Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

Performing construction or repair work, it is often necessary to cut a metal billet. To do this, use special equipment in the form of cutters, grinders or hand shears for metal. However, it is not always at hand. To cope with the task, you can use the nozzle on the drill for cutting metal, which will perform cutting products of small thickness.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

Types of nozzles on the drill

Many craftsmen are accustomed to using a drill for its intended purpose, namely, for drilling holes. But not everyone knows that this tool can be turned into a multifunctional device, complementing it with special nozzles, tools and stands, which will make the drill versatile and indispensable in any job.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

With the help of special nozzles for drills, which you can buy at any specialized store at an affordable price, you can drill holes of various diameters, cutting, grinding, polishing, twisting, mixing and milling. There is also a nozzle-pump on the drill, designed for pumping fluid. The attachment for plucking chickens is simply indispensable in the household. With proper and proper use of additional consoles, the result will not be of the worst quality, as when using a special single-purpose device, but the cost of such a universal tool will be several times lower.

By purpose all existing nozzles are divided into:

  • accessories for drilling holes and crowns;
  • nozzles, scissors for cutting metal;
  • stops;
  • corner fixtures;
  • grinding and polishing nozzles;
  • equipment for milling wood and metal;
  • sharpening devices;
  • perosemny nozzles.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

When working with any nozzle on the drill must comply with safety regulations:

  • the tooling must be securely fastened in the tool holder;
  • the drill must be held with two hands, which is especially important for powerful models;
  • constantly adjust the pressure of the instrument;
  • work in personal protective equipment;
  • After completing the work for several minutes, do not touch the drill bit to avoid burns.

Equipped with a special nozzle for metal cutting, an ordinary drill turns into a punch or splitter. The device punches a metal product due to the implementation of numerous reciprocating movements in the internal cavity of the matrix. As a result, a smooth cutting line of 3.1 mm width is formed with preservation of the protective layer on the surface of the metal sheet.

Important! The maximum efficiency of the nozzle is achieved only when working complete with an electric drill, the rotational speed of which is at least 2700 rpm.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

Nozzle for metal on the drill can handle the cutting of such metal products:

  • aluminum, up to 2 mm thick;
  • made of brass, copper, zinc, galvanized steel and sheet iron, up to 1.5 mm thick;
  • made of stainless steel, up to 0.8 mm thick.

Using a drill bit for cutting metal has several advantages:

  • the cut made is of high quality;
  • there is no need to constantly purchase consumables, which saves financial resources;
  • high performance when cutting metal;
  • universality of the device;
  • the equipment is convenient and easy to use and maintain;
  • the nozzle can be used for electric and pneumatic drills;
  • with the nozzle you can make cuts of any configuration.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

In spite of all the above listed advantages, in order to get a high-quality cut, certain skills and skills are required for work.

Today, there are a large number of different models of nozzles on the drill, thanks to which you can perform not only metal cutting in a straight line, but also make curly cuts. This is necessary when installing the ventilation ducts, roof structures, gutters. Using the nozzle allows you to cut in any spatial position without making preliminary settings.

Types of nozzles:

  • cutting nozzle “Steel Beaver” is used for cutting metal, corrugated board and any flat profile sheets;
  • the universal nozzle “Cricket” is used for cutting profile metal, polycarbonate and plastic;
  • Special nozzles for performing curved and curved cuts are represented by the EDMA Nibbek, ACRO YT-160 A, Sparky NP 1.8 L models, which differ in the thickness of the sheet being processed.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

The classic drill bit for cutting metal tile and any flat sheets of metal in the form of a freely rotating shaft in a bearing with a fixed eccentric works on the principle of a crank mechanism with the difference that energy is fed for rotation.

A full tool for cutting has a support part located on the frame, and movable – connected to the eccentric. It is the moving part that reciprocates during the rotation of the shaft. Mandatory element of the design is the handle, which is fixed perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the spindle. During the increase of the load, a torque torque occurs, due to which the drill moves relatively to the nozzle.

It should be remembered that the tool must be positioned strictly vertically relative to the workpiece when cutting. Otherwise, damage to the product and injury to the operator are possible.

