White plinth in the interior: features of the application

To emphasize the completeness of the interior and hide any deformation, it is important to choose and install the floor decor correctly. In recent years, white plinth made of MDF or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has become quite popular. The smoothness of the surface, unpretentiousness in care, durability, moisture resistance and the lack of additional processing during installation today are in high demand. On the features of the plinths and the rules for their installation will be discussed in this article.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

White PVC or MDF plinth: which is better

Before you buy a white plinth, it is important to determine the priority material for yourself. PVC plinth is relevant for the floor of tile, linoleum or laminate. In the manufacture of such a decorative element used extrusion of polyvinyl chloride. For a variety of colors responsible film or coloring material.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

Material for the production of MDF appears as a result of exposure to vacuum and pressing of wood fibers. By its production resins are not used. Outside it is treated with a lacquer coating or with protected melamine decorative paper. Plinth is environmentally friendly. The cost of the two listed materials (PVC and MDF) will be low.

There is a third type of floor decor – MDF plinth, topped with PVC film. Having chosen one of the three material options, many opt for a white color. The latter is universal and fits almost any color solution indoors. If earlier, when choosing such elements, they were repelled by the shade of the floor covering, but now the white color perfectly contrasts with the dark woods and emphasizes all the beauty of the chosen style.

Note! White baseboards in the interior are wide or narrow. The first is ideal for spacious rooms. They also perfectly protect the lower part of the wall, hide the wires and any finishing errors.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

Many people strive to buy white floor plinth for a reason: MDF is a more environmentally friendly material than chipboard. It contains no phenol and resin. The dye-soaked paper is glued to the front layer of the material. This solution protects the topcoat from possible peeling over time.

The melamine coating on the above paper is responsible for protecting the decorative element from resistant stains of pollution, ultraviolet radiation, moisture and dust. Plinth floor white (wide or thin) favorably emphasizes the strengths of the interior. The material is easy to clean and inexpensive. The only drawback is excessive fragility.

You can buy MDF plinth white or any other color: from light to imitating natural wood or stone. Often, to achieve the originality of the room use the contrast of tones. In some cases, white doors and white skirting are considered ideal.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

Floor decor is attached to the wall in any way indicated below:

  1. The use of liquid nails and glue is important in the absence of the straps of the mounting channel. Carefully adjusting the size of the plinth and making an exact calculation of the parameters, glue is applied to the plane of the plinth.
  2. The use of screws together with dowels made for greater adhesion. The method involves drilling a small hole in the wall for the dowel, where the screw is screwed.
  3. Clips, mounting rails, latches – a lightweight installation method. Assumes the presence of mounting channels on the back of the baseboard.

One of the leaders for beautiful floor decoration and hiding the technological gaps in the repair is also considered to be a plinth made of PVC. The production process of polyvinyl chloride is divided into several types.

Semi-rigid – White baseboards for the floor are made in conditions of high pressure. The modified material structure acquires flexibility suitable for laying a curvilinear character on the surface without the need to form slots.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

Hard Plinth plastic floor (white or any other color) – the most common type of decor. Traditionally fits into straight sections. Turning parts are connected to certain corners.

Foamed the look differs in high thermal insulation that serves as additional warming of a floor covering.

PVC white plinth is selected in accordance with the wall geometry, room parameters and other additional factors. The installation of this decor is maximally simplified due to the composite construction: the decorative panel is on the outside, the mounting film is on the inside.

How to fix the plinth on the floor? It can be summarized that there are three methods of fastening, namely:

  1. On self tapping screw.
  2. On glue.
  3. On clips.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

High white plinth, as well as low, due to color, is considered a godsend for the realization of any design ideas.

The combination of white floor decor with ceiling moldings of the same tone and dark panels can create an interesting contrast and hide any structural shortcomings.

Classic tone perfectly emphasizes pastel shades, visually increasing the space. Dark doors and floors in combination with white floor decor are designed to visually expand a small area.

A community with fantasy or floral ornaments transforms the walls, emphasizing the elegance of the Rococo, Art Deco or Art Nouveau motifs. White floor baseboard in the interior creates a monotonous style, while making more clear the outlines of the ceiling, walls and coating lines.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

How to choose a plinth by color – interests many. The above information will help determine the choice of tone of the border, taking into account the style of the entire room.

On a note! A wide white plinth in the interior is relevant for a ceiling height of at least three meters. Otherwise, this solution will lead to a dramatic reduction in visual space.

It is important to know how to emphasize the style decision of the room, and not completely cross out everything that has been done before. Important points of registration are:

  • white wooden baseboard and floor – the classic version;
  • dark doors and the floor in combination with a light tone of the floor decor and trim look great;
  • the duet “White Plinth – White Walls” looks gracefully against the background of a dark flooring, which is suitable for small rooms;
  • White platbands and baseboards are also relevant for bright walls;
  • Large rooms are visually reduced due to the combination: white baseboard + dark doors.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

Important! After the installation of plastic and MDF, it is recommended that the floor decor be additionally painted with white matte paint in order to remove the chemical reflection from the coating.

The uniqueness of the decorative element is as follows:

  • no need for surface treatment;
  • perfectly retains the original color and shape;
  • ease of installation;
  • in addition to white, the material can take on any shade, even to the imitation of natural wood or stone;
  • not afraid of temperature extremes.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

From the moment of production, wide floor decor for several years entered the top ten in the market. The material owes its popularity to a number of functional characteristics:

  • high white floor plinth – effective protection of walls against mechanical damage and moisture;
  • an economical way to quickly hide minor defects remaining after laying the floor covering;
  • the presence of the cable channel from the inside helps to skillfully hide the wiring.

The height of the decorative strips can reach 100 mm. The white plastic plinth (high) allows you to put any furniture almost close to the walls of the room.

White high floor plinth MDF or PVC is selected based on the height of the ceilings. For standard 2.7 m, a strip of 70 mm is suitable. In homes with three-meter parameters, the bar size is desirable within 70-90 mm. For higher ceilings, you should consider purchasing a curb in excess of 100 mm.

White plinth in the interior: features of the application

The length of the plinth reaches 2500 mm, the maximum width is 25 mm, the height is up to 150 mm. Curbs are often supplied in the form of long rolls: from 25 to 50 mm, which appear to the buyer in the form of a flexible tape. In most cases, they are stacked around the perimeter due to seamless technology. The joints between the elements are closed with appropriate decorative corners.

When selecting the size and color of the border, everything is considered: from the height of the ceiling to the color palette and the style of the room. It is taken into account that narrow profiles are categorically not suitable for large rooms and, conversely, wide options are unsuitable for small rooms.

White PVC or MDF baseboards are recommended for those who appreciate practicality, durability and beauty of the interior. This decor fits perfectly into the room, hiding any deformation gaps. Although the exact “year of birth” of the mentioned strips is unknown, they are at the peak of popularity.

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