Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a microwave, because due to the presence of the appliance, it saves time for heating food. The advantage of the device is that it does not need to spend extra time on its heating. The food starts to prepare and warm up immediately after switching on the device. Microwaves are divided into stand-alone and recessed. Unlike conventional microwave oven, built-in microwave oven saves space in the kitchen.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

The main advantages of a microwave oven

The microwave became the same necessary device as the refrigerator and stove, because this device provides an opportunity not only to heat food, but also to cook simple dishes. If the microwave oven is designed for cooking, then most often along with the instructions included is a recipe book that describes the cooking features. As you gain experience, it will be possible to put the dish in the microwave, set up the right time and deal with other important things at this moment.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

It is interesting! In addition to vegetable dishes, you can cook meat delicacies in the microwave.

Many people like the defrosting function, through which you can immediately put the meat from the freezer in the microwave. Properly selected built-in microwave oven will decorate the interior. The main advantages of using the device:

  • saves time;
  • thanks to the compact sizes will be located in any room;
  • differs in simple care;
  • does not raise the temperature in the kitchen;
  • used for cooking vegetables and certain types of meat dishes in their own juice;
  • quick defrosting does not prevent food spoilage;
  • suitable for sterilizing cans and baby bottles.

Most ordinary microwaves are equipped only with a magnetron, which produces microwave radiation. This type of equipment is designed only for heating and defrosting. The furnace is based on the interaction of radiation and water molecules. For this reason, the maximum temperature during heating does not exceed 100 ° C, that is, the boiling point. The main purpose of this microwave model is to warm up ready meals, cooking oatmeal and hot sandwiches, baking apples, potatoes, and other vegetables and fruits. As a rule, such devices are inexpensive.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

Microwave ovens, the price of which is somewhat higher, in addition to microwave radiation, are additionally equipped with a heating element – a grill. The presence of such a heater allows you to diversify the list of ready-made dishes, cook chicken and pies with an appetizing crispy crust. In addition, inside the microwave oven with a grill, you can fry sausages, make grilled vegetables, cook fish and rosy toasts. There are several types of grill.

In a quartz grill, a heating lamp is located inside – on the ceiling under a metal grill. Unlike other species, this element does not take up much space in the chamber, but is distinguished by lower power and greater energy consumption. The advantages include the fact that under the influence of a quartz heater, the products are roasted evenly, so that it is much easier to follow the cooking process.

Tenovy a grill looks as a pipe in which there is a heating element which is located at the top of the camera. In some models, this element is mobile, so it can be moved or mounted at an angle. In some types of appliances, the heating grill is located below.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

The charcoal grill uses halogen heating or a coal heater, which shortens the cooking time and gives the dishes an extraordinary flavor. The inside of the heater consists of carbon fiber, which is placed in an insulating tube. When heated, the fiber emits radiation, on the principle of action similar to ordinary fire. This heat, penetrating into food, preserves vitamins and useful elements, and also does not dry ready meals.

The Samsung microwave oven, equipped with a ceramic grill, makes it possible to cook as quickly as possible (compared to other types of heaters). In the food prepared in this way, more moisture remains, and the dishes are prepared and heated more evenly both outside and inside, which is due to the effect of infrared radiation.

If additionally there is a convection function that creates a movement of hot air inside, then the cooking temperature rises to 240-250 ° C. A microwave oven with convection and grill is equal to the oven. Therefore, if an oven is already present, then such a set of functions would be superfluous. Choose this microwave should be in the event that the kitchen is not possible to install the oven.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

The cheapest microwave ovens inside are painted. The painted surface is considered to be fragile: such furnaces quickly fail. The most popular option for internal coating is enamel. Typically, the price of microwaves with enamelled coating is slightly lower than, for example, the cost of an instrument with a ceramic lining. The advantage of enamel is ease of care, because it is enough to just wash it with soapy water.

Important! Enameled coating can crack when exposed to high temperatures!

More expensive models inside have a stainless steel lining, which is characterized by high strength. However, it should be borne in mind that during care there will be difficulties, since the steel is sensitive to mechanical stress. Therefore, you must carefully consider the choice of care products.

The most expensive furnaces are considered, the inner coating of which is made of ceramics and bioceramics. It is easy to look after surfaces. They are resistant to soot, and also provide minimal absorption of microwave radiation, which ensures fast cooking. This coating can boast built-in microwave ovens BOSCH, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, LG and others. The best microwaves are additionally equipped with antibacterial spraying, which prevents the growth of germs and pathogens.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

By volume, microwaves are divided into 3 categories:

  • small microwave ovens with a capacity of 12 to 20 liters;
  • medium – 21-27 l;
  • large – 28-42 l.

When choosing a device, it should be understood that the external dimensions of the built-in microwave oven depend on the usable volume of the camera, so before buying you need to determine and measure the space prepared for installation. Compact microwave ovens are designed to warm up and do not take up much space in the kitchen, they are also used to prepare your favorite breakfast of many – hot sandwiches. The device is perfect for 2 people.

