Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Induction hob is an excellent solution for modern kitchens. It, in comparison with other plates, is characterized by the mass of advantages. Before you buy this type of hob, you should study the principle of its operation and features of operation. In the article below, the pros and cons of induction panels are described in detail, a list of recommendations for choosing a product is given, and a brief overview of models of famous manufacturers is given.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Induction Cooktop: home appliance features

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of cooking stoves, which differ in the principle of operation, operating conditions, size, functionality and design. Each option is characterized by peculiar features that you need to know when purchasing products.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Initially, you should understand the question of what is a cooking induction stove. This is an electric kitchen appliance with a glass-ceramic surface, under which there are electromagnetic coils of copper wire. With the passage of electric current through their coils, a transformation process occurs, as a result of which an alternating electromagnetic field arises, creating an induction current.

This physical phenomenon causes the electrons of the magnetic bottom of the dishes to move, which are located on the surface. The bottom in this case acts as a conductor with a closed loop. As a result, heat is generated. In this case, only the dishes are heated, while the surface of the plate remains cold.

Considering the question of what is an induction cooking panel, it is important to know that the induction phenomenon characteristic of this type of stove saves electricity, which is spent only on creating a magnetic field in an induction coil. Also, this feature of the stove contributes to a more comfortable indoor microclimate during cooking. It will not be too hot here, as when operating an electric or gas surface.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

This phenomenon is carried out without intermediate components that are used in the classic electric stove. During the work, the induction cooker is characterized by the highest efficiency, which allows to reduce the time required for cooking.

A strong electromagnetic field is formed at a short distance from the active elements. This contributes to the formation of a restricted work area, which ensures a high level of security. Heating will stop at the slightest shift of dishes to the side or when raising it above the surface.

The stove begins to work at the time of installation of dishes on the burner, this process is completed when it is removed from the work area. This feature of the work contributes to significant energy savings, which is spent exclusively on the process of cooking. Also among the advantages you can highlight the ability of the plate to independently determine the diameter of the bottom of the dish and adjust to it. It is easy and simple to look after a surface without use of special means.

Among the minuses of the induction panel can highlight the cost of the product. However, it is justified by efficiency, manufacturability, functionality, safety and ease of use. Also during operation of the plate there is a specific noise, which is explained by the operation of the fans used to cool the coils.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Important! An induction cooker requires the use of special cookware with a bottom made of ferromagnetic material.

These surfaces are created in the original design. Studying the question of what it is: an induction cooking panel, it is important to know what elements it consists of. The package includes 5 components in the form of a glass-ceramic surface, insulation, induction coil, frequency converter and control unit. The latter, in turn, can be mechanical, electronic or sensory. It is located in front of the device. However, there are models in which each burner has an individual set of touch buttons.

The glass-ceramic surface is characterized by durability and durability. It can be damaged by strong mechanical impact or impact. The weak side of the surface is its side faces. To eliminate the possibility of their damage, beveled edges or lining of stainless steel are used, which cover the corresponding places. The panel can be made in black, white, gray and silver colors. At the last not so fatty spots will be noticeable, thanks to which the surface retains an esthetic look longer.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Important! In order not to damage the glass-ceramic coating, you should not use abrasive materials and compositions for cleaning the surface.

The surface can be of standard or non-standard dimensions, which allows you to embed the design in any kitchen furniture. The size does not determine the technical characteristics and functionality of the device. The surface can have from 1 to 6 rings with a different working area, so you can use dishes that have different bottom diameters. The total power of the induction hob can reach 10 kW and above.

Helpful advice! When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the total power of the product in order to properly organize the power supply system of the device.

When choosing a surface, it is necessary to decide on such technical parameters as the total power of the induction cooking stove (kW), the number of burners, their diameter and shape, the depth and width of the structure, the energy efficiency class, dependence-independence option, functionality and manufacturer.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

The design of the dimensions should fit into the kitchen. The stove can have a minimum width of 30 cm, which is an ideal solution for small kitchens. Such plates, as a rule, are equipped with two rings. Models 45 cm wide have mainly 3 rings. Induction cooking panels for 4 work areas are characterized by a size of 60 cm.

