The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

A bed built into a wardrobe is not just a modern piece of furniture with a complex mechanism: it is used to create a comfortable space in a limited space. From this article, you can learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of such products, to study their specificity and structure, as well as to familiarize themselves with the rules for choosing and placing these structures that are easy to use.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

Built-in wardrobe bed: design features

Beds that retract into a wall or closet are often found in the photo of modern interiors. These designs are versatile and multifunctional, so designers and owners of compact city apartments skillfully use this furniture option to create comfort and coziness. And this is not surprising, because transforming beds make it possible to achieve significant savings in space and to rationally use the vacant area.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

At night, the design is used as a full-fledged and comfortable sleeping place, and during the day it can be hidden behind the cabinet doors. Such furniture is not only convenient to use, but also has a stylish and modern design.

Beds with built-in structures have many beneficial characteristics, so many apartment owners make their choice in favor of these products.
Consumers prefer to buy a bed built into the wardrobe, guided by the following advantages:

  • ergonomics;
  • functionality;
  • convenient operation system;
  • high level of durability and reliability;
  • modern design.

The most important advantage of embedded structures is their ergonomics. If necessary, the bed in the wall within a few seconds can be expanded and get a full place to relax and sleep at night. The rest of the time, it can be stored in the folded state, without cluttering up the space in the room.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

The functionality of these beds are not limited to the creation of a recreation area. Depending on their modification, such structures can be used to store linen and bedding, books, toys and various small items. There are even models equipped with a mounting panel designed for installation of a TV.

Helpful advice! On sale you can find beds with additional compartments of the sliding type and sections equipped with a working surface. These items can be an excellent replacement for bedside tables.

Convenient operation system is provided by a special structure. Due to the presence of various mechanisms, the bed-case can easily roll out, recline and even decompose into several components.

Very often such constructions are completed with additional elements:

  • a sofa;
  • table;
  • open or hidden storage system.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

Even a child can, without help, open the bed or hide it in a wall or closet. Manufacturers use high-quality raw materials and accessories in the process of assembling structures, so they can withstand significant loads. Beds built into the wall are designed for multiple folding and unfolding operations. They will work properly even after prolonged use.

In the unfolded form, the designs have an attractive appearance and a stylish design. When the bed is folded, no one will guess that it is hidden behind the cabinet doors. An extensive range allows you to choose the best option for a bed for both adults and children, taking into account the interior features of the room.

Despite the convenience and functionality, this type of furniture has its drawbacks. First of all, buyers are concerned about the cost of products. The price of built-in beds in the closet is much higher than the cost of conventional designs. This is due to the use of reliable fittings and quality materials. On sale you can find low-end models, but their safety and reliability is questioned.

Embedded products do not provide free access to bed. If you want to lie down on the bed, you will have to fold out the structure each time and assemble it back when the need for this disappears.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

On the other hand, in every shortcoming one can find a positive side. In the store catalogs, the prices of built-in beds in the closet are quite high, but along with their purchase, the consumer gets a multifunctional design consisting of several pieces of furniture.

The customer can purchase the whole set:

  • sleeping place;
  • a storage compartment (as a cabinet or chest replacement);
  • shelves for open storage (as a replacement rack).

Individually, these pieces of furniture take up too much space. In addition, their total cost is much higher than the price of a bed built into a closet with similar capabilities.

Note! Transforming structures can be installed only on the main wall, otherwise the surface will not support the weight of the bed and the loads that occur during its operation: the box can move away from the wall and fall along with the internal filling.

The mechanism used by the manufacturers for the folding bed during the folding and unfolding of the structure operates according to the principle of a sofa system. It is enough to pull the handle to open the bed. After that, it remains only to lay out the laundry.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

Beds with built-in structures can be installed in residential premises for any purpose. They fit perfectly into the space of modern open-plan studio apartments. Typically, the combined area is used in the daytime as a living room or study, and at night it turns into a bedroom. But this does not mean that such beds are not suitable for the interiors of small apartments with the usual layout.

There are children’s options for products that have the appropriate design. Folding design allows free space in the bedroom for a play area. If there are several babies in the room, a children’s bunk bed with a wardrobe will be a useful acquisition, allowing you to achieve double the savings in space.

It is quite interesting to look at the photo wardrobe beds in the interiors of the bedrooms. They are used in cases where the rest room does not have free space for the installation of a fixed structure. Sometimes transformable beds can be seen in the living room. If the owners of the apartment like to receive guests, such a reception would be a great solution.

