Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

The end of the summer season entails the emergence of a large amount of garden waste on the site, which is hard to handle. An electric garden shredder of branches and grass comes to the rescue of summer residents, and in a matter of minutes it will turn useless garbage at first sight into future fertilizer. How not to make a mistake when choosing a shredder from a number of different models – this article will tell, which will also tell you how to make it yourself.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

What is an electric garden shredder for?

Many of us are currently owners of a country site, where you can not only rest from the city rush, but also grow a good harvest of fruits and vegetables. And some were lucky to have their own home within the city with an adjacent free area for a garden.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

With the onset of autumn, they both face the same serious problem – how to collect and dispose of grass, fallen leaves, cut branches from trees and shrubs. And sometimes the volume of such garden garbage reaches a decent size.

It was during this period that the electric garden shredder of branches was the reliable helpers of gardeners and gardeners. Reviews of his work can be easily found on specialized forums. For the sake of justice, it should be said that not all shredders are powered by electricity. The industry also produces gasoline models, which have a completely different indicator of power and productivity, and may cover other scales of home gardens.

The main advantages of electric shredders:

  • compact compact design, which has a low weight, which contributes to the easy movement of the unit within the site;
  • minimum power consumption with high performance;
  • allows you to shred branches to the state of small chips, which is easily used as a natural fertilizer;
  • low noise device;
  • low cost

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

Disadvantages of electric shredders:

  • units have a low power rating;
  • the range is limited by the length of the cord (you need to take care of the extension cord);
  • susceptible to voltage drop;
  • recycles branches with a diameter of no more than 40 mm.

Before you buy a chopper, you must clearly define the manufacturer of the unit, the type of engine and the total area of ​​the site for further processing. Choosing a specific model, you should consider the main points. The unit must be:

  • simple and convenient in further operation;
  • have small dimensions. It can be equipped with reliable shock-absorbing wheels. This will greatly facilitate its movement around the dacha;

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

have a high noise reduction rate. The noise level should not exceed 84 dB;

  • own the maximum power indicator depending on the class of the device;
  • equipped with chopping knives, which are made of quality material;
  • equipped with an automatic engine shutdown system;
  • with built-in reverse function;
  • suitable for shredding garden waste fine chips;
  • with convenient in shape and size receiving funnel. The most optimal is considered to be a conical funnel, or tilted to one side.

Shredders can be with milling or disk grinding system. The first is suitable for dry branches, and the second is ideal for processing grass and small twigs.

Helpful advice! When purchasing a garden shredder with a knife shredding system, you should purchase an additional set of knives.

Today there are a great many models of electric grinders from various manufacturers. However, it is worth choosing companies that have worked well and produce high quality products.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

The price of a shredder that works on electrical energy depends on the engine power. And this is directly related to the technical ability of the device to process branches of different diameters.

Grinders with an engine power of up to 3 kW can handle branches up to 40 mm in diameter. The price of such devices will vary between 9-30 thousand rubles, depending on the manufacturer and additional characteristics of the unit.

Shredders with engine power exceeding 3 kW are capable of processing branches up to 50 mm in diameter. Their cost ranges from 30 to 65 thousand rubles.

VIKING has established itself as a responsible manufacturer of high quality garden shredders, and sells its high-quality equipment exclusively through a network of dealers specializing in these units.

Here is a wide range of cutting and crumbling models that run on an electric (GE) and petrol (GB) engine. Let us consider in more detail the most popular models with an electric motor.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

Schröder VIKING GE 35 L with an electric motor with a power of 2.5 kW, a disk grinding system with a revolutions of 40 rpm. used for grinding leaves, weeds, branches with a diameter of up to 35 mm in small suburban areas. Equipped with reverse function. Its weight is 28 kg. Due to the presence of reliable wheels, it is convenient to move around the site. Its average cost is about 31,500 rubles.

Schröder VIKING GE 103 grinds garden garbage into useful compost. Motor power is 1.8 kW. Equipped with a knife mechanism for grinding. It has two hoppers. One is made in the shape of a rectangle, the other – clover. During operation produces a slight noise. The price of the unit is 18,000 rubles.

Helpful advice! Do not direct the branches to the place of grinding hands. Use for this a large branch or length of board.

