Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

In this article, you will learn the main criteria for choosing such a convenient device as a benzocos: the rating of the best models from the most popular manufacturers on the market will help you with this. The advantages and disadvantages of the structures, which, according to users, should be included in the rating of the most reliable, practical and convenient gasoline mowers designed to work in various conditions, will be considered in detail.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Benzokosa: rating of the best devices and the main criteria for their selection

Benzokosy are actively used by summer residents in the summer for lawn mowing. This type of work should be carried out not only on a regular basis, but also correctly, so that the vegetation looks neat and well-groomed. For this reason, many dream to purchase this device for their private home or summer cottage.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

However, there is one problem. Today, buying mowers in the online store is inexpensive. However, not all manufacturers and models meet high quality standards in order to properly ensure a perfect lawn mowing result and at the same time maintain their functionality over the long term.

Note! Trimmer (benzokosa) refers to a universal device. Having selected a high-quality model with good technical and operational parameters, you can use it for processing various territories, including summer cottages and zones with difficult terrain.

Benzosy with optimal parameters are able to cope with cutting high and hard grass, young shoots of trees.

The main criteria for selecting a device are:

  • weight of the structure;
  • type of engine and its technical indicators;
  • cutting element capabilities;
  • rod shape;
  • convenience and comfort of the handle;
  • price.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The most important criterion for selection are spare parts for benzokos, more precisely, their availability on sale. In case of breakdowns or wear of certain parts, the optimal model is distinguished from the rest by the possibility of fast and trouble-free purchase of spare parts. With this moment you can figure out the last thing when choosing a device, the main thing is not to forget about it.

Weight remains an important characteristic of the lawn mower. It depends on him how convenient it will be later to use the device. The operation of the benzokosy should not be accompanied by significant efforts on the part of man, otherwise it is difficult to call such a garden tool practical and easy to use.

A design that has too much weight for you will cause rapid fatigue, tension in the hands and in the torso. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a weight parameter taking into account your capabilities or the capabilities of the person who will be engaged in mowing the lawn in the yard. According to this parameter, there are benzosy with a weight of 1.2 to 9 kg.

A significant proportion of the weight of the structure falls on the engine. Most of the engines for benzokos, which you can buy in a specialized store, have a push-pull device. They are characterized by light weight and ease of use.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Helpful advice! If you want to get characteristics such as fast engine speed, as well as high power, choose push-pull devices. Four-stroke engines provide less fuel consumption, low noise level during operation, as well as high efficiency.

Engine power – the main indicator that is taken into account when choosing products in the store. What value to choose depends on the size of the area to be processed.

The choice of power is based on the size of the suburban area:

  1. If your suburban area has a small size, a device with an engine power in the range of 0.5-1 kW is suitable.
  2. For the processing of areas of average area (no more than 10 acres), a garden tool will be suitable, giving out power at the level of 1-1.5 kW.
  3. Plots whose size is equal to 10 weave or more need a more powerful tool.

If you mow lawns in areas with a large area, while using a gasoline mower with a low power rating, the tool will very quickly become unusable. The fact is that the power indicates the length of time during which the device can operate without overheating. Heavy loads on the engine with low power lead to its shutdown, as well as increase wear. For processing large areas, it is recommended to select models equipped with a four-stroke engine.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Cutting elements that are equipped with benzosy, may be:

  • disk;
  • fishing line;
  • knife.

Such equipment depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on the specific model.

Note! No matter which cutting element you choose, these parts need regular maintenance or replacement. In the case of fishing line after wear, it can be replaced, knives and discs are sharpened. And the last of them can even be used for cutting young shoots of trees and shrubs.

Knives for cutting grass are equipped with a different number of teeth. In some models, the teeth replaced the blades. The advantage of this cutting element is that the teeth are able to cope with the cutting of fairly dense grass, as well as overgrowth of small shrubs.

For dacha plots with dense vegetation of thick weeds or shrubs, it is recommended to purchase gas mowers equipped with metal discs. It is better if they have 3 or 4 blades.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

In order to provide regular care for such a territory, it is advisable to acquire a device with metal discs that have a large number of teeth. The modern range offers models with cutting elements having from 8 to 80 teeth.

