Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Today, increasingly, technology becomes an indispensable assistant in the agricultural sector. It allows you to save time and effort when processing large areas, and at the same time cope with the tasks efficiently and quickly. As a rule, motorblocks are chosen for this purpose. The article will reveal information about which walker is better: prices, reviews and tips on choosing the model that best suits your goals.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Motoblock or cultivator: what to choose

Before you buy garden equipment, you need to understand the differences between the walk-behind tractor and the cultivator: prices, reviews, which models are better, etc. Some farmers give in to the general excitement or even confuse these two types of equipment. In fact, the tiller and cultivator are two different devices that differ in their purpose and functionality.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Features and purpose of the cultivator in the following:

  • the only function of the cultivator, according to its name, is the cultivation of the soil;
  • the result of the cultivator’s work is soft ground and chopping the roots of weeds;
  • the cultivator engine can be petrol or electric;
  • the cultivator has no other features and functions besides the cultivation of the soil;
  • cultivators are much cheaper motorblocks.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Motor-blocks are more complex and versatile equipment:

  • the functionality of the tiller depends on the attached equipment;
  • it is possible to install a cultivator, hiller, plow and other devices on the walker;
  • This type of equipment can also be used to transport goods by installing a trailer and wheels – thus, the walk-behind tractor turns into a mini-tractor. On the Internet, you can find a video of the tractor from the motoblock with your own hands;
  • when you purchase a tiller and attachments to it, you immediately acquire an electrical generator, a mowing machine, a water pump and a number of other devices on the farm, which this unit can act as;
  • equipment replacement is simple and does not take more than 15 minutes;

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

  • wheels and a cultivator are included in the basic equipment, the rest of the equipment must be purchased separately, choosing only the devices that are relevant for your farm;
  • On the modern market, both domestic and imported models of motoblocks are presented, as well as hybrid variants, when Japanese or Chinese engines for motoblocks are combined with the local chassis.

Thus, the prices of tillers with a power take-off shaft are higher than conventional cultivators, however, the first ones provide incomparably more opportunities, because the trailed equipment makes this technique truly universal. Therefore, most prefer these devices to cultivators. However, if your only goal of acquiring machinery is to ensure the cultivation of the soil, it is advisable to buy a simple cultivator, while saving money.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Helpful advice! Consider that the versatility of the tillers extends to the scope of their application. For example, the tiller can be easily used in a greenhouse, where the work of a mini-tractor is impossible.

The name of this type of technology speaks for itself. The mechanized unit operates on the basis of the engine, which can be petrol or diesel. The shaft of the gearbox is supplemented with right and left motors – attachments are attached to it, which is responsible for expanding the functionality of the device.

For the movement of the motoblock meet wheels with powerful tires. The dirt itself is cleaned from the wheels while driving on the ground, provided it is correctly installed according to the direction of their rotation. You can learn how to install the wheels from the manual for the motor block.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

A special lever is provided to adjust the lift height and steering angle. The battery is a non-separable self-charging battery.

The functionality of the motoblock depends on the number of attachments, because it is responsible for performing various tasks. Such devices can be included in the basic equipment or purchased separately.

Of course, the more versatile and functional the device is, the higher its price is, therefore it is advisable to initially decide which add-ons to the motoblock you need right away, and then re-purchase additional elements as needed.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Many details can be made independently, for example, it is easy to find drawings, video potato planters for the motor-block with your own hands. Or you can modify the device, if you make a snowmobile of the power tillers with your own hands. So, you will save finances and get the equipment that perfectly fits your needs, because independent work is more profitable than the prices of snowmobile consoles for motor-blocks.

