Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

A shelf for shoes in the hallway is an extremely necessary device in any home, because only this construction will help get rid of the “shoe mess”. The modern market is filled with models of a wide variety of forms, but such an important part of the interior can also be made personally. This publication will acquaint readers with the varieties of shelves for shoes, design features, as well as ways to create homemade models.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an integral part of the interior

Regardless of the time of year, the question of where to place shoes in the hallway remains relevant, because a lot of shoes are often collected at the doorstep, especially in the evening when all family members gather at home. Currently, the model range of stands for shoes in the hallway allows you to implement any design idea.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

This product is very functional. The correct model perfectly saves space in the hallway, since the space of the room is not cluttered with a household shoe collection.

There are racks for shoes of open (shelf) and closed (shoebox) types. The most common among them – one-, two-, multi-tiered, floor and suspended structures.

The advantage of open shelves for shoes is the large capacity of these devices. They may be horizontal or vertical. Among the most popular among customers are open shelves, consisting of two tiers, which are designed to store from ten to twenty pairs of shoes. Usually the length of such models does not exceed one meter. To store more products, it is better to purchase a rack in the hallway. It can hold up to forty pairs. But this design has a drawback: dust quickly accumulates on the shoes.

Closed shoe holders allow you to keep products clean and dry. This device consists of shelves placed at an angle of 45 degrees, which saves space.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

Find the perfect shelf for shoes, which will provide an opportunity to preserve the quality characteristics of products, is easy. Before buying a shoe shelf, you should be familiar with the factors that directly affect the design parameters:

  • the climate in the region of residence is warmer in the southern regions, so there is often no need for heavy footwear for winter;
  • the number of family members who will use the product;
  • comfortable location that protects against dust, dirt and mechanical stress;
  • the design of the hallway: to make the interior look easier, it is preferable to use light colors and open shelves;
  • the size of the shelf for shoes – the device should be as functional as possible in a small room.

The most important characteristic is the material of which the shelf is made, because the durability and aesthetic appearance of the product depend on this parameter. Plastic stand for shoes – the cheapest option, which is suitable for open and closed species.

Wooden shelf for shoes is a reliable design that must be treated with a special substance that protects against moisture and sudden changes in temperature when opening the entrance doors. Metal shelf for shoes looks original and harmoniously in combination with wooden and textile elements.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

Very often, in addition to individual storage of shoes in the hallway, there are models that are built into the closet, or modular designs with an already installed shelf for shoes. Retractable mesh shelves for shoes in the closet – a unique solution for comfortable storage of shoes in a closet or dressing room. Such systems save space.

Helpful advice! Metal and plastic structures will be suitable for outdoor use, but the first option will have to be additionally treated with special substances to protect the surface from the harmful effects of moisture. Products for the street should not be too light, as they can carry a strong wind.

Before you buy or make your own design for storing shoes, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of these devices. Devices for storing shoes differ from each other in size, the presence of additional elements and type of storage. The most important qualities for the shelf under shoes are multifunctionality and compactness, as usually the hallway or corridor has small dimensions.

Such types of shoe shelves are very popular:

  • wall constructions;
  • racks;
  • thumbs-slim;
  • coasters;
  • shoe racks with seat.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

The shelf for shoes with a seat in the hallway is a small-sized fixture with a soft seat on top. This design can be with or without a back, often similar to a ottoman or a small stool. Very often, the product does not have doors and drawers, and all shoes are kept in the open position. Such a device can be supplemented with a coat hanger, a small nightstand for storing small items or a stand for a phone. This model is very easy to use and looks stylish and beautiful in the hallway.

The advantage of such constructions is convenience during use, since, while shoeing and unloading, you can sit comfortably, and the shoes themselves are well ventilated and dry out.

A wall shelf for shoes in the hallway is the best option for a small hallway or corridor, as these products are light and shallow, but such models are not suitable for large shoes. It is very easy to make the shelf yourself. To do this, you need a few boards and metal fasteners. And skillful hands will be able to turn ordinary metal pipes into a highlight of the interior.

The slim design is a tall but narrow bedside table with folding doors that open 45 degrees. This model will fit into the hallway of any size. It can be installed anywhere, as the minimum width of the product is only 20-30 cm. The curbstone slim is ideal for storing shoes that are worn at a certain season. But the shoes or boots that are not yet used, it is better to save on the shelves for shoes in the closet: there they will retain their appearance until next season.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

Although such a shelf for shoes in the hallway is narrow, but at the same time it is quite spacious and does an excellent job of storing a significant amount of shoes.