In addition to the above parts, users have the opportunity to cheaply buy gas mowers equipped with a fishing line as a cutting element through an online store. This category of devices has models that differ among themselves also in the parameters of the fishing line. The diameter of the cutting element varies in the range of 1.6-3 mm.

The advantages of such structures include:

  • high margin of safety;
  • a simple procedure for replacing the cutting element (the line can be changed with your own hands, without the help of experts);
  • extensive functionality;
  • acceptable cost.
  • a wide range that helps to easily select and buy a gas mower (in online stores or specialized points of sale).

On the other hand, the fishing line has certain disadvantages. In some situations, the structures equipped with it cause difficulties. If you treat areas of large area with vegetation in the form of hard grass, such a cutting element will quickly become unusable or stretch.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Note! The range of benzokos, equipped with a fishing line, there are models that differ nozzles. The nozzle is a reel with a fishing line, which in the process of rotation mows vegetation.

The market offer allows you to buy a reel for a benzocos with a different principle of filing a fishing line:

  • manual;
  • automatic;
  • semi-automatic.

If you decide to buy a starter for gasoline mowers of the manual type, remember that in this case the fishing line is pulled out manually. This is not a disadvantage, just the process will require additional efforts from you. For semi-automatic models, a certain manipulation is provided to enable launching. Feed starts when hitting the ground.

The most optimal solution for a gas mower is to buy an automatic type ignition coil.

Benzokosy for the care of the dacha can be classified according to the type of handle, more precisely according to its shape, which can be curved or straight. Modifications with straight rods are equipped with a special shaft used for rotation. In products with a curved barbell, the movement of the cutting element is carried out by a cable made of steel. Its second name sounds like a flexible shaft.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

If you are looking to purchase a truly high-quality product, then the reliability ratings of gasoline mowers equipped with a rigid shaft are at the top. However, in this case, you will have to face the problem of heavy weight.

The models equipped with a steel cable are characterized by excellent maneuverability. The disadvantages of such benzokos include rapid wear of the cable, which, unlike a rigid shaft, can not work for the same long period. He needs to be replaced.

Note! Many rods equipped with a rigid shaft, have a collapsible design. Due to this, the process of transporting the gas mowers is less expensive and very convenient.

Selection of the handle, at first glance, seems to be an insignificant criterion for the selection of gasoline mowers. Nevertheless, the shape of this part in the design is important, because when buying it is worth choosing models that correspond to the relief features of the site.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The entire range of benzocos can be divided into two groups of structures:

  1. Devices with a single handle type – are distinguished by convenience, which will be particularly advantageous if you have to work in cramped conditions.
  2. Models with double handles – are characterized by high efficiency in the processing of large open areas.

In addition, there is a direct separation of models benzokos the shape of the handle:

  • T-shaped – used for the treatment of open and large areas;
  • D-shaped – it is recommended to apply in areas where hedges are planted, there are shrubs and trees;
  • J-shaped – are classified as the safest lawn mowers.

The main advantage of the benzocos models with a J-shaped handle is that the operator is at a sufficiently large distance from the working cutting object during mowing the lawn. This design easily cope with tall grass.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

To facilitate your work, you can buy knapsack belts for benzokosy. Due to these devices, part of the weight of the structure is transferred from the hands, which quickly get tired, to the shoulders and back. On sale you can find models with conventional belts, as well as with belts in the form of a knapsack, which greatly help to reduce the load.

When choosing the right trimmer for lawn care, you should pay attention to already established brands. So you can reduce the chance of buying low-quality device.

Helpful advice! Choose a benzokosa in the range of professional tools. Only they have the necessary characteristics and are able to work effectively for a long time, even with frequent use.

The list of popular brands includes gas mowers:

  • Calm;
  • Huskvarna;
  • Echo;
  • Patriot;
  • Champion;
  • Al-Koh;
  • Caiman;
  • Hitachi, etc.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Taking into account these brands, a rating of gas mowers has been compiled, which are suitable for carrying out agricultural and complex work, as well as a list of budget models for summer cottages.

