Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

The choice of furniture for a small kitchen is a difficult process, because the standard options are unacceptable in this case. Even if it is possible to realize all the functionality, then there will be very little room for movement, and the kitchen cannot be called comfortable. The smaller the area of ​​the room, the more original the ideas should be. How to choose a small kitchen table for a small kitchen and harmoniously fit it into the interior will be discussed in this publication.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: general characteristics

Most modern apartments do not have a separate room for meals, and the kitchen is often so small that it is not possible to place a huge dining table. However, without a table in the kitchen is not enough. Irrespective of the sizes, forms and materials, such subject of an interior is the most necessary element. Choose a comfortable and stylish table for a small kitchen – the task is not easy, but quite doable.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

Small-sized kitchen for most owners becomes a huge problem. After all, a stove, a cooking area, a sink, cabinets, niches, various shelves, a refrigerator and a dining table should fit in here.

Modern designers have created a special table in the kitchen of small sizes. The shape, proportions, material and color of the required model depend on the overall design and space of the room. The smaller the kitchen area, the more unusual should be the design of the table for the dining area.

Helpful advice! To save space, you can use folding chairs. If this option is not suitable, then you can store additional chairs or stools in other rooms. For example, in the kitchen you can bring chairs that stand in the hall at the desk.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

Choosing a kitchen table for a small kitchen, first of all you need to decide on the option that is best suited for a particular case. It is necessary to take into account the size of the kitchen, family composition and the number of intended guests.

The kitchen table top can have a different shape:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • round;
  • semicircular;
  • angular.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

The most popular is the rectangular table. This is the standard option, which is least suitable for small kitchens.

A square table is an alternative model of a rectangular design that fits perfectly against a wall or in a corner of a room. It also looks compact and neat.

A good option for placement in the center of the kitchen is a table with a round tabletop. Such an arrangement of the table makes it possible to visually increase the space. The product of a round shape is perfect for the design of any style – from classic to hi-tech.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

A semicircular table has all the advantages of a circular analog, while due to the shape of the table top it can be closely placed against the wall. Thus, the design occupies a minimum of space.
Corner kitchen table for a small kitchen – an excellent choice for a small family. The product of this design requires the least space, making it ideal for cramped rooms.

Helpful advice! In the kitchen, you can not put a dining table, and a mini-option for tea. Comfortable area for family dinners can be arranged in the living room.

Furniture in the kitchen should serve for a long time, which means that you need to choose it carefully. Convenience, appearance, reliability – the main requirements for it. Standard options are not suitable for a small room, as they are too bulky.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

To determine which table will be ideal, you need to consider the following points:

  • number of family members – everyone should be comfortable at the dinner table;
  • the frequency of family meals and receptions;
  • features of the room.

One of the main requirements is that the table should be cozy, practical and meet the personal preferences of family members.

The dining table on the small kitchen of dark color looks stylish, solid, impressive and of high quality. But for a small room this is not the best option: this model will look too massive and disproportionately. It is also not recommended to purchase models with a tabletop in bright colors. They will look like a clumsy bright spot that tires and causes irritation.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

It is necessary to switch attention to the furniture of light and soft colors, namely white and beige shades. The use of such tones in the interior of the kitchen allows you to visually expand the space. Pastel shade gives the furniture lightness and airiness. Such a table would not be too full and clutter up the kitchen. A great solution for a small kitchen – models with a transparent glass worktop with a glossy effect.

The material from which the table is made, can be any. It is better to buy products from reliable, safe and natural ingredients. The price of small kitchen tables is low, and the furniture itself is practical and convenient.

There are a large number of models of dining tables for a small kitchen:

  • standard construction is a piece of furniture that consists of a tabletop and legs;
  • wall table – option without legs, rigidly fixed to the wall;

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

  • folding table for the kitchen – also fixed to the wall, but at the same time, if necessary, it can be folded;
  • kitchen table-transformer for a small kitchen – the size of the design can be increased or decreased;
  • The table is a bar for a small kitchen – a narrow and long piece of furniture, which is usually located along one of the walls.

Massive and dimensional constructions are not suitable for small spaces. The optimal solution is an elegant and light table with a thin table top and graceful legs. The thickness of the lid of the product should not exceed 2 cm. But at the same time it is necessary that this design is harmoniously combined with the rest of the kitchen furniture and fit into the interior of the room.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization

Also in a small kitchen furniture will fit better with one leg than with three or four. By choosing this model, you can save space to accommodate people at the table.
A very good option for a small kitchen – tables and chairs of this size, which allow you to remove the chairs under the countertop. In this case, if the furniture is not used for its intended purpose, there will be a place for maneuvers.

Helpful advice! Having bought a table in the form of a bar counter, you need to know how to install it correctly. Behind the seated people should leave at least half a meter of free space. Then it will be comfortable and comfortable to sit and stand up.

Small kitchen table for a small kitchen: efficient space optimization


Thus, even for the smallest and cramped kitchen, you can find a convenient and beautiful table that does not take up much space and will allow all family members to sleep comfortably. Before you choose a kitchen table, you need to find out what tasks the furniture should perform. This will make it possible to understand what size of product is needed, which will allow you to choose the desired look and shape, as well as colors and style. Photos of tables for a small kitchen will help to stay on the version, ideally corresponding to the features of the kitchen.

Various designs of tables for tiny kitchens help to save free space. Choosing them, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors: the size of the room, its shape, the number of residents in the house, the frequency of reception of guests. These parameters affect the shape and location of the table.

Table design for small kitchens can be any, but the design must be comfortable and not occupy all the free space.

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