The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Making an expensive purchase, everyone wants to be confident in the correctness of their choice. But often we have to deal with contradictory information, as well as the fact that each manufacturer positions its products as the best. In the article we will try to independently figure out which manufacturers are really worthy of trust. And what models can we safely say that they are the most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Cultivator for tillage: prices and types of devices

The cultivator is a universal machine that can perform a huge number of different functions and does not require such a serious expenditure of physical effort, as in the case of manual cultivation of the earth. Cultivators differ from motoblocks primarily in size, as well as in some functions.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

The division into types is made by weight. There are three main groups:

  1. Light cultivators whose weight does not exceed 40 kg.
  2. Medium – from 40 to 60 kg.
  3. Heavy (they are motorblocks), the weight of which exceeds 60 kg.

Of course, in order to set in motion one or another type of device, engines of different power are required. Depending on this change and the price of the unit. Cultivator prices for a dacha can be roughly defined as follows: light – from 15 thousand rubles, medium – from 30 thousand rubles, heavy – over 40 thousand rubles. Of course, this is a very conditional division and the cost of each model directly depends on the name of the manufacturer and the components used.

If you want to make a choice among the most reliable and popular motor-blocks and cultivators, you will have to spend money. Otherwise, it makes sense to buy a manual Tornado cultivator, which does not make the task too easy, but it will still speed up the process a little when compared with the option of using a standard shovel.

Is it worth it to spend money on the purchase of expensive equipment, everyone decides for himself. And we consider a few of the best manufacturers, as well as the most popular models of devices that they offer.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Today, a huge selection of products from a wide variety of manufacturers is available, among which there are both domestic and foreign brands. Consider a few of the most famous and popular companies engaged in the production of cultivators and motoblocks.

CAIMAN – French company, which for the past several decades has been engaged in the production of building and garden equipment. During this time, they have patented many new products. Its main goal, the company has chosen to promote technologies aimed at reducing the energy consumption of devices. This allows us to make products economically profitable to operate. On their cultivators and CAIMAN tillers install engines manufactured by Subaru.

Daewoo – South Korean company, which appeared on the market in 1967 and to this day firmly holds the position. In the development process, the company was divided into many different divisions, producing products in various industries. Today, a single company Daewoo no longer exists. Instead, the trademark used by other companies has been preserved.

Champion – An American company that has been trusted among users of many countries for many years. The products are characterized by extremely high build quality as well as performance. Produces Champion a variety of power tools and garden equipment, including chainsaws, cultivators, mowers, machine tools, etc.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Neva – it can be said with confidence that ZAO Krasny Oktyabr-Neva is one of the most popular domestic companies engaged in the production of cultivators. Most of the popularity is due to the low cost of production, since the assembly is made directly on the territory of Russia, and therefore there is no need to spend additional funds for the transport of goods. Also, users note the abundance of service centers located throughout the country, as an undoubted advantage, because in case of a malfunction, you can simply contact your nearest branch and get all necessary assistance.

Patriot – An American company that has existed for 44 years and has become the embodiment of the “American dream” of simple worker Andy Johnson. The company opened by him began to develop rapidly and today is known not only in the United States, but also in many other countries of the world. And although the main activity of the Patriot is the production of gasoline and power tools, cultivators and tillers of this manufacturer have high power, excellent build quality, and an affordable price.

Helpful advice! If you are worried about the upcoming expenses and the first thing you are guided by, the price – Belarusian cultivators can be an excellent solution for you.

Having decided on the list of the most popular companies engaged in the manufacture of cultivators and motoblocks, consider some models of their production. Each of the proposed options has one or another distinctive feature, a special advantage over the others, or in extreme cases, is simply a worthy competitor in the world market.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Cultivators and tillers: prices, reviews and specifications of CAIMAN models

CAIMAN is a brand, under whose name the most diverse models of cultivators and walking tractors are produced. However, in order to give an objective assessment of the products of this manufacturer, it is necessary to take into account all the arguments that speak both in their favor and those that highlight the shortcomings. First of all, let us turn to what advantages the manufacturer can offer:

  • All models of devices that you can purchase on the territory of Russia are equipped with powerful four-stroke engines from Subaru or Kawasaki;
  • hardened steel is used for the manufacture of cutters, which guarantees the strength of the elements;
  • due to the use of the special Right Balance system, the load on the operator’s spine is significantly reduced;
  • the gearbox is sealed and has a lifetime lubrication, however, if desired, it can be disassembled;
  • the handle of the device can be adjusted simultaneously in two planes;
  • The company provides the following warranty periods: 3 years in the case of professional use and 5 years for amateur;
  • There is a sufficient number of service centers, where you can contact if necessary.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Despite all these positive characteristics, users have comments on this product:

  • not very clear and convenient instruction, in which far from all the necessary information is provided. In addition, the instruction is common for all models of the same type of power, which further complicates the task;
  • high-quality and powerful engines that are equipped with devices that are not designed to work on Russian gasoline, as a result of which there is a need for constant cleaning of the fuel system;
  • not very convenient layout: if there is a need to get a spark plug, for this it is necessary to pull off the hose, which is responsible for the supply of gasoline;
  • there are cases when, after unpacking, some inconsistencies were found in the original configuration of the device, for example, the incorrect arrangement of the clutch cables.