Benzocosa Echo GT-22GES

This model is able to offer an almost complete set of features necessary for the care of the dacha. A gasoline powered two-stroke engine can cope with regular grass trimming and weed control. In the design of the motor has an upper type of location. It is equipped with a brake and is capable of speeds up to 6500 rpm.

The curved bar in combination with the D-shaped handle provides high functionality of the benzocos, which can be successfully used on the territory having a complex relief. Due to the fact that the handle has an adjustable height, the design can be customized to your height. The deck and body part is made of durable plastic, due to which the gasoline spit is as light as possible. The total weight is only 4.5 kg.

Advantages of the device:

  1. A light weight.
  2. Convenient use system.
  3. Reliability.
  4. Excellent balancing.
  5. Fast start and optimum power.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The optional equipment includes a fishing line as a cutting element (diameter 3 mm), as well as a shoulder strap, allowing you to reduce the strain on your hands and make the lawn mowing process more comfortable and convenient.

Note! According to custom benzocos reviews Echo GT-22GES has no significant drawbacks. Its disadvantages can be attributed perhaps to the high level of noise and vibration.

Benzokosa Patriot PT 3355

The model of benzokosa Patriot PT 3355 unites in itself the high power and ease of a design. It is optimal for processing:

  • areas with a rough surface;
  • ravines;
  • flat terrain;
  • pits

The complete set of the device contains a fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm, as well as a knife as a cutting element made of metal. With it, you can shear high weeds at the dacha. The width of the working area of ​​the mowing line with the line is 43 cm. The rotational speed of the knife reaches 7500 rpm. It provides a mowing width of 23 cm.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Thanks to the straight bar with a collapsible design, the process of transporting the gas mowers does not cause serious difficulties. The handle is adjusted to the height, so the lawn mowing procedure can be as comfortable as possible. It has a T-shaped, so-called bicycle form.

In addition to this, a comfortable shoulder strap is attached, which evenly distributes the loads arising in the process of using the gas mower. The total weight of the structure is 6.6 kg. Submission line is carried out in semi-automatic mode.

Advantages of the model:

  1. High power.
  2. Affordable cost.
  3. Low petrol consumption.
  4. Convenient belt backpack type, equipped with a casing.
  5. There is an air filter.

The drawbacks of the benzocosa are not many, but they are available:

  1. Noise
  2. Perceptible vibration
  3. The belt is gradually stretched.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Some people are confused by the plastic carburetor flap control lever for the gas mowers; for this reason, not many people decide to buy this device modification. But in vain, since otherwise there were no significant deficiencies in the design.

Benzocosa Al-Ko. 112387 FRS 4125

If you want a reliable unit for summer cottage, you can buy a cheap Al-Co gasoline mowing machine 112387 FRS 4125. This trimmer belongs to the budget category of structures intended for lawn care in the summer cottage.

Helpful advice! Use this model for harvesting hay for the winter. She perfectly cope with the elimination of weeds from the lawn, as well as young shoots. This gasoline mower will successfully perform the processing of spacious areas.

The cutting element is simply installed and securely fixed in the design. The engine has an electronic type ignition system, equipped with a quick start function, as well as a decompression device. Due to the latter increases the service life of the motor.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The design is endowed with an anti-vibration system. Thanks to it, fatigue in the hands is eliminated, even during long work with the petrol trimmer. The cutting mowing width is 41 cm.

The two-stroke gasoline engine is capable of speeding up to 6500 rpm. In the design it has the top type of placement. The material for the manufacture of the hull and deck served as a durable plastic.

Bicycle T-handle provides comfort. If desired, the position of the handle can be changed to suit your own height, since it has a height-adjustable design. The shape of the bar of this benzokosy – straight.

A set of cutting elements includes a fishing line, as well as a metal knife, the width of which is 25 cm. In the configuration that comes with the device, there is a shoulder strap. The weight of the mowers is 7 kg.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Benzocosa Patriot Garden&Power PT 2540

This model in the ranking of budget devices for the suburban area occupies the position of a universal gas mower, as it has an extensive range of possibilities.

