Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

Furniture in any interior is of great importance. The correct choice of each item allows you to create a complete look of style. At the same time, the dining table for the kitchen plays, as a rule, the main role in the interior of the room, occupying a central place in it. The main thing is to be as comfortable, beautiful and functional as possible. How to choose the right piece of furniture so that it blends seamlessly into the overall design, this article will tell.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

The role of the dining table in the kitchen: what to consider when choosing it

Cosiness and beauty in any room are the key to positive emotions and good mood. This is especially true for the kitchen, where the whole family often gathers: either for a daily breakfast, or for a Sunday lunch. Create comfort and a positive attitude different objects and details. The central figure in the kitchen is the dining table – furniture, which first of all a person pays attention during the meal. In turn, the emotional state affects the digestion and maximum absorption of nutrients.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

In the choice of the table are fundamental moments:

  • area and shape of the room;
  • furniture planning and installation of kitchen appliances;
  • ergonomics;
  • functionality;
  • hygiene indicators;
  • the quality of the material;
  • style and color match the overall design of the room.

Materials for the manufacture of a dining table must have a high level of strength, environmental friendliness, moisture resistance. It is necessary to consider that the surface of the product needs compulsory care. The dimensions of the table, which should correspond to the kitchen space and the interior, as well as create a comfortable position for diners are important.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

In order for people sitting at the dinner table to feel comfortable, it is necessary for everyone to ensure a space of at least 60×40 cm. In standard small kitchens it is difficult to withstand such a rate, therefore it is allowed to install transforming tables with a sliding or folding tabletop on ergonomics.

There are certain size standards for dining tables. For example, a rectangular design should have a length of 120 cm, width – 85 cm, height – 75 cm. These dimensions are calculated for a family consisting of 4 people. If the number of households is less, then you can buy or make a small dining table to order.

If the family is big or in the house they like to receive guests, then the dimensions of the dinner table for gatherings should be appropriate. However, its length may exceed two meters. A good option – the use of folding design.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

Helpful advice! In order for the kitchen table to last as long as possible and at the same time to have an attractive appearance, it is necessary to provide proper care for it. To do this, at least once a week, wipe the table top and lower parts of the furniture with a damp cloth. To remove strong dirt, you can use mild detergents.

The dimensions of the construction of medium size are 90×150 cm, from 6 to 10 people can quietly be accommodated at such a table. The large rectangular dining table has a width and length of 110×320 cm.

This table will determine the desired table size, based on the number of people:

Dimensions of the table Number of persons Width, cm Length, cm
Little 4-6 90 150
Average 6-10 110 200
Big 8-12 110 320


To sit at the table was comfortable, it is important to choose the right height. Its standard value, according to GOST, is 75 cm. Tables in ready-made kitchen sets, which, however, are not suitable for every family, have just such a height. Therefore, if a decision is made on the manufacture of furniture to order, it is recommended to calculate the height that is optimal for all family members. This is easy to calculate using the following formula:

RxH / S = h, where:

R is the average height of family members;
H is the traditional height of the table;
S is the standard height of a person;
h is the ideal table height for a family.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

Suppose a wife’s height is 160 cm, a spouse is 180 cm. Thus, the average height of adult family members is 170 cm, and the average overall index is known to be 165 cm. Substituting the corresponding values ​​in the formula, we get the desired height of the dinner table by kitchen equal to 77 cm.

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is important to match the height of the dining table and chairs for the kitchen. Photos clearly demonstrate the standard dimensions, which have the following indicators: 75 cm for the table and 40-45 cm for the chair. The individual height of the chairs can also be calculated independently. To do this, take into account the following data: 40 cm – for people of small stature, 42-43 cm – medium and 45 cm – for tall people.

Such calculations are performed for adults. Children will have to buy separate inflated chairs and change them as they grow, and it is better to purchase special models with a lifting mechanism.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

For the manufacture of kitchen tables used a variety of materials – almost the entire range used in the manufacture of furniture. This is an array of natural wood and wood structures, sheet materials such as chipboard and MDF, as well as glass, metal and even stone. Let us consider in more detail each type of raw material.

