Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

Woodwork requires special skills and much more time and effort than is spent in the manufacture of factory products. But the result is much more expensive, valued higher and looks much better than the conveyor factory wooden products. For successful work, the main thing is to choose a suitable multifunctional household woodworking machine: the final result will depend on its quality and compliance with your tasks.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

Should I buy a universal woodworking machine for the house: the main advantages

The machine once and for all changes the approach to working with wood. Such devices allow you to create unique wooden objects without spending a lot of effort and time. Woodworking machines can be useful not only in production – large or small, but also in the home workshop.

Among the advantages of woodworking machines are the following:

  • low master fatigue at work and, as a result, high speed of the process and high productivity. After all, with manual labor, effort is spent much more, concentration is lost from fatigue and work is slower;
  • productivity increase. At the same time on the machine you will make seven times more than manually, even with the use of an electric tool;

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

  • high quality products. Even if you do not have much experience in woodworking, thanks to the machine you will immediately achieve high precision work. In the case of processing by hand, you move the tool on the part. On the desktop woodworking machine for the house the part itself moves. This gives you the opportunity to better control the process, as well as carefully review the area of ​​the incision;
  • high degree of safety of work;
  • in the event of overheating, the protective shutdown of the equipment automatically activates, which significantly prolongs the service life of the machine;
  • ease of setup and operation;
  • comfortable work due to low noise level;
  • the opportunity to choose a suitable model at an affordable price, for example, you can find and buy a woodworking machine bu avito.

In order to buy a universal woodworking machine and extract maximum benefit from the purchase, you must immediately select the device that best suits your goals.

Many people think about making such a tool and looking for thematic videos on the network: it’s quite difficult to make a woodworking machine yourself. Nevertheless, below you can get acquainted with interesting material about a homemade woodworking machine yourself: a video clip can become an example for assembling your own device. Other videos on this topic in large quantities can be found on the net.

Helpful advice! It is worth considering that for the manufacture of high-quality device requires experience, special equipment and an understanding of the many nuances. If you doubt your capabilities, you should refer to ready-made models from manufacturers.

Woodworking machines are divided according to priority functions. Some devices are narrowly focused, while others combine the ability to perform several tasks. The table below will help to orient in various types of machines.

Table types of machines. The choice of machine for the purpose:

Function Opportunities Type of machine
  • trimming parts;
  • cutting details;
  • curvilinear sawing blanks;
  • cross-cutting of blanks;
  • longitudinal sawing of blanks
  • jigsaw;
  • circular;
  • format-raskroyechny;
  • tortsovochny
  • MDF manufacturing;
  • manufacturing chipboard;
  • plywood manufacturing
  • manual and other presses
  • processing details on the profile;
  • machining parts on the plane;
  • getting a smooth surface of the board, bar, shield
  • surface gauge;
  • fugovalny;
  • planing
  • surface hole making
  • radial;
  • drilling and filler;
  • vertical
  • processing of frames, shields along the contour;
  • detail profiling;
  • wooden decoration
  • milling;
  • copy milling;
  • quadrilateral woodworking
  • processing of cylindrical products
  • lathe
  • removal of sags;
  • parts calibration;
  • giving the surface the necessary roughness;
  • smoothing sharp edges;
  • wave and burr elimination
  • grinding machine


In this case, you can choose a multifunctional machine that combines the “skills” from different categories.

There are several types of equipment, depending on the breadth of their scope.

On the production is often relevant methodical processing of the same parts, which differ only in size. For this kind of work suitable special machines. They are sharpened by a specific operation. For example, in the manufacture of furniture and doors, sawing boards and slabs is required. Do it on a format-cutting machine, which is specialized. In order to align the profiles, the edges of the boards, the frames in the furniture and joinery workshops use edge grinding machines.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

For a home, a universal woodworking machine, the price of which will be significantly lower than a specialized one, is suitable if you earn by woodworking. Such a tool is suitable for performing different tasks. However, it may be too serious an option for a small home workshop.

