a cabinet of 80 cm with a sink for a bath with a laundry basket. Such a functional and roomy design can significantly save space in the room.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

In order to be able to adapt the shelves to the height of household chemicals, you should choose models of curbstones, which have the ability to adjust the height of the shelves. In the bathroom, you can also install a mobile pedestal on wheels, which can be moved to different places. However, in this case, the sink should be mounted separately and not be built into the overall furniture structure.

Today, in specialized stores there is a wide variety of different models of washbasins with a pedestal. Depending on the design features and installation options, the products are divided into three types: corner, suspended and floor. Characteristic differences can be seen in the photo of the sink with bedside tables.

Each of the types is characterized by distinctive criteria in the form of shape and size, as well as the presence of additional attributes. Depending on this, you can choose a washbasin with a basket or a sink with a pedestal and a mirror in the bathroom.

Today, manufacturers produce classic and corner sinks with a cabinet for the bathroom. The first option is represented by a rectangular shape. The storage system can be represented by shelves, drawers and doors. A sink of any shape and size is embedded or superimposed in the upper part.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

The corner cabinet in the bathroom is represented by a triangular or trapezoidal product, which is installed in the corner of the room. This type, despite the possible compact dimensions, is more spacious, in contrast to the classic version. In addition, there is the possibility of installing a more dimensional sink.

If the dimensions of the cabinets exceed the size of the washbasin, the product is usually complemented by a countertop. It can be made of MDF, glass, wood, natural or artificial stone.

The sink can be made of ceramics, sanitary ware, glass, expanded clay, natural or artificial stone. Earthenware products are the most budget, but due to the porous structure of the product requires special care. Sinks made of stone look the most respectable, but because of their considerable weight, they require an exceptionally floor installation method. The modern solution is stylish glass bowls. However, such fragile products require careful handling.

A washbasin for a pedestal can be laid on, recessed or semi-recessed.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

For a laid-on washbasin, a countertop is a required construction element. There are models where the sink is placed on the countertop without damaging it. This design has an unusual and stylish look that will certainly bring uniqueness to the interior design. There is no need to seal the joints between the sink and the tabletop.

Helpful advice! For a comfortable and convenient implementation of hygienic procedures, it is necessary to choose the height of the cabinet, taking into account the height of the washbasin, which should be located at a distance of 80-90 cm from the floor.

The second option is built into the general structure, in which a special opening is provided. The sink completely occupies the surface of the cabinet, which eliminates the possibility of water penetration into the furniture. In this case, there is no need to seal the joints and seams. If the cabinet has a tabletop, then a washbasin is already built into it. Here the joints must be carefully treated with a sealant. A sink for a bathroom with a cupboard, built into the countertop, can be placed on the same level with it or rise to a certain height.

For the latter option, the washbasin is mounted on the countertop or cabinet in such a way that its front part slightly sticks out in relation to the front edge. Such an unusual design makes the execution of hygienic procedures more convenient, because there is an opportunity to stand closer to the sink, and this does not interfere with the facade cabinets. This is the best option for very small bathrooms.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

Bathroom cabinets can be made of:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard.

For the classic style is considered the ideal option wooden furniture. For the production of furniture elements, it is customary to use not a solid wood, but a multilayered structure impregnated with a moisture resistant composition. Such furniture will have not only a solid and respectable appearance, but also characterized by a long period of operation without loss of the original appearance. But cabinets with a wooden sink are notable for their high cost.

Helpful advice! Wooden furniture should be installed in spacious bathrooms with good ventilation.

The cheapest, practical and functional option are plastic products. The material is not destroyed by moisture and high temperature. Furniture made of plastic, due to its low cost, is in demand among consumers. However, the products do not differ decorative and individuality.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

The most popular option is furniture made of MDF and chipboard. The body of products is made of chipboard, which is processed with special compounds to increase the moisture resistance of the product, and the facades of MDF. This furniture is ideal for rooms with high humidity.

