The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

Doing garden work such as loosening the soil or mowing grass manually can be quite tiring, especially if they are carried out over a large area. Using such a unit as the Neva motoblock and attachments to it will not only greatly facilitate your work, but will also make many processes much more efficient and faster. In addition, it can easily be improved and greatly expanded its functionality.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

Petrol and diesel tillers Neva: features, types and advantages

Under the brand name “Motorcycles Neva” a large number of motor-blocks are manufactured, differing in performance characteristics. You can choose for yourself a model that will perfectly suit your requirements. Consider the popular models of motoblocks.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

MB-Compact – used for processing small areas, characterized by compact dimensions and ease of management. The engine power of the MB-Compact is 6.5 hp, and the design of the model allows it to be fitted with various attachments. The model works on 2 forward and one reverse transfer which will be switched by simple turn of the lever. The support wheel is not included in the basic kit, but you can easily install it yourself.

MB-1 – differs from the previous model by the increased number of gears, here there are 3. The unit is designed to work with moderate soils and can be used as a vehicle, as well as for cleaning snow, leaves and various types of pollution. Engine power for the Neva MB-1 motoblock is 6.5 hp.

MB-2 – equipped with an engine from the Japanese company Honda with a power of 5.8 hp The advantage of the Neva with the Honda engine is that the number of gears, which in the base model is three, can be doubled by simply rearranging the engine belt. You can also install various types of attachments for the Neva MB 2 motoblock, which will allow to use it as a cleaning equipment. Compared to other models, the MB-2 wheels are characterized by an increased diameter, thereby increasing throughput.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

MB-23 – The most powerful model in the lineup, equipped with a 10-hp engine, which makes it an excellent choice for long and hard work, including plowing up unplowed soil. In addition, the model has a high maneuverability due to the function of separation of the wheels. This model of tiller can be converted into a vehicle, as well as attach a trailer and use as a tractor.

MB-23SD – equipped with a diesel engine from the company Subaru 4.8 hp Differs in low arable speed, due to which it can effectively cultivate even frozen ground. As well as in other models on the Neva with the Subaru engine it is possible to install attachments.

Regardless of the model, all Neva tillers are characterized by the following advantages:

  • imported engines with high efficiency, allowing you to effectively handle the soil;
  • the ability to install a variety of attachments and attachments to the Neva motoblock, significantly expanding its functionality;
  • easy operation and maintenance. To work with a walk-behind tractor, you will not need special skills, it will be enough just to read the instructions;
  • simple gearshift system, through which you can set the optimum speed for specific types of work.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

Helpful advice! When choosing a model of motoblock, consider the density of the soil you are working with, as well as the season. Based on these parameters, it is necessary to choose the engine power and other characteristics.

The preparation of the soil for sowing and plowing can be considered as basic functions for any variant of the motoblock. Due to the different types of mills installed on the unit, it is possible to loosen the soil to a depth of several centimeters, but the mills have some minuses. They are able to handle only regularly cultivated soil, but do not cope well with frozen or just hard ground. In addition, the cutters do not allow to clean up debris or snow, to use the motor-block assembly for other purposes. You can solve this problem if you buy attachments on the Neva walk-behind tractor. There are the following types of it:

  • A plow is a good option for additional equipment if you need to work with heavy ground. With a weight of 7.8 kg, model P1 20/3 is capable of plowing even very hard soil to a depth of 215 mm with a working width of 220 mm;
  • Okuchnik – the second after the plow according to the demand option of equipment for the Neva motoblock. Hinged hiller is used to add soil to the roots of plants. Different models of hillers are distinguished by the depth of entry into the soil and the width of the soil, as well as by weight;

