Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

Every owner of a country house knows that taking care of a plot without using additional equipment takes a lot of time. Therefore, today there are a huge number of various devices designed to facilitate the work in the country. These include light gasoline cultivator. Consider how to choose the right device and what to pay special attention to when buying.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

Light gasoline cultivator: is it necessary to take care of the dacha?

Of course, all the tasks that the cultivator performs can be accomplished with a shovel and other garden tools. However, it takes a lot of extra time and effort to process even a small piece of land.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

For many, the main obstacle to such an acquisition is the fear of using technology based on the fear of not coping with difficult controls. However, today you can find a wide variety of models of devices on sale, including light gasoline cultivators for women who are so easy to manage that even older people can manage them.

It is possible to use a cultivator for many different purposes, including loosening the soil, forming beds, as well as clearing the soil from weeds. High efficiency of use allows you to significantly save time and effort, while performing all the necessary tasks. Summer residents often resort to the cultivation of vegetable and potato beds, as well as areas where the berries grow. And devices of small sizes allow to process even difficult-to-access land on beds and in greenhouses.

Despite its modest size, the cultivator fully allows harvesting, as well as leveling and fertilizing the soil, no worse than a larger device – a walk-behind tractor. The weight of a cultivator can vary within the limits of 8-50 kg. And here it is important to properly assess their needs and choose the right device size.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

To determine whether a light cultivator is enough for your needs or you need a device that is more serious, you need to understand what they are and for what purposes each type is intended. If a woman with a weight of about 12 kg can cope with the device, larger models require more serious physical effort. In addition, it is worth considering that with a light cultivator you will not be able to cultivate large areas or loosen the earth to a depth of more than 25-30 cm.

Consider each type of cultivator and features of its use:

  1. Easy cultivator – a device that allows you to handle very small areas. It will plow the soil to a small depth, but it is easy to manage and also to move it to the right place, due to its small size and weight.
  2. The average cultivator is capable of processing already about 50 acres, but its size and weight is already much larger.
  3. A heavy cultivator is a device that weighs more than 95 kg. Its capacity is enough to handle very large areas, but if we are talking about use at the dacha, then such an acquisition is completely unjustified, both in terms of financial costs and in connection with the need to store and maintain the device.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

It is precisely in connection with this classification of cultivators among owners of country houses that lightweight models that are convenient to store, as well as easy to use and maintain are most popular.

Another important characteristic that will largely determine the future use of the device is the type of engine. To begin with, we will consider all the existing options, and then we will try to determine whether the gasoline cultivator has advantages over the others, and if so, which ones.

Hand cultivators are the most primitive version of this device, which consists of several disks and asterisks. This device is the most compact and lightweight, but it absolutely can not compete with more modern models, as it is limited in functionality. All it can do is remove weeds and loosen the soil.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

Electric cultivator light class – a device equipped with a motor that receives power directly from the network, that is, from the outlet. It is believed that such devices are more environmentally friendly, as they keep the atmosphere clean and do not pollute it with exhaust gases. However, the main drawback of this type of device is that it is extremely difficult to use them on a plot whose area exceeds 6 hundred square meters.

As a solution to the problem of binding to the power supply, battery models have been developed that do not require direct connection to the mains. This greatly expands the radius of the device, but such devices can not boast of high power.

For giving the gasoline mini cultivator is the most convenient solution. With high power, it is not tied to a power outlet and can be used completely autonomously. However, it is worth noting that this is not the most economical option among all.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

Helpful advice! In order to prevent the formation of carbon on the engine and extend its service life, it is recommended to fill A95 or at least A92 gasoline into the tank.

On the topic of what kind of cultivator is better – gasoline or electric, there are still disputes. Both options have their advantages, and much depends on which characteristics will be decisive for you.

Once again, we stipulate that the biggest drawback of electrical devices compared to gasoline – attachment to the outlet. Otherwise, these devices are more environmentally friendly and stable in operation. If the area of ​​the site is small enough, then this option will be quite enough.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

However, despite some drawbacks, the gasoline mini cultivator is very popular due to its autonomy, higher device power, and, undoubtedly, a lower price. However, in this case, you have to put up with a certain degree of noise in the device, as well as the fact that from time to time you will still have to carry out inspection and sometimes engine repairs.

In addition to the basic configuration of cultivators, there is also a large number of a wide variety of auxiliary elements that allow the device to perform a particular function. All existing nozzles can not be listed, but you can consider some of the most popular and sought after:

  • light weight trolley. Such addition can be used only with sufficient power of the device, but it can significantly facilitate the work on the site;
  • special rakes designed for lawn care, which allow thinning the grass and at the same time eliminate dry roots;
  • blade knife, which is used for garbage collection, and in bad weather – snow or mud;

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

  • grass mower;
  • special device designed for sweeping;
  • plow for digging potatoes;
  • Plowing wheel with a special V-shaped plowshare, which allows you to make perfectly smooth furrows for planting different crops;
  • Aerator – a device that provides the ability to make a hole in the ground, thus ensuring the access of oxygen and water to the roots of plants.

Helpful advice! Buy a cultivator light class will be very useful to those who are engaged in greenhouse cultivation of plants. In such a limited area – the best device for tillage is simply not to be found.

In addition to such additional devices, there are also ways to improve the capabilities of the cultivator, for example, if there are pneumatic tires on the wheels, the device’s permeability will greatly increase. And special lugs will allow to increase the cultivator traction.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

In order not to miscalculate with the purchase and buy a cultivator that fits your specifications and will serve you for quite a long time, you need to take into account several important aspects, making them the basis of your choice:

  • it will be better if such equipment is produced by a well-known company that has a stable position in the world market and whose products meet all standards and have proper certification;
  • it is necessary to choose the power and size of the device You do not need to buy a device with great potential than is really necessary. It is important to understand that each additional parameter increases the price, and the high power of the device increases the fuel consumption required for operation. Therefore, for small areas it is better to buy compact devices;
  • in order to buy a suitable cultivator, familiarize yourself in advance with the functions that it offers. For example, some models may fertilize plants with fertilizer or prepare the ground for planting;
  • Do not ignore the indicator such as energy intensity and productivity of the cultivator, which depend primarily on the power and quality of the parts used. This indicator can be specified by the manufacturer or be calculated by you yourself.

Easy gasoline cultivator: compact assistant at the dacha

In addition, you must understand that if you want to buy a gasoline cultivator cheap, you will have to sacrifice something: either the power or the quality of the materials used. You should not rely on the fact that you will be able to purchase a quality device for a low price.

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