Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

Not always the size of the room allows you to set the usual stationary furniture, a transforming bed for a small apartment in such cases becomes a real salvation. This article discusses the main modifications of transformable furniture with a sleeping place. In the text, you can get acquainted with the features of such structures, the rules of their choice and photo-examples, allowing you to imagine how they will look in the interior.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: how to choose a design

Many owners of compact city apartments are wondering how to save space. When every square centimeter on the account, experts advise to pay attention to modern design solutions, for example, to buy furniture-transformer.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

On sale you can find hundreds of models designed for installation in various premises:

  • the kitchen;
  • living room;
  • hallway;
  • the nursery;
  • the bedroom.

If the area of ​​the room is small, the transformable furniture will fit perfectly into its space. Such designs are not only compact, but also multifunctional, which is an undoubted advantage for small apartments. But this does not mean that the possibility of pull-out or folding beds-transformers will not be useful to owners of spacious housing. These pieces of furniture will allow you to organize several extra beds for comfortable accommodation of guests.

Most often, transformable furniture combines two pieces of furniture, one of which serves as a bed.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

On sale you can find the following options for modifications:

  • wardrobe bed;
  • table-bed;
  • sofa bed.

Note! Do not confuse the combination of a bed and a sofa with the Soviet versions of products. Soft sofas with a folding design, which are transformed into not very comfortable bed, have nothing in common with modern products.

Consumers can choose and buy a sofa bed transformer, where both of these pieces of furniture will be arranged in one design. Modern versions of products are a full bed with a mattress. In the daytime, the bed rises, partially hiding in the wall or in the closet, partially forming the back of the sofa.

In this case, the sofa is stationary, it does not fold out. Through the use of additional pillows increases the comfort of operation of this piece of furniture. At night, they are stored in a special storage box that hides under the seat of the sofa.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

There are other options for beds and convertible sofas, the table in such designs as an additional element can perform various functions.

It is added in order to solve certain problems:

  • to organize the main or additional workplace;
  • increase the work surface (for kitchen sets);
  • to expand the area of ​​the dining table.

In stores there are more complex designs. Consumers can buy a transforming bed with a sofa and a wardrobe or with a table. They differ from double products only in dimensions. The size of the cabinet increases due to the plot, which can not be transformed. This zone is equipped with shelves for storing various trifles.

Thanks to the unique designs of IKEA transforming beds, you can create a comfortable environment in an apartment without overloading its space. The process of “reincarnation” of the bed into a practical storage cabinet takes only a few seconds.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

Most often, transformable structures are acquired by hospitable and large families to create additional beds. Such beds are in high demand among owners of “Khrushchev”, which are characterized by small footage, as well as studio apartments, where a single dwelling space needs at least a small hint of functional zoning (dividing the total area into areas according to purpose, for example, bedroom , kitchen, living room).

Note! In the process of transformation does not need to remove things from the cabinet. In the same place you can even leave bed linen. This advantage of transforming cots for small apartments is simply invaluable.

Wardrobe-bed transformers are considered the most rational and convenient designs that can be used in modern interiors. Such models have many advantages. They allow with the maximum benefit to equip the space of a small-sized apartment.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

It is difficult to imagine a more suitable option for a modern interior than transformer furniture; bed in the closet perfectly fit into the situation created in the style of modern, hi-tech or minimalism. The appearance of this furniture allows you to emphasize the freshness of the views of the apartment owner on the design of your home. Transformable structures are produced in a huge variety, so any, even the most demanding consumer will be able to choose the product to your taste.

Cabinets transformers with a bed do not create obstacles to cleaning the apartment. The design easily rises, giving full access to the floor. These products are easy to operate. There is no need for great physical effort to set in motion the mechanism responsible for folding and unfolding the bed.

Most models manufactured by IKEA are standard-type modules. If necessary, the bed can be supplemented with several pieces of furniture, improving its design and expanding its functionality.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

IKEA company offers two types of designs. On sale you can find beds in the form of a sofa, as well as built-in products of folding type. Models differ only in mechanisms. The beds are equipped with either springs or gas lifts.

The choice of mechanism depends on several factors:

  • the size of the surface of the bed;
  • bed dimensions;
  • material of manufacture;
  • lift angle;
  • total weight of the structure;
  • heights of raising of a berth.

Gas lifts propel the structure using high pressure, which is formed by compressed gas. Due to this, moving the bed is done gently and smoothly. You do not need to make special efforts or involve assistants. The design is fixed with special locks.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

Beds with a spring due to their special properties have an extensive range of possibilities. The mechanism has a convenient adjustment system, power control is carried out using a bolt. The number of springs is adjusted depending on whether you want to reduce or increase the elasticity of the structure.

Note! Despite the practicality and durability of spring mechanisms, certain efforts will have to be made to fold such structures. Therefore, experts recommend older people, as well as in the nursery to buy a transforming bed with a gas lift.

Not only the appearance of the structure, but also its characteristics, namely safety, durability, and ease of use depend on the material used to make the bed.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

The body part of the products can be made of the following materials:

  • natural wood and solid wood;
  • fibreboard;
  • metal.

Models whose body is made of natural wood, have an increased margin of safety. The most commonly used species are alder, pine, oak or rattan. The quality level and naturalness of the production raw materials determine the high price of the bed cabinets, the wooden case transformers are very heavy, therefore they are not suitable for the elderly and children.

IKEA offers lighter and lower cost product options. Their body part is manufactured using chipboard and fibreboard, as well as various types of veneer. In most cases, all the functionality of structures made from natural solid wood remains, but the weight of the product is significantly reduced. Such modifications are suitable as transforming beds for children.

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: we select convenient option

Models with a metal body have a solid design, but they, unlike the previous versions, do not have such an attractive design. Often, IKEA has resorted to the use of additional materials. This approach is due to the need to achieve certain characteristics and functionality.

There are several positions designed for specific purposes:

  1. The cradle for the baby – in contrast to the rectangular modifications takes up much less space and creates more comfortable conditions for the child.
  2. An extended bed with a lowered bottom – the size of a berth is 0.6 x 1.2 m, however, for convenient operation, the purchase of special expensive linen is required.
  3. Cot-sofa – removing the front plate allows you to get a completely new piece of furniture that can be moved to the parent’s bed, so that it will be much easier for the mother to control the baby’s sleep and take it in her arms without even getting up from her seat.
  4. Arena, chair-chair – this product is used extremely rarely.

A wide range of modern shops shows that owners of small apartments have plenty of opportunities to create comfortable living conditions. Manufacturers are working hard to invent practical and multifunctional structures designed for different needs. Therefore, customers may not be limited in the choice of models, selecting the dimensions that are optimal for themselves, the appropriate style and design, as well as materials and colors.

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