Helpful advice! If in the process of unpacking the goods you find any inconsistency, do not try to solve the problem yourself. It is better to exchange the goods under warranty to avoid problems in the future.

Despite all of the above, CAIMAN technology is in demand due to good engines, as well as not too high level of noise produced.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Technical characteristics of cultivators and CAIMAN motoblocks

The horizontal motor shaft transfers the load to the working tool, thus ensuring its movement. The engine is fixed on the frame and connected to the gearbox with a belt drive. The load from the gearbox is transmitted to the chain, and then to the sprocket. However, some models equipped with the ability to carry out the reverse, additionally have an upper conical clutch. The axis of the driven sprocket, located outside of the hull, allows the installation of wheels, as well as grouser.

Interestingly, the device of these devices does not provide for the transmission of torque to the clutch at idle. This requires tension, which is carried out by pressing out the clutch located on the handle.

Helpful advice! Such a device mechanism allows excellent processing of virgin land and fallow lands, but it should be borne in mind that the knives of such cultivators are not sharp, and are not intended for shredding the roots of plants, they simply pull them out entirely.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Additional convenience in management provides the presence of the reverse, which allows for more accurate turns and significantly simplifies the management of the unit.

Review of cultivators for the vegetable garden production CAIMAN

As an example of products from this manufacturer, consider the two most versatile and powerful models that are deservedly popular and are often chosen by customers:

Model Parameters Cayman 50S Cayman 60S D2
Engine Robin-Subaru EP16 Robin-Subaru EP16
Weight, kg 46 57
Output power, hp 3.7 6
Volume of fuel tank, l 3.4 3.6
Processing width, cm 60 90
Depth of processing, mm 320 320
price, rub. 23990 33990


The only parameter by which the Cayman 50S loses is the absence of reverse. However, this model has less weight, which in many cases supports its use. At the same time, the Cayman 60S D2 has more power and is capable of cultivating such a soil that is beyond the power of any other device.

Helpful advice! Cultivator is not easy from the first time to plow the land too high quality. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the same territory with the device twice to ensure the highest quality soil treatment.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

Easy hand cultivators for giving production of Daewoo

If you decide to buy an inexpensive cultivator and at the same time do not lose much in quality, then the products of the Korean brand Daewoo are ideal. Being lighter than most models with similar characteristics, such mini-cultivators for gardening greatly facilitate the process of tillage. Among the advantages of devices of this brand note:

  • fairly powerful engines of its own production with a small total weight of devices;
  • efficiency of the unit;
  • compact size and ease of transportation;
  • presence of reverse;
  • the ability to adjust the depth of plowing with interchangeable cutters;
  • Each device has an original and aesthetic-looking housing, which can be seen when viewing photos of Daewoo cultivators.

Users do not mark serious shortcomings. Most often there are complaints that in the process of working cutters periodically buried deep in the ground.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and tillers: manufacturers review

It is worth noting that the company Daewoo pays a lot of attention to the issue of energy consumption of their devices, trying as much as possible to reduce fuel consumption for each cultivator. Therefore, to purchase these products is very profitable.

Helpful advice! The manufacturer claims that in order to avoid problems with the engine, it is enough to use gasoline, which is not lower than A-92 grade, and also SAE 10W-30 oil as fuel.

The best cultivators: photos and prices of Daewoo products

Daewoo produces models of both light and middle class, offering its users devices for various tasks, as well as cultivated areas. Consider two models of different types in order to get an idea about their dimensions and configuration:

Title Daewoo DAT 3555R Daewoo DAT 7090R
Engine Daewoo OHV Daewoo OHV
Weight, kg thirty 52
Output power, hp 4.05 7
Maximum width of processing, cm 55 90
Depth of processing, mm 280 300
price, rub. 22990 32100


These models are different from each other in the first place for their purpose, since they were originally designed to handle a territory of different sizes. Both cultivators boast high performance and the fact that the chain transmission is capable of transmitting 95% of the torque from the engine.

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