Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Before choosing and buying a device for grass mowing at a country site, it is recommended to study the rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models among self-propelled type constructions and features of their device will be presented in the article. There will also be considered the technical characteristics of rating models that are particularly popular with consumers, their advantages and disadvantages, pricing and recommendations for the selection and repair of structures.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

What affects the rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for various parameters

Lawn mowers working on gasoline, are considered the most optimal devices for the care of a large local area. This type of construction eliminates the need for pulling electrical cable, as is the case when using electric garden tools. In addition, the gasoline mower can be mowed down wet or damp grass without danger to life.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Note! AT rating of gasoline mowers self-propelled structures occupy the position of the most powerful and productive units. Such a tool is able to cut the grass with tall and hard stems, weeds from large areas where there is a rather complicated landscape.

The lawn mower with a gasoline engine has almost the same principle of operation as the electric one. Cutting the grass is carried out due to the rapid rotational movement of the blades of a metal knife. Cutting height is controlled by the position of the cutting element. In the process, an air flow is generated, picking up the vegetation from the lawn.

In the lawn mower rating, self-propelled models stand out against the rest of the increased comfort of operation. The energy generated by the engine during combustion of the fuel is also partially transmitted to the wheels of the structure, due to which considerable physical effort is not required to move the instrument around the site. It is enough to set the direction in which its movement will be carried out.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Many gardeners are wondering which lawnmower to choose to care for their own lawn. Self-propelled devices are divided into two categories: front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

Front-wheel drive designs are highly maneuverable. They are intended for processing of plots with a flat surface and improved territories with a large number of plantations: trees, flower beds, flower beds, paved paths, plots, etc.

If you want to buy a self-propelled petrol lawn mower for an uneven plot, then you need a rear-wheel drive model. They do well in the treatment of lawns with complex terrain, as well as areas with an inclined surface. In this case, a complex relief implies the presence of bumps, hummocks, etc.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Self-propelled tools, like other types of designs that run on gasoline, have a high degree of performance. Increased efficiency is due to the considerable power.

Note! In a relationship gas mowers reviews consumers confirm the high performance of self-propelled vehicles. In practice, in just 1 hour, the unit allows you to perform effective grass mowing at 10-30 m?.

Manufacturers have carefully considered the structural structure of modern mowers. The driving platform made it possible to install a motor with high power. This type of placement of parts removes the load from the shoulders of the operator, who no longer drags the weight of the device on himself.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

An extensive range of advanced models allows not only cheap to buy a gasoline self-propelled lawn mower, but also to pick up a device that meets all demands regarding quality and functionality.

The advantages of petrol models:

  • the use of gasoline grades AI-92 or AI-95 reduces operating costs;
  • mobility and maneuverability;
  • high efficiency;
  • long periods of work without overheating;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the cutting element and the level of grass mowing;
  • simple operation system;
  • autonomy (independence from outlets);
  • ease of maintenance;
  • possibility of processing uneven areas;
  • reliability;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • advanced functionality – grass collection, mulching, vegetation utilization.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Many mulching-powered petrol-powered lawn mowers work with minimal noise.

To find the optimal model, it is most reasonable to rely on several basic parameters at once. The first thing you need to decide – the material of the hull. Deca, made on the basis of durable plastic, has a light weight and low price. However, experts recommend to pay attention to the metal versions of the body, as the resourceful knives can pick up various objects from the lawn, including debris and small stones.

Helpful advice! If you want to save money, do not compromise on quality. For these purposes, there are seasonal sales of self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers, where models of famous brands can be sold at reduced prices.

Depending on the manufacturer and specific model, the wheels in the design may be located differently. They increase the maneuverability of the device, making it easier for the lawnmower to move around the site. When choosing a garden tool you need to pay attention to the width of the wheels. The more this indicator is, the less damage will be on the lawn.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

The diameter of the wheels also matters. Large wheels will be especially useful when you need to mow high vegetation. If you are cutting the area on a regular basis, then this parameter is not so important.

Sale of gasoline lawn mowers is a great way to get a profitable tool. Motor power is one of the defining criteria for choosing a mower, this indicator significantly affects the final cost of the device. For this reason, on sale, you can buy units with a high level of power for a reasonable price.

Motor power is distributed between different areas of the mower. The energy from the combustion of fuel is consumed not only by the cutting elements, but also by the wheels providing movement of the tool. Taking into account the weight parameters, there is no point in acquiring a device that has less than 3 hp.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Power in rear-wheel drive lawn mowers is significantly higher than in front-wheel drive devices. This is due to the fact that the tool has to cope with rises in uneven areas. Of course, along with the power increases and the level of fuel consumption.

