Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

A variety of flooring today, there are many, and the most popular of them continue to fight for a place in our homes. Laminate or linoleum: which is better? Which of these materials to prefer for interior decoration? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of these coatings, especially laying and further care of them. And on the basis of the proposed information, everyone will make a choice for himself in favor of this or that option.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

What is better in the apartment: linoleum or laminate

What are the basic requirements we place on the quality of modern flooring in the apartment? Of course, in the first place is always the strength and ability of the material to withstand various kinds of mechanical stress. Service life also plays an important role, because buying an expensive coating, I want to be sure that it will serve the entire period it was supposed to.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

Equally important is the aesthetic appearance. After all, no matter how durable and reliable the coating may be, it may not fit into the overall design of the apartment by its style. Among the interior tasks flooring can distinguish two main ones:

  • visual expansion of space;
  • creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the room.

The problem is only that each manufacturer claims that it is his coverage that is better and preferable. So to understand what exactly is more suitable for your home, most likely, will have on their own.

How in the process of repair to make the right choice in favor of a floor covering? It is necessary to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and then compare them according to the most important characteristics for you. So, consider the laminate and linoleum of the consonant of this algorithm.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

Laminate is a floor covering that consists of two layers. As a base, a polymer layer or decorative paper is used. This gives the final product strength and stability.

Among the advantages of laminate include:

  • high level of durability and wear resistance. Such a coating can withstand considerable loads, and is also quite difficult to be mechanically damaged;
  • the use of only environmentally friendly materials for the manufacture of laminate make it completely safe for human health;
  • fire resistance, as well as the ability to withstand significant temperature drops, allows the use of this material in residential premises;
  • the installation that needs to be done is extremely simple. Most of the products are equipped with special locks designed to fasten the panels to each other;
  • It does not require special care. It is enough to wipe the surface with a damp soft cloth;

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

  • with proper care and the absence of too harsh operating conditions, the laminate can last for many years;
  • the variety of colors allows you to choose a laminate that is suitable in almost any interior. A variety of textures and shades mimic natural wood, replacing it perfectly;
  • the cost of laminate is not so high when compared with many other floor coverings.

But even this seemingly flawless coating like laminate has its disadvantages:

  • The “relationship” of laminate and water is hardly friendly. Moisture has a negative effect on this type of coating, and over time makes it unusable;
  • preparation for laying laminate involves the full alignment of the base of the floor. Without this procedure, putting the cover does not make sense;
  • if during the installation errors or inaccuracies were made, after some time the laminate will let you know about this characteristic swelling and creaking;
  • inexpensive you can buy only low-quality material. On the checked and certified goods will need to spend.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

Linoleum is a somewhat older and more familiar material. Almost everyone came across it, and this floor does not need any special presentation. Nevertheless, consider all its pros and cons, in order to compare them with the characteristics of the laminate.

The advantages of using linoleum:

  • unpretentious and versatile material that is suitable for use in almost any conditions and premises;
  • Linoleum versions are available, made exclusively from natural materials, and therefore absolutely eco-friendly;
  • The installation of the coating is so simple that it simply does not make sense to hire specialists for this job. Any person can easily cope with the task on their own;
  • linoleum does not rot and does not collapse even under prolonged exposure to water;
  • provides additional sound and heat insulation of the floor;
  • as simple as possible in the care. Cleaning of such a coating is made elementary and does not require significant costs;

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

  • It has a high resistance to damage and practically does not wear off over the years. However, the presence of these properties, as a rule, is directly related to the cost of linoleum;
  • Linoleum is a very inexpensive flooring;
  • large selection of modern design solutions: a variety of color, textured and stylistic options.

The disadvantages of linoleum include the following:

  • the artificial composition of most of the options offered for sale;
  • linoleum is subject to serious deformations due to exposure to too high temperatures or fire;
  • has a special sensitivity to chemicals and fat;
  • does not tolerate low temperatures – cracks appear on the coating, which then breaks;
  • In some cases, it cannot withstand the load that is acceptable, for example, for a laminate, as a result of which it is damaged.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

So what is better in the house, laminate or linoleum? Based on the foregoing, we will compare the properties of these materials.

Laminate is able to endure much more stress than linoleum. It is much more difficult to damage it, and the service life with a corresponding care of the laminate is much longer. But linoleum is undoubtedly the leader in water resistance. It, unlike laminate, does not scare any amount of water.

