Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

From this article, you can learn the features of such a tool as a disk cutting machine for metal: types of structures, advantages and disadvantages, technical characteristics. Here you can get acquainted with the products of the most popular and sought after manufacturers. The article discusses in detail the technical and operational features of machines designed for metal cutting, and also provides a comparative description of market prices.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Disc cutting machine for metal: scope

The cutting machine designed for working with metal is an electric tool with a high level of productivity. This type of equipment is used for cross-cutting metal billets, as well as products made on the basis of metals and various alloys.

Disk machines are used to form blanks from such materials as:

  • corner;
  • metal strip;
  • rod;
  • double tee;

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

  • the profile pipe having round or square section;
  • channel;
  • other elements of metal.

Note! Disk equipment is considered the most popular. Bandsaws and hacksaws are also used for cutting metal, but they are less popular.

Disk equipment is used at the facilities of the metalworking industry, as well as at factories engaged in the manufacture of metal structures. The saw blade is used as a cutting element.

Machine structures have many advantages:

  • simple structure;
  • high-quality metal cutting;
  • ergonomic control;
  • ease of operation.

The operator can work with equipment that does not have special qualifications.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Metal band cutting machines use as a cutting element a long toothed saw, which has the form of a closed tape. The material for the manufacture of this part is high-speed steel. Due to the minimum width of the cut, material loss is reduced, an accurate cut is obtained. This type of equipment is most often used in large and mass production.

For cutting metal blanks in the hacksaw units, a hacksaw blade is used. It is mounted on the saw frame. Such machines can have a manual or electromechanical principle of operation. Hacksaws are used at small enterprises and in procurement workshops.

Equipment assembly is carried out on the platform. This design may have a metallic or rigid base. Moreover, the placement of the components of the machine is not stationary, but removable. The tool is equipped with a vise with a reliable stop, thanks to which, in the cutting process, workpieces with a different type of configuration are firmly held.

For cutting metal disc is used, made of high-speed or carbide steel. Instead, it can be used a circle made of a material with an abrasive hard surface.

The rotational movement of the cutting element from the electric motor is transmitted through a gear or belt drive. The first option is installed on stationary equipment with a high power reserve, the second is suitable for compact tools with a portable design.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Note! There are modifications of machines, where the disk connects to an electric motor without drive (directly). Such a structure have household units that have a small capacity.

Disk equipment for cutting metal is divided into 4 classes. A tool belonging to the first category is considered universal. With the help of such machines can handle any metal products, and in large quantities. The fourth class of equipment includes household appliances.

Classification tool based on the number of cutting edges:

  1. Single head – the design has one disc, so the equipment has low efficiency. The tool can be used exclusively to perform a single operation, for example, cutting a workpiece intended for a frame profile.
  2. Double head – the tool is equipped with 2 cutting elements, which allows you to simultaneously perform several operations with metal. One of the heads is rigidly fixed, and the second moves. To cut the frame profile requires only one operation, so double-head machines can be used in automatic mode. Due to this, the efficiency of the tool is doubled.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Classification of equipment according to the method of filing the cutting element:

  • pendulum cutting machines for metal;
  • tool with frontal disk feed;
  • machine with the lower feed of the cutting element.

Varieties of machines:

  • correct and detachable;
  • abrasive cutting;
  • saws detachable.

Helpful advice! Equipment should be selected taking into account the tasks for which it will be used. Only in this way the ability of the tool will justify the cost of its purchase.

Before proceeding to the choice of the manufacturer and model of the device, it is necessary to determine the necessary characteristics. In order to choose the size of the cutting disk correctly, it is necessary to take into account two important factors: the dimensional parameters of the blanks that will be processed on the machine and the material from which they are made. The modification of the tool itself depends on these nuances.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Next you need to select the type of placement of the structure. It can be desktop or outdoor. The second version of the equipment is used to work with massive, dimensional products. To cope with heavy loads, an electric motor with an increased power reserve is installed in such a tool, thanks to which the operator can cut metal workpieces with a large wall thickness.

Designs of desktop modifications are mobile, so they can be used even on construction sites. With their help, you can repair various metal structures, etc.

When selecting a machine for cutting metal, technical characteristics are of paramount importance, since they have a direct impact on the quality of cutting, equipment performance, its service life, etc.

The list of technical characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a cutting tool:

  • power level of the power plant (nominal);
  • method of transmitting torque (gear or belt drive);

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

  • the number of revolutions per 1 min., as well as the ability to customize their number;
  • dimensional parameters of the cutting element (the size of the landing and outer diameters of the disk);
  • the upper limit of the dimensional parameters of workpieces with different types of configuration (the permissible value of the cross section of a circle, pipe, plate, corner, etc.);
  • the total weight of the structure, its dimensions;
  • the ability to rotate the cutting unit to a certain position in relation to the workpiece.

Helpful advice! The most important technical parameter for a large tool with high efficiency is the CNC unit, its type. These indicators have an impact on the work of the machine: cutting accuracy, automation and features of programming. Do not lose sight of this selection criterion tool.