Features of the universal machine:

  • The advantage is the ability to replace several special ones. For example, a thicknessing planer combines the functions of devices for jointing and thicknessing, while taking up much less space and costing much less;
  • Minus universal machine – less accuracy and efficiency compared with special ones.

Helpful advice! A universal machine is a good solution if there is not enough space in the workshop or workshop, and the solution of the tasks requires the functions of various types of machine tools. It is suitable for serial and small batch production.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

If you buy a combined machine for household wood, it will be an economical way out for a home workshop. It can implement various tasks: drill, planing, sawing. At the same time the price of the household woodworking machine is the most profitable among all varieties of such equipment.

Another important factor to consider when buying a machine is the maximum load that this equipment can withstand. And in this case, the determining factor is the power of the machine.

Table of prices for machines, depending on the type and power:

Type of machine Scope and features Power, W price, rub.
Highly specialized
  • used for high-quality and accurate processing;
  • selected for a specific task;
  • used in large industries;
  • provide the big width of planing and depth spent on drink;
  • have additional modes
2500-12000 from 21000
  • relevant in small workshops and small industries;
  • multifunctional: can produce sawing, milling, fugovalny, drilling;
  • replace several highly specialized machines;
  • save space in the workshop
450-3000 from 16000
  • optimal for home use;
  • the best price: to buy a woodworking machine for the house will be quite profitable;
  • despite the low cost and low power, such machines are durable and durable;
  • the presence of an electric motor, allowing the use of the device in everyday life;
  • the presence of a tabletop that increases the comfort of work;
  • distinction of models according to the level of complexity: multifunctional ones allow sawing, planing, drilling, they are equipped with a router and other tools;
  • easy reconfiguration from one mode to another
1500-2000 from 8000


For home use relevant household machines. Let’s see what a combined woodworking machine for a house at 220 V will suit you best.

Types of multifunctional household woodworking machines 220 V

All household machines are divided into two types:

  • autonomous;
  • desktop

Standalone machines are suitable for professional tasks. They take up more space and weigh more amateur, but they cope with any functions of sawing across and at an angle to the selection of grooves. Such a device is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and safe operation: in its arsenal there are various stops, boxes and clamps, as well as a system for removing dust and chips.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

The power of such a unit is from 3 to 5 kW, in a machine it is usually two or three motors. Sometimes in a multifunctional machine, two engines are used, working from different power sources – electric and gasoline or diesel.

It makes sense to acquire such a machine in the case of professional woodworking.

The bench machine is designed for amateur wood work. In his arsenal – 2-5 types of processing. Works such a unit from the electric drive, the power of which ranges from 0.9 to 3 kW. This unit is ideal for a small workshop or auxiliary farm, and its main functions are planing and sawing. You can even find or make your own woodworking machine drawings, but without a lack of experience you should think about purchasing professional equipment.

Often, desktop household machines function as a surface gage performs the upper clamp. However, if this tool is often relevant to you, you can find a model of a household machine equipped with a surface gauge.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

It is possible to buy a universal woodworking household machine as for a semi-professional, and home amateur workshop. Such devices are multifunctional and able to perform various operations with wood.

The multifunctional woodworking machine for the house copes with the following tasks:

  • sawing wood;
  • planing wood;
  • milling;
  • grinding;
  • drilling wood, etc.

This versatility is due to the possibility of replacing the working tool. Thus, installing the element for planing, you turn the device into a planer, and if you buy knives for woodworking machines, you can saw the wood bars. As a result, instead of numerous types of equipment, one machine is enough to work, which saves space, effort, time and money.

Another feature of household woodworking machines for the home is the gradual consumption of electricity, which saves on utility bills.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

When comparing a professional machine with a household one, it becomes clear that a household universal device is compact. This is facilitated by the presence of this engine: the electric motor is hidden under the desktop in the frame, and thanks to the zoning of the surface of the tabletop work conveniently and safely. Usually, there is a plane on one side of the guide bar of the tabletop, and a circular saw on the other. On the side, on a small platform, you can place the parts, and on the chuck to fix the cutters and drills. Lineup, clamps and an emphasis are included in the package to the machine.

