Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

In winter, any owner of a cottage or private house is faced with the need to clear the yard of the snow, paths, travel to the house, as well as the roof. Using a special technique, the release of which many companies are engaged in, make it easier and faster. But there is another option: a snow plow with your own hands. To assemble the device independently under the power of anyone who is familiar with the principle of operation of the snow blowers and has certain technical skills.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

Types of snow removal equipment for the house do it yourself

Snowblowers are designed for mechanical removal of snow cover at the desired site. Their functions include the collection of snow mass and throwing it to the place of collection. The engine that drives the car can be electric or gasoline. And the snow-removing equipment itself is subdivided into self-propelled (with a caterpillar or wheel drive), manually operated, one-stage and two-stage.

For self-assembly of such garden equipment, you can use the engine from a chainsaw, an electric motor or a walk-behind tractor, as well as various materials at hand, which everyone probably has on the farm. Before you make a snow blower with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with the varieties of such equipment and choose an acceptable option for yourself.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

Electric blowers are able to clean small areas near the house, for example, a porch or narrow lanes. For the release from the snow cover of the territory of impressive volumes such an aggregate will not work. In addition, his work is not very effective if there is ice or significant drifts. On the other hand, this technique is quite compact, easy to manage and easy to store.

With the removal of a large amount of snow from vast territories, self-propelled snowplows with a gasoline engine do an excellent job. Moving on their own, these devices have excellent maneuverability and a long ejection range. The technique is quite large in size, but during operation it absolutely does not need to apply physical effort.

Before you make a manual snow blower, you need to keep in mind that non-self-propelled models are designed for cleaning small areas of freshly fallen snow up to 25-30 cm thick. They are mainly used for daily cleaning of sidewalks, garden paths and flat roofs. Such devices are quite maneuverable, however, when removing a dense layer, it will be difficult to control the equipment, since it is necessary to push not only the vehicle, but also the thickness of the snow in front of it.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

Helpful advice! When assembling a non-self-propelled snow plow for the house with your own hands, you should use the lightest parts possible, since the equipment will work due to the efforts of the person.

Making a homemade snow plow for the house with your own hands is a great opportunity not to spend money on purchasing expensive models from leading manufacturers and at the same time avoid time-consuming snow removal from the site with a shovel. In addition, home-made technology will be the pride of any owner of a country house or cottage.

Assembling a homemade snow plow will be easy if you have an idea about the principle of operation of such equipment and its device. To clear the snow from the surface of the tracks and the yard of your own home, it will be enough to assemble a screw or rotor model. These are uncomplicated machines and can be manufactured by everyone. Making a combined homemade snowthrower with your own hands is somewhat more difficult, but if you like, you can cope with this.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

Before you make a snowblower with your own hands, you need to decide on the type of engine. Equipping the engine with an internal combustion engine, it should be noted that this will be a powerful enough unit that can function on any surface of your site. However, components and fuel for it are quite expensive. In addition, the disadvantages include the complex technical content of such equipment.

As for the snow plow with their own hands with an electric motor, in this case you can use any motor from a relatively powerful electric equipment. Fit the engine from the trimmer or electric saws. The advantages of such technology include the availability of electricity, the disadvantages – a small radius of action. To cover the whole territory, you will need an extension cord or street wiring with several sockets.

Helpful advice! When assembling an electric snow blower with your own hands, it should be noted that the electric motor requires good waterproofing, as it is afraid of moisture.

In the network you can find a large number of videos of homemade snow blowers, viewing of which will help to visually get acquainted with the technology of manufacturing of snow blowers of various types.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

The main advantages of a homemade chainsaw snow blower are:

  • The low cost of the components (in addition, you can buy a used chainsaw at a low price);
  • high performance of the unit;
  • the ability to make the basic units of the available materials at hand.

The disadvantage is the impossibility of providing the apparatus with self-propelled movement.

When making their own hands a snow blower from a chainsaw, its motor is used as a driving force. To adapt the engine from such equipment under the snow removal machine, it is necessary to disconnect it from the frame and to modernize it a little. The power of the motor will affect the main indicators of the snowthrower: the quality of clearance, the emission range and other parameters.

In addition to the engine, the structure of the snowplow includes:

  • screw body (bucket) – it can be made of roofing sheet metal;
  • auger shaft – fit a pipe with a diameter of 20 mm (? inch);
  • screw surface screw – made of sheet iron, some use a conveyor belt;

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

  • side parts – for their manufacture using plywood 10 mm or sheet steel;
  • supporting structure (frame) – it is welded from a shaped tube (angle of 50 x 50 mm);
  • the handle is made of a pipe with a diameter of 15 mm (? inches);
  • snow blade into the exhaust chute – metal plate 120 x 270 mm.

