Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Every person living in a private house or having their own summer cottage, sooner or later faces the problem of choosing garden furniture. The modern market provides a wide range of products for lunch breaks, as well as leisure. Garden furniture for giving is differentiated according to several criteria: purpose, material of manufacture and design features. If desired, it can be collected by hand.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area


Types of furniture for the garden and garden depending on the design

Today you can find the most diverse outdoor furniture. It can be quite impressive in size or, on the contrary, be compact and light. It is made of various materials, which is reflected in the technical characteristics of tables, benches and chairs. Depending on the design, the furniture may be:

  • portable;
  • stationary.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Portable furniture. The most acceptable option for use on the street. Products of this type are lightweight and compact. As a rule, they can develop. All this allows us to simplify the operation of portable items. If necessary, they are easy to fold and put into the house. Such furniture is easy to transport, so if you want to transport furniture to the country, then the problems with the delivery of portable products will not arise.

Useful information! Such interior items are made of different materials. The most common designs made of wood, plastic, metal.

Due to the mobility of this furniture can be easily moved to the shaded places, fleeing from the summer heat. Most of these products have good resistance to ultraviolet radiation and moisture.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Stationary products. Large dimensions and quite large weight are the main signs of such furniture for the dacha. Photos of these structures allow us to understand their main advantages and disadvantages. Country furniture of this type is more comfortable and is most often represented by sofas and large tables. Such structures will not be able to move frequently from place to place.

It is worth noting that the materials from which stationary products are made are better and more reliable. These include natural stone and metal structures, as well as wood. Fixed products are characterized by high resistance to precipitation, temperature extremes and sunlight.

Wood is one of the most sought-after materials in the manufacture of furniture. This also applies to products used on the street. On the market you can find a lot of items made of wood. Tables, chairs, stools, benches and coffee tables – all this can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Of course, the appearance and high environmental friendliness of these products affect their price. However, if you wish, you can choose a stylish and concise, but inexpensive furniture from this material.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Wooden garden furniture is best suited for private areas, decorated in country style. Constructions made of wood are treated with special protective compounds. This allows you to significantly improve their technical characteristics and extend the operational life.

Experts do not recommend purchasing the cheapest sets of wooden furniture, because they, as a rule, do not differ in quality and have weak resistance to sunlight and precipitation. The most suitable option is to buy wooden furniture, which is in the middle price range. Simple designs can be assembled by hand. A garden table with a set of chairs, a bench and even a small sofa can all be done on your own.

Note! In addition to various impregnations, wood can be coated with paint and varnish compounds, which also increase the protective properties of the material.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Such furniture needs careful handling. Before purchasing it is recommended to study the rules for the use of such items. It is important to remember that these products can not be left on the street if it rains.

With the onset of cold, wooden furniture should be cleaned in a warm and dry place. If you leave it on the street for the winter, it will significantly reduce the operational life of products. In addition, such furniture needs periodic treatments with various protective compounds that prevent its burnout and the formation of mold on it. With careful handling, the service life of wooden objects can reach 10 years.

Products from a tree differ in the highest presentableness. They are made from natural materials that look organic in garden design. These designs are not made of all tree species. There are 6 most suitable for the technical characteristics of the types of wood. Photos of garden furniture made of wood will help you choose the right material. Consider what breeds are considered the most popular.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Acacia. Products from this material have an acceptable cost. Despite this, tables and chairs made from acacia are durable. They are highly durable and able to withstand mechanical shocks. And it is also necessary to know that acacia furniture feels equally good in both hot and humid climates.

Pine. Common material that has a spectacular appearance. The natural component in this case is pronounced. This type of wood has a yellow tint. Products made of pine, are characterized by an average cost. The material is not as durable as acacia, but it is sufficiently resistant to mechanical stress. Experts recommend when buying furniture from pine in advance to buy protective equipment for it.

Beech. This wood has a high strength. Products from beech have a reddish-brown coloring. The price of garden furniture from this material is average. It is worth noting that beech does not have a high resistance to precipitation, so the construction of it is recommended to hide in the house during bad weather.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Larch. This material is the most durable, so its cost is quite high. Products made from larch are red. Due to its high strength, such material is difficult to process. Thus, this wood is not suitable for independent production. Larch has sufficient resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Willow vine. One of the most popular materials. This is due to its low cost. Wicker furniture looks harmonious on any site, which is an undoubted advantage. Products from this material are lightweight, so they are easy to rearrange if necessary. Among the disadvantages of willow vines can be identified weak resistance to ultraviolet and moisture.

Note! The country furniture from a rattan was widely adopted. Woven products of this material are durable and high quality.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Rattan is a material that is used to create wicker objects. Such products are characterized by a fairly high cost, so not all people can afford them. Furniture from this material is most often used in modern designs.

The main disadvantage of home furnishings made of rattan is weak resistance to adverse environmental conditions. Experts recommend buying wicker products in the event that you have enough time to provide proper care for them.

This material can be purchased separately. In this case, it becomes possible to make furniture for the garden with your own hands. It is very important to carry out the preparatory work, which includes the purchase of materials and necessary tools, as well as the creation of a drawing.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

Tables and chairs made of this material do not tolerate not only low, but also high temperature. High humidity can also adversely affect the quality characteristics of such products. Caring for rattan interior includes a number of activities:

  • decontamination;
  • periodic update of the lacquer layer;
  • protection from precipitation and sunlight.

Subject to the above rules, the operational life of such furniture increases. With proper care, structures of this type can last 10-15 years or more. The products made of artificial rattan are less capricious.

Garden furniture to give: stylish design of the local area

With the development of industry, traditional materials gradually began to be replaced by more universal ones. Polymer products have long penetrated into all spheres of human life. Summer furniture made of plastic has many advantages that you should pay attention to.

But wicker furniture made of willow and rattan does not tolerate washing at all. It is recommended not to use for it no household detergents. But you can independently prepare a solution: 1 liter of water, 30 grams of citric acid, 50 grams of hydrogen peroxide 6%. Wipe the furniture with this liquid, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

When choosing garden furniture it is necessary to pay attention to such moments as the material of manufacture, style and cost. Before buying, it is recommended to visit special forums. This will allow you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of furniture for the street special forums. This will allow you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of furniture for the street.

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