Compared to other designs in this price segment, the Patriot Garden&Power PT 2540 is more suited to care for grassy areas. These sites include:

  • house territory;
  • lawns;
  • areas along paved pads and paths.

Benzokosa equipped with a shoulder strap to facilitate its use. Since the load on the hands in the process of work is reduced, the operator has the opportunity to extend the working time to handle a large area.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Most buyers prefer this particular modification, since its transportation is not accompanied by difficulties. In addition, the operation of the structure is accompanied by a fairly low level of noise and vibration.

Helpful advice! Subject to full care and timely repair benzokosy (do it yourself) or with the involvement of specialists), this unit is able to serve for several years.

Benzocosa Husqvarna 128R

Huskvarna is one of the most sought-after brands among consumers. The design features allow you to successfully use it in everyday life to all who have homestead plots. Even with a fully filled tank of gasoline, this design weighs no more than 5 kg. Due to this, it is possible to use the unit for cutting for a long time, without overloading your arms and back with excessive weight.

The functional set of the Husqvarna 128R gas mowers has a built-in Smart Start option. Due to her start-up tool is carried out quickly and without any difficulties. The gasoline two-stroke engine can be started in any weather, as the design has a unique gasoline pumping system called the Air Purge.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The motor is mounted on top. The diameter of the fishing line is 2.7 mm, it provides a fairly large cutting width of 45 cm. The benzocosa has a high rate of efficiency. The speed of movement of the cutting element is 8000 rpm.

In the configuration is present:

  • semi-automatic head;
  • equipment in the form of belts;
  • metal knives for beveling grass.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and the tremendous maneuverability of the Huskvarna gas mowers, many owners of summer cottages want to buy this model.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Often benzokosy used in agriculture. Such popularity is due to several reasons:

  1. The compact dimensions, as well as advanced features, allow the use of a benzokosu for processing large areas.
  2. Designs are able to cope with mowing the grass, even in hard to reach places. Thanks to this, you can effortlessly remove weeds from the fence, near stones, and even under the benches.
  3. For operation of the unit does not require additional water from the electrical network.
  4. Extensive range of accessories suitable for leveling green hedges or vegetation in flowerbeds. Some models allow you to additionally buy spare parts for a gasoline mower, which will expand the range of design possibilities.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Note! In agriculture, gas mowers are most often used for hay harvesting. But this does not interfere with the use of a similar unit for lawn care in the local area.

Petrol braid Echo SRM-2305SI

Many people prefer to buy the Echo E-benzokosu for the reason that these units are capable of long-term operation without stopping. Model SRM-2305SI is suitable for processing areas with an area of ​​about 20 acres. It is economical, comfortable, differs relatively light weight and quiet operation.

Included with the benzokosa are protective glasses that prevent the cut grass particles from entering the eyes. A fishing line and a metal knife are provided as cutting elements in the design. The unit is easy to start. For protective purposes, there is a function that blocks involuntary activation.

Three-bladed blades in working condition can chop bushes with thick branches. You can install a cultivator attachment on the benzocos. This trimmer model is distinguished from others by the presence of ball bearings, as well as a forged shaft. The handle has an adjustable design. Its tilt and turn is carried out by one turn of the locking nut.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Benefits benzokosy:

  • cylinder walls are chrome plated;
  • forged shaft;
  • convenient and lightweight start system;
  • casing with a transforming design.

Additional spare parts for mowers include a cultivator, as well as a delimbing or brush cutter. All these elements are present in the kit and can be installed on the structure. Among the minuses can be noted only minor flaws. Therefore, this model is headed by a rating of optimal devices intended for agricultural work.

Motokosa Calm FS 250

There is no better option for the rural yard than the FS 250 gas mower. It is endowed with a powerful engine and can be used both in spring and autumn for harvesting hay. Included with the trimmer attached comfortable vest.

Note! The vest has straps and is equipped with a reliable carabiner for fasteners. Thanks to this you can fix the benzocos at the level of your belt. In this position, the comfort of using a trimmer working at intensive speeds for a long time is provided.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The trimmer is suitable for the treatment of areas with tough vegetation. A significant proportion of comfort is the anti-vibration system, which is included in the functionality of the unit. The start is very easy and fast due to the fact that the manufacturer used a proprietary innovative technology called Elasto Start. It prevents sudden jerks of a starting rope.

