Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

Wood is considered one of the best finishing materials for a country house. It is environmentally friendly and safe for humans. For this reason, in the photo of modern interiors, you can see the wooden ceiling in the house. Finishing work is easy to do with your own hands. This article will help to clarify the question of which materials are best suited for these purposes, as well as choose the most optimal way to design the ceiling.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

Wooden ceiling in the house: versions

Wood due to its low thermal conductivity perfectly retains heat in the house, creating indoor microclimatic conditions comfortable for living. Finishing the ceiling with wood has other advantages, including a high decorative effect, a cozy atmosphere, and the natural smell of the material has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

There is a huge variety of finishing materials on the market. Therefore, consumers need more time to decide what to do with the ceiling in a wooden house. The first thing to consider is the style of the room, as well as its functional purpose. In the living room and bedroom, the atmosphere should be relaxing, setting to rest. The interior of the cabinet, on the contrary, should stimulate a person for productive activities.

In modern interiors, you can often find white wooden ceilings. This coloring is considered universal and never goes out of fashion. The white shade is unobtrusive and airy, it gives the room a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. This solution is suitable not only for ceilings – it can also be used to decorate walls. White colors look equally good in both the bedroom and the kitchen.

Helpful advice! Having painted the walls of the room white, you can add visual space to the space and visually expand the room. Contrasting or bright decor elements and accessories will help to dilute the monotony of the situation.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

Despite the budget material, photos of ceilings in a wooden house of lining look no less attractive. Racking can be used to create a unique design. In addition, the owner of the house at any time to change the color of the ceiling to diversify and update the interior.

Thanks to modern technologies for processing raw materials, you can make ceilings in the bathroom in a wooden house made of wood. High-quality impregnations protect the finish from the negative effects of high humidity, therefore, bans on the use of natural materials in rooms with similar operating conditions have long been lifted. The main thing is to follow all the rules and requirements of the installation technology, as well as to determine the appropriate type of wood and select a tinting compound for it.

Wood as a finishing and building material has found wide application. It is reliable and aesthetic, allows you to create a natural and at the same time modern room design. This material is versatile and easy to process, so it is often possible to find online photos of wooden ceilings in rooms decorated in different styles.

Wood goes well with design areas such as:

  • chalet;

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

  • high tech;
  • eco;
  • country music;
  • Japanese style;
  • modern

Many styles put forward their own requirements for finishing, so it’s much easier to decide what to make the ceiling in the room. For example, high-tech style is based on a clearly defined geometry. It is desirable to avoid strict boundaries. The presence of wood in such an interior is more of an urban nature.

The existence of country style, on the contrary, is unthinkable without the use of wood as a finish. For these purposes, any type of material will be suitable, starting with lining and panels, ending with a rough board. In the course are even wooden wallpaper. In combination with natural stone such decoration will give respectability to the room.

If the country is based on the use of natural materials, then the modern style allows you to combine in the interior decoration of natural and artificial origin. The design is recommended to take wood, with which you can arrange not only the ceilings in a private house, but also the walls and floors. The main thing is not to disturb the general harmony of the room.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

Helpful advice! It is not necessary to sheathe the entire ceiling with wood. You can use beautiful designs made of this material that will decorate a monotonous surface and bring harmony to the interior of the room.

Chalet style originated in France and Switzerland. Despite the simplicity of wooden houses, typical for this area, this direction is not without its charm.

To decide how to sheathe the ceiling in this case, it suffices to study the color range of the style, which includes the following shades:

  • burgundy;
  • brown;
  • red;
  • dark green.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

The style of the chalet is based on the predominance of natural materials and shades, so it is better to refuse to use bright colors or use them with extreme caution. The same principles guided by the direction of eco, whose palette should be as close as possible to the natural. Adhering to the same style, you can avoid abrupt transitions between functional zones.

Japanese style is more exotic, although it is in demand among decorators. The main finishing materials are stone and wood. Ceilings in this case should be given special attention. They can be sheathed with wood panels or board, painted in a dark color.

To avoid mistakes and unpleasant consequences in the future, starting to organize the ceiling with your own hands, it is necessary to carefully study its design. The ceiling part of the room is a multi-layered cake, each element of which performs a specific function.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

Many are interested in the question of how to make a ceiling in a wooden house. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Install overlap.
  2. Organize hydro and vapor barrier.
  3. Install the insulation.
  4. Pave engineering communications systems (ventilation, lighting, communications).
  5. Perform interior trim.

The use of wood as a building material for the construction of structures is accompanied by certain restrictions. This type of raw material is badly combined with some technologies. It is not recommended to load floors in a wooden house, so the ceiling should have a light construction. Given this requirement, not all finishing materials are suitable for work.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

Note! Wood buildings do not always have the necessary conditions for the use of traditional finishes. To achieve a high-quality and reliable result, it is very important to adhere to the data in the project documentation. It is not recommended to neglect calculations and at the expense of strength to rely on decorativeness.

The most common way to organize the ceiling space – the construction of a tension or suspended structure. With these technologies, you can quickly form the ceiling inside the room. For the manufacture of frame parts often used wood. On top of the finished construction installation of materials for finishing the ceilings. The result should be a solid coating.

These technologies differ only in the way they are organized. Suspended ceilings need a reliable and durable frame. As a base, you can use the old ceiling with wooden beams or re-build the basis of aluminum profiles. For mounting the tension structure, it is enough to install the frame only around the perimeter of the room. This option is more suitable for country houses and buildings, attic and interfloor floors are not so durable.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

For finishing false ceilings you can use:

  • natural wood;
  • panels;
  • materials imitating wood.

The choice of finishes depends on the budget capacity of the owner. To buy a wooden ceiling lining, will have to spend more than to purchase plastic panels that mimic this material. Natural wood is best used for decoration of premises with a small area, otherwise the costs will be high.

Wooden suspended ceilings greatly facilitate the installation of the lighting system in the house. Electrical wiring and other communications can be hidden in the free space inside the frame part. This opens up an extensive range of possibilities for organizing various options for artificial lighting. The stretched film or fabric covering completely hides all these elements. In addition, suspended ceilings in a wooden house can be made in any color, so they fit perfectly into any style of interior.

Wooden ceiling in the house: the choice of quality plating and technology arrangement

The use of tension and suspension design allows you to abandon such a time-consuming process, as the finishing of the surface. All defective and unattractive parts just hide under the frame.

Important! It is advisable to install suspended ceilings in a house of timber, especially if the building is new and shrinks. Due to the absence of a rigid frame over the entire surface, the tension of the fabric or film is maximized. Suspended structures are more acceptable for old wooden houses. This technology can be used to repair or renovate a room.

If the room does not have the conditions for the construction of the frame for the arrangement of the suspended structure, you can hem the ceiling on the wooden beams. This technology is used in cases where the strength of interfloor ceilings is very low, which is typical for country houses and guest houses.

Sheet material is also mounted on the batten. The joints between the plywood sheets should be filler, after which a primer and a dye or varnish compound are applied to the coating. If wooden plates are used as a finish, it is necessary to use self-tapping screws to fix them. Hats fasteners must be masked with chopik, matched to the skin.

Today, buyers do not have any problems with the acquisition of finishing materials. Installation of most of them is carried out according to a single scheme. If you first make a sketch of the future design, you can avoid mistakes and significantly reduce costs by completing the ceiling yourself, without the help of specialists.

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