Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Dishwasher has long ceased to be a luxury item. The selection of a device for cleaning dirty dishes is rather a matter of economic considerations. The issue of purchasing PMM is becoming one of the most difficult, as the modern household appliances market is overflowing with various models that differ in size, cost, functions, etc. Therefore, you should pay attention to the rating of dishwashers before buying.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Features of Bosch dishwashers

Household appliances of this German manufacturer is famous for its high quality. Also, many users have noted the low level of noise that these devices emit during operation. A distinctive feature and at the same time an advantage is their stylish and modern appearance.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

All dishwashers from this brand are divided into two categories: 45 and 60 cm. The key factor in this gradation is width. The height and depth of these devices may be different and depends on the type of PMM. For example, built-in units have a more compact size, since they do not have a decorated case.

Note! Freestanding devices have the largest capacity, and compact PMM – respectively, the smallest.

The cost of dishwashers from the company BOSCH varies depending on the model of the device and its functional features. Today it is quite possible to purchase a budget unit for 13-20 thousand rubles. More expensive electrical appliances are in the price range from 22 to 85 thousand rubles.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Ranking of the best built-in dishwashers Bosch

Embedded units do not have their own body and are installed in the kitchen. Experts recommend that you first select an integrated dishwasher, and only then kitchen furniture. Compliance with this rule will allow not to be mistaken in future calculations and to embed the device as ergonomically as possible. The following are the best Bosch type machines.

Bosch SPV 40X80. A distinctive feature of this unit is a good value for money. The dishwasher is only 45 cm wide, so it belongs to the group of narrow integrable devices. The height of this appliance is 82 cm, and its depth is 55 cm. Despite its small dimensions, this type of machine can wash up to 9 sets of dishes at a time. It is perfect for a standard family, which includes no more than 4 people.

This model is not only compact, but also easy to control. It has an electronic panel consisting of various buttons and indicators. This PMM is able to independently determine the number of loaded dishes and, based on this, to count the amount of water on her wash.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

The unit produces little noise when operating (no more than 48 dB) and includes several traditional functions. The machine is equipped with a special child lock, which makes it as safe as possible. The cost of this appliance is approximately 19 thousand rubles.

Bosch SPV 40E10. This device is very popular among home appliances buyers and belongs to the category of fully integrated PMM. The unit from the German company Bosch of this series has up to 9 sets of kitchen utensils inside the tank. In one wash cycle, the device spends about 11 liters of water. As for the energy class of this dishwasher, it falls into category A.

The width of the machine is 45 cm. The noise figure that this type of model produces during operation is 52 dB. However, the PMM, due to the hull structure and thickness, works fairly quietly. SPV 40E10 includes standard and delicate modes, and is also capable of pre-soaking dirty kitchen utensils. Drying dishes in such a unit is carried out using condensation.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Bosch SMV 40D00. This model belongs to the category of full-size, since its width is 60 cm. According to the type of installation, it is fully integrated. The functionality of this PMM includes 5 modes. The capacity of the device reaches 13 sets of dirty dishes, so it is advisable to purchase it for a family consisting of 2-5 people. Noise PMM does not exceed 51 dB (average). Reviews of this dishwasher mostly positive.

Note! If there is a need, then you can buy a partially built-in dishwasher. The best model of this type is the BOSCH SERIE 6 SKE 52M55 device, which has a width of 60 cm. From the advantages of this MMP, it can be noted its quiet operation and economy. The water consumption of such a unit for 1 cycle of washing dirty dishes is 6 liters.

Do-it-yourself Bosch dishwasher repair

Technique from this German brand is of high quality, but it can also fail. The reasons that cause all sorts of damage, quite a lot. However, as practice shows, there are common problems that you can cope with if you wish:

  • PMM freezes when turned on;
  • water does not enter the machine;
  • the device does not drain the liquid.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

In order to eliminate the problem that interferes with the normal operation of the Bosch dishwasher, it is necessary to diagnose the device. First of all, experts recommend checking the tap supplying water, as it can be closed. If everything is in order with him, then it is worth making sure that the front door closes tightly.