Advantages, testifying in favor of why it is profitable to buy a benzokosu Stiel for agriculture:

  • convenient fastening system;
  • engine control is carried out by one stick;
  • manual fuel pump installed;
  • The carburetor device has a compensator.

There are drawbacks in this modification of the Calm trimmer. First, the coil is not included in the basic equipment. Secondly, the design has only one single eye for suspension. Its location is regulated by the key.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Petrol Spit CAIMAN SXP26

If you are determined to buy a gas mower, the gearbox for this design, which has an increased level of durability, was made by a Japanese company along with a wrought crankshaft engine. This fact testifies to the high quality of the filling of the CAIMAN SXP26 gas mowers.

The main advantage of this model is a large set of additional nozzles. In addition to the standard knife and fishing line, the design has a lopper / hedgecutter, as well as a cultivator. The straight trimmer bar has a collapsible design, thanks to which the transport of garden tools to the place of work is greatly simplified.

The width of the working area is 23 cm. The two-stroke engine that runs on gasoline produces 7,500 rpm. The motor has a brake as a protective measure against accidental starting.

The handle design on the gas mower allows you to adjust the height of its position in order to achieve a comfortable position. The handle of a D-shaped form facilitates processing of remote zones on a site.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Note! The anti-vibration system is provided in the trimmer. It reduces the level of vibration, which can be a source of discomfort when working with a powerful benzokosoy.

The kit has a shoulder strap that distributes the load. The total weight of the device is 5.1 kg.

Benzocosa Calm FS 130

To carry out agricultural work, many owners of their own sites prefer to buy Shtil benzokosu. In online stores cheap you can buy a lot of models with suitable characteristics.

Model trimmer FS 130 has an excellent functional content:

  • electronic type ignition system;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • quick stop system.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

This benzocosa is applicable in various conditions. It can be used for such matters as:

  • mowing grass, shrubs;
  • harvesting hay;
  • cultivation;
  • grass care;
  • soil loosening.

In the process, the trimmer produces very little noise and is accompanied by the release of a small amount of exhaust gases. The device comes with additional equipment in the form of a handle, equipped with two handles, goggles and a belt for comfortable carrying of the structure.

Petrol Spit Cedar 42200

Products from the Belarusian manufacturer have a high level of performance and excellent quality. Benzocosa Cedar, which you can buy in almost any online store that has a professional tool, offers several advantageous advantages:

  1. As a cutting equipment in the design there is a knife with light weight. Thanks to 40 teeth, it can cut trees.
  2. In the configuration there is a convenient belt for comfortable holding the braid during operation.
  3. A complete set of cutting elements includes a spool of fishing line and three effective knives made of metal.
  4. For greater reliability, the trimmer shaft is additionally reinforced. The fins on the radiator are also enlarged, which eliminates the possibility of overheating, even with prolonged use.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Note! Control buttons are conveniently located on the handle, so they are always at hand.

The handle of the U-shaped benzokosa is not only very convenient, but also makes it possible to cut the grass even in the most inaccessible and inconvenient places.

If you have to deal with the implementation on your site of work of various directions, you should pay attention to the gas mowers, designed to perform complex work.

Suitable universal models with a good margin of power that will cope with the following tasks:

  • mowing grass on the lawn or on the golf course;
  • cutting of small trees and small bushes;
  • roadside clearance;
  • mowing the undergrowth;
  • mowing thick grass for harvesting hay for the winter;
  • care of beds and other elements on the dacha.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

At the same time the trimmer must ensure smooth operation over a long period of time.

Benzocosa Echo SRM-330ES

Benzokosa Echo SRM-330ES belongs to the category of professional trimmers, suitable for performing work of various levels of complexity for a long period of time. This result is ensured by the optimal technical parameters with which the manufacturer has endowed this design.

The device has convenient equipment for the operator, reducing weight loads and vibration effects during operation:

  • three-point shoulder strap;
  • comfortable grip handle;
  • vibration isolator.

