How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

Exceptional technical characteristics of tile allowed it to be widely used not only in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in other living rooms. Let’s try to figure out how to put tiles on a wooden floor and whether it is possible to do it at all. And also we will consider the main stages, features and possible difficulties which need to be considered in the course of work.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

How to lay tiles on the wooden floor by yourself: difficulties and peculiarities of the process

Generally speaking, ceramics – not the best option for combination with wood. This is due to the different characteristics of these two materials:

  • wood tends to change its size as a result of external factors: with increasing humidity, the tree expands, with a decrease, on the contrary, it can shrink. In many cases, this leads to deformation of the tile covering and the appearance of cracks;
  • Unlike tiles, wood is highly susceptible to various kinds of destructive processes and is much inferior to ceramics. Therefore, it is often possible to face a situation where, due to the destruction of the wooden substrate, it is necessary to dismantle the tile;

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

  • tile covering, together with water-repellent glue, blocks access to oxygen wood, which is necessary for the full service of wood. As a result – a significant reduction in the duration of the life of the base;
  • for laying on a wooden floor, you can use only the lightest tile. Otherwise, its weight will be too large for a wooden base and over time the tile will fail.

So, is it possible to lay tile on a wooden floor? Can. But this is a rather complicated process. If you are still confident in your decision to put ceramic tiles on top of a wooden floor, be prepared that you will need to make a lot of effort. But the result is worth it, so let’s proceed to the preparation of the foundation. Consider in stages how to lay tiles on a wooden floor.

Helpful advice! It is strictly not recommended to lay tiles on top of a wooden floor, since the installation of which has not passed at least two years. This is fraught with the fact that in the process of shrinkage tile cracks.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

The main requirements for the construction work are as follows:

  • provide oxygen access to the lower layers of the coating (wood);
  • evenly distribute the allowable load over the entire surface;
  • ensure the immobility of the base.

In order for all these points to be complied with, it is necessary to plan the order of works and follow the plan. It is also useful to see various videos on how to put tile on a wooden floor.

The first stage involves a thorough examination and assessment of the state of the wooden base. For this, the top boards are best removed and carefully inspect all the structural elements: beams, logs, each board on both sides, insulation, etc.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

For any signs of damage, it is imperative to replace or repair the base portion. What you should pay special attention to:

  • presence of rotting. There are many kinds of rot, so you need to carefully inspect the surface. Regardless of the type of fungi that produce this process, the wood softens, changing its color or structure. Checking for the presence of rotting elements is performed as follows: in any fragment causing you suspicion you must insert an awl. Easy entry is a reliable indicator of destructive processes in wood. All affected elements must be eliminated, and the adjacent parts are treated with special antiseptic agents for wood;
  • larvae of wood beetle. These insects destroy the wood, gnawing through it many moves. To solve the problem, the same approach is used as in the first case – replacement of the damaged area and careful treatment with a special compound.

Most of the destructive processes for wood develops as a result of high humidity. Therefore, installing tiles on a wooden floor in a bathroom requires special attention. In dry rooms, the development of fungi can occur as a result of a violation of the integrity of the insulating layer. Given these factors, you should carefully check the waterproofing materials for damage. You may have to lay an extra layer.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

Helpful advice! Spores of fungi are in almost any wood. The only way to prevent them from spoiling the floor is to conduct high-quality antiseptic treatment and create the most inappropriate conditions for their existence.

If none of the above disadvantages were found on your floor, or you have already eliminated any defects, then you can lay tiles on a wooden floor.

Before you start preparing for laying ceramic tiles on a wooden floor, you need to make sure that the distance between the lags does not exceed 50 cm. Otherwise, you need to install additional supports, because otherwise the design can not withstand the weight of the coating and fail. The videos presented on the web can be used as a useful source of information: how to lay tiles on a wooden floor is considered in them in sufficient detail.