Medium-sized microwaves are suitable not only for heating, but also for cooking. A small chicken or a goose carcass can easily fit in the chamber. A microwave capacity of 20-27 liters is enough for a family of 4 people. For 6 or more people, it is recommended to choose a large, good microwave with a capacity of more than 30 liters.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

Microwave power ranges from 500 to 1500 watts. The higher the power, the faster the food will be cooked and warmed up. Most of the built-in Electrolux microwaves and devices of other popular manufacturers are characterized by a power of 800–1000 W. Such options are considered optimal in terms of cost, cooking speed and energy consumption.

Inverter microwave ovens are characterized by high power, which can be adjusted during cooking using a special mechanism. The adjustment contributes to the preservation of the texture and vitamin composition of the finished dishes. Most models have several power options for heating different quantities of products. The more choices, the easier it is to choose the radiation power required for a particular dish.

Important! Before you buy a microwave, you need to clarify what voltage the electrical wiring in the apartment is designed for. It should be noted that, if you choose a combined microwave oven, the power of the functions is added up, as a result of which the energy consumption becomes very high.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

If you turn on the device and do not choose the level of power, it will work in maximum mode, which is not always suitable for a particular dish.

The approximate power required for cooking and heating food is shown in the table:

Mode Power, W
Defrosting 150–300
Maintaining the optimum temperature of the finished dish 80–150
Quick defrosting 450–500
Slow warming or cooking 550–750
Quick cooking or reheating 800–1000
Cooking complex dishes 1000-1500


Mechanical control is considered the most simple and versatile. On the facade of such microwaves are white or other colors of the handle, with the help of which the setting is carried out. One knob is usually responsible for power, the other is used for programming the cooking time or warming up. The main advantages of such models are ease of use, low probability of breakage. The downside is the inaccuracy of a given time, because when you turn the handle, you can add an extra minute, while significantly overheating the dish. The cost of a microwave with mechanical control is lower than the price of sensory counterparts.

A push-button control has a significant plus — a digital screen on which you can see how much power is set and how long cooking is programmed. Such models are distinguished by modern appearance, easily fit into the kitchen interiors. Thanks to the push-button control, it is easy to choose the optimal warm-up time, choose the defrosting power. In standby mode, the screen displays the time.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

Touch control is practically no different from the button. The only difference is that the buttons do not protrude from the case. This makes cleaning the facade of the device easier, because between the buttons often accumulate dirt and grease, which is very difficult to remove. However, the touch-controlled microwave ovens have a significant disadvantage: for some reason they break more often than other models, especially internal elements burn out during power surges. If the house often has abrupt voltage drops, it is better to purchase a Samsung built-in microwave oven with a volt-control system, which allows you to withstand jumps up to 400 watts.

It is interesting! Plate of Krusti (or Crisp) – dishes, designed specifically for the microwave. Made of a special metal that allows you to use it for some models of microwaves. The peculiarity is that on it you can fry food in the microwave just like in a frying pan. It is allowed to heat capacity up to 200? С, but it is necessary to take into account that the plate is not suitable for all models.

A popular additional option is the ability to supply steam in the cooking process, which contributes to a reduction in cooking time. This preserves the nutrients of the products and their appearance, as well as saving energy. Dishes prepared with the help of steam are considered to be dietary and are equated to dishes from the oven.

Built-in microwave oven: what you should pay attention to when choosing a device

The function of ventilation of the working chamber (deodorizer), which a few minutes after cooking, eliminates odors, will help in maintenance. The option is most often available in touch or push-button models. To get rid of odors, simply press the necessary button – then the work is done automatically.

The brand Model Volume, l Power, W price, rub.
Bosch BFL554 MW0 25 900 23,990
BFL634 GS1 21 59,490
COA 565 GS0 36 1000 83,990
Siemens BF 525 LMS0 20 800 23,990
BF 635 LGS1 21 900 64,990
CM 585 AM S0 44 73,990
Samsung FW 77 SR-W 20 850 14.990
MS22M805AK 22 22,990
NQ50K3130BS 50 900 60,990
Electrolux EVY96800 AX 46 1000 73,990
EMT 25203 C 25 900 32,990
EMC 26204 OX 26 900 35,490
LG MH6044VAT 20 750 13,990


Properly chosen microwave should not only fit beautifully into the kitchen interior, but also help to significantly save time in the kitchen. After all, with its help you can not only heat up already prepared dishes, but also cook something new, as well as quickly defrost food from the freezer. Food cooked in the microwave is considered dietary, as it is cooked in its own juice. The main thing is to use safety measures when using the device: make sure that the door is tightly closed, check the condition of the seals, use dishes that are designed for the microwave. To prevent the proliferation of pathogens, should often wash the camera device.

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