The motor is durable and reliable. It is equipped with a cylinder with a chrome electrolytic coating on the walls. The engine is protected from clogging. For this purpose, a fine air filter is installed in it that prevents small particles of mowed grass, earth, sand and other debris from getting into the motor.

If you decide to buy a benzokosu, the starter for starting in this model will provide an easy and quick start for the engine. The main advantages can also include low requests for fuel (its consumption). The design allows you to install various nozzles to achieve high quality results.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Note! The mowing machine Echo SRM-330ES can effectively cut not only lawn grass and old dead wood, but also small shrubs, as well as trees that less powerful models cannot cope with.

This trimmer has some drawbacks. Belts in the set are not suitable for people with a slender physique. For some users, the price may seem too high, but given the capabilities of the gas mowers, it is quite justified.

Benzokosa Champion T336

According to the owners, the Champion T336 is a very comfortable bicycle handle. The design has a high-quality two-stroke engine. Its power is 970 watts. In this case, the manufacturer thought about the level of vibration, equipping the device with a special system that reduces its impact.

Cutting can be carried out using a reel equipped with fishing line, or a knife with blades. Thanks to this, cutting grass will be relaxed and easy, regardless of its rigidity and thickness. Mowing width is 40 cm, if you use a reel with a fishing line. For a metal knife, this figure is 25 cm.

The benzokosa has a special bar with a folding design. The handle is equipped with a position adjustment system, so that it can be fixed at the required height.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The total weight of the mowing champion T336 is no more than 6.9 kg, which is optimal for a trimmer with a high power rating that can perform complex work in a country plot. A shoulder strap is attached to this garden tool. With it, you can evenly distribute the load and work without fatigue.

Stihl FS 450-L trimmer

This model belongs to the category of powerful and reliable gasoline mowers that can cope with the cleaning of large areas of bushes and small trees. This was made possible by the presence of a three-bladed metal knife in the equipment.

Note! The trimmer the Calm is completed with a full protective set for safe and comfortable work in a garden.

Operator comfort in the process of working with the benzokosa is ensured by the presence of:

  • shoulder belt (backpack type “harness”);
  • safety glasses;
  • convenient to grip the handle with the optimal placement of the control system on it;
  • casing for protection.

In addition, this model has proprietary technologies from the manufacturer. This functional set is designed to facilitate the operation, it consists of:

  • easy start systems, supplemented by a decompression clan;
  • starting device Elasto Start;
  • compensator installed in the carburetor.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The rotational speed of the metal knife reaches 8759 rpm. The design allows you to install additional nozzles in the form of a delimber and brush cutter. The device has a height-adjustable handle with a T-shaped bicycle grip, as well as a straight rod. Special system that reduces the level of vibration exposure. The weight of the structure is equal to 8.1 kg.

Motokosa Huskvarna 552R

Model 552R from the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna belongs to the category of professional garden equipment, the scope of which includes:

  • lawn mowing;
  • cut of dead wood;
  • removal of thin trees;
  • cut shrubs.

The functional benzocos allows you to successfully apply it even in very difficult areas, the processing of which cannot be handled by a lightweight trimmer for domestic use. The manufacturer has equipped the structure with several protective systems at once, preventing the possibility of overheating and breakage of the tool used for a long time in operation.

The motor at the benzokosa 552R two-stroke with a power of 2.5 kW. It is protected from overheating by the cooling system (air type of protection). The reducer in the construction is reinforced, and the trimmer itself is protected from accidental activation. There is a timer and easy start system Easy Start.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Attached advanced equipment, consisting of:

  • three-blade knife;
  • reel equipped with a fishing line as a cutting element;
  • 8-blade blade;
  • measuring tank;
  • comfortable handle;
  • watering cans;
  • a set of keys;
  • knapsack “harness” (the belt is put on two shoulders, so the load on the hands is minimal).

Helpful advice! The manufacturer recommends the use of protective equipment when working with a trimmer: gloves, glasses, headphones. This applies not only to the Huskvarna brand products, but also to other trimmers. Do not forget about security.

The level of vibration and noise exposure is minimal. The reel automatically feeds the line. The price of Husqvarna gasoline mowers and other models from the rating can be found in the table presented in this article.