In this work, you can use the drawings of a snow blower from a chainsaw with your own hands, posted by users on the Internet.

The main working element of the snow plow is the auger. It is a cutting ring blades attached to the drive shaft. A pipe with a length of about 80 cm is used as a shaft. In the center of the pipe, a through hole must be cut through, into which a blade for feeding snow will subsequently be inserted. When the shaft (pipe) rotates, the blade will throw away the snow.

Before you do your own auger for the snowthrower, you need to develop a scheme or use ready-made drawings, which will be cut rings. Blades of the screw are made of sheet steel. For this, 4 discs are cut out of the metal, cut through and pulled out in the form of a coil. After that, the finished parts of the helix are welded to the pipe: equally on each side.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

Further, having determined the center of the shaft, two blades are welded parallel to each other, which will eject the snow. Metal struts are welded on the edges of the pipe to fix the screw design. Spiral blades on one side are attached to the struts, on the other – to the central shoulder blades.

Helpful advice! When making a screw for a snowplow from a chainsaw with your own hands, it is very important that the turns of the metal spiral are located at the same distance from the center and towards it. Otherwise, the technique will vibrate violently.

In the manufacture of the auger body, its length is left equal to the length of the shaft, taking into account the segment for the drive. Trunnions are welded to the edges of the shaft, with which they are mounted on bearings. They are used in a closed version to avoid the ingress of snow and water. You can get a visual idea about the manufacture of the auger if you watch a video of a homemade snow blower: it will be much easier to assemble a snow plow with your own hands.

The manufacture of the auger body start from the sides. For this, two circles are cut out of the metal, the diameter of which exceeds the diameter of the screw assembly by 6-7 cm. A sheet of metal of the appropriate size bent into a semicircle is welded to the sides. In the center of the side parts are arranged holes into which the screw mechanism is inserted. Bearings are welded to the sides from the outside. At the pipe section under the drive, the driven sprocket is fixed by welding (an asterisk is suitable, for example, from a motorcycle).

Next, proceed to the device snowmobile. It can be made from a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of about 1 m. In order to install the pipe, a hole of the appropriate diameter is made in the screw body. It should be on the back of the case. The snow thrower pipe is inserted into this hole, fixed with bolts, and a box is installed on top.

The frame for the snow plow is made by welding the profile tubes into the frame. To the transverse corners of the frame attach the strap for mounting the engine. It should be noted that the power plant must move freely along the frame and be able to be locked in the desired position. A handle is welded to the frame with the throttle control of the engine of a self-made snowplow removed to it.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

Depending on the type of terrain, the frame of the snow blower is equipped with wheels or skids. Wheels can be used for flat sections, skids for rough and uneven surfaces. The basis for the runners are made of bars, to which the plastic lining is attached for good sliding.

Electric snow machines have some advantages over models equipped with internal combustion engines. These include:

  • relatively quiet operation;
  • due to the absence of filters, fuel, spark plugs in the engine, such units are easy to maintain and maintain;
  • no need for refueling;
  • small weight of the equipment;
  • do not emit smoke when working;
  • low cost and excellent efficiency.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

However, electric snow blowers have drawbacks, including:

  • small engine power (up to 2 kW);
  • constant monitoring of the state of the electrical cable for the presence of damage in it;
  • small radius of action (as far as the carrying length allows);
  • the need for effort to move the device.

Helpful advice! Before you make an electric motor snowblower, pick up the wires, the insulation of which will withstand the load and will not crack under the influence of frost.

The technology of making electric snowplows with their own hands is in many ways similar to the device of gasoline models, but the driving force of such equipment is the electric motor. It can be the elementary engine from an electric saw, the Bulgarian or other electric tool. Be guided when assembling your own hand drawings of electric snow thrower. Video clips on the topic will help to avoid mistakes during installation.

Do-it-yourself snow plow: a worthy alternative to factory models

The designs of the screw assembly and the housing can be assembled, as in the example of a snowplow based on a chainsaw. It remains to connect the electric motor. This can be done by different methods: through a gearbox or a belt drive. In the first embodiment, the axis of rotation of the motor is perpendicular to the pipe (shaft). The screw rotates thanks to the gearbox that connects the shaft and the axis of the electric motor.

The second option assumes that the axis of the engine and the auger shaft are placed in parallel and are connected by a belt. This scheme allows you to quickly remove and mount the electric motor, adjusting the tension of the belt drive. For work, you can use ready-made drawings that can be adjusted to fit your size.

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