There are the following main types of attachments:

  • mowers: are mounted, frontal or rotary, with their help mow the tops, take care of the lawn and harvest hay. You can make a mower for the motoblock with your own hands or buy a factory model for 8500 rubles or more;
  • Hillers: there are paired, single, disk, plowshare. With their help, spud plants and loosen the soil between rows to remove weeds. The price starts from the mark of 400 rubles;

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

  • cultivators: used for the cultivation of the land can also be used for harrowing the fertile soil. The cost of the factory model is about 3,500 rubles, although you can make a special nozzle for video harrows for the motor-block with your own hands;
  • driving module: if necessary, handle large areas of the plot; such a module allows a person to sit. The cost of arable driving cart starts from 10,300 rubles;
  • trailer: used to transport goods, can be ordinary or have a tipping body. It can be done by hand, drawings of trailers for the motor-block to be found on the Internet is not difficult. Buy a product in the store for 13,700 rubles. and higher.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Between the petrol, electric and diesel engine types, most choose diesel. The choice of gasoline-tillers of 9 l is often due to the desire to save on the purchase, because gasoline models are cheaper. However, diesel technology has several undeniable advantages:

  • The efficiency of its work is higher;
  • when operating such a device, there is a significantly lower fuel consumption than gasoline counterparts, so it can be said with confidence that when you purchase a diesel device after a short period of time you will save more than if you buy a motor-block petrol 9 l;
  • durability: for the diesel engine more wear-resistant and reliable parts are used;

Water-cooled diesel walk-behind tractor: types of equipment and tips for choosing. The main features and advantages of this type of technology. Varieties of tillers, model comparison and recommendations for choice.

  • ideal fitness for plowing, cultivation and hilling, due to the ability to operate at low revs due to high tractive effort;
  • ease of use: the absence of a carburetor eliminates the need for constant adjustment of equipment;
  • availability of air or water cooling.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

The main parameter when choosing is the indicator of power, since the price of the engine for the walk-behind tractor directly depends on it, as well as the power affects the efficiency of the equipment.

Depending on the engine power and the weight of the equipment itself, the tillers are divided into three categories:

  1. Lungs.
  2. Average.
  3. Heavy.

The weight of a heavy tiller is over 100 kg, and the power is 10 hp. Such equipment has a power take-off shaft, which transmits torque to the cutters – the speed of the motoblock itself does not affect this process, and the price does not depend on it either. Which cultivator is better? Reviews claim that the cost of heavy equipment is entirely justified by its efficiency, because the weight guarantees the absence of sharp jerks during the operation of the device, which is important when processing virgin or accidental hitting stones or roots under attachments.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Components of these tillers are characterized by high wear resistance and long service life without loss of performance, which is extremely important, because such mechanisms can work up to 20 hours a day.

The prices of heavy tillers are always higher, however, and their characteristics are incomparable with the equipment of other categories. In the ranking of tillers among heavy machinery, German manufacturers hold the primacy, followed by American companies. Domestic models are not less universal, but somewhat inferior in reliability to their imported counterparts. Although the favorable prices and availability of such motoblocks makes them worthy competitors in the modern market.

Helpful advice! It is important to understand that when buying equipment it is necessary to take into account the availability of components to it. After all, not only the prices of the tracked attachment to the motor-block, but also any other spare parts of an imported manufacturer will be higher. In addition, the service base plays a role: when a foreign manufacturer has to order parts, which means that there can be no urgency.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

The weight of medium devices ranges from 80 to 100 kg. Motor power is usually 5-6 hp. With their help, you can carry loads weighing up to 500 kg. As in the case of heavy models, medium tillers are easily complemented by attachments, which significantly expands their functionality. When using a pump, they can be used for pumping water.

Light tillers weigh up to 80 kg. The engine power of such equipment does not exceed 4 hp. They are capable of working the soil to a depth of 15 cm. When choosing such models, note that they are not suitable for processing virgin soil or heavy soil: the tiller will jerk, resulting in uneven plowing and the presence of islands of pristine land.

But for the treatment of light soils, such as peat, light models are optimally suited. With minimal soil resistance, the motoblock easily and effectively plows, loosens and spud the earth.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Indicators of the volume and power of the engine, necessary for processing by the motor-block of a specific area, depend on its area.

