Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

The terrace is an open construction of the summer type, the design of which requires a special approach. Terrace furniture should be light and comfortable. The traditional option is to use wooden tables and chairs that you can do yourself or buy in a specialty store. Before buying, you need to learn the rules for the selection of these products.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

What are the requirements for outdoor furniture to give?

Outdoor furniture should be simple and functional. The modern market offers a wide range of items that differ in their characteristics from each other. Before buying or self-assembling terrace furniture, it is very important to study the requirements that it must meet.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

Tables, chairs, as well as benches and other objects located on the street should have sufficient practicality. The ideal option for furniture for the summer terrace are wooden products. They do not require serious care. Spots that appear during operation on their surface are removed quite simply – with the help of a damp cloth.

Terraces should be durable. The service life of such products depends on the material from which they are made and the climatic conditions of the region. They must have good resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Note! After operation, it is not necessary to take quality items into the house. It is enough to cover them with plastic wrap, which acts as protection from moisture.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

These criteria are fully consistent with the conditions for the use of summer furniture for the veranda. It is worth noting that there are open and closed terraces. In the second case, the requirements for items used for registration are softer. Wickerwork made of wicker can be used on closed areas.

If the operating conditions allow, then it is allowed to buy furniture that has soft elements. For open terraces, it is recommended to purchase wooden products that can withstand the effects of the environment.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

There are many criteria by which the classification of summer furniture. First of all, it is important to determine how often wood products will be used. For example, if the terrace is located in a house in which people live permanently, then the furniture in it is used throughout the warm season. In turn, the products located in the cottages, most often used only a few days a year. Depending on the size of the furniture is divided into the following types:

  • stationary;
  • mobile

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

Stationary Such furniture on the veranda is most often installed in its place at the beginning of the warm season. With the advent of cold weather, it is cleaned into the house. Thus, the whole warm season, it remains on the terrace. Stationary furniture is different in that it has a fairly large size. Products of this type may contain upholstery elements. It is also worth noting that such items contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere on the summer terrace.

Mobile furniture. Such furnishings terraces are characterized by simplicity and compactness. It is also worth noting that they have a fairly small weight, which allows them to be used only when necessary. That is, if you wish, you can easily move the mobile wooden furniture for the veranda from one place to another. Many products belonging to this group are equipped with wheels, which simplifies their use.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

There is another criterion by which such products are differentiated – the operational term. Depending on this criterion, two groups of these products can be distinguished:

  • durable;
  • disposable.

The first of them have a long operational life due to the fact that they are made of durable, durable materials. Such furniture is resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture. Products of this type may include soft materials. It should be noted that the fabric for outdoor furniture should be durable and resistant to dirt.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

Useful information! Disposable counterparts are most often purchased for one season. This fact is reflected in their value, which is much lower than the price of durable chairs, benches and tables.

A very important factor in the selection of furniture on the terrace is the security of the site. When the type of construction is closed, the terrace is sheathed with special materials that reduce the impact of environmental factors to a minimum.

Products used on outdoor terraces and verandas are unpretentious. They are well tolerated by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and do not need protection during the rainy season. The resistance of such objects to moisture significantly increases their operational life.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

It should be noted that the materials used for the manufacture of such products may be different. For outdoor summer areas it is recommended to use furniture made of plastic or metal.

Furniture for the terrace in the country or in a private house may be more sensitive to temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors. Such products are suitable for closed verandas. As an example, wooden and wicker furnishings, which are made of wicker.

In addition to the standard benches and table, you can use more creative solutions. In open areas, soft furniture (eg ottomans) is installed. Very popular products that do not have a frame. If necessary, you can install a hammock for rest or sleep.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

Such material is rightfully the most popular in the manufacture of country furniture. Wooden products: tables and chairs – are very popular. They can be found on the terraces of many private houses and cottages. In addition, such furniture is easy to do with your own hands.

Wooden objects can be used not only in enclosed terraces, but also for open spaces. Furniture for the house with his own hands, assembled from wood, is distinguished by presentability and high environmental friendliness. However, there are some disadvantages to using such products. For example, wooden tables and chairs are not highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. In addition, their operational life is reduced in humid climatic conditions.

Thus, the use of wooden tables and chairs in open spaces requires knowledge of some nuances. In winter, it is best to clean them in the house, otherwise they will quickly become useless.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

For self-manufacturing of wooden furniture will need to purchase the necessary materials. These can be boards or whole wooden logs. Chairs and tables for giving with your own hands can be made from improvised means. For example, wooden pallets are suitable for this purpose. Of them it is quite easy to make equally comfortable and stylish furniture.

Useful information! The wood used for the manufacture of interior items should not be wet. It is often treated with special compositions that allow to increase the operational life of the furniture. All the necessary materials can be collected in the forest, if there is one in the immediate vicinity of your site.

Furniture for the terrace: a stylish design of summer areas

It is worth noting that today you can purchase individual sets of products for villas and private houses. The most preferred in the production of terraced furnishings are tree species:

  • oak;
  • nut;
  • Linden;
  • maple;
  • Pine.

Before buying a product, be sure to test it: sit down and check the convenience of the item. Wooden furniture can be combined with other materials. The most popular options, which include parts made of metal and rattan. Wooden sofas on the terrace with soft upholstery are in great demand.

Furniture that is used for outdoor areas is able to decorate your terrace or veranda. When choosing it, you need to rely on several important points. The main one is, of course, product quality. Self-assembly of country furniture does not require special knowledge. However, during the work it is recommended to strictly adhere to the instructions, otherwise the result may upset you.

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