Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

The desktop electric stove is ideal option for small-sized apartments and country houses. She can become an indispensable companion on tourist trips and business trips. This miniature portable device is able to fully replace the stationary surface. About what are the types of desktop plates, by what criteria should choose the device, described in detail in the article, here is an overview of popular models.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Desktop electric stove: features of the device

The desktop electric stove is a convenient and practical portable invention which can be used in any situation. It should be placed on a flat surface. To ensure the normal operation of the device, it must be ensured that it is connected to the mains through a regular outlet.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Helpful advice! Portable electric stove is convenient to use in the gazebo of a country house, so it is possible to warm up or cook food in the fresh air.

Considering the device of an electric stove, it is possible to identify its main components: the body, the heating element and the control unit. The panel is made of enameled or stainless steel. The second option is preferred. Such a surface is characterized by strength, wear resistance, resistance to corrosion and abrasive substances, the ability to maintain an aesthetic appearance for a long time. The table stove is equipped with one or two rings of different diameters, which determines the heating level of the element.

The following advantages are characteristic of a mobile plate for the dacha and house:

  • the panel does not need a complicated connection; a simple 220 V socket is enough;
  • the stove does not have a negative impact on human health and life, since during its operation no combustion products are emitted, oxygen is not burned out of the air, which eliminates the need to install a hood;

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

  • convenient operation of the device with the selection of the optimum temperature, which does not need constant monitoring;
  • safety in operation: after completion of work, it is enough to unplug the plug;
  • ease of care;
  • small power consumption;
  • affordable cost.

Portable electric stoves for the dacha and home can be equipped with one of the options of the heating element:

  • cast iron rings, which in appearance resemble a pancake or a disk;
  • open-type spiral burners that are represented by heating elements;
  • induction hobs with a glass-ceramic surface.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

The first two options are characterized by affordable cost, durability and ease of operation. The power of the electric stove is regulated by means of rotary switches. If the heating element fails, it can easily be replaced with a new one. However, a stove with spiral burners will consume more electricity (compared to cast iron). Moreover, caring for them is considered more difficult.

Induction tile is a more expensive option due to the equipment of electromagnetic coils and glass-ceramic surface. The panel is equipped with an electronic control system and a set of programs that provide a convenient and efficient cooking process.

Mini-electric stoves can be equipped with Rapid heating elements, which additionally have halogen or infrared light bulbs located in certain places under a glass-ceramic surface.

Infrared light bulbs emit harmless radiation, as a result of which food during its preparation preserves its nutritional properties to the maximum. The price category of these devices is between the cost of conventional electrical and induction stoves. The management of such panels is electronic. They do not need to use special dishes.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Important! Aluminum cookware should not be used for panels with halogen rings.

Such models of electric table stoves are most often bought by fans of making home-made strong drinks. On the surface, the tank with the mash is quickly heated and the required temperature is maintained during the whole process without the direct participation of the user.

The hob can be made of enameled or stainless steel, glass-ceramic or tempered glass. The first two options are easy to use, practical and inexpensive. Here are cast iron pancake or spiral burners. Enameled surface is easy to clean without the use of special tools. It is characterized by increased resistance to mechanical stress and high temperatures. It does not leave traces of pollution during its operation. The surface can be painted in a different color.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Similar technical and operational characteristics of the surface of the electric stove for giving and home, made of stainless steel. However, it has a great value. In addition, it needs special care, which should provide an impeccable look of the product. The surface of stainless steel is represented exclusively in gray.

Glass ceramic coating is characterized by durability and durability. However, this surface is not without flaws. It is particularly sensitive to mechanical stress, as a result of which scratches may remain on it. Afraid of punctures with a sharp object. This panel can not be cleaned with abrasives and materials.

Important! It is very difficult to remove the traces of melted sugar and jam on the glass-ceramic surface, so they should be immediately wiped.

Glass ceramics does not absorb odors, is characterized by resistance to the effects of fats and acids. The surface is presented in white or black color.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

The choice of a single or two-burner electric cooker depends on the intensity of its use. If it is necessary as a backup option in the event of a gas shutdown, then it is advisable to give preference to a device with one spiral burner. This option is the most economical. The spiral heating element heats up much faster than the cast iron disc. However, caring for a stainless bowl, on which it is located, is more time consuming.

If you plan to use the stove periodically, it is better to stop the choice on desktop models with 2 burners. The electric stove from the budget series is equipped with cast iron discs. The body of such devices is mainly made of enameled steel in black or white. Cast iron discs will keep warm longer after switching off the appliance.

For modern interiors, the most suitable option is considered to be an electric desktop glass-ceramic stove, which is characterized by the highest cost. These are the most durable models, which, however, require special care.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Helpful advice! To protect the plate from dust accumulation during the period of inactivity, it is recommended to purchase a special cover.

Today, on the shelves of home appliances stores, electric table stoves with an oven are quite common. At the cottage such a device will become a real find. After all, it will be possible not only to cook dishes on the stove, but also to bake them, as well as to please the household with fragrant pastries for tea.

This household appliance looks like a microwave. The hob is located above the oven, and both devices have a single control system. Mostly such a device is equipped with two burners. The surface can be enamel or glass-ceramic. The main advantage of such models is an expanded set of functions. The device is necessarily equipped with a backlight, the option of removal of steam, self-cleaning system, retractable trolley and heat indicator.

Electric table stoves with an oven are heavy, which is why they are not as mobile as simple panels. They have more overall dimensions, so they require more space.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Helpful advice! When purchasing an electric desktop stove with an oven, close attention should be paid to the quality of the body, which should be made of thick sheet metal, which will provide the product with durability, stability and durability.

Among the most cost-effective models for 1 burner desktop electric tile Dream 111T BN is the most popular. The surface is made of brown glass enamel. As a heating element is used TEN tape type.

Surface power – 1 kW. The size of the plate reaches the parameters 31x30x9 cm. The model has a mechanical control system. Rubberized metal legs provide a stable position of the structure on a flat base. The cost of the model is only 1 thousand rubles.

An interesting option with the original design is the Skyline DP-45 single-burner tabletop electric stove. For the manufacture of the body used high-quality aluminum. The surface is made of tempered glass of the class “black crystal”. Panel power is 1.5 kW. The model has electronic control with LED-display and convenient adjustment of parameters. Electric cooker cost – 1.9 thousand rubles.

Desktop electric stove: the subtleties of choosing a miniature assistant

Another inexpensive device is the Kitfort CT-101 1-burner electric stove. Surface power is 2 kW. It has 10 modes of operation and 5 basic programs. Electric stove dimensions – 36x28x6 cm. The model has a stylish design and is made in black and white. It is possible to buy such electric stove for 2,6 thousand rubles.

The table-top electric stove, due to its compact size and low weight, is a convenient portable device that can be placed in a small-sized kitchen, taken with you to the cottage or on a tourist trip. Such a miniature assistant does not differ from a stationary plate in its technical and operational characteristics.

Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of products, and the models differ in appearance, functionality and value. It is impossible to say which stove is better. Everyone chooses their own version, based on personal preferences. However, it is better to give preference to models of well-known manufacturers who offer quality products at an affordable price.

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