Capture (width) of the motor-block and engine size depending on the area of ​​a site:

Land area Engine power, l. with. Capture (width) of the motor-block, cm
up to 20 acres 3.5 60
up to 60 acres four 80
up to 1 ha 5-6 90
1-4 ha 9 100
more than 4 hectares better to purchase a mini-tractor


The power of the equipment directly affects its strength characteristics and endurance. Therefore, choosing a walker with good power, you can be sure of the durability and reliability of the device.

Knowing the area of ​​the site and the power of technology, you can calculate the number of passes, as well as the total path during the work on it. Also with the help of such calculations you can estimate the power of the motor-block necessary for your site.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Example: the area of ​​your site is 1 hectare, which is equal to 100×100 m. With a capture of the motor-block 60 cm and the need to go 5 cm overlap, the actual processing width will be 55 cm. Dividing one side of the site by this number, we get 182 – the number of passes required processing. It turns out that the path length is 18.2 km. Working at a speed of 0.4 km / h, it turns out that the processing of the site will take 44.5 hours – almost 6 shifts without interruptions and equipment refilling. Thus, it is clear that a light tiller can not cope with a plot of 1 ha and need more powerful equipment.

This type of device consumes little fuel, usually consumption is 0.9-2.5 l / h. One canister of fuel usually leaves in 8–22 hours of operation.

Fuel consumption does not belong to the determining parameters when choosing the power tillers, as more powerful models with high fuel consumption, in turn, are characterized by a larger width and handle the processing of the same area in less time.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Helpful advice! Please note that domestic-made tillers with imported engines (for example, a Ugra tiller with a Honda engine) require the use of higher-quality fuel compared to fully domestic counterparts.

According to reviews of owners of tillers, domestic equipment has a slightly lower level of reliability than Japanese and German counterparts. Therefore, please note that the operation of such equipment from time to time possible damage.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Often this applies to domestic-made devices with foreign-made engines, for example, Honda power tillers. This is especially true for engines for power units with a gearbox. The problem is that in engines for motoblocks with a gearbox and a clutch, the gearbox often fails – this breakdown with the use of belt transmissions is particularly relevant.

Thus, if periodic downtime is not critical for you, you can save on the purchase of an expensive model. If the slightest failure of equipment threatens you with financial losses, pay attention to the most reliable equipment.

Approximate prices for some models of motor-blocks of various manufacturers:

Model tiller Engine make Engine power, hp Type of fuel Width / depth of capture, cm Weight, kg price, rub.
Neva MB-2S-6.5 Subaru Ex17 6.5 petrol 76-170 / 20 100 46,000
Oka MB-1D2M13 Subaru Ex17 6 petrol 60-90 / 30 90 38450
Agat XM 6.5 Hammerman HGE-168F1 6.5 petrol 30-60 / 30 78 29900
Salute 5P-5.0 Subaru EY20-3D five petrol 60-90 / 30 78 36700
Ugra NMB-1N8 Lianlong LL168F-1 Lianlong LL-168F-1 7 petrol 60-80 / 30 90 33500
PATRIOT Boston 9DE Patriot 9 diesel 125/30 164 70500
Brait BR-75 Brait 168F-2 Gilzovany 7 petrol 80-1200 / 150-300 70 49600
Havert S-70 Havert 7 petrol 90/32 90 29900
Pubert Quatro Junior 65B TWK + Briggs&Stratton I / C 130G 6.5 petrol 90 and 60 (4/6 cutters) / up to 32 70 52,000
Husqvarna TF 536 Subaru OHC EP21 6.39 petrol 30 and 90/30 70 98600


Based on consumer feedback, several important nuances can be highlighted, paying attention to which you can choose the equipment that best meets your needs:

  • according to reviews, prices of tillers directly depend on their configuration, because the attachment determines the functionality of the equipment. As a rule, the more adaptations are included in the assembly of the unit, the more expensive it is and the better the reviews of users interested in the universality of the device;
  • at the stage of the purchase, ask what is included in the basic configuration of the models: at the same price, the tillers can be equipped with completely different equipment;
  • decide which features of the motoblock you are interested in first and foremost and proceed from them when choosing a basic configuration of equipment;

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Helpful advice! As a rule, first of all, wheels and a milling machine are required for soil cultivation to work on the site. The remaining devices are easy to buy over time, as needed.

