Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

Refrigerators have long been a prerequisite for a comfortable life. A variety of household appliances pushes developers to add elements that are characteristic of new designs and styles to simple details. Manufacturing companies pleased lovers of exquisite minimalism with new design. The refrigerator with a transparent door not only performs practical functions, but also acts as an exquisite decor and decoration of the kitchen.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

Refrigerator with a transparent door: advantages and disadvantages

The idea to add a glass insert to the design of a refrigerator for home use appeared thanks to a trendy high-tech trend. The first sample was presented by Haier and clearly demonstrated that the minimalist style of a glass fridge with a simple design and metal design fits perfectly into a modern kitchen.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

A transparent refrigerator is sure to appeal to an active person who cooks infrequently. Stylish and compact containers, small bottles, beautifully arranged fruit – a kind of still life that will look good behind transparent glass. For people who can not clean the shelves on a daily basis and wipe the surface with special means, the use of such a device may seem inconvenient.

The main positive feature is the reduction of heat loss, which occurs due to the regular opening of the refrigerator door. The presence of a glass sash greatly simplifies the operation of such installations. Due to the large size (in relation to the size of the unit), with frequent opening, the device loses from 30 to 45% of cold air. The standard temperature is maintained constantly, when it rises, the compressor is turned on and cold air is blown. The ability to see inside stored products through glass reduces possible heat loss.

Interesting to know! When choosing such a refrigerator, it is necessary to compare its cost with the cost of electricity, in order to notice the real savings.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

The design of the refrigerator with a mirrored door was created in order to dilute the interior and make the kitchen stylish and spacious. The backlit door visually expands the space. The equipment with the metal case and the darkened glass will look beautiful. Mirror or matte surface will effectively fit into the overall design and will fit almost any headset. The main thing – to properly position the refrigerator.

In order to appreciate the variety of designs, you can see the catalog of refrigerators with a glass door Bosch. Designers completed the facade of colored material without frames and frames. White glass of the refrigerator is effectively combined with a dark set or, on the contrary, you can choose the facade of furniture to match the color of the unit.

Do not forget that the products in this refrigerator must be properly placed. Plastic bags, open plates with food or bulky pans will not look aesthetically pleasing.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

Beautiful location depends on the availability of original containers, jars, aluminum fruit coasters and eggs. The glass door of the refrigerator should be kept in perfect purity so that guests can appreciate the beauty of the design in the kitchen interior.

If we consider the use of a refrigerator with a glass door for an outlet, its function is clear. However, in the house it is part of the interior. Clear and smooth glass quickly gets dirty. For the hostess who loves to cook and gets a lot of products, barely fit on the shelves, this design will not work.

On the glass are constantly “fingers” and a drop of fat evaporating during cooking. Not everyone will be able to wipe the surface daily and remove stains and condensation. Despite the fact that the glass is quite durable and tempered, improper care can significantly spoil the appearance of household appliances.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

In order to make the device look stylish and to take care of it was easier, the designers added black glass to the design of the refrigerator. Thus, the disorder on the shelves turns into silhouettes, and the spots and “fingers” become less noticeable.

Important! Caring for frosted glass is quite complicated. On a rough surface, dirt appears and retains more quickly and lingering rubbing with cleaning agents or soda can damage it.

Dimmed glass looks advantageous in the kitchen, decorated in bright colors. The unit will stand out beautifully against a white headset, tiles or countertops. Manufacturers did not stop only on the creation of transparent inserts. For example, a LG refrigerator with a glass door equipped with Smart Windows Refrigerators. The glass panel is darkened, but when tapped lightly, it becomes transparent, as a result of which you can see the contents of the refrigerator.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

In a small kitchen of up to 8 m2 A wide and bulky refrigerator can be a significant obstacle to movement. For the smallest premises, manufacturers have provided small bar refrigerators with glass doors, the dimensions of which are identical to the dimensions of a conventional washing machine.

As you can see in the presentation photos and videos, a refrigerator with a transparent door visually expands the space of the kitchen. The device can be both strict white color, and executed in bright calling tones.

Almost all models of such units are equipped with No Frost technology. This function prevents ice from freezing on the walls and preserves the freshness of food for a long time. One of its main advantages is that the hostess does not need to systematically defrost the refrigerator, as this happens automatically.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

Note! Refrigerators with the No Frost function are recommended to be defrosted periodically. With prolonged work, bacteria can multiply in the freezer, food crumbs remain and dirt accumulates.

Refrigerators with glass doors for the house have the same dimensions as conventional ones. They can also have 2-3 cameras. Side by Side system means that the device swings open like a furniture cabinet. This decision was made for more comfortable use. For example, a 1.5 m high refrigerator would be more convenient for a hostess than a narrow but tall model.

To prevent warm air from getting inside the unit, the developers added a Cold Saver air curtain. When the door is torn off, it blocks the outflow of air from the chamber.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

For the discharge of cold air is used inverter compressor. Its advantages are:

  • fast installation of optimum temperature for food storage;
  • lack of cyclic shutdown of the compressor when the critical temperature is reached;
  • noise intensity does not rise above 35 dB, which indicates a quiet operation of the unit.

Among the shortcomings, it can be noted that the inverter compressor is sensitive to fluctuations in electricity. In addition, its price is quite high – from 20 thousand rubles. and higher.

The power consumption of technology is divided into classes: A +, A ++, A +++. A greater number of “plus” signs after the letter “A” indicates a greater saving of electricity. Individual refrigerator models can save up to 50% of electricity. In addition, the number of door openings, due to the transparent front wall, is significantly reduced, which also affects energy consumption.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

Note! Coefficient A is a relative indicator. Calculate the actual energy costs by multiplying the energy meter of the device by the cost of one kilowatt.

Virtually every refrigerator with a transparent door for the home is equipped with climate control. The most in demand models with the marking “T” (tropical climate class), which are designed to work in a temperature range from 18 to 45 ° C. To adapt to more changeable conditions, several modes can be built into the refrigerator at once. For example, marking SN-T means that the unit can operate in both subnormal and tropical climates.

LG refrigerator with a transparent door: company innovations

LG was the first to introduce a glass door refrigerator with a combination of Auto Door and Knock-On features. The developers said that the decision was made after a social survey, which showed that 56% of consumers are dissatisfied with the need to constantly open the door to determine the availability of products on the shelves. New development will allow, tapping on the glass panel InstaView Door-in-Door, turn on the backlight and see the contents.

Refrigerator with a transparent door: a stylish unit in the modern kitchen

The manufacturer also provides a mini fridge with a glass door. This is a small built-in compartment that opens independently of the main camera. The correct and beautiful arrangement of objects behind the glass can become a decoration of the kitchen, and the design of the refrigerator itself will undoubtedly attract attention.

A frequent question that interests owners of such devices: how to move the door on the refrigerator, if it is made of glass? If the model of the unit allows, then this is done in the same way as in the case of doors in conventional refrigerators. Detailed information on this process can be found in the instructions attached to the product, or receive from the seller at the time of purchase. If such a possibility is provided by the manufacturer, then it is absolutely no problem to rearrange the door on the refrigerator. As a rule, this process does not cause any difficulties, therefore, it can be carried out on its own.

A glass fridge will no doubt beautify the modern kitchen. However, it is necessary to take into account that this appliance requires daily cleaning and regular wiping of the glass frame, which is why it is difficult to call such a home appliance item practical. Refrigerators with transparent doors can impress with their technical characteristics and built-in functions, and they, of course, will appeal to active people who keep up with global innovations.

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