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

  • Potato digger is a good choice if you are tired of messing around with a shovel every time you harvest a potato. Model CNM is able to go into the ground to a depth of 220 mm, while capturing 250 mm in width. This option will be very useful if you need to process a large part of the potato field as efficiently as possible, quickly and cost-effectively. Potato diggers are distinguished by weight, width of soil capture and depth of entry into the soil. Consider that for installation of this and other equipment described above on the walking tractor, you will need special hitch, individual for each model;
  • grousers – are installed as wheels of the motoblock and are used for deeper entry of the unit into the ground. They differ in diameter, width and weight; they can be used for hilling a plot;
  • cart or trailer – equipment designed to turn the motoblock into a transportation vehicle. The trailer dimensions are selected depending on the engine power of the unit, and the maximum speed with which the motoblock can move with the cart usually does not exceed 10 km / h;
  • Mower – allows you to use the walker for mowing the lawn or mowing grass for animal feed. Different mowers differ in the maximum height of the mowed grass, the speed of work and the width of coverage;

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

  • potato planters – specially equipment that is suitable for all types of tillers and greatly facilitates the process of planting potatoes;
  • reversible plow – characterized by a large coverage of the soil, so that when plowing does not occur missing sections. When installing this version of the equipment should be aware that it needs a counterweight. If the model of the tiller weighs less than 100 kg, then it is recommended to install a weighting agent;
  • rake – equipment for cleaning leaves and various debris from the site. Such a spare part for the Neva MB 2 motoblock and other models can be bought or made by hand, subject to the availability of a welding machine;
  • snow removal equipment – makes the Neva motoblock useful in the cold season. There are several options for snow throwers on the Neva walk-behind tractor, each of which performs its functions.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

Helpful advice! When purchasing any version of attachments for the Neva motoblock, make sure that it is suitable for the specific model of the unit, and also make sure to purchase all the necessary fasteners and couplers in advance.

There are such variants of snowthrowers for the Neva MB 2 motoblock and other models, like a canopy, a blade and a brush. The canopy allows you to imitate the work of a snowplow and clean up even snow. The blade distinguishes it from the fact that it allows you to remove a smaller layer of snow about 1 meter wide, while the canopy covers about 60 cm. The only significant drawback of the rotary brush is its large weight, so be prepared to reduce the maneuverability of the unit when it is installed.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

The disadvantage of all variants of winter attachments is the rather high cost of snow blowers for the Neva motoblocks. Not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, but you can cope with this problem if you have the necessary skills and tools.

The simplest version of a homemade snow blower for the Neva MB 2 motoblock and other models is a dozer blade. To create it, you will need a special adapter that attaches to the unit and a metal sheet with a pointed edge that will serve as a snow removal knife. All parts of the construction are cut out of steel and interconnected by means of rods and brackets.

The second, slightly more difficult option, is a rotor attachment. It is made from a pipe into which snow is thrown, a box, a gearbox, a shaft and an auger. For the manufacture of such nozzles you will need a welding machine, as well as detailed instructions that can be found in large quantities on the Internet.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

The third type of snow removal equipment for the Neva motoblock is a snow blower operating on the fan principle. This construction is rather complicated, therefore it is recommended to find an instruction or video to create it. Motorblocks Neva with a fan nozzle is designed to work with soft, not yet compacted snow.

The most difficult version of the snow removal nozzle, which you can make your own hands, is auger-fan. It copes well with packed snow and ice, and is also able to cover a large area, but you will need specialized knowledge and tools to make it.

Although, in the basic configuration, the Neva is equipped with wheels, you can buy a track adapter to your unit. The Neva crawler tillers differ from wheeled counterparts by increased maneuverability in rainy or snowy weather and allow the unit to be used at any time of the year. You can buy caterpillars for the Neva motor-blocks, and you can make them with your own hands using available tools.

The Neva motoblock and attached equipment to it: we expand the functionality of the unit

If you do not want to buy a tracked drive for the Neva walk-through tractors, but to make it yourself, then for this you will need the following materials:

  • the walking tractor itself, equipped with axle locking function and 4-stroke engine;
  • transport tape or a pair of large-diameter car tires for the manufacture of tracks;
  • a couple of extra wheels.

Before working with the tiller make sure that you know the purpose of all its controls, adjust the height of the steering handles to their height, disconnect the power drive from the engine. Carefully monitor the condition of the wheels of the mechanism, reduced pressure in them can lead to slippage and a significant reduction in maneuverability and efficiency of the unit.

If you are the owner of a large plot of land, then you should definitely buy a Neva walker. Prices for various models of this unit are relatively low, and the difference between using a motor-block and manual labor will be felt immediately.

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