Cookers on 5 rings have a width of more than 60 cm, and 6 – 80 cm. The cooking surfaces differ in thickness. This value is in the range of 40-100 mm. The average is 60-70 mm. The shape of the design can be made in the form of a triangle, square, polygon or semicircle.

The power consumption of the panels is determined by the number of burners and their power. As a rule, surfaces are characterized by different power of heating zones, where the maximum value can reach 3 kW, and the minimum – 1 kW. Marking A indicates an effective and durable operation of the induction panel. Today, manufacturers are producing more advanced options with an A + energy efficiency indicator. The power of such products is at a consistently good level.

Important! Some models are additionally equipped with settings to save electricity.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

According to the features of the location of the surface, you can choose a dependent or independent option. In the first case, it is assumed that the equipment is mounted strictly under the oven of the same manufacturer. An independent option is to install the stove in any convenient place in the kitchen, regardless of the location of the oven.

Recessed induction panels differ in the number of burners. Models with one or two work areas are called “dominoes”. They are represented by compact portable or embedded modules. Such plates are most often purchased for summer cottage or for a family consisting of 1-2 people. The panel for 2 work areas is chosen by those who want to save kitchen space and those who do not devote much time to cooking. This surface has a small size, so it does not clutter up the interior. However, it can be conveniently prepared by placing the necessary utensils.

For families of 3-4 people, you should choose a built-in induction hob 4-ring stove with work areas of different diameters, which will allow you to place different-sized dishes on it and cook several dishes at the same time. Such models are the most popular, therefore, are presented in a wide species diversity and design performance.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Those who consider cooking their hobbies and spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing various dishes will appreciate the cooking surfaces for 5-6 hobs.

Important! Such models are characterized by quite impressive dimensions, which requires a lot of free space.

Rings can be located on the surface in a different way: in one row, in the form of a square, rhombus, semicircle or triangle. When choosing a non-standard arrangement of work areas, you should have an idea of ​​how convenient a particular option will be. Elements of dishes located on the adjacent burners should not interfere with each other.

Important! To the tank, which is located on any heating zone, should be provided with free access.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

When deciding how to choose an induction hob, an important aspect is the size of the hob. The standard diameter for induction models is 14-21 cm. This parameter should correspond to the size of the dishes, because if the bottom of the burner covers less than 70%, the cooker will not turn on. In modern models, heating zones can automatically adjust to the diameter of the bottom of the dish.

Helpful advice! The best solution is a hob induction panel with rings of different diameters, which will allow the use of different dishes.

Rings can have not only a round shape. On sale you can find models with diamond-shaped, square or hexagonal work areas. The shape of the burner does not have the slightest influence on the functionality of the stove and is purely decorative.

The designations of work areas may differ. Their surface is monochromatic, multi-colored, and also has a cross, deposited in the middle of the heating zone. The most expensive surfaces are distinguished by burners with a display along their contour, so you can determine the power of the heating zone at the moment and the amount of time left until the end of the cooking process.

Induction hob: functional device for modern kitchens

Choosing the best induction hob, it is important to study the functional features of the product, the number of which determines the cost of the stove. Any surface has the ability to smoothly adjust the power level, making it possible to set and maintain the necessary temperature conditions. Their number can vary from 5 to 17.

Of the inexpensive induction surfaces like dominoes, the model LEX EVI 320 BL is popular. Despite the low cost, the stove is equipped with the necessary set of functions. Consumers celebrate the quality assembly of the product and nice design. You can buy such a panel for 11 thousand rubles.

Induction hobs have a number of significant advantages over other stoves, which brings them to the leading position in the ranking of ergonomic, comfortable and functional household appliances. Among the wide range of models that are equipped with a different set of functions, you can choose the most appropriate option that will fully satisfy the needs of the buyer.

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