Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

By the onset of winter and snowfall is best to prepare in advance, picking up and buying the necessary snow removal equipment. One of the most convenient options is an electric snowblower. Consider what is typical for this type of device and how to choose the right model for your own use.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

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As evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners, the electric snow blower is an indispensable device when it comes to cleaning snow in large areas where not a single shovel can cope. The design of this device provides for the collection and discarding of snow masses in the selected location. Its intended purpose is to accelerate the process of clearing the territory and reduce the physical effort applied for this.

Self-made electric snow blowers are often used in everyday life, while many models of mass production are also used in enterprises: for cleaning areas around cafes, restaurants and shopping complexes. Often, such devices are used by utilities.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

All snow blowers are divided into types according to several criteria, including the type of engine, type of movement system, and the parameters of the capture. Consider each of these criteria in more detail:

  1. By engine type, snow blowers are electric and gasoline. Their main difference is the need for an electrical network. So, electric models have less power (most often about 2-3 hp), but at the same time they can boast of lightness and compactness when it comes to domestic use. Petrol snow machines can be several times higher than electric power (from 10 to 15 hp), however, their use is complicated by the large size and weight of the device.
  2. The type of movement is the second important characteristic of snow machines. There are only two options: self-propelled and non-self-propelled devices. The first option has significantly better performance in cleaning the frozen and frozen snow, but at the same time its cost will be much higher, as well as its size and weight. Self-propelled snow thrower has greater maneuverability, and allows you to comfortably perform cleaning even in small areas.
  3. Capture parameters are the width and height that can be covered by this type of device. The width of the grip is the distance that the machine is able to clear in one pass. Accordingly, the wider the grip, the less time you have to spend on cleaning and walking back and forth. For electric snow blowers, a standard width is considered to be from 30 to 80 cm, depending on the size of the car. Capture height is the level of the snow layer that can be processed by the device. For almost all models, this figure is standard, and ranges from 40 to 50 cm.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

In addition to the main, there are several minor characteristics that provide comfort to your work with a snowplow, and can be considered when choosing:

  • the presence of a light source. In winter, it gets dark early enough, and it is not easy to have time to do everything before dark. It is very convenient if the snowplow is equipped with a headlamp;
  • snow throw adjustment: in standard household models, this parameter can be from 1 to 10 m, and can be adjusted in some devices. Even before the purchase, try to assess whether you need to throw the snow far away, or if a simpler option is appropriate;
  • heated control knobs. This function is necessary to provide you with increased comfort in working with the device.

Helpful advice! Try to make your own needs as realistic as possible to avoid unnecessary spending. Often, it is the so-called extra functions that make up a substantial part of the cost of the device.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

In order to understand how one type of snow plow compares favorably with another, you need to understand how this device works in general, and thanks to what mechanisms it copes with its task. The working screw (auger), breaks the snow mass, which is found on its way, and in the already ground state, scoops up inside the bucket. After that, with the help of a powerful jet of air, the snow is thrown into the distance.

Separation into electrical and gasoline devices occurs depending on the type of engine that is the basis of their work. And, if the first type can not boast of high power, then the prices of electric snowthrowers pleasantly delight buyers.

Of course, looking at the prices of electric snow machines, you will surely come up with a variety of options. And this is also a kind of advantage, because the opportunity to pick a model affordable – it is very convenient. But the weaknesses of this option include the dependence on the power grid, as well as the need to mess with cords and extension cords.

Petrol cars are much more powerful and always self-propelled. But also their cost from it considerably increases. In addition, their need for repairs is much higher, because they require regular oil changes, adding fuel, etc. Therefore, if we are talking about a small area, then the only real reason to give preference to a gasoline model may be the lack of electricity in the house or a very large area which needs cleaning.

Every type of appliance has its advantages and disadvantages, and electric blowers are no exception. Consider the arguments that manufacturers have in favor of using this type, and whether it has any significant drawbacks that may cause you to change your decision to purchase an electric snowplow.

Advantages of electric snow blowers:

  • low weight is a definite advantage when it comes to domestic use. As a rule, the weight of the standard model does not exceed 35 kg;
  • electric models are not as sensitive to frost as petrol ones, because the oil does not freeze in them and there is no need to fill in fuel;
  • moreover, thanks to the second point, such machines are more cost-effective to use;
  • regular maintenance required for such devices is minimal. It is enough to periodically replace the belt at the beginning or at the end of the season;
  • Most of the electric snow blowers are equipped with rubberized augers, which allows to preserve the tile or paving stones in their original state even after repeated cleaning;
  • Most of the equipment is equipped with a security system that prevents spontaneous starting, and also immediately turns off the device in case of loss of control by the operator.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

But electric blowers have drawbacks:

  • household appliances have engine power from 500 to 3000 W, often this is not enough when it comes to working with an ice crust or snow;
  • According to the recommendations for the operation of electric blowers, in order to avoid malfunctions, approximately every 30 minutes of work, a break must be taken to allow the device to cool down;
  • Despite the fact that some modern models provide power from the battery, anyway, this is a device that is network dependent. And in any case, you have to pull the cable to the power source, looking for a suitable outlet nearby.

