Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The built-in washing machine is an excellent option for a small-sized kitchen, as it has a compact size. This type of technology is integrated into the kitchen. In order to choose the right device, you need to study the basic parameters of embedded structures, as well as get acquainted with the most popular models.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

Features of washing machines that are built into the kitchen

Integrated devices are installed in specially prepared niches in furniture. Such models have a low level of noise and vibration, which is an absolute advantage. Saving of useful space is a very important property due to which these units are very popular.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The lower part of such devices has a notch under the plinth, which also allows for a more compact and seamless integration of them. Such devices are recommended to be installed in close proximity to plumbing communications in order to maximally simplify the connection of the device.

The most compact version of the technology is currently a narrow built-in washing machine. When choosing a device, you must first pay attention to personal needs, since different models differ in capacity.

Experts do not recommend placing such devices in the headset next to ovens. This is due to the fact that when these devices work simultaneously, the adjacent side of the washing machine will overheat. Because of this, the physical load on the device will increase.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

Most of these structures are installed directly on the floor. However, on sale there are also models that are equipped with adjustable legs. They are called telescopic. Features of installation and configuration of each device can be found in the instructions. Washing machines of this type have reliable protection, represented by metal sheets that protect the device from all sides from moisture, grease and debris.

Useful information! Despite the fact that such units have a low noise level, it is recommended to arrange additional sound insulation during installation of the device. To do this, between the control panel and the table top have special protective pads. They can be made independently of foam rubber.

When integrated, the front part of the device is covered with a panel made of the same material as the rest of the headsets. For the convenience of fixing such a door on the front of the device, there are special hinges made of wear-resistant and durable material.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The main criterion to which it is necessary to pay attention when choosing an integrated device is its size. It is worth considering parameters such as width, depth and height. Capacity of the device and its compatibility with the kitchen suite of a specific model depend on the dimensions.

Integrated models of washing machines harmoniously fit into the interior, without disturbing its style. Therefore, such devices are popular in the modern market. The possibility of competent distribution of the useful space of the kitchen or bathroom, of course, is an advantage.

Thanks to the optimal location of the compact technology, the overall functionality of the room is increased. It should be noted that the integrated devices are easy to install and use. Select the desired model helps to view images. Washing machines that are installed in the kitchen, differ in capacity. This indicator is selected individually, depending on how many people will serve the unit.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The disadvantages of such devices include a limited selection of models on the modern market. The range of freestanding analogues is much wider. Another disadvantage is the cost of integrated devices. And also you should know that after washing it is recommended to turn off the water supply tap. This is necessary in order to reduce the risk of leakage.

If desired, you can install a sink over the washing machine. Built-in kitchen units or devices installed in the bathroom are quite simple to connect independently. To install them do not require any special knowledge and skills.

Embedded technology is a modern solution that does not spoil the interior of the room. When purchasing an integrated washing machine, it is necessary to calculate in advance the dimensions of the niche allocated for its installation. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the purchased device will not fit in size.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

Dimensions of integrable devices differ from those of free-standing models. The traditional depth of kitchen sets is 60 cm, so the majority of embedded devices are made with this indicator in mind. Production of narrow models in this case is not advisable, since there remains 20-30 cm of unrealized free area. The depth of the narrow units is 40 cm.

Built-in countertops washing machines have a depth of 50 to 55 cm. Installation in the headsets of a stand-alone device, the depth of which is 60 cm, is a problematic task. This is due to the fact that it takes several centimeters of space to connect the hoses. Thus, freestanding models will be extended from under the countertop and spoil the line of the kitchen ensemble.

Useful information! There are solo models that have a removable top surface. Such units can be embedded under the tabletop.

The height of standard integrable models is, as a rule, 80-82 cm. As far as width is concerned, in the household appliances market there are devices of 60 cm in size most often. If you wish, you can buy non-standard hardware options.