Benzocosa Oleo-Mac Sparta 38

Professional gasoline spit Oleo-Mac Sparta 38 has enough power to easily withstand intensive operation. Since the operation of the engine is accompanied by a large number of revolutions, the manufacturer installed a flywheel to protect against overheating. This element serves as an effective cooling system that prevents overheating even in the summer heat.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The design has a practical device. The air filter is located so that if necessary, cleaning it had easy access. Thanks to this, this procedure takes only a few minutes.

The disadvantages of the Sparta 38 can be attributed to a significant weight (7.3 kg), however, due to the presence of a shoulder strap for the shoulders, this load can be evenly distributed. As a result, the operator can work for a long time on the site with the mowers, without feeling serious fatigue.

The working width of mowing the grass with a fishing line is 40 cm. The knife made of metal covers a width of 25 cm. The engine develops a rotation speed of up to 8500 units / min. The benzokosa has a straight barbell, a comfortable handle with an adjustable height indicator. T-handle bicycle type increases the comfort in the process of mowing the lawn.

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the top-rated gasoline mowers and their technical characteristics, you should pay attention to the last, but no less important factor of selection – cost.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Note! In the tabular version are the average prices benzokos Stiel, Husqvarna, Champion, Echo and other manufacturers that were included in the ranking of the best. Cost may vary by store.

Average prices for the rating model benzokos:

Device category The brand Device model Country of origin price, rub.
Budget models for giving Echo GT-22GES Japan 10,900
Patriot PT 3355 China 9000
Al-Ko 112387 FRS
Germany 10,000
Patriot Garden&Power PT 2540 China 5000
Husqvarna 128R Sweden 15,000
Agricultural Trimmers Echo SRM-2305SI Japan 18450
Calm FS 250 Germany 25,000
Caiman SXP26 Japan 29,000
Calm FS 130 Germany 30,000
Cedar 42200 Belarus 10,000
Models for complex jobs Echo SRM-330ES Japan 23,100
Champion T336 China 48500
Calm FS 450-L Germany 29,000
Husqvarna 552R Sweden 12300
Oleo mack Sparta 38 Italy 28990


The cutting complete set includes:

  1. Fishing line – the thickness of the element is in the range of 1.6-3 mm. This cutting component is located in the trimmer head and in the process of cutting the grass is subjected to gradual wear. To replace the fishing line can be in different ways. In one case, you can wind the line with the same diameter on the spool, in the other – to replace the spool, which already has a line.
  2. Knives – the material for the manufacture of this part is steel, having a double-sided sharpening. Due to this, the device can quickly clean the area from hard and thick grass, weeds, small shrubs. Knives may have a different shape, as well as the number of cutting surfaces (teeth, blades).

The control system is located on the handle, which is fixed on the rod. For safety reasons, a special protective cover is installed on the cutting mechanism. The fuel tank is filled with a mixture consisting of oil and gasoline. This applies to all domestic braids.

On sale are also present household and semi-professional design, equipped with a four-pin motor. In this case, the refueling system will be slightly different. Oil will need to be poured into the crankcase, and gasoline must flow into the fuel tank.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

To understand why the engine of the gas mowers does not start, it is worthwhile to start to study the internal structure of the trimmer. In any gasoline spit there is a bar in the form of a long tube. It is mounted on a gearbox adjacent to a two-stroke gasoline engine, in which the combustion of fuel takes place.

When gasoline burns, a significant amount of energy is released, forcing the engine to gain momentum. These turns are transmitted to the cutting element through a shaft located inside the rod. Rotational movements of a metal knife or fishing line sometimes reach a frequency of 10-13 thousand rev / min. There are holes in the housing protecting the gearbox. They are designed to enter the lubricant.

Helpful advice! Use a syringe to inject grease into the gearbox. It is convenient and will allow you to do the procedure carefully.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

If the engine of the gasoline spit refuses to work, the first thing to check is the presence of fuel in the tank. Low-quality gasoline can also affect the operation of the engine, so all manufacturers recommend using only quality fuel for refueling garden tools, which can be purchased at gas stations.