At the final stage of the selection should pay attention to the technical parameters of the built-in vice. The dimensions and indicators of this element depend on the dimensions of the metal part, which can be machined.

Circular saws are used for cutting profiles of various types, the material for the manufacture of which served as steel, non-ferrous metals or cast iron.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Machines cope with cutting rolled products of the following types:

  • square;
  • channel;
  • round;
  • I-beam;
  • rectangular.

The equipment is suitable for small-scale or single parts manufacturing.

Scope of application:

  • furniture manufacture;
  • Finishing work;
  • carpentry;
  • assembly work.

Based on what type of workpiece is used, a disc of a certain type is selected and the frequency of its revolutions is adjusted. The cut can be performed at any angle.

Due to the fact that the rotation of the disk circle is carried out at high speed, as well as the power capabilities of the drive of the machine itself are added to this indicator, the cutting element wears out very slowly. At the same time, the efficiency of metal cutting is maintained.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

One of the most popular models is Makita 2414NB, which has a portable design.

This modification is used for cutting blanks from the following materials:

  • metal;
  • a rock;
  • ceramics;
  • PVC

Manufacturer Makita produces high-quality and reliable products, but despite this, this model is designed for medium-level loads.

Note! The Makita 2414NB model has a high level of operational safety. The manufacturer has provided in the design of the presence of a limiter that performs the function of the anti-spark screen. In other words, it eliminates the possibility of tool contact with the working surface. The cutting disc has a protective cover made of durable material.

Due to the shaft locking function, a quick tool change is possible. The design is characterized by small size and light weight (16 kg). The machine is twice isolated.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

The Hitachi CC14SF Pendulum Metal Saw can be attributed to a professional tool. The 2000 W engine provides high quality cutting and a sufficiently large depth of 11.5 cm. Thanks to improved technical parameters, this type of equipment has an extensive scope of use.

Changing the disk is easy and completely safe due to the fact that the spindle is equipped with a special device for fixing. The presence of clamps facilitates work with the workpiece. On the machine there is a double insulation, and its body part is made of aluminum. The handle has a rubber coating that makes the tool grip reliable. The cutting width is 13 cm. The total weight of the structure is 18 kg. The engine produces 3800 rpm.

Overview table of popular models:

Tool model Motor power, W Cutting width, cm Rotational speed, rpm Cutting depth, cm Disc diameter, cm Weight of construction, kg price, rub.
Makita 2414NB 2000 23.3 3800 13.7 35.5 sixteen 11030
Hitachi CC14SF 2000 13 3800 13 35.5 18 11350
Matabo CS 23-355 2300 17.5 4,000 17.5 35.5 17 12,700
Makita LC1230 1750 11.5 1300 11.5 30.5 nineteen 24800
Makita 4131 1100 6 3500 6 18.5 five 21700
ENKOR Corvette-433 2200 ten 2670 ten 40 75 32300
DeWALT DW872 2200 ten 1300 ten 35.5 23 56700
ENKOR Corvette-431 2400 eleven 3800 eleven 35.5 17 80,000
BOSCH GCO 2000 2000 eleven 3500 eleven 35.5 18 13800
ENKOR Corvette-432 2200 13.5 2670 13.5 40 73 31500
Bison ZPO 355-2200 2200 13.5 2800 13.5 35.5 22 14,400
Evolution Rage 4 1200 4.5 1400 4.5 18.5 9 28,000
JMS 10S 1600 7.5 2950 7.5 25.5 22 39900
MAC NEW 250 DV 1300 ten 2800 ten 25 84 123250
MAC NEW 315 EDV 2200 eleven 3000 eleven 31.5 193 123250
MAC NEW 350 S 2200 12 3000 12 35 280 468,000


The correct cutting equipment is used for cutting metal products in coils or coils:

  • metal strip;
  • reinforcing steel;
  • trumpet;
  • wire;
  • bar with profile or round section.

Note! Unwinding of metal from coils or coils is carried out automatically.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

A wire or other type of product is pulled through the correct mechanism, where the material is straightened along all the planes. Straightened metal is fed to the table, equipped with a device for measuring. There, the wire is automatically cut and placed in the receiving tray.

The design of the straightening unit consists of:

  • unwinder (drive type, stationary or non-drive);
  • block of editing (rotor or roller);
  • cutting unit (guillotine type or volatile).

Due to such a large selection of components in the design, this type of equipment can have individual parameters, which allows you to choose the tool for different needs. In the process of processing the wire provides high quality cutting with minimal surface roughness.

Scope of application of machines extends to:

  • building;
  • engineering;
  • instrument making;
  • mass and mass production;
  • other types of industries

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Each straightening machine manufactured by PromTechSnap has a reception table of 8 m in size. If the client wishes, this indicator can be increased. The package of devices does not include the bucking machine, which must be ordered additionally.

The most popular model of the manufacturer – GT 4/14. It is used to work with steel reinforcement, the diameter of which is 0.4-1.4 cm. The range of lengths for cutting rods lies within 0.3-8 m. The cut elements fall into the receiving tray through the hole located on the knife. Upon reaching the limit switch, which is placed at the required length, the bar activates it and the knife is started, which performs cutting of the material.

