Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Oven – one of the main appliances kitchen appliances. Modern models have become multifunctional, they have a lot of advantages. They are produced by almost all leading and little-known manufacturers of household appliances, so choosing the right option has become much more difficult. In what prevails, and in what the oven gas which is built in to an electric analogue loses and about what basic criteria of a choice of the necessary model, this article will tell.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Gas or electric: which oven is better

When choosing an oven, any housewife makes her individual demands on her. When purchasing a product, the family’s taste preferences are primarily taken into account, because the most favorite dishes are cooked in the oven. Someone is more often engaged in home baking, someone like baked fish, and meat eaters prefer grilled chicken. It is your favorite specialties and daily menu that determine the choice of oven with the necessary functions.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Previously, ovens on the gas mechanism were more common. They supplied all gas stoves, which were mounted in high-rise buildings even before the commissioning of the constructed house. Now the installation of household appliances is a purely choice of the owners, therefore gas stoves are increasingly replaced by built-in appliances, in particular, they prefer ovens. It is at this stage that the dilemma arises: which is better – a gas or electric oven?

The main difference between these types of household appliances is the method of heating the appliance. Gas heating comes from special burners, where the source is natural gas. Electric – by heating infrared elements from the network.

Traditional embedded gas ovens are still available. You can buy them at any hardware store. This modern technology, as a rule, is endowed with additional functions, it has become stronger and looks more stylish. However, the demand for it has become less than it was before, due to the presence of improved analogues in the form of electric ovens. The main advantage of the latter is the saving of time and effort during cooking. This must be considered when making the choice of which oven is better – gas or electric.

The main difference between gas and electrical appliances is the price. Most gas-fired ovens are much cheaper than electrical appliances. However, they have a number of useful features and are equipped with safety devices. It should also be noted that the price of electricity itself is significantly higher than that of natural gas.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Helpful advice! For those who are concerned about the safety of the operation of gas ovens, special models are available with the installation of “gas control”. This function provides for the automatic cessation of gas supply in the event that the fire goes out.

When making a choice between an electric and gas oven, you should consider a number of advantages of a gas oven:

  • version of standalone installation. The device can operate from a portable gas cylinder with liquefied gas. This quality allows you to use the cabinet in country houses, devoid of electricity;
  • easy turning on and quick heating of the appliance to the desired temperature, which has a positive effect on the speed of cooking;
  • simple manual adjustment;

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

  • the presence of additional functions, including an independent cleaning system;
  • simple design avoids frequent maintenance and repairs;
  • various style design, which makes it possible to install the oven in rooms with different designs;
  • dishes, roasted on a gas grill, to taste and smell are close to food cooked on charcoal;
  • in the kitchen with old wiring is better to buy built-in gas appliances.

Defining the positive qualities of gas-type ovens, it is impossible not to mention a number of drawbacks:

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

  1. Fire and explosion hazard due to malfunctioning gas appliances. Equipment of this type requires professional installation, control over the operation of the gas service. Electrical analogs in this regard are safer.
  2. The inability to set the exact temperature. Manual adjustment of gas models does not allow to achieve the desired condition, you have to rely on experience and skill. It takes some time to get used to the features of the temperature regime of the oven.
  3. The need to control the process of cooking. The gas devices do not set the exact time, so you need to periodically check the degree of readiness.
  4. The difficulty of cleaning. Under the influence of open fire, carbon deposits appear on the walls, which requires additional efforts for cleaning. Such procedures eventually lead to a gradual deterioration of the protective enamel.
  5. The lack of convection function in cheap models. This disadvantage is manifested in the uneven baking of dishes, which does not exclude burning. In the electrical cabinet, the heat is distributed evenly.
  6. Limited heating mode. In gas cabinets, the heating ability reaches only 230 ° C, and in electric models it can reach up to 300 ° C. This feature is important for lovers of baking, in particular pizza.
  7. Electric ovens are endowed with quite a large number of programs. Some of them include microwave and steamer modes, for example, have functions of heating and defrosting.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Important! When installing modern gas ovens, you should take care of the possibility of electrical connection, since the lighting, electric ignition and convection functions are not available without electricity.