Thermal insulation characteristics of these materials are very similar. They perfectly keep heat, protecting the room from additional cooling. It is easier to care for linoleum than for laminate. After all, the ability to use various chemicals can be useful more than once when it comes to areas of the floor that are subject to particular pollution.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

According to the complexity of installation, both these coatings are quite simple to install. The only difference is that pre-leveling the base is required for installing the laminate. Speaking about the styling features, it is also worth noting that the laminate, which is fastened with a locking joint, can always be disassembled to fix the defect, and then reassemble. Of course, in the case of linoleum there is no such option.

And one and the other option perfectly “get along” with the floor heating system, while having almost the same number of color and stylistic decisions.

Helpful advice! In the case of installing a floor heating system, pay attention to the composition of linoleum, which you plan to put on top. Only natural material will not emit harmful substances when heated.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

None of these flooring is considered to be excessively expensive. However, their prices may differ significantly both among themselves and within the varieties of their group. Much depends on the manufacturer, the technical characteristics of this particular class of product and type of coating.

Compared to laminate, linoleum is a cheaper material. Its minimum price is 1.5-2 times lower than that of the simplest laminate. This is due to the synthetic nature of its origin. It is interesting that comparing the price indicators of the coatings of average quality, we get another difference – about 2.5 times. Of course, laminate will be more expensive.

Even more, the difference is noticeable among expensive materials: the price of vinyl laminate per m2 starts from 1200 rubles. At the same time, linoleum of a corresponding quality level will cost you about 450 rubles per square meter.

Despite the rather large difference in price, it is difficult to say which material is more profitable to buy. After all, much depends on your wishes, as well as the goals that you pursue.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

Vinyl laminate has many advantages when compared with other types of similar coating. This is directly related to its composition and method of manufacture. Consider a few of its main advantages:

  • the lifetime of the vinyl laminate is much longer than normal. Some manufacturers give up to 25 years warranty for their goods;
  • has even greater strength and tolerance to mechanical damage. Virtually no loads can leave their mark on him;
  • the moisture resistance of this material is so great that its laying became possible even in the bathroom;
  • vinyl laminate tolerates the effects of most chemicals;
  • has a high fire resistance;
  • pleasantly pleased with the abundance of color and texture solutions. You can also buy vinyl laminate with various patterns;
  • exceptional thermal insulation properties of vinyl material provide warm and comfortable floors in the house;
  • care and installation are made in the standard way.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

It is difficult to say that vinyl laminate is completely environmentally friendly and as safe for health as natural wood or tile. However, without external exposure, polyvinyl chloride is inert and poses no danger to humans. Therefore, its use is allowed even in various medical and children’s educational institutions.

Vinyl laminate looks very similar to the classic, but it has a slightly different structure. The panels include quartz sand, reinforcing mesh and compressed vinyl. As the outer surface a decorative layer is used, which can be decorated with almost any pattern using photo printing. To extend the service life of the image, a protective layer is applied on top of the pattern, which consists of a polyurethane lacquer with the addition of aluminum oxide. The thickness of such a coating does not exceed 4 mm, and in terms of wear resistance it belongs to class 43. Castle vinyl laminate – one of the most popular materials for finishing apartments.

Depending on the way in which the laminate is attached, you can select the following options:

  • self-adhesive laminate;
  • castle vinyl laminate.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

In the first case, the difference is that the coating has a special smart tape, which protrudes from under the base and is an adhesive tape. In the second case, use the usual connection Click, which is represented in almost all classical laminates. A little later, we will consider whether it is possible to lay vinyl-based laminate on linoleum, or it is better to give preference to the traditional substrate.

The cost of such a flooring is quite high, so it is not always affordable, but the service life fully pays for this modest lack of vinyl laminate. If you still decide on the installation of this particular type of coating, the video laying vinyl laminate will be for you a great assistant in the work.

Relatively new, but already quite popular – quartz-vinyl material. What distinguishes him from all the others? First of all – a three-layer structure, which provides the improvement of almost all technical characteristics of the coating.

Quartz-vinyl laminate is referred to the 43 class, and its cost is quite high compared with other types of coatings. And this is not surprising, because between the two outer layers of each element there is also the so-called quartz aggregate. Such manufacturing technology provides maximum strength and stability of the material, but at the same time affects its price.

Laminate or linoleum: what better to use for flooring

In addition, you will have to pay for another pleasant addition – the treatment of the outer layer of the coating with a disinfecting compound. This happens by silver ionization, which leads to a significant increase in price, and at the same time provides maximum protection for the laminate. According to research by experts, the number of bacteria living on the surface, which was processed in this way, is reduced by 2 times.

One of the most important arguments in favor of using the nominal type of coverage is the ability to mount it on any type of foundation. Regardless of whether it is a tile, old linoleum or concrete floor, you can easily place a quartz-vinyl laminate on top.

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