Helpful advice! Virtually any drawback can be seen as an advantage, and the need to take breaks at work can also serve as an excellent opportunity to warm yourself for a few minutes in the house and drink a cup of hot tea.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models


One of the main questions that arise before buyers in the process of choosing whether a self-propelled electric snow blower has any advantages over models that do not have this quality. In fact, their main difference is that the self-propelled electric snowplow moves independently, without requiring any effort from the operator.

Among the advantages of such a function is the ability to use devices of larger size and power, which allows cleaning of large snowdrifts, as well as cleaning the surface from packed snow. Also, this type of machine is capable of capturing a much greater height of snow, which is well suited for cleaning after heavy snowfall.

Buy a self-propelled electric snow blower is not a problem. Difficulties tend to arise in the matter of storage and maintenance. Possessing rather serious dimensions, the device requires storage in a dry and warm room, as well as regular inspection. So it is better to think about where you will store it before you buy an electric snowblower.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

These machines are always two-stage, and in addition to the auger, which is responsible for crushing the snow, equipped with a rotor, which throws it aside. Due to this separation, the snow emission range is much higher, and in some cases it can reach 15 m.

Helpful advice! If you have to clean on a flat area, then you can safely buy a wheel model. If on the way inevitably there will be bumps, borders and other obstacles, then it is better to pay attention to the tracked snow blowers.

It is worth noting that recently, new, three-stage snow blowers have appeared on the market, which are capable of clearing very large snowdrifts. The peculiarity of this design is that two metal augers serve the snow mass to the accelerator located in the center of the bucket. There, the snow is crushed into dust, after which it falls into the nozzle and is discarded for a specified distance.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

Three-stage snow blowers are characterized by high performance and considerable dimensions, so their use is justified in large areas. These machines are able to cope with the drifts of a high level of complexity, where there is crust, icing and dense wet snow. The disadvantages include their slowness.

If you are interested in the choice of an electric snowplow, user feedback may be useful, but at the same time, rather contradictory information. So, one of the serious reasons for disputes is the material from which the auger should be made.

On the one hand, supporters of metal augers indicate their strength, as well as high efficiency. But at the same time, if the device is to work on tile or paving, it can lead to scratches or damage.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

To make your work more efficient, we recommend using a few tips that can be useful to both owners of self-propelled and conventional cars:

  1. The sooner you start work, the more likely it is that everything will go smoothly. Fresh, freshly fallen snow is much easier to clean compared to the old icy layer.
  2. If you can not remove the entire layer of old snow at once – do not worry. Proceed gradually, scrubbing layer by layer and adjusting the position of the auger.
  3. If you want to speed up the process of work, you can pre-loosen the snow with a shovel.
  4. If for any reason there is no access to the power supply and you can use a generator as a power source.

Helpful advice! It is better to remove too large and hard snowballs manually, since their entry into the mechanism can lead to malfunctions.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

The variety of models offered for sale can confuse anyone who wants to buy a snowplow. And this is not surprising, because each manufacturer ascribes to its device the best performance and maximum performance. However, we selected the three best, whose snow blowers were marked by the users themselves, as convenient and functional devices.

Daewoo electric snow blowers

On the account of this company are two worthy representatives who are popular among users:

The model of the electric snow blower Daewoo Dast 2600e has a small size, which is great for cleaning frozen, stale snow, and for snowdrifts that have just appeared. The power of its asynchronous motor is 2600 W, it is also equipped with overheating and reliable protection from moisture.

Dimensions and characteristics of this device are as follows: snow throw distance: from 1 to 10 m, working width – 46 cm, working height – 27 cm, weight of the device – 15.5 kg. Available headlight. But the heating knobs in this model is not provided. Thanks to these characteristics and a rubber-coated metal auger, the snow blower can easily cope with serious loads, and allows you to clear the road on your way to almost zero.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

The main body of the snow plow body is made of high quality polypropylene, which retains its qualities even at a temperature of – 50 ° C.

In addition, among the additional functions of this representative note the ability to adjust the angle of snow ejection using a special handle, as well as the presence of additional wheels, which positively affect the maneuverability and maneuverability of the device.

But perhaps one of the main advantages presented today is a special protective mechanism that instantly stops the device in case of loss of control over the snow blower.