Use for refueling petrol AI-92 and higher. If you use fuel of lower quality, sooner or later there will be a breakdown of the system of pistons and cylinders. At least 1/3 of the total cost of the trimmer will go to fix this problem.

Another common cause of breakdowns is improper preparation of a fuel mixture consisting of oil and gasoline. The proportions of these components in the formulation are clearly indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions attached to the trimmer.

Helpful advice! No need to cook too much filling mixture at a time. During storage, it gradually loses its properties. For optimal operation of the device, it is recommended to use a freshly prepared filling mixture.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Among the reasons that give the answer to the question of why gasoline mowers do not start, is the pollution of the fuel filter, which is installed in the tank. Such a malfunction can create serious obstacles to the operation of the engine of the gasoline spit.

After making sure that the tank of the device is full and contains a correctly prepared fresh mixture, it is worth checking the status of this filter. If necessary, replace the part. In no case can not use the inlet pipe without installing a fuel filter.

Repair carburetor benzokos not only involves cleaning the fuel filter, but also replacing it, if the cause of a malfunction of the design is not in the blockage of this element, but in its breakage.

In addition, it is worth checking the condition of the air filter, which is also subject to contamination. If such a problem is identified, the element must be removed and cleaned.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The scheme of cleaning the air filter:

  1. The part is washed in water using detergent.
  2. Detergents are flushed with plenty of water.
  3. Filter must be pressed and completely dried.
  4. A small amount of oil that is used to prepare the filling mixture should be applied to the part.
  5. Excess oil must be removed. To do this, simply squeeze the filter by hand.

Then you can put the air filter back in place, close the cover and fix it with screws. This scheme involves cleaning at home. If you are far from home, the item can be washed in gasoline and used further. Do not forget to clean as soon as you arrive home.

Adjusting carburetors benzokos is a very common procedure to get rid of problems in the work of the structure. This manipulation can be done with your own hands, adhering to all the recommendations.

Helpful advice! Before proceeding with the adjustment, clean all the filters in accordance with the instruction manual for the gasoline spit.

The adjustment of the carburetor involves three adjustment screws:

  • left;
  • lower;
  • right.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

The right-hand screw (labeled L) is responsible for adjusting the charge at low speeds. To do this, you first need to calculate the maximum possible number of revolutions at idle. To do this, you need to slowly turn the right screw to the right and left.

To adjust the fuel mixture, the same screw should be rotated 1/4 of a turn. Do it counterclockwise.

The bottom screw (labeled T) is used to adjust the engine at idle depending on the direction. Turning counterclockwise decreases, and turning clockwise increases.

Adjustment of idling with bolts T and L is performed correctly if:

  1. A cold engine is able to work stably.
  2. Turns of the hot engine have not overestimated indicators.
  3. When changing the position of the cutting element (for example, a sharp descent or raising of a knife), the engine continues to work stably.
  4. The trimmer head has a large stock of additional revolutions.

Adjusting the filling mixture at high speeds is carried out using the left adjusting screw (marking H).

Note! Setup of this screw is necessarily carried out in the last turn.

This screw is responsible for general adjustment:

  • motor power;
  • maximum possible speed;
  • fuel consumption;
  • temperature.

Use the video material below to adjust the carburetor in a household gas mower.

Benzokosa: rating of the best models from popular manufacturers

Scheme settings last screw:

  1. The throttle opens completely, after which you should give full gas.
  2. The screw is rotated in the clockwise direction until the moment when the number of revolutions drops. In such conditions, you can only focus on hearing.
  3. The screw slowly rotates counterclockwise until the motor becomes uneven.
  4. The adjusting screw turns clockwise again. This is done carefully. You need to stop at the moment when the first sound, indicating a stable and smooth operation of the motor.

The correctness of the setting can be determined not only on the basis of how the turns are calibrated and how stable the engine is. Some are guided by the color of the candle. If, with full combustion of the filling mixture, it acquired a light brown shade, it means that the carburetor is correctly calibrated.

Having chosen the optimal trimmer model, having provided it with proper care, you will receive a reliable tool that will serve you for more than one season.

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