Helpful advice! There are models of machines on which you can simultaneously perform various types of work. However, keep in mind that the quality of processing by a universal machine will be lower than in the case of working with a special one.

Household machine is suitable for amateur woodwork in the home workshop, as well as a small carpentry, furniture production. When choosing a machine, be sure to consider the area of ​​the room and place the unit so as to always have convenient access to the working unit.

The working tool receives energy from the engine. When buying a household woodworking machine, remember that the performance of the device is directly proportional to the drive power and the rotor speed.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

The function of the machine depends on the “nozzle”, which is currently selected as a working tool. It may be:

  • drill;
  • planer shaft;
  • cutter;
  • circular saw;
  • abrasive wheel;
  • surface gauge shaft, etc.

What functions are performed by various tools:

Function Instruments
Sawing circular saw, in some models – knife module
Planing, jointing The shaft of the knives must be installed in the center of the surface selected for this task, as a rule, on the largest section of the tabletop
Milling, drilling often (for reasons of space saving) these functions are combined into one; the shaft of the knives is located in the horizontal plane, and the tool is fixed using a universal chuck
Grinding the grinding wheel can be installed in the drilling module, in some models for the belt special rollers are provided


In addition, the machine may have additional functions. Such as:

  • magnetic switch;
  • vibration suppressor;
  • smooth start;
  • maintaining engine speed at the same level under any load;
  • preventing overheating with a thermal switch;
  • auto feed parts;
  • emergency shutdown function;
  • protection against electricity drops.

Often when working on a universal woodworking machine with a surface gauge or other tool, it is important to adjust the depth of cutting, milling or cutting. In this case, you can change the height of the desktop. To increase the depth of the table is lowered, and if the depth needs to be reduced, raise.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

Helpful advice! For small industries dealing with medium-sized parts, a machine with a welded bed is suitable. If we are talking about large products, you need equipment with a cast bed, the cost of which is much higher.

When choosing a machine, be sure to pay attention to the rigidity of the table. It is especially important not to forget about it if you decide to make a woodworking device yourself. The stronger is the table, the less subject to vibration objects that are on it, which provides greater accuracy of processing of the workpiece. The best option in terms of stiffness is a working cast table.

How to choose the optimal machine. Criterias of choice:

Machine Specifications Selection features
Power supply household machines are connected to a two-phase network of 220 V, industrial powered by a three-phase 380 V
Motor power the minimum power of the desktop machine is 1500 W, which allows the device to cope with small loads; For intensive operation, a 2200 W machine is required.
Rotation frequency the number of revolutions that the tool makes per minute (determines the processing speed and its quality); minimum speed is 2800 rpm in min., the maximum rate exceeds 7500, for work at the amateur level 3600 rpm is enough. in minutes
Circular saw blade affects the depth of the cut wood (it is worth choosing the largest value available), the maximum possible diameter of the saw blade – 260 mm
Planing depth the value can be from 0 to 3 mm per approach
Angle sawing function the angle can be from 0 to 45 °, however, in the home workshop this function is rarely required, so you can save on it
Sizes of blanks may vary depending on the type of treatment, so pay attention to this indicator when buying
Bed material amateur models are made in welded steel hulls, professional ones are made of cast iron – they are heavier and more stable, which provides greater accuracy in the performance of tasks, however, they cost more
Weight and dimensions here we should proceed from the workshop area and free space in it


Helpful advice! The more multifunctional the machine, the higher its price, so it makes sense to focus on the tasks that you really need. But to save and buy a used device can be risky – to guarantee the quality of the work of such a machine is impossible.

The advantages of the combined universal woodworking machines D300, D400 and other models

Like any other equipment, multifunctional woodworking machines are not devoid of both advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will try to understand the advantages of acquiring such a machine and consider the possible disadvantages.

