Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Cooking stove is an essential element of any kitchen. Modern models can be combined with ovens or installed as an independent unit of household appliances. Gas hob is the most common solution. The popularity of these devices is determined by reasonable cost and compactness. Before buying it is recommended to study the criteria for selecting such devices.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Gas cooking surfaces: key benefits

Like any other device, such panels have their advantages and disadvantages. Before acquiring a cooking surface, it is necessary to study its features. This will determine the feasibility of the purchase in a particular case. The main advantage of such devices is their democratic value. The price of gas stoves of this type is lower than the cost of similar devices operating from the mains.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Note! Most often, gas panels are purchased in the event that there is no need to use the oven. In some situations, the oven is already built into the furniture set, and the stove is selected separately.

Gas surfaces are compact. Such devices are ideal for small-sized kitchen premises, requiring saving of useful space. There are models of plates that have a non-standard shape and are installed on the corner of the tabletop. This accommodation option contributes to the maximum savings in space.

Another advantage of these devices is modern management, which allows to significantly facilitate the process of cooking. Some premium models of built-in gas hobs include a selection of special programs. Automation of operations allows you to make the cooking process as enjoyable as possible.

These devices quickly heated and cooled. For cooking on these panels do not require special dishes, which is also a significant advantage.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Devices of this type have their drawbacks. For example, when using such a panel, products of combustion are emitted that are concentrated in the room, therefore, a well-designed ventilation communication is required. It is worth noting that such a system should be mandatory. Natural ventilation in this case does not meet the needs.

The presence of an open flame imposes certain restrictions on the use of gas built-in surfaces. Before using them, it is recommended to study the safety regulations to eliminate the risk of fire.

Plates that run on gas have another drawback: they quickly become dirty. Rings with cast iron grates require careful maintenance. When choosing a gas stove, it is necessary to pay attention to the material manufacturing lattices.

Gas surfaces, as a rule, are not equipped with timers for each burner, which can also be called a flaw. This technique is not as technological and functional as, for example, electronic analogues. However, the demand for it is quite high, since these plates are simple and reliable.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

If necessary, you can purchase a combined gas panel (2 gas burners + 2 electric). This option is considered quite popular and allows you to combine the positive qualities of two different models.

Before buying a plate, you must decide on its type. The first property by which these devices are classified is the presence of an oven. On this basis, all models of modern plates are divided into types:

  • dependent;
  • independent.

Dependent. Such plates very much remind usual, free-standing devices. They are sold in a set with the oven, which is integrated into the kitchen set. In this case, the control is carried out by special keys or sensors located on the outer surface of the oven.

Useful information! Experts recommend purchasing devices from one manufacturer. This allows you to achieve maximum compatibility and functionality of the built-in gas cooktop and gas oven. The kit may have a different cost depending on the brand of equipment and its characteristics.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Independent. Such devices are implemented separately. They have a different number of burners (from 2 to 5) and are characterized by compactness. The material of the hob may vary. Modern versions are made of metal, as well as ceramics and glass ceramics of increased strength. These devices may have a different shape, since their location is non-standard (for example, angular).

Prices of gas cooking panels vary depending on the manufacturer, material of manufacture, design and functionality. Independent cooking surfaces are installed on worktops. Most often under such a device are boxes for storing various kitchen utensils.

The second property by which all the panels for cooking are differentiated is the material of manufacture. In the appliance stores you can find devices that are made from the following raw materials:

  • stainless steel;
  • enameled steel;
  • glass ceramics;
  • tempered glass.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

The materials used in the manufacture of surfaces of embedded plates, combines one common feature – ease of cleaning from contamination. Before using the hob, it is recommended to study the instructions that are attached to it. This is a necessary step, since devices from different materials have their own distinctive operational features.

Cooking surfaces are equally prone to scratches, so it is undesirable to use metal scrapers to clean them. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of various materials in more detail.

Stainless steel is one of the most wear-resistant materials. The surface of such plates is quite easy to clean. There are almost no scratches on it, which is a serious advantage. From a stainless steel not only usual options of cooking surfaces, but also combined are carried out. The cooking panel (gas and electric) made of this material is distinguished by a long operational period, high resistance and modern design.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Useful information! Experts recommend to buy stainless plates that have a matte surface. This is due to the fact that the fingerprint is too visible on the glossy version.

The hob, made of enameled steel, is the most convenient in terms of caring for it. Even a heavily soiled stove made of this material is cleaned very easily – using a cleaning agent and a sponge. Of the minuses can be noted the fact that enameled steel does not have sufficient resistance to abrasive substances. Such devices fit perfectly into the classic interior of the kitchen room.

Separately, it should be said that the products of enameled steel are represented by a wide range on the modern market of household appliances. There are many design options and colors. The most popular colors are white, cream, beige, brown, and black. Before acquiring a particular model, it is desirable to study reviews on the Internet. Gas cooktops of this type are most prevalent due to simplicity and ease of use.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Glass ceramics. Similar devices have one more name: “gas on glass”. Cooktops made from this material require careful maintenance. To clean the contaminated surface in this case is not so easy (especially if you compare such models with stainless and enameled counterparts). Glass ceramic plates have good wear resistance, but they are susceptible to mechanical stress. White and black models of these panels are most often on sale.

Strained glass. This is an improved version of glass-ceramic samples. In comparison with them, it has a higher resistance to mechanical stress. And also similar devices differ in the various range.

The design of the burners is one of the key factors that influence the principle of operation and the efficiency of gas stoves. Currently, there are several types of these elements. The most widespread products of the standard variety, which uses only one row of flame. In addition to them, there are products, rings in which are located in two and three rows.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Triple crown burners are the most effective option. Cooking surface of this type allows you to quickly cook dishes of any complexity. In addition to the classic options, there are other types of burners, which are recommended to pay attention. This will determine which gas hob is better. Consider non-standard options burners.

Direct Flame. A distinctive feature of these burners is that they have a large number of pinholes through which the flame passes. This design allows for uniform heating of metal utensils. The rate of heating of pots and pans in this case is about 20% higher, which is also an advantage.

Most often burners of this type are found on devices manufactured by Ariston. Cooking gas panel with similar burners is quite economical, since the loss of gas and heat in this case is minimized.

Express ring WOK. Immediately it should be said that many hobs are equipped with different types of hobs. For example, the device can have 4 burners: 2 ordinary, 1 express burner and 1 any other. The peculiarity of this type of burner is that it has high power. The WOK express burner can be double-corroded or three-corrosive. It also has an adapter for a WOK pan.

Gas cooktop: a classic option for modern kitchen

Note! In some cases, the hobs in the hob are not a traditional square, but a rhombus. This allows you to increase the efficiency of the exhaust.

Hot plate grill. From a constructive point of view, it is different from the rest. This panel has a grate under which the burners are installed. This solution allows you to cook meat, fish and vegetables in such a way that they resemble food cooked on the grill.

Useful information! Many say the simplicity of self-connecting such a plate.

Electrolux EGT 56142 NK. The electrolux gas cooktop of this series belongs to an independent group of devices, and therefore, is installed separately from the oven. Its dimensions are 58×51 cm. The main advantage of this device is its reliability. Additional features of the model EGT 56142 NK include gas control and electronic ignition. The material of manufacture of this surface is tempered glass. The finished devices have a classic black color, so they look stylish and presentable.

Gas fired hobs are an excellent option for a modern kitchen. Although the market of home appliances and there are more modern devices that operate on the network, such devices are still incredibly popular and in demand.

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