Natural wood is an ideal material for furniture designed for use in conditions of high humidity and temperature extremes. Wooden tables and chairs for the kitchen are the most popular in the model range. It is easy to remove pollution from them, even the strongest. In this case, you can choose as an elite model of expensive wood, and more affordable, low-end options for the dining table.

Helpful advice! Preferring dining table from the array, should pay special attention to the type of wood. If the table is supposed to be used exclusively for meals, then any breed will do. If you plan to use this piece of furniture as a worktop, then it is better to choose hardwoods such as oak, beech, cherry, walnut, elm or larch. Soft varieties include pine, alder, aspen, willow, chestnut.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

Wooden dining table, in comparison with other materials, has a number of indisputable advantages, among which we can highlight the natural beauty, the originality of the texture, a high degree of wear resistance. In addition, such products are subject to restoration in the event of chipping and scratching, and most importantly – if you have basic carpentry skills, you can easily make a wood table with your own hands. Photos showing a variety of forms and different design, indicate that the wooden kit will fit into any interior.

Wood – the most popular raw material used for the production of dining tables, but not the only one. Let’s take a closer look at the most common materials from which these structures are made.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

Chipboards are not the best option when it comes to kitchen furniture, in particular, the worktop or dining table. With such a functional purpose, under the constant influence of moisture, the material will very quickly lose its appearance, begin to stratify and crack. The only advantage of chipboard is the budget price.

MDF – raw materials, more suitable for kitchen furniture. But its operation should be as careful as possible. It is necessary that the plates have reliable coverage and protection.

Glass. The dining table of this material has the main advantage – hygiene. In addition, tempered glass, which is most often used in the manufacture of products, has a high strength. The glass dining table contributes to the visual expansion of space, creating an effect of grace and airiness. The main disadvantage of glass is that it is potentially dangerous for children. In addition, the material has limitations in styling. For example, for the kitchen, made in the style of classic or country, it is unlikely to fit.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

The stone is considered practical and very beautiful raw materials. At the same time, natural material is rarely used, mainly artificial stone is found on sale. The main disadvantage is a lot of weight, so it is more often applicable for tabletops. The legs of such structures are usually metal, less often they are made of wood or polymers.

Based on the availability of free space for the installation of the table, its design is selected. In this regard, it can be stationary or folding. The last option is the ideal solution for a small kitchen, as it takes up minimal space. If reception of guests is supposed, then the table is easy to spread out and ensure their comfortable accommodation.

Folding design, depending on the device mechanism, there are several types:

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

  1. A sliding table assumes the presence of a folding table top, which moves from the main part and is fixed with the help of legs.
  2. The butterfly table is a synchronous-sliding design. To install the product, it is simply pulled over the edges of the table top, with the result that it moves apart, forming in the middle an extra space where a special additional piece is installed, making the table a third wider.
  3. The tilt-and-turn construction for the layout involves turning the tabletop at a right angle, lifting and lowering it onto the base. The increase in area will occur due to the lower part.
  4. The table-book is a good way out of the situation for microscopic rooms, because the assembled design has the dimensions of a small pedestal, in the unfolded it is a standard table.
  5. The transforming table resembles an ordinary coffee table, which due to the complicated mechanism is transformed into a full-sized dining piece of furniture for 6 persons.

Dining table for the kitchen: the role in the interior and the criteria for a successful choice

  1. Material production is a key and determining factor in the price of the product, because models from solid wood of valuable species are several times more expensive than analogs from MDF, and even more so from fiberboard. The high cost is also different designs of tempered glass.
  2. Component parts. For example, the availability of a reliable lifting mechanism of transformation significantly affects the total price of a folding table.
  3. Additional details on the table in the form of a thread or laser pattern on the glass also increase the total cost of the product.
  4. Mode of production. Serial models will cost significantly less than custom-made furniture. Special high prices are different designer models of famous brands.

When choosing a dining table, it should be remembered that it is for him that the family will spend considerable time together, so it should be as convenient, comfortable and ideally fit into the overall interior of the room. Kitchen table – this is the case when you should not save on your purchase. The original model, which has the proper quality, will delight the household for many years.

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