Electroovens, in comparison with gas, are much more advanced technologically. The device allows to regulate the temperature with particular accuracy, and the distribution of heat contributes to the uniform baking of dishes from all sides and inside. Such advantages open up a lot of culinary opportunities.

It should also be noted that electric ovens are safer, and their model range is much wider. Thus, you can choose the perfect option for any kitchen. It is necessary to take into account that the electric oven is a very powerful device, so its use requires a significant amount of electricity and the presence of electrical wiring that can withstand high loads.

Considering all the listed features of these types of equipment, buyers prefer the electric version. After all, electroovens are characterized by safety, practicality and multifunctionality, although their cost is higher than that of gas analogues.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Thus, being determined with the model of the oven, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons. In particular, the purchase of gas equipment will help to avoid high costs for a long time due to their power and durability. If the main condition for the choice is multifunctionality, then in this regard brass electric cabinets win again.

Having made a choice in favor of the oven on gas, it is necessary to take into account the practical criteria of this type of equipment, in particular the method of connection, and select a model of the appropriate design and color.

Gas cabinets are dependent or independent. The first option is a hob and oven, interconnected by a common gas inlet hose and a control panel, which saves on the total purchase and connection. The range of independent gazcaps is much wider, and their placement is possible anywhere and at different heights. At the same time, the cost of such products is slightly higher dependent.

Helpful advice! In a family with young children, it is better to give preference to models with dependent oven. In them, as a rule, blocking and protection from children is established.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Aesthetic characteristics are of great importance, because the appearance of the oven must match the overall interior of the kitchen. The room looks much cozier if the front panel of the oven matches the color and design of the headset. At the same time, it should be noted that the color range of this household appliance is limited to white, black, and the color of stainless steel and ivory. Less common beige and brown tones.

Stainless steel is a versatile shade that fits perfectly into any design. White color is suitable for the design of the kitchen in bright colors. Black is a good solution for the kitchen with contrasting colors.

Most ovens have the same depth – 60 cm. The height of the predominant number of models is 60 cm, and the dimensions of the standard variants are 60X60 cm. The distinctive feature is width. Its performance in gas ovens – 45 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm. Small chambers have a volume of 27-45 liters, with full-size ovens, this figure is much higher – from 56 to 74 liters. The main criteria for choosing such parameters are the number of family members and preferences, the dimensions of the kitchen and the frequency of using the equipment.

The built-in gas oven of 45 cm is a narrow model, will be located on the smallest kitchen and will be suitable for a small family. But in such ovens it is impossible to cook a large dish.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Ovens with a standard width of 60 cm are designed for medium and spacious kitchens. These are universal devices, therefore they are represented by a wider model range. In addition, they are roomy, so they are suitable for a family of 5-6 people.

A less common model is 90 cm wide. Such an oven will be useful to a family with a large number of households or those who cook a lot. Sometimes these products are used in small cafes and bistros.

Built-in appliances in the kitchen: tips on choosing and reviewing popular devices

Hoods, ovens, hobs, refrigerators and other devices. 


The built-in gas oven with a width of 45 cm is compact, it can find a place even in the smallest kitchen. This option will satisfy customers who rarely use the oven or prepare a minimum of dishes there.

Convection is an additional function in the oven, but its presence is desirable, especially for housewives who are passionate about baking. The device includes a fan built into the back wall, which is responsible for the circulation of hot air, which contributes to uniform baking of dishes.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

The model of built-in gas oven with convection is an ideal variant of the oven, where one heating element is installed. In addition to these advantages, an additional feature allows you to use two trays in cooking at once, ensuring uniform baking of the entire dish.

Helpful advice! Before you buy a gas oven, you should make sure that the model has the ability to simultaneously use several modes. In a number of ovens, an exclusive program mode has been set up.

Grill – an additional feature, especially necessary for meat lovers. Oven on gas has a special advantage, as it provides almost the same effect as when cooking on coal. But it is necessary to adapt to this device, to be able to choose the temperature regime and regularly turn the dish. In the gas oven and set the electric grill. It is more convenient due to the uniform distribution of heat and clearly exposed temperature, but the taste of the dishes prepared in this way is inferior to food, roasted on a gas grill.