  • find out if a warranty is provided for the vehicle, and how long the service period is, as well as where the center is located for the repair of the motoblock. After all, the delivery of equipment to the place of repair, and subsequent repairs take a lot of time, and if the service center is located far from your location, you risk losing a lot of time or skip the sowing work altogether;
  • assess the condition of the soil in your area: if it refers to heavy or floating, choose equipment with a large power reserve;
  • specify whether the gearbox can be repaired in the event of a breakdown, as in many models the gearbox has to be completely changed in case of a malfunction, which significantly increases the maintenance cost of equipment.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

When buying a tiller, the most relevant selection criteria is the cost and power of equipment. Most often, preference is given to Chinese and domestic production, since the Japanese and German devices, although famous for their high quality, are notable for no less high prices. Chinese and domestic models are more available.

Interestingly, often Chinese motoblocks presented on our market are copied from Russian models: MB-1, Neva and Salyut. Many say that the price of the Salute motoblock is higher than the Chinese counterpart. However, it is important to remember here that the difference in cost is dictated not only by cheap labor in China, but also by using lower-quality equipment for the manufacture of the device, as well as by savings on materials. As a result, by paying a large price of the Salute 100 motor-block, you will receive a high-quality, reliable unit, while in the case of Chinese equipment there is no confidence in the quality.

Speaking of Russian products, it is worth paying attention to the comparison of the most popular representatives of domestic technology, all-wheel drive tillers Ugra and Oka.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Both types of tillers are manufactured at Kaluga Engine OJSC, and there are many differences in technical components. The only thing that is similar in these types of technology – the engine. “Kaluga engine” is used for motoblock engines Lifan, Honda, Subaru and products of other world leaders in this field.

Thus, in search of the Lifan 6.5 engine tiller, you can pick up both the Oka tiller with the 6.5 engine and find the Ugra tiller with the Lifan engine. The first will cost 27,900 rubles, the second with similar parameters will cost 34,400 rubles.

The rest of the characteristics of the technical components of the devices are different, and according to the owners, a motor-block with a differential Ugra shows itself as a more reliable and efficient option than the motor-block Oka Lifan 6.5.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

The main differences between the Ugra tillers with a power take-off shaft and the Oka 6.5 liter tillers. with.:

  1. The Ugra 9 hp’s power tiller clutch is four-wheel drive with a disc clutch, while the Oka 6.5 hp Lifan tillers are equipped with a V-belt drive. Disk clutch is a more modern and reliable option.
  2. The gear reducer of the Ugra technique will last longer than the Oka chain motoblocks, as it is characterized by greater resistance to significant loads.
  3. At the motoblocks of the Oka, the power take-off shaft removes the load from the engine axle pulley. In the case of the Ugra shaft technique with a spitz-nut connector, there are as many as two. At one speed is related to the speed of the device, the other is independent of this parameter. As a result, you can use more variety of attachments.
  4. With the Subaru engine, Ugra’s motorblocks weighs 61 kg, while the Oka equipment weighs 87 kg. As a result, it is much easier to transport Ugra devices. And if necessary, increase the weight of the equipment, you can use special weighting.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

Helpful advice! The prices of the Ugra’s tillers are higher than those of the Oka, however, the tillers with the Ugra VOM are characterized by a more complex structure and efficiency at work. Therefore, in the presence of a large area, it makes sense to buy a Ugra motoblock more than 7 hp, the price of which will be higher, however, at the same time be sure that the equipment can easily cope with all the tasks assigned to it.