The cutting width is also important when choosing a mower. Models that have a width of up to 43 cm of vegetation are suitable if you have a small area. For large areas, it is recommended to purchase devices with a working cutting area of ​​43 cm or more. There are models covering 51 cm square. They are classified as professional tools.

Note! Self propelled gasoline mowers with seat provide maximum comfort during operation. In such structures there is a steering wheel for easy control of the tool. Devices with seats are called mini-tractors and belong to the category of professional tools. Popular manufacturers of this segment are Stig, Kab Kadet, Wolf Garden, etc.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Additional features include the mulch option. It performs chopping of grass cut during lawn mowing. Subsequently, the shredded vegetation is thrown back onto the lawn, becoming an excellent natural fertilizer for the soil.

The mulch feature has many advantages. The vegetation processed into mulch prevents the germination of weeds, reduces the need for lawn watering and fertilizer, and also slows down evaporation processes.

In self-propelled lawn mowers there is a capacity for collecting vegetation – grass collector. Such an addition is simply necessary for constructions with the help of which regular lawn care is carried out. Hard plastic containers are practical, they are easy to clean from dirt and grass particles. Fabric grass collectors are lightweight. The side ejection function is very often used when cutting large weeds or wet grass.

An important criterion for choosing a model is how easy it is to buy, if necessary, a spare part for a lawnmower that has failed. Even in the highest-quality tools from time to time there are problems, there is a gradual deterioration of parts and consumption of consumables.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

According to statistics, there are breakdowns in lawn mowers after 3-4 years of active use. The lawnmower blades that can be connected to the engine through the adapter can break if imbalanced by a shock. As a result, the engine crankshaft may be damaged. For this reason, it is better to purchase models that do not create problems with the purchase of spare parts.

For example, Craftsman knives for lawn mowers, manufactured using a special technology, can be purchased at the same service centers where this equipment is serviced.

Regarding which is better to buy a lawn mower, consumer reviews are ambiguous, since even the same manufacturer has successful and unsuccessful models.

Note! Many consumers have noted among the general flaws the presence of a large amount of exhaust gases, as well as the high price of self-propelled structures. But in practice, the smell of burnt fuel is practically not felt, since the lawn is treated in the open air. The cost depends on comfort, so every buyer decides for himself what he needs most: savings or comfort.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

In the ranking of the best petrol lawn mowers, according to buyers, the following brands were:

  • Makita;
  • Viking;
  • Huskvarna;
  • Al-Koh;
  • Gardena;
  • MTD;
  • Honda

In Makit’s lawn mowers, consumers note the advantages of the mulching function, as well as the practicality of the structures in which there are bearings on the wheels, the cutting height is adjustable, the grass catcher effectively copes with its purpose.

In the Husqvarna brand, consumers see the quality of parts and assemblies, high power ratings and a convenient control system. These lawn mowers are in high demand, despite the high price.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Al-Koh brand models are popular among buyers due to their attractive appearance, easy start system and spacious grass collectors.

When buying expensive equipment, buyers seek a guarantee of reliability, so many of them carefully study the feedback on manufacturers and models. In practice, the majority draws attention to the reviews of the operation of self-propelled structures in various conditions, performance and functionality. But it doesn’t hurt to get acquainted with the rating of the best models in order to make a fully weighed choice.

The table below shows the average prices of gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers Husqvarna, Al-Koh, Makit and other designs from the rating of the best models.

Average prices for rating models:

Place in the ranking The brand Device model Producing country price, rub.
one Makita PLM4621 USA 35,000
2 Al-Ko 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A Germany 29,000
3 Husqvarna LC 153S Sweden 51000
four MTD Advance 46 SPKV HW Germany 49,000
five Gardena 51 VDA Germany 28,800
6 Viking MB 6 RH Austria 99,000
7 Honda HRG 415C3 SDE Japan 35,000


Technical features of the Makit PLM4621 lawn mower

Makit’s gasoline-powered lawnmowers often head ratings based on consumer reviews. Model PLM4621 hit the first line, thanks to its high performance and power. This gas-powered device can successfully cope with the efficient processing of large areas. Areas with an area of ​​more than 1000 m? for the Makit gasoline mower no problem.

Note! The distinctive features and advantages of this model include wheels with a high margin of safety. They are equipped with ball bearings, thereby increasing the maneuverability of the unit. In addition, when the structure is moved along the lawn, the wheels leave no traces (trenches) on its surface.