The VIKING GE 105 garden electric shredder processes branches up to 35 mm in diameter using the Sandwich knife shredding system. It has an entrance longitudinal hole for grass and leaves and a special entrance for loading branched branches. Equipped with motor overload protection function. Its price is about 22,500 rubles.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

Universal models of shredders VIKING GE 250 and GE 260 are able to chop soft grass and foliage, and solid branches with a diameter of 30-35 mm. Engine power is 2.5 kW. A feature of these models is the grinding technology Multi-Cut 250, due to which garden waste is first crushed and then cut into small pieces. The noise level of such shredders does not exceed 105 dB. Have a touch control system. Equipped with autorun mechanism in case of network failure. The price of such shredders starts from 31,500 rubles.

More powerful universal shredders are models GE 355, GE 375, GE 420, GE 450. They allow to grind branches with a diameter of 55 mm. The first two types of shredders are equipped with a security system against spontaneous activation. In the latter two models, a two-chamber system for grinding soft and hard material is provided, and there is a built-in mechanism for servicing the unit. The average cost of the GE 355 and GE 375 models is 42,000 rubles, and the GE 420 and GE 450 models are 75,000–80000 rubles.

Mobile chopper Bison with an electric motor is able to turn mountains of garden garbage into raw materials suitable for household use. For an hour of continuous work, he can recycle up to 120 kg of waste. The noise level during its operation does not exceed 98 dB, which is equivalent to the operation of a vacuum cleaner.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

Shredders Bison have a convenient design and large wheels. This allows you to maneuver in separate corners of the site without much effort. After the work is completed, the frame attached to the chopper can be easily removed and the unit folds together compactly. The unit can be stored in the winter in any even unheated premises, protected from moisture. On the market, the Bison chopper with an electric motor is available in two models.

Compact Bison ZIE with p / s 40 mm and a power of 1.6 kW is suitable for the dacha, dominated by grass and berry bushes. With large branches such a grinder will be difficult to handle. Thanks to reliable big wheels and a convenient pusher, it can be easily moved around the garden area.

Helpful advice! The knife system copes well with mowed grass, which can be used as a nutrient mixture for animals.

A more powerful unit of the Bison is the ZIE model with a meter / height of 65 mm and an engine power of 2.5 kW. Such a chopper easily processes not only grass, but also branches of large sizes up to 6.5 cm in diameter. This model has a roomy tank for the collection of shredded waste. The design of the shredder provides a reverse function.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

An important distinctive feature of the Bison shredders from other similar units is that they are equipped with three security systems. The device turns off when the receiving tank is in the wrong position, when the engine is overheated or overloaded, during a power outage.

Reading introductory articles on the Internet and in person with the owners of Shredder Bison, you can see and hear only good reviews. The Bison electric garden shredder is praised for its high performance. Thanks to a powerful electric motor, shredders are able to recycle large amounts of waste in a short time. The wide undercarriage of the unit provides stability to the device during operation. Important is the long period of the official guarantee, which is 5 years.

Why buy an electric garden chopper branches BOSCH

BOSCH is one of the most famous European companies, which produces various equipment. The high quality of the products of this German company is beyond doubt. Garden shredders are no exception. Let us consider in more detail some of the most popular models.

Electric garden shredder branches and grass: an overview of popular models

Schröder BOSCH AXT 25D is equipped with a 2.5 kW electric motor. Due to the improved design of the cutting roll, it can process branches up to 40 mm in diameter. It has the function of automatically tightening the raw materials for grinding. Equipped with a safety function against spontaneous activation after stopping as a result of an accident. The cost of such a shredder may be within 14,000 rubles.

A good owner in his garage will certainly find many components for the manufacture of shredder independently of scrap materials and grinders. This can significantly save your budget, and an excellent result will be a reward for hard work.

Before you buy a garden shredder with an electric motor, it is necessary to determine the amount of work that it will perform. Then you should carefully read the consumer reviews on specific models of shredders. Here you can learn the maximum of useful information, which will dispel all doubts and help in making the right choice. It is worth looking at the grinders of domestic producers, which are not worse than their European counterparts, and their price will be much lower. Do not stint once for the purchase of a good chopper, you will get a reliable assistant for many years.

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