Machine benefits:

  • multifunctionality – you can perform several operations on one device. For example, to get the finished product from the sawn timber, you must first unravel the trunks on the sawmill, then cross-cut the boards or process them with a mill or a jointer. All this can be done within the workshop on one device, saving time, effort and money;

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

  • the benefit is to buy one device easier and cheaper than several specialized ones;
  • ease of operation;
  • expediency and practicality – a number of functions are required so rarely that it makes no sense to buy a separate special unit. Ant woodworking machines and devices from other companies include these functions, among others, without the expense of spending on a separate unit;
  • quiet operation, which is especially important for the home workshop;
  • compactness – most of the tools are located in a separate or desktop case that easily fits on a writing table, kitchen table or workbench.

Disadvantages of household machines:

  • such a machine cannot be altered, improved to fit your needs;
  • due to the combination of many functions, some tools may suffer and not perform their work in the desired quality;
  • household desktop machine is not suitable for serious production – it is more expedient to buy specialized machines and hire the appropriate specialists.

Helpful advice! Before buying, think about the functionality of the machine you need. Analyze your favorite model: it is possible that it’s not possible to easily replace it with hand tools. Especially this option is convenient if you plan to use the missing functions not too often.

Multifunctional household woodworking machine: a review of species

On the modern market both domestic and foreign manufacturers of woodworking machines are represented. Among the Russian manufacturers Corvette and Ant have proven themselves the best. In the overseas market, Jet, Maksit and Hitachi are distinguished by reliability.

To make an informed choice, you should compare the characteristics of different models of machines and find the most suitable option for your tasks. We compared the models BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2000, STAVR SDM-3/2000, KRATON WM-Multi-08, ENKOR Corvette-320, as well as the leading models of household multipurpose woodworking machines Ant.

Comparison of machine tools of various models:

Machine model BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2000 STAVR SDM-3/2000 Craton WM-Multi-08 ENKOR Corvette-320
power, kWt 2 2 1.6 1.5
Rotational speed, rev. in minutes 6000 3800 8,000 3500
Cutting depth, mm 97 85 75 70
Size of the site, mm 700×474 530×150 746×210 964×210
Weight, kg 39 61 35 123
price, rub. 20600 30940 31429 39610


It is worth noting that the functionality and reliability of parts of domestic models is not inferior to foreign ones, while they cost much less. Complaints can only be on the build quality, as most models are assembled in China.

Helpful advice! You can significantly save money by purchasing a domestic machine and using a video instruction to assemble it yourself. So you get a unit of excellent quality at no extra cost.

Comparison of performance of various models of machine tools Ant:

Machine model SD-3-00 Recounted-3-02 Recounted-3-03 Recounted-4-00 Recounted-4-01 Recounted-5 Recounted-6
Power consumption, kW 2 2 2.7 2 2.7 2 2
Rotational speed, rev. in minutes 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200
Cutting depth, mm 85 85 85 85 85 85 85
Dimensions, cm 3x65x100 73x56x58 73x66x58 73x56x38.5 60x66x38.5 60x50x45 60x50x66
Weight, kg 75 70 75 50 60 40 50
price, rub. 46130 46130 49350 36340 39570 26770 31720


As with any other equipment, when using a universal woodworking machine, it is necessary to follow certain rules. This will ensure high quality of work, efficiency, and also ensure an adequate level of security. So:

  • prior to work, sort the sawn timber by quality and size;
  • making planing, first completely process one surface, and then the second. It happens that after the first pass the defects of the wooden workpiece become noticeable and there is no sense to process it further;
  • choose a well-dried wood for work. Due to this, the load on the equipment will be less, and the quality of work will be higher;
  • in order to prevent downtime in the event of a breakdown, try to always have one type of cutting tool in stock;
  • Do not self-sharpen knives for woodworking machines. Professionals have special sharpeners – with such processing tools will serve you much more efficiently and longer;
  • choose a disk with rare large teeth for cutting wood, and for a clean saw cut, choose a disk with frequent small teeth;
  • for convenience, secure the machine on a workbench. Use for this purpose the fasteners provided by the manufacturer.

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