Rack for shoes in the hall – a very functional design. If the product is not high, then it is desirable to turn the upper shelf into a bench on which you can sit for comfortable shoes. This will save an additional few meters of space, as it will eliminate the need to place in the interior of puffs and chairs.

If you create a rack high enough, then the upper part can be used as a place to store any small things.

Helpful advice! Do not install open shelves for shoes of any type, if there are pets in the apartment, because they can easily nibble or scratch shoes.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

Often designs for shoes in the hall are purchased as part of the headsets. Thus, they correspond to the design of the rest of the furniture, without standing out from the interior design. You can buy your favorite model separately, but in this case it will be more difficult to choose the best option.

On the Internet it is easy to find a huge number of photos of shelves for shoes in the hallway. They will allow you to choose a suitable model, as well as suggest a great idea for storing shoes.

Let us consider in more detail which design is better suited for a particular style of interior.

Products in classical style support the historical traditions of furniture design. During its production, traditional materials, carved patterns, fancy ornaments and decorative forms are used.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

The classic trend is an option for people who love a quiet rhythm of life. For this style is characterized by the use of furniture made of wood. The price of it is quite high. Classic shelves for shoes made of wood are created for spacious rooms. If the hallway has small dimensions, then it will be difficult to find a neat, compact model in this style. In the interiors designed in the genre of classics, structures of a closed type are usually installed, but an open model can also be used.

The wooden structures, supplemented with wrought iron elements, as well as banquettes with shelves for shoes in the hallway, having soft upholstery, look beautiful and original. Fabric elements must be made from natural materials. Satin, leather, thick cotton, and taffeta are perfect for this. Benches with shelves for shoes in a classic style will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere indoors.

The classic design is characterized by calm and natural colors. On textile components, the use of an ornament in the form of strips, inconspicuous cells or plant motifs is allowed.

High-tech is a style characteristic of huge cities, which corresponds to the active pace of modern life. It is characterized by simple and concise forms, as well as practical design. The main materials used to create shelves for storing shoes are metal, glass and high-quality plastic.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

The shelf for high-tech shoes is suitable for small hallways. The design itself should be as minimalistic as possible, without a large number of elaborate and intricate decorative elements. The ideal solution for modern hallways is shelves for shoes built into the closet or high, but narrow design with glossy facades. The colors should prevail mostly neutral, namely white, beige, gray, black, and also with a metallic effect.

Choose the best option will help photo shelves for shoes. It is important to remember that openness of forms and simplicity of lines are the main elements of high-tech style.

Helpful advice! A great option for a hall designed in high-tech style is a set consisting of wall panels-hangers with a mirror, hanging pedestals and supports for shoes. The furniture, the main elements of which are painted with pastel-colored enamel, is characterized by a combination of details with a wooden texture.

Provence style – the most popular area of ​​rustic interior. Shoe cabinets in this style are designs that assume light shades of wood texture or aged wood.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway: an important detail of the interior for a comfortable life

Footwear fittings in the corridor and the hall in the Provencal style should be made exclusively of wood. Artificial materials in this case are not suitable. Also colors of natural tones are relevant for this style.

The shelf can be combined with a seat with a back or hangers for outerwear at the top. The material painted in muted shades with the effect of burning out in the sun looks very beautiful and stylish: green, turquoise, brown, lavender, terracotta or white. Very often, in the design of the premises in the style of Provence, open shelves in the form of wicker boxes are used for storing shoes.

A very simple way to build a shoe stand with your own hands is a construction made of pallets. To do this, it is necessary to polish the pallet and treat with a water-repellent substance (or paint). Then the product is fixed at an angle to the wall – and a simple stand for shoes is ready. This model is ideal for loft style.

It is interesting! A shoe rack in the form of boxes is a good option for pet owners. If you choose the correct height of the mounting blocks, you can be sure that the animals do not get shoes. Plastic crates also do well with this mission, but they have a shorter lifespan.

Shelves for shoes in the hallway – a necessary detail of the interior room. A compact stand or nightstand helps optimally organize the space of the room and remove shoes from prying eyes. These designs are recommended to be bought along with the rest of the furniture for the hallway and the corridor, or you can make your own original device for storing shoes.

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