The design has an engine of four-stroke type, which develops the power of 2300 W. Because of this, the process of mowing the grass can be not only easy, but also a pleasant experience.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

With a single pass, a 46 cm wide strip can be processed with this device. Thanks to the mulching function, cut vegetation does not remain on the site. The grass is processed into small particles and automatically enters the container for hay collection. The capacity of this tank is 60 liters.

With regard to spare parts for lawn mowers, Makit, as one of the popular brands, does not pose any problems. This brand has an extensive network of service centers and shops where you can buy spare parts. Most often, buyers are looking for knives, as in most of the failures affect this particular element.

Average prices for Makit knives:

Device modifications price, rub.
PLM4110 / 20 (41 cm) 1150
ELM4110 (41 cm) 1300
PLM4621 (46 cm) 2200
ELM3711 (37 cm) 1000
ELM3310 (33cm) 900
PLM5113 / 14/15 (51 cm) 1050
PLM5120 / 21 (51 cm) 2000


In the model PLM4621 the position of the knife is adjustable, so you can independently set the height of the mowing.

Advantages and disadvantages of Al-Ko lawn mower 119617 Highline

In the second place in the ranking are AlKo gasoline mowers. Modification 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A will be able to handle an area of ​​1400 m? Without overloads. The design is equipped with a roomy grass collector, thereby increasing the working time in one cycle.

The size of the tank for collecting cut grass, which is fixed when mounted on a mower, is 70 liters. Collector has an indication reflecting the degree of its filling. This feature of this model, many users find very useful.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

The advantages of the Al-Ko self-propelled gasoline mower:

  • rear-wheel drive, allowing you to easily navigate the terrain with difficult terrain;
  • seven-level clipping system (the ability to set the cutting height of grass, the maximum rate of 8 cm);
  • effective mulching function;
  • indication of filling the grass collecting container;
  • wheels are equipped with bearings.

Note! The lawn mower is equipped with a folding handle. This advantage facilitates transportation and storage.

According to consumer reviews, no major flaws were found in the model.

The specificity of the Huskvarna self-propelled lawn mower LC 153S

Products brand Huskvarna enjoys special demand from consumers. If it were not for the high cost of these devices, they could make an excellent competition to the previous versions.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

In the Huskvarna petrol lawn mower LC 153S, consumers find the most necessary characteristics: strength, reliability, versatility and ability to handle vast areas. The design has a wide deck with a high margin of safety, which is made of steel. For greater convenience, the manufacturer has provided the presence of ergonomic handles with a soft surface, so that the grip is comfortable and reliable.

The Husqvarna petrol self-propelled lawn mower has a special Trio Clip technology, as well as a knives position adjustment system (centralized) and durable wheels on bearings.

The device works on a powerful motor that has an easy start system. The lawn mower collects grass in a special container of large size, which makes it possible to operate the tool for a long time without interruption to rest. For this reason, the duty cycle is significantly increased.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Adjustment of the cutting headset is carried out in a central position with a single lever. The mower has a three-stage shearing system. With its help, you can decorate the lawn using different grass mowing heights.

The functional self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers MTD Advance 46 SPKV HW

Model Advance 46 SPKV HW – self-propelled lawn mower of the modern generation, relating to the premium class devices. The design has a high quality performance, a wide range of functionality and reliable transmission. For this reason, many demanding customers pay attention to this modification.

Note! Vegetation mowing is carried out in several modes. Users can use the function of mulching, rear discharge or loading grass into the container. You can also take advantage of the side vegetation ejection through a deflector.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

The mower is equipped with a Kawasaki FJ 180 V motor. This engine has the following characteristics:

  • high power;
  • reliability;
  • minimum noise level;
  • manual start system;
  • efficiency and high efficiency.

The unit is designed for processing areas of medium size. At the expense of a centralized system for monitoring the height of the mowing, the adjustment of the position of the knife is carried out in one motion.

The wheels are equipped with double bearings. They provide a uniform and smooth movement, as well as increase the durability of the tool. Rear-wheel drive wheels have a large diameter, so handling of lifts and uneven sections is maximally simplified. Lawn mower has excellent maneuverability. On the ergonomic handle installed soft lining, contributing to secure grip. They reduce unpleasant vibrations.

Possibilities of a lawn-mower of Gardena 51 VDA

Model 51 VDA is characterized by high power, convenience and effective system of quick start. Due to the variator, the user can adjust the speed of movement of the structure. The vegetation cutting system is fully optimized, grass is collected perfectly.

The lawn mower Gardena has a high-quality American motor that provides efficiency and performance. The engine develops power up to 2900 rpm.

