Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

From this article you can find out what characteristics a good washing machine with a vertical load has: dimensional parameters of structures, their advantages and disadvantages, a common set of functions and capabilities. The text contains useful tips and recommendations that will help determine the choice of the optimal model, taking into account the main criteria of quality, reliability of the manufacturer, ratings and customer reviews.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

Washing machine with vertical loading and its characteristics

Despite the popularity of models with a horizontal type of placement of the hatch, many consumers prefer machines with vertical loading. Some buyers are interested in the design of such units, others – tend to save free space in the house. These structures are compact in size, so they fit perfectly into the interior of small rooms and are great for moving.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

Frontal designs are more versatile, because their size range is much wider. However, we should not forget that to load things you will definitely have to provide additional space in front of the washing machine. The need for this arises because the hatch for laying the linen is located on the front wall of the structure.

In turn, modifications of the vertical type are filled with clothes on top. To do this, in the unit case there is a hinged cover, where the laundry is loaded into the drum through a special hatch. At the time of washing this hole closes. The size of washing machines with a vertical load is almost the same. Most models have a height of 85 cm, the width varies between 40-45 cm, and a depth of 60-65 cm. The small dimensions of these devices allow installation of the structure in any convenient place, even in a corner of the bathroom.

Note! Some models in terms of laundry load can be compared with full-size front-end machine variants, designed for washing up to 6.5 kg of clothes.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

This category of household appliances also includes narrow top-loading washing machines. Their dimensions are significantly reduced in comparison with standard units. The depth of the drum in such models is 33 cm.

Like any other type of technology, washing machines with a vertical type of loading laundry have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of compact models:

  • narrow models with a side door are designed for installation under the sink in the bathroom, making it possible to save space in a small room;
  • despite their compact size, many narrow-design machines are endowed with the same set of features as classic full-size models;
  • the capabilities of the top-loading washing machine allow servicing a small family of 1-2 people, in which case there is no need to use large-sized appliances;

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

  • to handle 2.5–3 kg of laundry (the standard load of most machines) requires less electricity and water, which saves the cost of paying utility bills;
  • An extensive model range allows the buyer to pick up a car with any set of functions and a suitable design.

Vertical units have another advantage. If necessary, such a washing machine can be stopped after the start of washing and to load laundry into the drum. And for this you do not need to stop the cycle, as well as drain the water. Of course, it is desirable to perform this operation at the initial stage of washing.

According to customer reviews, vertical load washing machines are more economical in terms of repairs than front models. Their design lacks some elements that often fail, for example, details of the cover on the hatch, rubber seals, and a glass window. Replacing broken glass or stretched rubber ring will cost the owner a significant amount.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

Machines with a vertical type of placement of the hatch have a small number of disadvantages. In most cases, they are the result of improvements that the manufacturer tried to achieve, for example, compact dimensions:

  • In some models, containers designed for washing powder cannot be completely disassembled, which complicates the cleaning process and may cause mold and mildew;
  • the hole for laying the linen is much smaller than that of the frontal machines, so the user has difficulty loading bulky items, because of this, washing soft toys, blankets and blankets is impossible.

Helpful advice! You should not buy models with spin function at high speeds. Such machines are very expensive, while this option will be used during the operation is extremely rare. The high price is due to the presence of expensive modern parts.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

Many buyers are primarily interested in the size of the washing machine. However, its capabilities and parameters deserve no less attention.

Standard features include:

  • the mode of the accelerated washing;
  • program for cotton and linen things;
  • mode for washing synthetics;
  • program for the delicate washing of wool and fine things;
  • hand wash;
  • pre-soak mode;
  • the ability to perform washing with an incomplete drum loading;
  • delayed start


Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

Every year, hundreds of new models come to the market, equipped with improved features and additional options. But not all of them will be useful for every owner of the car, many of the functions are never used.

Not every washing cycle in a top-loading machine requires high temperatures. In addition, it is possible to purchase modern laundry detergents at the store, which can eliminate heavy soiling without additional help. For this reason, many consumers do not see the need to buy a washing machine with boiling function. Working in this mode, the unit consumes a very large amount of electricity.

Some buyers do not need the program of accelerated spin. Processing linen in this mode leads to premature wear of clothing. The use of spin at high speeds is absolutely contraindicated for delicate fabrics.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

Washing machines of the top type differ from frontal modifications not only by the size and nature of the hatch placement. Manufacturers often pay special attention to the innovative design of horizontal hatch designs, which becomes part of modern interiors. The exterior design of vertical washing machines is much more modest. In this case, the upper method of loading the linen does not allow the unit to be installed under the tabletop or in a cabinet, where it will be invisible.

The number of functions of vertical structures is limited. Often they lack the function of drying or delicate washing. This is especially true of budget models. More expensive options in their capabilities are close to the front. This list of differences does not end there. For vertical structures characterized by a different arrangement of bearings. These elements are not installed at the rear, but on the sides.

Note! In reviews, top-loading washing machines are positioned as reliable and durable units. Experts say that the presence of two assemblies with bearings in these models allowed us to increase the stability of the structure, which is important for such equipment.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

The drum has sash, equipped with a simple mechanical lock. After the end of the wash cycle, these elements are not always in front of the loading door, which is common in budget models. It is quite difficult to turn the drum manually to the required position, therefore, in the expensive modifications, a “drum parking” system is provided that controls its position.

There are a number of criteria for determining which top-loading washing machine is better, which greatly simplifies the process of choosing a home appliance for buyers.

When buying a unit, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Maximum load.
  2. Wash quality (wash class).
  3. Maximum number of revolutions (rotational speed of the drum, spin class).
  4. The list of programs (the norm is 15 modes).
  5. The material from which the tank is made.
  6. Existence of protection against leakages.
  7. Presence of foam and imbalance control system.

Top-loading washing machine: choosing appliances for the home

For families in which there is a small child, the presence of protection from children, as well as the function of an additional rinse, which is also useful for allergies. This option allows you to clean up the remains of laundry detergent.

By type of control, washing machines are electronic, mechanical and combined. Each type of control has both advantages and disadvantages, so before buying the model you like, you should study this issue in detail. Electronic-type machines are controlled by an electronic control panel. It allows the user to select the appropriate program and wash mode. After that, the unit will independently adjust all parameters, set the cycle time and water temperature. This option requires minimal user intervention.

Daria Tkachenko, St. Petersburg

There are a large number of brands and models on the market, so consumers do not have problems with buying home appliances. In order to choose a machine with optimal characteristics, it is necessary to rely not only on the manufacturer, but also to take into account such parameters as the energy consumption class, spin and washing, loading volume, tank and drum material, functional and other features. A timely cleaning and maintenance of the unit will extend its service life.

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