Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

There is an official form of communication – “round table”. Not just a “table”, but a “round table”. So there is something special about this form. Such a model creates equal conditions for all, promotes the establishment of a friendly atmosphere and the creation of comfortable conditions. It is only necessary to choose the right round table in the kitchen, considering its operational characteristics and interior conformity with the overall design.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Dining Round Table: Potential Commonwealth of Form and Style

Kitchen furnishing is a rather complicated process, because it is necessary to harmonize convenient operation and external comfort.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

When buying kitchen furniture, quite often a situation arises when a block of cabinets, cupboards, cabinets, work surfaces, etc. offer several options for dining tables. And it is no coincidence, because this piece of furniture creates a separate zone. The choice must be made, given the following characteristics:

  • features of the room layout;
  • the size of the kitchen;
  • compliance with the overall interior;
  • ergonomics.

With the advent of the technical possibility of manufacturing round tops, they began to be used to create an interior of almost any style. Today, round surfaces with elements of thread are installed in kitchens by adherents of the classical trend.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Ethno, country and Provence styles are characterized by round-shaped tables made of wood with protective and decorative coatings applied in such a way that the natural structure of wood appears. Round tables and chairs for the kitchen are actively used to create interiors in the modern genre. Such furniture is distinguished by brevity, the absence of additional decorative elements. Countertops can have a smooth surface, they are solid. Even more practical models of round tables are inherent in minimalism, in which all lines are geometrically correct, and the elements are functional.

Not alien to the round shape and modern hi-tech style. Material and bright contrasting colors dominate here. Glass, metal, glossy surface are the distinctive characteristics of kitchen tables of this style.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Helpful advice! If the frequent change of the interior is not the rule of life, it is better to choose furniture of modern style or classical style. Such options do not become obsolete, with external aesthetics they will create the desired comfort and coziness for a long time.

Continuous improvement of the processing of various types of raw materials has significantly expanded the list of materials from which dining tables in the kitchen are made today. The basic list is as follows:

  • solid wood;
  • wood materials;
  • glass;
  • ceramics (tile worktop);
  • plastic;
  • vine, rattan, bamboo.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Dining tables made of solid wood are the ancestors of this type of furniture. The first options were coarsely hewn from untreated boards shields laid on cruciform legs of thin logs. Today, wood processing technology allows you to make these works of art from this raw material.

A wooden round table is a prefabricated structure, where a tabletop and a basement are made separately (a king-side and a block of legs, which, depending on the model, can be connected to each other, and can be fixed to the bar each separately). Fastening is carried out with furniture screws, screws, through wood glue.

The kitchen is a room where the temperature and humidity level are constantly changing. Water and other liquids can directly fall on the table, therefore, solid trees such as oak, ash, beech, walnut, etc. are used as raw materials for tabletops.

Production from a pine is possible. For such a table is very important protective coating – it must be of high quality.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

From wood materials for the manufacture of tables used:

  • Chipboard – chipboard;
  • MDF – fibreboard.

The materials themselves are strong, but the processing of cuts is of great importance. If the trimming has defects that promote the ingress of moisture, these materials may swell. Functionality and appearance will be lost, gradually the tabletop will become unusable. On top of the chipboard is usually applied laminating film, which creates a decorative and serves as a protective layer. MDF is decorated with a polymer layer with different patterns. These tables look stylish and have a fairly solid protection.

Tables of these wood materials are prefabricated structures. The legs are most often made of wood or metal. It is worth noting that the screws and other screw fasteners firmly hold in MDF, which affects the duration of operation of products made from this material.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Of particular popularity recently acquired round glass tables in the kitchen. For the manufacture of tabletops use tempered glass, which is durable, resistant to mechanical stress material, and even in the case of cracking it spreads into non-sharp fragments, precluding the possibility of injury.

Glass can be:

  • transparent;
  • matte;
  • tinted;
  • artistically processed – to have a picture.

The legs at these tables are metal or wood. Glass tables look modern, stylish, visually seem lighter than wooden models.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Tables with tiled floors, where the table top is laid with ceramic tiles, have gained wide recognition. The design turns out to be heavy, but very practical: you can put it hot, there are no scratches, it is easy to clean.

Plastic tables are more often used for terraces, summer gazebos and sheds. Sometimes they are installed in the kitchen, especially in cases where this piece of furniture is often moved. It is lightweight, made of high quality polypropylene, not affected by moisture, temperature changes. Plastic products often represent a monolithic structure, sometimes collapsible: the legs are attached to the worktop with a threaded connection. The model is widespread, in which one leg is used as a support.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

Wicker furniture has a similar use – it is intended for halls, summer playgrounds. Some owners prefer such options because of the environmental friendliness of the material. Most often, such furniture is made from willow vines, walnut twigs, rattan, bamboo and other types of plant materials. The reason for choosing tables from such raw materials can be style decisions. Wicker furniture has an interesting appearance, but is difficult to maintain, and in kitchen conditions it is characterized by a short lifetime.

Metal tables as dining are not characterized by mass production. These can only be exclusive options. However, quite often the frame for the tabletop is made of metal. For this material a special coating is used (chrome-plated, galvanized, etc.) that protects against corrosion.

Round table in the kitchen: a classic accent in a modern interior

For many, the choice of the round shape of the dinner table is determined by psycho-emotional factors: such a form will not be associated with a study or other, so-called government-financed room. Round table with chairs – for the kitchen comfort, coziness, creating a warm family atmosphere. In addition to the emotional component, the necessary spatial conditions. The distance from the chair (stool) to the edge of the tabletop should be at least 30 cm, and from the wall to the chair – at least 50 cm. Otherwise the table will be crowded, the movements will become limited – and this is an inconvenience, discomfort.

Should not be saved if there is such an opportunity. After reviewing the photos and prices of round tables for the kitchen, you should compare the cost with the material and used manufacturing techniques (fasteners, coating). It is recommended to give preference to a more expensive model. No matter how this statement is exaggerated, in the overwhelming majority of cases “price determines quality”.

Folding round table for the kitchen – it is convenience and functionality; white kitchen table – magnificence and sophistication. To acquire or make not just a table for dinners, but a real art object, you need to know a lot. The information placed in the article gives answers to questions that arise when choosing this type of kitchen furniture.

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