Helpful advice! Do not forget to process all new wooden elements with antiseptic agents.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

Next, you need to check how smooth the logs are, for which the construction level is used. As a rule, irregularities appear in the process of shrinkage due to uneven subsidence of wooden parts. All these defects must be eliminated by cutting off unnecessary elements with a plane or vice versa – additional lining of small pieces of bricks or any other material. If it is not possible to push the missing element under the bottom, you can fill the additional board on top, trimming it to the required height.

After leveling, it is necessary to treat the coating against fungus and bacteria. To do this, use the tool with the longest interval between repeated treatments and follow all the recommendations specified in the instructions.

The most common means for surface treatment before laying ceramic tiles on a wooden floor is hot linseed oil. For high-quality protection, it must be re-applied several times (up to five). Means represents absolutely natural, ecologically safe impregnation. Each next layer of drying oil is applied after the previous one is completely dry. You can make sure that it is drying by touching the surface – it should not be sticky.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

The main thing in the process of drying with linseed oil is to keep it cool, because its antiseptic effect directly depends on temperature: the hotter it is, the better it destroys the larvae, spores and bacteria. In addition, in the hot state of linseed oil is more liquid and can penetrate deeper into the microgap.

Helpful advice! Heating drying oil – an unsafe process. Its vapors can ignite, therefore it is strictly forbidden to put a container on the stove. When heating a septic tank, hold it over the stove and just in case, prepare a piece of tarpaulin that can be used to extinguish the source of ignition.

If all previously removed boards are in a satisfactory condition, they can be re-installed, having previously cleaned of the old varnish or paint with which they were coated. This can be done while you expect the antiseptic solution to dry completely.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

To remove residual varnish and paint from the surface of the boards, you can use the following methods:

  • construction hairdryer tuned to a temperature of 200-250 ° C. A stream of hot air must be directed to the paint, as a result of which it will begin to blister. To remove it, use a spatula, knife or scraper. In some sources you can find recommendations on the use of blowtorches, but this is not a good idea. The probability of overheating of wood is great, and, as a result, deterioration of its technical characteristics;
  • chemical washes are similar to gel mass and are sold in almost all hardware stores. This wash should be applied evenly to the surface and after a while remove with a spatula along with softened paint. The only drawback of this method is the considerable cost of the material, if we are talking about processing a large area of ​​the floor;
  • mechanical cleaning involves the stripping of paint from the surface with a spatula or sandpaper without the use of auxiliary materials. It is cheap, but takes a lot of time. Grinding machine will help to speed up the process.

If after removing the coating you have found any defects that were not noticed before, it is better to replace the damaged areas. In addition, all boards are subject to mandatory anti-bacterial treatment. After the impregnation is completely absorbed, you can begin to lay the subfloor under the tile.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

The process of laying the subfloor begins with the laying of the insulation layer. The material you choose should be non-hygroscopic. This will keep dry under the tile and prevent the development of bacteria and fungi there. Also, the material must have a minimum weight to create the least possible load.

Extruded polypropylene can be considered a suitable option. Due to its synthetic origin, it prevents the development of any living organisms on its surface. True, this material has drawbacks: it does not allow air to pass through and has a considerable price.

As an alternative, expanded clay can be used. It is natural and perfectly conducts the air. However, it has more weight and more hygroscopic structure.

Whichever heater you prefer, it must be expanded on top of the waterproofing layer. Top lay old boards, leaving gaps from 4 mm to 1 cm between them and near the walls. These gaps will not be visible, since they will be closed with baseboards, and at the same time they will give the wood the opportunity to expand in case of an increase in humidity.

How to lay tiles on a wooden floor: details of technology and recommendations

If you want a warm floor under a tile on a wooden floor, then in this case it is better to seek the help of professionals. Installation of the system is quite complicated and requires a certain level of skill.

When all boards are laid and fixed, they can be pierced and then leveled using a grinder. All slots must be sealed with foam. It is elastic enough to allow wood to expand, and, moreover, is capable of bearing the weight of tiles and glue.

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