Small-sized construction under the sink in the form of cabinets of different configurations is a multifunctional element of furniture. Pedestals can be used to store household chemicals and personal care products. As a material for the manufacture of furniture in the bathroom are mainly used specially processed sheets of fiberboard or chipboard, which are protected from moisture. Therefore, if water gets inside the cabinet, it will not spoil the appearance of the product.

The storage location can be represented by a decorative shelf under the sink, which will have small dimensions. To hide inside such furniture a large package of washing powder will not succeed, but there it is convenient to place shampoos, shower gel, toothpaste, soap, which are not currently used. This will not only create a good place to store useful things, but also streamline the space in the bathroom, which will facilitate easy cleaning and save space in the apartment.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

Another useful feature of the nightstand is its aesthetics. With the help of built-in furniture you can close the ugly view of the sewer and supply pipes under the sink. A cupboard with a cabinet with harmoniously selected fittings allows you to create a more stylish and respectable look of the bathroom.

Today, the construction market has a wide range of sinks with a pedestal for bathrooms with different dimensions, which provides an opportunity to choose the most suitable design and filling option that fits into the existing free space of the room and successfully conceals the communications underway.

Helpful advice! Selecting furniture for the bathroom, you must first carefully measure the parameters of the room.

The height of the cabinet corresponds to the distance from the floor along the wall to the lower surface of the sink. It should be noted here that the attachment of an element to the wall may change, which will affect the measured parameter. Therefore, if you plan to transfer the sink, the height of the bedside table is measured after the completion of the installation work.

The width of the product depends on the width of the shell, which usually starts from 0.5 m. Manufacturers produce products with a width of 0.7 m, 0.8 m and more. The standard width is a multiple of 10 cm. The width of custom-made furniture is selected individually.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

Helpful advice! If the bathroom has enough free space at the location of the sink, the cabinet can be made wider, which will make it possible to get a small table.

The depth of the product corresponds to the distance from the wall of the room to the front edge of the sink. The minimum value is determined based on the fact that closing the doors of the cabinet does not interfere with the drain siphon. The maximum depth is determined by the capabilities of the room and the personal preference of the owner.

The last parameter of the cabinet is the shape and depth of the cutout under the sink. The upper part of the furniture can not be completely flat, like a regular cabinet. In this case, the cabinet will lose most of its distinctive advantages. In the cover of the furniture you need to make a cutout that must match the shape of the sink. On the basis of this, the bollard is chosen already to the existing sanitary device, and not vice versa. You should also consider the internal space that is occupied by pipes.

The first step in installing the washbasin with the cabinet is the assembly and installation of the mixer and drain siphon. The instruction and the set of connecting and fasteners is attached to each sanitary element. It is necessary to fasten two hoses of cold and hot water to the mixer. To do this, it is better to use metal pipes.

Sink with a cabinet in the bathroom: a convenient and functional element of the room

Helpful advice! Do not twist the hoses too much. This can damage the threads and lead to leakage of the connections.

Screw the studs into the small holes located in the bottom of the mixer. Next, put on a rubber gasket, and the mixer is installed in the hole in the sink. Then a pin-shaped cushion is put on the studs on the underside of the sink, and a washer with a nut is screwed on it. Nuts on the hoses should be clamped as much as possible, fixing the mixer on the sink.

Unusual and original looks floor stand on the podium Bríklaer Anna 60. The design in the upper part is represented by two drawers on the metal rails, and at the bottom – a shelf hidden behind two swing doors. The dimensions of the sink with the cabinet are 56x32x86. You can buy the product for 8.5 thousand rubles.

The sink with the cabinet is a comfortable, stylish and multifunctional element of bathroom furniture. When installing the product, it is at the same time possible to comfortably perform hygienic procedures, organize a spacious storage system and close the communications wiring. And to solve the problems of a very small room, you can install it in the bathroom in the cabinet under the sink and in the washing machine and basket.

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