The electric snow blower Daewoo Dast 3000e is a larger and more powerful analogue of the previous model, equipped with an electric motor of 3000 watts. The device is not self-propelled, however, it has quite impressive characteristics: the working width is 51 cm, the working height is 33 cm. It can throw out snow at a distance of up to 12 m. The device weighs 16.8 kg.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

Among the additional properties can be noted the presence of a lighting headlight, as well as the ability to adjust the angle of rotation of the chute (at 190o). There are also auxiliary wheels that make it easier to move the device in the right direction.

The body is made of impact-resistant plastic, and a rubber-metal auger ensures the correct operation of the device for many years. Among the protective measures note the presence of a lock from spontaneous switching on the device.

Hyundai Electric Snow Blower

Another extremely popular device was developed by the Korean company Hyundai, and is an electric snow blower Hyundai S 400. Relatively light (only 17.5 kg), this model has an electric motor perfectly protected from moisture and cold, which allows it to quickly start and warm up. The rubberized auger allows you to easily remove the snow from any surface without risking damage or scratching.

Helpful advice! If you have to clean the snow on the pavement, then such a snowplow will be the ideal option.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

In a single pass, this snow plow cleans 45 cm wide, throwing snow at a predetermined distance, which can be up to 8 m. At the same time, the angle of rotation of the chute reaches 200 degrees. The case itself is made of durable and frost-resistant plastic, which allows the device to simultaneously maintain its strength and lightness.

Among other characteristics of the Hyundai S 400 snowthrower, there are:

  • power is 2000 W;
  • working height – 27 cm with adjustable;
  • type of movement – not self-propelled.

Snow blower electric Huter SGC 2000E

One of the most modest in weight and dimensions of a snowplow – Huter SGC 2000E. It is often used for clearing small areas around the house or garage. With a weight of only 12 kg, it has a bucket, 46 cm wide and 16 cm high. The screw is made of plastic, and the snow throw is provided for a distance of no more than 5 m. So this option is quite suitable for home use, but is unlikely to be an alternative to full large aggregates.

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

Among the features we can mention the fact that the system is single-stage in it (the auger itself scoops and throws snow). At the same time the device works very quietly and is completely harmless to the environment.

Of course, technical characteristics are an important factor influencing your choice. However, quite often, useful tips can be found precisely among the reviews that users leave about the use of a product. As an example, consider several opinions that were left by buyers about each of the models proposed in the article.

Electric snow blower Daewoo Dast 2600e: product reviews

“This is not the first year for me, and so far everything is working properly. I can not say that the snow blower is something directly special. Normal stable device. It performs all its functions, copes well even with wet snow, which has already lain a day or two. So there is nothing to complain about yet. ”

Vasily, Volgograd

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

“We ordered the device with delivery. They waited long enough, but when they did, they were satisfied. The body looks strong, rubberized auger. The only thing that is bad, while you clear the yard, your hands have time to get very cold. I read somewhere that there are heated models, but there is no such thing. The rest is a great device. “

Gennady, Yaroslavl

Electric snow blower Daewoo Dast 3000e: product reviews

“I wanted to order a snow blower for a long time. Still, all my life in a private house, involuntarily think about how to solve the problem of constant snowdrifts in the yard. But just go and buy the first one failed. He began to look at the offers on the Internet, read reviews, and was completely bogged down in this matter. The blessing met Daewoo Dast 3000e. The reviews are only positive, the device is quite powerful, as I wanted. In general, I made the right choice and advise everyone. ”

Konstantin, St. Petersburg

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

“I really like this model! Yes, it costs a little more expensive than the simpler version, but then it is safer and it does the cleaning better. No deafening noise and vibration. All is calm, smoothly. Satisfied 100%. “

Stanislav, Moscow

“I recently purchased this snow blower for myself. I live in a private house, and every year I just got tired of waving a shovel. A great alternative if the area is not too big. The field, of course, cannot be removed with its help, but otherwise it’s a great thing. ”

Nikolay, Moscow

“I chose for a long time between this and the larger model. I thought maybe the engine will be weak. But no, that is enough. The main advantage is that it is light. Even the wife herself can easily use when I’m not at home. That just says it’s bad that the headlights aren’t: if it’s dark and you’re outside, that’s all. But I have never been so lucky.

Artem, Voronezh

Electric snowblower: rating and reviews of the most popular models

After reviewing the principle of operation, the characteristics of popular models, as well as customer reviews, you can make your own decision about the advisability of purchasing an electric snowblower. After all, if you spend a fair amount of effort during the selection stage, in the future you will be able to enjoy your purchase, removing snow quickly and easily.

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