According to customer reviews, self-cleaning cabinets are particularly popular. This function is provided through the use of a catalyst contained in the walls of the chamber and on the fan, which contributes to softening and destruction of food residue. The result is a loose patina. It is easy to remove with a simple sponge. This function in the oven is stored for a maximum of seven years. The problem is solved by replacing the inner walls.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Good and high-quality gas ovens produce not only brand names, but still most of the buyers prefer manufacturers with proven experience and time, although sometimes they have to pay much more expensive for a popular name.

To attract buyers, suppliers offer equipment in a different price range. When choosing the best option, cost and quality should be correlated. Conventionally, manufacturers of gas ovens are divided into several price categories.

GEFEST, ARDO, Whirlpool, Siemens cabinets are a group of less expensive ones. Budget brand options offered by such companies: Electrolux, Zanussi, Hansa.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Gazdukhovki Gorenje, VEKO, Neff and Ariston are a bit more expensive. The price and high quality in this series of built-in household appliances are distinguished by elite gas ovens BOSCH, Mielle, Kuppersbusch. Prices of leading manufacturers are in the following range:

  • the average cost of a built-in gas oven Bosch – 38-44 thousand rubles;
  • the price of a gas oven Gorenie starts from 29 thousand rubles;
  • Ariston gas oven costs 26-29 thousand rubles;
  • the oven from the eyelid will cost 22-29 thousand rubles;
  • Zanussi oven will have to pay 22-26 thousand rubles;
  • Electrolux oven can be bought for 17 thousand rubles;
  • the price of the oven built-in gas cabinet GEFEST – 10-19 thousand rubles.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Important! The price level of the built-in gas oven is influenced by the quality, the material of the workmanship, the list of additional functions, dimensions, style design and, of course, the brand name.

The oven is not a cheap purchase, choosing it, you should not rely only on the advice of the seller in the store. It is advisable to get acquainted with the description of specific models on the sites, study the pricing policy and listen to customer reviews.

Below, as an example, we consider the characteristics and description of inexpensive equipment from a not very popular manufacturer, a budget option, and an oven from a global brand that has long specialized in the production of such models.

Those who do not want to overpay and are not afraid to buy appliances from a little-known brand should take a closer look at the Belarusian manufacturer of gas ovens GEFEST. The equipment of this company is of quality, long-term guarantee, while having a set of necessary functions.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Built-in gas ovens GEFEST have a simple multifunction control with adjustable mode of operation, temperature. Some versions are equipped with a timer and touch controls. Almost all ovens have an original design.

The most popular models of gas ovens GEFEST – YES-601-01 and YES-621-01. Most consumer reviews indicate their flawless performance. According to them, the ovens have an excellent design, they bake well and bake, especially if they have a convection function. Some housewives complain about the flaws in the clockwork and the failing timer.

Burning and Bosch are firms that hold the palm among the brand manufacturers of household appliances. It is difficult to compare them, but it is important to note that the price of BOSCH embedded gas ovens is an order of magnitude higher, while they are less functional. Analogue from the brand Gorene for the same cost will have a number of additional functions.

Bosch gas ovens are more popular in Russia, so their credibility is higher. The German brand is considered the benchmark for quality, but recently the brand’s credibility has dropped slightly. Nevertheless, Bosch embedded technology, as before, sells well, having its well-established audience of buyers willing to give a lot of money for proven quality for decades.

Built-in gas oven: criteria for choosing the best appliance

Burning is a Slovenian, less well-known firm. Yet the products are very popular in the Russian market. The cost of built-in gas ovens Burning is low, which causes a high demand for the products of this company. Numerous customer reviews are mostly positive. Almost all models of gas ovens Gorenje have a beautiful design, but not all correspond to the desired specifications, especially for additional features such as grill and convection.

Helpful advice! According to experts, Italian companies are considered leaders in the production of high-quality gas ovens. Professionals give a top priority among manufacturers of electrical cabinets to German brands.

After reviewing the main characteristics of the ovens, making the choice of the desired option will be much easier. The main thing is to determine the type of oven and the type of installation based on the technical characteristics of the kitchen. You also need to choose a set of necessary functions and brand, while relying on the budget possibilities of the family. Provided the correct, balanced choice, the oven will perfectly fit into the kitchen interior and will reliably last for many years.

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