Before purchasing a washing machine, you need to pay attention to the basic criteria according to which they are selected. First of all, of course, you need to focus on the functionality of the units. The number of modes depends on the cost of integrated devices.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The price of such units ranges from 30 to 70 thousand rubles. This price range is most often found on the modern market of household appliances. There are also more budget models of devices, for example, the model of the company Indesit IWUB 4085, the cost of which is approximately 11 thousand rubles. This washing machine is freestanding, but it has a removable lid, so it can be built into the kitchen.

A very important characteristic that influences the installation is the dimensions of the built-in washing machine in the kitchen. Most devices of this type have a front loading type (through the front door). But there are exceptions, for example, models in which things are placed inside the structure through the top cover. The cost of standard devices, where the loading occurs through the frontal surface, is lower.

There are several main criteria that determine the operational capabilities of the device. They need to be considered, otherwise the probability of acquiring an unnecessary model is great, which will simply be inexpedient in concrete domestic circumstances. The main parameters of the choice:

  • spaciousness;
  • power usage;
  • additional functions;
  • type of management.

Spaciousness. Dimensions of washing units affect their capacity. Depending on the depth, the loading capacity of various models varies from 3.5 to 7 kg. For example, a unit that is 54 cm deep can wash from 5 to 7 kg of laundry at a time.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

Note! We should also mention the models that communicate with the sink. Such devices are compact and have a small volume. The capacity of these units is about 3-4 kg. A washing machine with a built-in sink is compact and can significantly save usable space in the kitchen or bathroom.

Power usage. This parameter takes into account how much electricity will be required by the integrated unit in order to wash 1 kg of dirty laundry. The energy consumption index is denoted by the Latin letter A, followed by the pros. The most profitable devices are labeled A +++. Energy costs in this case are 0.12-0.15 kW / h. It should be noted that the lower the energy consumption level, the higher the cost of the washing machine.

Additional functions. A set of useful modes determines the cost of the device. Budget units, as a rule, have standard programs. The more expensive medium and premium technology is equipped with many useful features.

For example, built-in washing machines with a dryer are very popular among buyers. Attention should be paid to devices with the possibility of delayed start and the function of half washing.

Type of management. All washing devices are divided into two types depending on this indicator: mechanical and electronic. The first group includes models that are equipped with handles. It is with their help and perform the adjustment and adjustment of the workflow. The cost of units with a mechanical control type is lower than the price of analogs equipped with an electronic display.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The electronic parameter adjustment option is very simple and convenient. All that needs to be done in this case is to perform the download and indicate the type of laundry on the display. The machine itself will select the desired mode.

Before purchasing a washing device that integrates into the kitchen, it is recommended to study the most popular models. Such designs, according to buyers, differ in the best technical characteristics and quality.

Bosch WIW24340 Integrated Washer: Better Quality

This company is one of the largest in the world, which is engaged in the production of household appliances. A distinctive feature of the device manufacturer Bosch is that they have high-quality components. This has an impact on the efficiency and duration of the operational life of the machines.

Model WIW24340 does not have a drying function, but it has a good capacity. The maximum load for this device is 7 kg. The built-in Bosch washing machine of this series has a high spin speed of 1200 rpm.

Built-in washing machine: choosing a reliable and efficient model

The model is equipped with a rotary type regulator, and it also has a convenient display. Other features of Bosch equipment include the presence of an electromagnetic lock and the possibility of recharging.

The functionality of the unit is quite wide. The design includes 16 modes of washing. As for the energy class, such a device belongs to the most economical group and is labeled A +++.

Note! The manufacturer establishes a warranty for this technique, which is equal to 1 year.

The built-in washing machine of Bosch of this series during operating time does not make loud sounds and strong vibration. From the disadvantages of this unit it can be noted that it has a rather high cost, amounting to approximately 65 thousand rubles. However, product quality and operational convenience fully justify such a price.

The last thing to do is to connect the device to the electrical network. For a machine that is characterized by high power, it is recommended to conduct a separate power line.

In the selection of an integrated device should focus on the features of the kitchen. It is very important to correctly determine the size of the niche and take into account the margin required to connect the hoses, which is approximately 5 cm. The cost of washing machines depends on the manufacturer, as well as on their functionality.

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