This design combines three useful functions:

  • shearing vegetation;
  • grass collection;
  • mulching.

The function of mulching is carried out at the expense of the mulch nozzle. It is removable and does not require special tools. The cutting height is adjustable from the center position. The design provides a convenient display showing the set cutting height of the grass.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

The hard-topped grass collection box is made of durable material. It is quite easily removed and installed in the space between the side zones of the handle, which has a folding structure. Due to the special tread pattern, the movement of the mower on the lawn is smooth and easy.

The advantages of self-propelled petrol lawn mower Honda HRG 415C3 SDE

Honda petrol mower is in high demand among consumers. The most important advantage of this model is a low noise level during operation.

Note! The design has a large stock of endurance. Knives are able to handle even a small branch. The design perfectly manifests itself in areas with an uneven surface.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Features of the HRG 415C3 SDE model:

  • robust steel frame construction;
  • bulk tissue collection box;
  • ergonomic and practical design;
  • low noise level;
  • possibility of using the nozzle for mulching cut vegetation.

A powerful four-stroke type motor is installed in this lawnmower. It is virtually silent and equipped with a lightweight start system. Simple and fast start of the engine is provided with the air gate operating automatically. For this reason, working with a mower in the yard brings pleasure.

The low noise exposure is due not only to the advantageous characteristics of the motor, but also to the special shape of the body and cutting elements. Due to this, the noise level is reduced by almost 2 dB.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

Characteristic of petrol lawn-mower Viking MB 6 RH

The main ridge of the Viking MB 6 RH gasoline mower is its increased maneuverability and strength. The unit perfectly copes with mowing high grass. Very large diameter rear wheels make it easy to move this self-propelled device around the lawn. The design has a free-wheeling mechanism, designed for cases when a 360 ° turn is required.

The Viking lawn mower allows the user to set individual settings and greatly facilitate their work. This became possible due to the presence in the design of the height adjustment of the position of the knife (centralized system).

Note! The MB 6 RH model has an extensive scope. The unit can be used for mowing meadow grass with tall stems, treating lawns in summer cottages, removing vegetation on roadsides, trimming lawns and other work in the garden or in the local area.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

In the complete set of self-propelled petrol lawn mowers Viking has a cutting disk knife. It is easy to use and reliable. The disk is equipped with three blades, which, stumbled upon a hard or hard object, move back. Thanks to this, the crankshaft is fully protected from damage.

The lawn-mower is very demanded in summer period at summer residents. It is at this time that tool breakage is extremely undesirable. The cause of problems may be improper operation of the unit, wear parts, a long idle time in winter, etc.

To avoid problems associated with the repair of lawn mowers Husqvarna, Makit, Al-Koh and other companies, it is necessary to regularly carry out maintenance of the structure. Most of these manipulations can be done independently without the help of experts.

These procedures include:

  • cleaning the lawn mower from small particles of grass (the body part and the blades of knives are considered the most problematic areas);
  • periodic lubrication of all moving parts with oil;
  • tracking the level of fuel in the tank and its quality.

Rating of gasoline lawn mowers: the best models for the suburban area

In addition to maintenance, manufacturers of gasoline lawn mowers in order to extend the service life of devices recommend preventive maintenance.

Helpful advice! Do not do preventive maintenance yourself. It is better to entrust its implementation to the hands of professionals, since the slightest mistake can make further operation of the mower unsafe.

The category of preventive maintenance services includes:

  • sharpening lawn mower blades that have worn or been damaged during operation;
  • diagnostic study of the structure, or rather, its fuel system, which in most cases causes many troubles.

Recommendations for repair lawn mowers honda and designs from other manufacturers:

Break type Possible reasons Remedies
There is a rattling sound or crash during operation. Loosening of engine bolts, poor fixation of the hull Check the status of these parts, tightening the bolts if necessary
Enhanced vibration Damage to the cutting element, the weakening of the knives Tightening the bolts, fixing the cutting mechanism, replacing broken parts with new elements
Poor grass cutting Damage to the cutting element or its wear Replacing or sharpening the cutting element
Involuntary engine stop Low oil level in the system, stalled crankshaft or piston Checking the oil level, if it’s not in it, you should take the mower to a service center


Problems with the lawn mower can be caused by various factors, such as using the unit in the wrong position, which causes the oil to flow into the crankcase. The design needs to be installed only horizontally.

Also avoid late oil changes. Be sure to check the area of ​​intended processing for the presence of solid objects (stones, debris, branches) that can damage the knives and the mechanism.

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