The device resembles a metal scissors. The drill bit is used for cutting flat products or profiled sheets with large bends. The cutting line is easily controlled. When the tool is working, the protective coating layer is not burned, which eliminates the formation of sparks and the likelihood of burrs. You can perform continuous cutting products of any length. Buy a nozzle on the drill for cutting metal and flat metal sheets can be for 1600 rubles.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

Sheet cutting is performed at a drill speed of 1500-3000 rpm. The cutting angle is 360 degrees, the minimum radius is 12 mm. Using the Steel Beaver, you can cut:

  • copper or aluminum sheet 2 mm thick;
  • steel – no more than 1.8 mm;
  • stainless steel – up to 1.2 mm

Helpful advice! For cutting the profiled sheet with bends of small diameter, you should use slotted scissors like “Cricket”.

Vysechnye scissors “Cricket” got its name due to the characteristic noise during operation of the device. The nozzle is similar to the previous model, but it has a different design of the working element consisting of two cutting heads. The principle of operation of the nozzle “Cricket” is similar to an office punch. In the metal with oscillatory movements of the cylindrical striker, neat holes are squeezed out with high frequency. Thanks to the translational movements along the marked line, it is possible to get a smooth cut.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

The nozzle-scissors “Cricket” are used for cutting metal thin and profile sheets, and polymer sheet products with a thickness of up to 2 mm. Work can be performed in the horizontal and vertical plane. Due to the ability of the tool to rotate 360 ​​degrees. large round holes can be drilled and artistic cuts can be made. Buy an attachment to the drill for cutting metal “Cricket” can be an average of 1500-4000 rubles.

The tool can cut metal with stiffening ribs and various specialized stampings in two ways. The first option involves repeating the surface of the profile, bending around the edges. Used for products with an average bend radius. For cutting metal, a different cutting option is used, according to which the tool moves along stiffeners without bending around the sheet profile.

Before you buy a nozzle on the drill “Cricket”, you should consider the main drawback of the tool. Due to the fact that the nozzle punch has a diameter of a few millimeters, when cutting a product, a slit of a certain width is formed, which leads to certain material consumption. The result is metal chips with sharp crescent-shaped edges, which should be disposed of for safety purposes.

Helpful advice! When working with the tool should not wear soft shoes.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

One of the most popular models is the scraper attachment for metal up to 1.6 mm Enkor 14210. The tool is able to cut a fairly thick metal sheet in a straight or curved direction. Buy a nozzle on the drill for cutting metal can be for 1300 rubles. The main feature of the tooling is that during the cutting process a track with a width of only 1.6 mm is formed, which provides a fairly good level of material savings.

The device can be installed not only on the drill, but also on the screwdriver. Nozzle for cutting metal has little weight, which does not increase the weight of the electric device. The kit includes a replaceable handle, which increases the accuracy of the work. The device has a low noise level due to its special design, which makes it more comfortable to work with.

This device consists of a plastic case, inside of which the emery wheel, special in shape, rotates. It allows to form the necessary grinding angle on the working part of the tool. The circle is mounted on the shaft, which is connected to the drill with a special coupling. It is activated when the tool is turned on.

Many modern models have an end cap on the body, in which holes of different diameters for sharpening drills of different sizes are located. These holes are made in such a way that the element for sharpening is in contact with the emery wheel in a certain position.

Drill bits for metal cutting, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

The process of sharpening the drill is as follows. The product is inserted into the cutting part of the nozzle of the appropriate diameter. After starting the drill, the emery wheel begins to rotate, sharpening half of the drill. Next, the product is turned in a hole 180 degrees, and the procedure is repeated. This sequence of actions is performed several times until the required parameters of the cutting part of the drill are achieved.

A drill attachment for sharpening drills, which you can buy for an average of 350-500 rubles, has 15 holes with diameters from 3.5 to 10 mm. Products can be sharpened at an angle of 180 degrees due to the special shape of the stone. The simple design of the device allows you to perform work quickly and without special skills.

A wide selection of various nozzles, tools and accessories makes the drill a universal tool that is indispensable when performing repair work and for other household needs in living conditions. This is a simple and optimal solution that will avoid buying expensive specialized power tools.


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