If the machine does not drain, the reason may be that the filters or tubes that move the fluid are clogged. Often a malfunction in the PMM indicates a malfunction of one of the nodes. In this case, it is recommended to contact a qualified master, as the independent repair of the Bosch dishwasher can, on the contrary, aggravate the problem.

The characteristic complexity of dishwashers from this German brand is the operation of the built-in Aqua-Stop system. It performs a very important function – protects the device from leakage. When it is triggered, you need to remove the water that has accumulated inside the pan by tilting the device at an angle of 45 °. As a result, the sensor float will select the desired position. It is important to remember that before starting this procedure it is necessary to disconnect the PMM from the power supply.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Dishwashers from this German manufacturer are often prone to failure during operation. This is due to an improperly spaced gasket in the inlet hose. Therefore, it is very important to unconditionally follow the instructions when connecting the unit to the plumbing system. In such a situation it is necessary to change the position of the gasket. Thus, the repair of BOSCH dishwashers at home is possible only in cases where the problem is not too serious.

The Swedish company Electrolux is one of the most popular global brands for the production and sale of household appliances. It manufactures PMM of various dimensions, which are also classified depending on the method of installation. We should also mention the professional models used in kitchens in restaurants and other establishments.

Modern PMM from this brand are not equipped with sound signals, notifying about the beginning or completion of various processes. This solution allows you to make it more comfortable to operate such dishwashers. Feedback on the products of this brand is mostly positive. The noise figure when using the Electrolux dish washing machines does not exceed 45 dB.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Note! New models of this brand are equipped with a beam warning system. During washing, a red ray is displayed on the floor, and at the end of the process a green light comes on.

In addition, most devices can perform automatic diagnostics and determine the number of dishes, water consumption and the nature of problems. In the latter case, an error code is displayed on the control panel.

In order to answer the question about which dishwasher is better, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of Electrolux units. Today, this company produces three popular PMM lines.

Real life. Devices related to this series of Electrolux dishwashers are distinguished by their size and capacity. The width of such PMM is 60 cm, and the internal volume of the container for dishes increased by 10 liters. They are capable of washing not only standard dishes and tableware, but also large-sized utensils (for example, trays).

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

Green line. A series of machines that differ in their efficiency. Some devices from this line can save up to 35% of electricity. PMM data is connected to both cold and hot water. Aggregates have a lot of good and satisfactory reviews on specialized forums. Dishwashers of this type are fairly quiet.

Real life slim. Feature of devices – their small width (up to 45 cm). Narrow dishwashers are equipped with a set of standard features, and are also capable of washing dishes in a delicate mode. Users note that such units have a rather long service life, which, of course, is their advantage.

Before purchasing PMM from the Swedish company Electrolux it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best devices. It includes the cars with the most positive customer feedback.

At the moment, there are three most popular devices manufactured by the Swedish brand. Each of them has its advantages, so you need to talk about them in more detail.

Dishwasher rating: review of the best devices from popular brands

ESL 9450 LO. It is the best model in terms of price and quality. The device differs from a free-standing dishwasher in small dimensions (width 45 cm) and economical indicators. Experts advise the use of such MMP for limited (in space) rooms, where the maximum saving of useful space is very important.

Useful information! This model is painted white and has a stylish and concise design. It is able to hold up to 9 sets of dishes in the tank. According to this indicator, PMM is suitable for a family of 2-4 people.

The device includes 5 standard programs with which you can clean any traditional dishes. As well as the model is equipped with a special timer, which allows to postpone the launch of washing.

The second common PMM Beco problem is the loose fit of the front door. Such faults occur due to deformation of the body or its skew. Experts also recommend checking the sliding mechanism when repairing a Beko dishwasher.

The main criterion for buying a dishwasher for an apartment is its cost. When choosing a device, it is necessary to determine in advance the dimensions of the space that can be allocated for it in a particular kitchen setting. Experts advise not to buy the cheapest model, as they often include low-quality components.

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