If you decide to turn to the most budget Chinese motoblock, then here you can find decent options. According to reviews, centaur tillers are distinguished by reliability and efficiency of work. The 1080D model is especially praised: it is distinguished from its analogs by the equipment of the extended gearbox.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

It is recommended to buy the centaur’s motor-block for performance of the following works:

  • tillage;
  • harvesting;
  • grass mowing;
  • cleaning of mud, snow;
  • planting diverse crops;
  • transportation of goods weighing up to 600 kg;
  • pumping water for subsequent irrigation of the area;
  • leveling sand mixtures.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

And although the average price of centaur’s tillers (30-40 thousand rubles) exceeds the cost of the cheapest representatives of the Chinese equipment Champion (26-44 thousand rubles), they can boast of power and excellent performance characteristics. And the Centaur MB 1080D-5 is recognized as the fastest motoblock among similar models.

The prices of Bison tillers (18-73 thousand rubles) will be pleasantly pleased, and the technique is notable for its uninterrupted work and its adaptation to heavy loads. This technique shows itself well in the treatment of complex surfaces and large areas of soil. Impressive weight ensures an excellent level of adhesion to the surface. As a result, you can be confident in the quality of work.

It is interesting that manufacturers of Bison equipment are constantly modernizing their products, and the use of the latest technologies has made the tillers more environmentally friendly: they pollute the environment less with harmful substances compared to their counterparts, and also produce less noise.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

With a small area of ​​the site and the priority of speed in the work, consumers choose Chinese tillers 9 hp Storm. They are distinguished by ease of maintenance, ease of use and budget price (about 50 thousand rubles).

Helpful advice! Regardless of the type and brand of motoblock, it is possible to extend its operating period with proper care. Do not forget to wash the device after each use, paying special attention to the cutters and the body.

This type of equipment in fact is a mini-tractors, adapted to any type of cultivation. At the same time they are distinguished by high maneuverability and safety of use. The equipment is made in accordance with all international quality standards. At the same time collect the device in the Ukrainian plant, which significantly reduces their cost. The average price of equipment of this manufacturer is in the range of 80-90 thousand rubles.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

A variety of models allows you to choose the best option for your purposes. At the same time convenient marking makes it easy to understand the main features of this device. However, there are few constructive differences between the models: they are mainly distinguished by the type of motor. The MB-6 and MB-8 petrol tillers are equipped with Motor Sich engines. In other models are the engines of the company Wiema.

Interestingly, the plant provides two guarantees for the products: on the motor of the motor-block and on its body. Due to the simplicity of the engine, in the case of proper operation, it can work the whole season without additional refueling of oil.

High ground clearance ensures uninterrupted operation of equipment, even on rough terrain. A variety of attachments guarantees the versatility of technology.

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

To make a deliberate purchase, you must consider:

  • if your tasks are not limited to the cultivation of the soil, then you should prefer a full-fledged walk-behind tiller to a cultivator: it is much more versatile and will at times facilitate your daily work on the site;
  • diesel tillers cost more than petrol, but they are justified by the economical use;
  • calculating the power of technology, take into account the area of ​​your site and the nature of the soil;
  • pay attention to the complete set of motoblocks and check the price of the caterpillars for the motoblock and other devices at the buying stage: most of the functionality depends on the additional equipment, and without knowing its cost, it is impossible to plan the budget;
  • many devices can be made independently: there are many drawings of a potato digger for a motor-block with your own hands or a video of a snowmobile from a motor-block with your own hands;

Which walker is better: prices, reviews and characteristics of this type of equipment

  • The manufacturer plays an important role. Japanese equipment is better and more expensive than all, but it makes sense to choose it if large financial investments are justified. Chinese models are the cheapest, but often their quality leaves much to be desired, since the low cost is explained by the savings on materials;
  • products of domestic brands can not boast of an impeccable Japanese reputation, however, many modern models are worthy competition in quality. Moreover, more and more companies use imported parts, for example, Subaru engines for power tillers.

Thus, the choice of a decent model requires careful comparison of options and preliminary calculations. But the result is worth the effort, because in the form of a tiller you will get an indispensable assistant on the site.

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