Note! The equipment control panel allows you to immediately set the required number of blanks.

Advantages of the GT 4/14:

  • high power level;
  • the minimum errors in length when cutting material;
  • simple system of use and maintenance;
  • the ability to carry out cutting for a long time without interruption;
  • high processing speed;
  • low noise level;

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

  • operational safety;
  • automatic shutdown in case of power outages.

Material straightening is carried out by rolling rollers acting on the workpiece from all sides.

The package includes the device:

  • reception line and switch;
  • section where cutting is carried out;
  • section intended for straightening;
  • receiving tray.

Machines can be installed in the preparatory workshop, at the construction site. The equipment will be useful to entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of metal grids and bars.

Overview table of popular models:

Tool model Motor power, W Diameter of blanks,
Processing speed, m / min. Cutting length,
price, rub.
PromTech Equipment GT 4/14 2200 4-14 18-45 0.3-8 500 280000
     PromTech-Equipment GT-2-8 1350 2-8 30-100 0,005-80 1200 600,000
A-21 PRA-499 3600 5-16 30-45 0.1-9 5400 1690000
A-21 PRA-498 1650 4-12 31.5-45 0.5-6 1900 770498
A-21 SPR-12 1650 4-12 31.5-45 0.5-6 1900 630000
Teams 2/6 1150 1.8-6 140 0.1-12 1040 979,000
Teams 3/10 1250 3-10 60 0.1-12 1430 949000
Team 5/12 1250 5-12 60 0.1-12 1430 1,341,000
Teams 6/16 4500 6-16 50-100 0.1-12 3000 1878000
VPK PRO-12 750 4-12 35 0.5-12 255 275,000
VPK PRO-14 400 4-14 50-60 0.9-8.6 1250 690000
VPK PRO-14 Compact 1100 5-14 50 0.5-30 520 428500


Note! The table shows the average prices for equipment. The exact price depends on the exchange rate and the store that sells products.

Circles are used as cutting elements in abrasive cutting machines. They are made of abrasive materials.

This type of equipment is used for:

  • cutting lengthy materials into blanks;
  • cutting off excess material on metal products;
  • Cutting of profile elements at the required angle.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Such a tool is in demand at production facilities (assembly and preparation shops) and in repair shops. The equipment copes with the processing of non-ferrous metal blanks with any profile configuration. Working angle is in the range of 0–45 °.

Some models make it possible to install a dust extraction system. In the standard equipment of individual modifications there is a pump installation. It cools the cut of the workpiece with water. There are options equipped with a special mechanism that eliminates burrs during machining.

Among the abrasive-cutting tools, the machine of the pendulum type COM-400 is especially popular. This type of equipment is used for cutting metal profile elements at an angle of 0–45 °. Torque is transmitted through the belt transmission.

Helpful advice! The installation of the unit must be rigid. Be sure to use for this pre-prepared foundation foundation. To him with the help of anchor bolts mounted machine. For these purposes, special holes are provided in the tool frame.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Modification COM-400 is considered the base model. This device has an electric motor whose power is 2200 watts. The total weight of the structure is 52 kg. The limit of the diameter of the material that can be cut on the machine is 4 cm.

The COM machine series includes other equipment modifications:

  • 400 B;
  • 400 V;
  • 400 G;
  • 400 E;
  • 400 I.

Each of these tools has its own capabilities and technical indicators. Such as: size, weight, motor power level, design features, number of belts in the drive.

Overview table of popular models:

Tool model Motor power, W Diameter of blanks,
Rotary speed, rpm Size of abrasive wheel, cm Weight,
price, rub.
COM-400 B 4,000 60-120 3500 40 113 40100
  COM-400 G 2200 40-100 2860 30-40 65 25900
COM-400 V 2200 40-100 3500 thirty 65 25900
COM-400 E 5500 60-140 2860 40 120 43300
ENKOR Corvette-430 2000 100 2800 35.5 20 11480
Stalex SQ-40-1 2200 40 2242 25.4 90 35750


After the machine model is selected and purchased, it is necessary to perform equipment installation works.

Requirements for the conditions of the room:

  • sufficient level of lighting;
  • availability of exhaust ventilation system;
  • the absence of combustible and flammable materials in the vicinity of the device.

The basis for mounting the device must be reliable and durable. Under the influence of the weight of the equipment and its oscillations in the process of work, the foundation should not be subjected to deformation changes.

Disc cutting machine for metal: product classification

Rules of operation:

  • blanks must be securely fixed to the working surface;
  • the saw disk is installed only when the equipment is turned off, a similar requirement applies to the change of speed;
  • in mobile versions for safe operation outside the room should be provided protection from moisture (insulation);
  • It is prohibited to use discs with unsuitable parameters for blanks.

When installing the instrument, it is imperative to adhere to all the requirements of the manufacturer with regard to the RCD, the ground loop, and the maximum loads on the electrical network.

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