Beds that hide in the closet are used not only in the living rooms, but also in the office and commercial premises. Such designs are made to order. As a result, the buyer receives a functional and ergonomic product for the office space, which will allow you to organize an excellent recreation area. As in the case of living rooms, the design successfully combines a sleeping place and a storage area.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

Some options for folding beds hiding in the wall have a specialized purpose. Such designs have the appearance of the usual couch used in beauty salons and massage rooms.

Advantages of built-in couches:

  1. The possibility of proper organization of space.
  2. Stylish design that allows you to interestingly arrange a room with a small square.
  3. Multifunctionality – one design can combine elements of several pieces of furniture at once, for example, a cabinet, a rack and a berth.
  4. The possibility of using for different purposes: the couch can be used as a workplace for different specialists, for example, a cosmetologist, a pedicure and manicure master, a tattoo artist, a massage therapist, etc.

When the procedures are not performed, the couch hides in the closet, freeing up space for other professionals, such as a hairdresser.

Helpful advice! Using built-in furniture, you can equip a multi-profile office, which will be leased to several masters at the same time. This allows you to extract the maximum financial benefit from a small room.

Existing types of beds can be classified according to several criteria:

  • according to the type of mechanism: folding, withdrawable, swing-out, combined;
  • by the nature of the placement of the sleeping surface: structures of vertical and horizontal type;
  • in size and design features.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

When choosing a bed for the house, it is necessary to take into account these nuances so that the bed not only meets the needs of the person who will sleep on it, but also fits well into the interior and the size of the room. In horizontal designs, the movable mechanism is fixed on the long side of the frame. In vertical beds, it is attached along the lower edge located on the box.

Horizontal products are used in cases where the length of the main wall is sufficient to install the structure along it. Do not forget that the dimensions of the outer frame far exceed the size of the bed itself bed. Vertical models are installed in rooms where the distance between the fixed structure and the opposite wall is not less than the height of a person.

Note! To provide comfortable conditions for the operation of a vertical bed, you will need at least 2.15-2.3 m.

Taking into account the design features of the bed are:

  • single (one-and-a-half and narrow products);
  • double (euro-design and standard).

In turn, the single beds in size are divided into:

  • children’s beds;
  • designs for adults;
  • beds designed for teens.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

Beds created by individual measurements, when assembled, can be in the form of a continuous web with imitation of the cabinet doors, or storage systems, for example, built-in drawers or shelves, can be fixed to the base.

In designs of the roll-out type, the surface of the sleeping plane is in most cases formed from folding elements (sections). As the bed leaves the closet, these sections one after another are laid out.

This type of construction is considered the most compact option. Folding mechanism, due to which the transformation of the bed, allows at least halving its size. The area of ​​most of these models when folded is three times smaller than the dimensions of the disclosed structure. Practically in all vykatny beds the berth is located vertically.

Folding beds-cabinets with a lifting mechanism are due to the pneumatic springs. When folded, the design looks like the front part of the cabinet with a mirrored surface and doors. The product unfolds is very simple: to do this, pull the upper edge of the structure and gently lower it to the floor. The bed can be whole or look like a base under the mattress.

The bed which is built in a case: an ergonomic and modern element of an interior

Designs of folding type in comparison with other models, occupy a lot of space. The dimensions of these products are close to the stationary versions. They are one and a half, single and double.

Swing-type folding products are equipped with special hinges. They provide the possibility of rotational movement of the surface along the central axis. The maximum angle of rotation is 180 °. During unfolding, the frame rotates around a vertical axis, after which the upper part of the structure should be lowered onto the floor. Such beds, unlike folding products, take up much less space and are more comfortable.

Note! Constructions equipped with a tilt-and-turn mechanism can be used as a rack. And the shelves for storage are closed or open.

Combined pieces of furniture can simultaneously perform several functions. Consumers can buy a wardrobe, a bed, a sofa and a storage box in one design. The main functions of the bed and the cabinet are inherent in all products of this type.

It is difficult to imagine a more suitable option for a room with a small area than a built-in bed with a wardrobe. Transformable pieces of furniture are not only convenient, but also practical, as well as versatile. Such designs, regardless of whether they are made with their own hands or purchased in a store, help to correctly distribute and zone the space and give the interior a modern and stylish look.

Due to the presence of such elements as a table, a rack, drawers, a sofa, the functionality of such pieces of furniture only increases. If a responsible approach to the selection of a quality manufacturer and the corresponding model, as well as to comply with all the requirements of operation, the built-in bed will last for many years.

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